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to exclude the light. THE NATIONAL BALL TRANSFORMATION:A solid blue ball covered with gold stars is given dience for examination and is to the aufree found to be made of wood and 710 . it has two bottoms and contains the cake of ice when brought on. Flowers were concealed inside the silver lid of percolator which is made on the same principal as the "Coin Cork" so that on pressing a small projecting pin on top of cover. then put in the articles and unite the two halves by spreading salt on the surface where cut. Tip the box towards the company and show empty.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. A large silk handkerchief is thrown over it. The box is now filled with water and covered square tin box with a thin cover. He then steps forward and removes the handkerchief and shows percolator full of beautiful flowers. tip in the opposite direction and show the bottom solid etc. make a hollow space in it. The water runs down side of ice through the legs and into the double bottom of frame. It is then covered with a shallow silver cover and given to a lady or gentleman to hold. sawed through. nearly filling the box. Explanations— The box is on the principal of the Inexhaustibal Box i. There are two holes in the real bottom of the box for the water to pass through and these are concealed by Have a fake pail with the fingers when the box is tipped forward. THE MYSTIC PERCOLATOR:A two gallon size glass percolator is used for this beautiful experiment. WATER INTO A The box tire is ICE:^ is brought on the stage and placed on a frame shown empty and remains on the frame during the enexperiment. The percolator is shown to company perfectly empty. Performer now empties a cornucopia of paper roses which were produced mysteriously a few moments before into his blunderbuss "bang" goes the pistol which performer hands to assistant. A candle is placed underneath the box for a few moments. trick. The right size is the box as it could not be tipped forward then. To find articles in centre of ice have it best accertained by trial. the cover is removed and instead of the water is a large In the centre of the cake of ice cake of ice. the trap door in bottom of lid gives way and releases the contents and is again closed This is a wonderfully effective by a spiral spring inside of cover. are seen previously borrowed articles and the ice has to be broken to get them out. e. The cake of ice must not entirely fill a false bottom near the top.

only to vanish again. at last it goes back into canopy. ON GLASS Top There are two bells used. (when second back of cabinet is in its place. by using a reaching red. and the assistant him pushes them through the openings of curtains and lets them float To the end of high above the cabinet. Now all you have to do is to work off the yarn under cover of the hands. SPIRIT BELL etc. To the eyes of the audience the medium is absolutely invisible. procure an orange a trifle smaller than the wooden ball.SHAW S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. The spinal column of skeleton is strengthened by a thin iron rod. from preparation. never turning his back to the audience. fastened to the skeletons feet. The medium is tied into the cabinet. while returning to the stage you vest it and produce the prepared one. then palm the yarn and exhibit the orange. After it is returned the performer rubs it between his palms and it changes to an orange. lifts to a chair. raps and simulates a trance. being covered with the black back ground. is concealed underneath the up- . NEW SPIRIT GHOST SEANCE:This is one of the finest seance of its kind ever introduced. wind the orange lightly with blue yarn and paste on some stars made of gilt After having given the wooden ball for examination and paper. After the medium returns he puts skeleton and back ground in their re This has a spective places again. The medium releases himself from the chair and takes off the arms and I will bring effect and explanation together. he then removes his shoes and with a strap buckles the skeleton to himself. the medium then puts his feet into half slippers. medium taking the loose back ground and throwing it over himself. the head and arms of skeleton can easily be detached and attached at pleasure. lights turned up and medium found This last effect is managed by the in a trance. at last a grinning skull shows itself through the opening of curtain. one Table. moving arms and legs. most wonderful vivid uncanny effect upon the audience. knots undisturbed. this apparatus is fastened an arm and medium waves it high in the air. finally a whole skeleton steps out of the cabinet and walks about the stage. Explanation— The ball you give is made of hard wood painted blue and decorated with gold stars in imitation of the national Underneath your vest you have another ball made as follows: flag. and walks backwards into the cabinet again. he then grasps the wrists of the skeleton with his hands and walks out of the cabinet and around the stage.) between the two backs of cabinet is a natural skeleton painted luminous. For answering questions.

same dience. This bell has a strong cord fastened to the clapper in such a way that when it is pulled it rings. Secret:-Have two rings alike previous to introducing trick. of stage is a small curtain three feet square.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. The skeleton stand can be of any style you wish. THE SPIRITUAL KING A TE^T:- ring five inches in diameter is passed for examination. You pass it for examination. then place it on the run down next to the stage. per end of the run down which is raised by a block of wood high enough tc admit the bell. hanging about three A Performer and gentleman now join left hands as shaking hands. Curtain is made double being In center beopen st bottom. A boy now brings the ring to you. pass it up between the curtain and hang it on hook. You now pass an ordinary call bell for examination. The drapery on run down must be very thin so as not to interfere with the sound of bell. the clapper falls back of its own weight. when returned you place it on the stand. The addition of glass makes no difference but increases the effect. The curtain is made of heavy cloth with a ring at each upper corner to hang by. It is a very excellent trick. tween curtain have a hook covered with cotton. trick may be performed without preparing the mouth in any way . walk to front of stage so audience can see. To the audience it appears to be the bell they have examined. command it to ring. the assistant lets go of your hand unless a person is selected whose word is beyond dispute. almost over the concealed bell. assist you. place one ring around your left wrist concealed under coat sleeve. instruct gentleman to hold tight. gentleman is chosen by audience to assist performer who proceeds In center to blindfold him by placing a small sack over his head. the back part a little the shortest. you then stand close behind the curtain so that left arms are not seen by aufeet above the floor. still holding fast. then rub your hand up and down gentleman's arm and slip ring over his arm. takes well if some responsible man is chosen to right as audience will naturally think [this is important]. the cord runs off to an assistant. the assistant pulls the string and bell rings. THE EXTINGUISHED CIGAR:- Performer takes any cigar while blazing hot and instantly This puts out the light by dabbing it on his tongue a few times. when you take it with hand and instantly pass ring around gentleman's left wrist. now all you have to do is to take ring from boy. To tell the name of cards they must be forced.

side of . opening a trap. The loads are now in the first five tubes. Load buckets 2-3-4-5 and 6. 2 he extracts a roast chicken. palm 25 or 50 spring flowers and when you show tube empty throw flowers in and shake out. other. If fear is entertained in regards to its burning the tongue. leave the ticles you wish to produce. is supported on two Six large cylinders of polished metal. thus producing a sumptuous repast for four persons. 3 through No. each one has a flange at the top which holds them up in the tube. if you wish to use the last tube. THE CHARMED ORGAN A plain board chairs. 2 and so forth till all the tubes have been proved empty and are standing side by side on the board. etc. Performer bares his arms and takes from No. and from each succeeding tube he brings forth different viands which are all spread upon the table.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. four pair of knives and forks and three dishes. 2 will pass through No. and 2 is empty. down through it proving that there is nothing innext proceeds to pass No. 2. He D'ALYINI'S ALBUM TRICK:The album is nothing more than like a book. and drops No. big bucket 1 empty. in same manner and so on until all the tubes have been shown empty. he stands it on the board 2. PIPES:which may be examined. bon bon boxes. In table top is a trap corresponding with trap in album. all being ready show 1 empty and set it down. as the The buckets are filled with the arflange rests on top of the tube. and so on. from No. Performer commences by taking up No. Now show 2 empty. 1. (the flange on the bucket catches on 1). 1 a table cloth which he spreads upon a table. and 3 through No. pick up 2. side. like pipes of huge organ. from the next one a bottle of wine and glasses. In the album itself have concealed folding cages. the load is now in 1. It looks very heroic. 1. The tubes are shown quite empty again. In one side of the album is a cardboard box. so that No. simply suck a piece of lump "Borax" in the mouth for a moment and you can then lick the burning end of a cigar with impunity. holds it so that audience can see it is quite empty. flowers. numbered respectiveEach cylinder is slightly smaller than the ly 1 to 6 are shown. ExPLANATioN:-There are five buckets made of light tin. then work 3 through 2. and drop ii down through 1 and lift 1 up. leaving 2 on the table. 1. then four napkins. (see dotted lines on album in fig. by simply causing sufficient saliva to flow towards the cigar thus extinguishing the light upon tongue.) same as in portfolio trick. folding trunks.


to represent the head and iimbs of person to be decapitated. 2. around the bottom of furnace is a row of holes to admit plenty of air to the interior. the same movement is repeated for the head and remaining limbs which are also placed into the furrface. or looking at ceiling. these shapes are secured by wires to retain their place if you turn table over in showing The next important apparatus is the furnace. THE EGYPTIAN CREMATION:The principal part of this trick. subject forces his arm through the trap and the performer lifts out the dummy arm. or floor. X X X X ered with black cloth and is six inches deep. lays in the table (Fig. it to audience. The person to be decapitated somes forward. on head or nose.] the fire basket which is very shallow. 2. of coat. Performer now pokes up the fire and removes some ashes and drops in fig. but only try it and you will find it a ''telling" one.) and drops it into the furnace (back of basket). so whatever may be dropped inside will not become hot from the fire in fire basket. and. undercover of movement performer unlocks the arm trap. (the cloth conceals the opening of trap. to right or left..() SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR:. and The top of table is covlock same as all traps in conjuring tables. performer takes a piece of cloth and twists it around subjects arm. ¥ 13> [Fig. that open under pressure. etc. This does not look like much of a trick. 2.) are traps in top of table. is "A" . rubs his hand. or whatever signs you agree upon. and closed to form a box. Inside of table are placed dummy shapes. lays on the table in position upon the traps. there is a wide opening behind basket which runs into the body of furnace. then taking a knife he pretends to cut off subjects arm.

The coins are fed upwards by force of a spiral spring of sufficient strength and are checked from passing out by the rim being turned over at the end half way round. A skull . table is painted black. The effect of the Aerial Treasury is most bewildering when this little helper is used. fires them into a gun and leg and arm. Heat a sheet of thick glass over a spirit lamp or stove thoroughly. but when laid on the hot glass the writing will immediately appear in black characters. Two wire pins are soldered to the top of the cylinder an such a manner that when the points are stuck through the hat band inside the hat the coins must slide downwards. A LIVE HAT:This is a very good finale to the favorite hat trick. using a clean pen. trate geometrical solids etc. ring. It is well to place a heavy charge of powder in gun and stand directly in front of table. A THE DIAMOND MYSTERYThe ace of diamonds is forced on some one and then burned. at the table. the ashes are gently rubbed in left hand and from them is produced a diamond which has been previously palmed in the hand. simple downward pressure of the finger slides a coin off when it is wanted and another one takes its place. traps closing as soon as limbs are removed. THE SPIRIT This test SCRIBE:- is often performed by mediums with good effect. the subject jerks up his head. report and your Inside of figure will hide the opperation of restoring the subject. while left hand throws it towards audience and vanishes it. by writing a message on it with diluted Sulphuric Acid.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and it should be introduced as the first trick. This writing when dry will be invisible. table. the smoke. also have a sheet of paper prepared. (A good diamond may be obtained from a flashy 25c. and suspend it on the stage before curtain goes up.) Make pass and pretend to swallow this diamond. but drop it in your pocket and palm a large crystal such as is sold by school supply houses to illusshow Produce this from ycur mouth and then make pass and palm it in right hand. and sits up on the NEW HAT This is FAKE:- a brass cylinder made large enough to contain ten silver half-dollars. it. especially when used in connection with the coin wand as the performer can at any moment lay the hat on the table and by gesture prove the emptiness of his hands.

and. There is also another one of these cloths. but to a piece of black cloth "B" fig 3. The skeleton is a man dressed in a suit of black tights. which is made to resemble performers head.'- performer steps the cabinet. but the black body is not visible. 3.) bringing into view the head of The assistskeleton. is introduced into a hat. from servante of center table. at a short distance The skull is metal enameled. not attached to the skeleton. ant at the same timeslackens cords "B" which drops down to performers shoulders. For this illusion you must have a cabinet lined with black and arrange lights so as not to shine inside of cabinet. goes through the hole in skull. and coming out at top encounters the crown of hat and lifts it up. he At the moment the perfires pistol the assistant pulls the cord attached to cloth "B" [Fig. The skull has a hole running through the center from bottom to top. and brings into view the skull attached to it. which when pulled. To the upper corners of cloth is each fastened strong black cords which run over pully's in the top of cabinet and then down behind it to assistant. with a skeleton painted on front. 'A" and both pieces of cloth are weighted at the lower edge.'* CHANGING DECAPITATION:cloth. By having a movable jaw on skull. When into takes his position directly under cloth "A.8 SHAw'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. the jaw can be made to move by means of a black thread stretched across the stage as in "Head of Ibicus.] (which raises it up out of view. disclosing to view the skull. By the alternal pulling and slacking of . before his head. The glass stand is fitted with a piston which is about eighteen inches long. which is stretched on wire. and wearing skeleton gloves. The two moves are made together and at the same former instant of pistol report. (the skeletons real head is an imitation of the performers head). and the hat placed rim downwards on a glass top stand.

. and may be examined. this valve when pressed admits air. Audience look into house and suppose it to be empty as These they see only two shelves. 4. Secret:— The [Fig. Figure 4. and it has a small hole in the bottom which is kept closed by a small piece of damp mica. The paper cones are unrolled as they are taken off and shown to be quite empty. Uncover the lager glass and show that the beer has disappeared and that it is quite empty. you may cause the head and skull to change places any number of times. [You press valve when placing paper covers over glasses. on which the dice are to be laid. and so lets beer run into glass.) and make them into two paper cones or sugar bags. you load into them two small tin fakes which hold beer. THE WONDERFUL LAGER-BEER GLASS AND PAPER fill the glass with beer and cover it over with a handkerchief. to correspond with that in glass through which the beer runs. and expose the trick. drop the fake out on to servante and immediately unroll paper and show to audience. one black and one white. you aho show two ordinary wine glasses quite empty. After the paper cones are made up.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.] Cover large glass with a handkerchief. Next remove the paper cones. gives an idea of apparatus used. then take two pieces of white paper (which may be examined. CONES:. The book or tray is really hollow and contains a tin receptable with a hole in top side.You take place. sliding it along so as to remove mica from off the hole. one of which is red.] glass is filled with beer. and each of the glasses is full of beer. It is best to mark the cords to prevent the assistant from letting the clothes down to far. over each of which You then command change to you place one of the paper cones. they have an outlet tube at bottom and the beer is kept in them by a small valve at top side. in which event they would conceal a portion of the skeleton or performers shoulders. 9 cords. THE DICE HOUSE :For this trick you need a small wooden house large enough to contain three 31 inch dice. and as you lift off cones. You place glass on a book or tray.

repeat this three times. These shells are made of pasteboard and one side is open. place them in the house. now Here are the positions of changes on the take them out again.10 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. this is the side presented to the audience. outside. Each of the three sides of these dice are painted a different color. shell dice: ice put in. . which will bring the dice to their original places. open the door and show the audience who will see the new sides of the shells that the dice have chanced places. (red. white). really into the shell dice. Have the three solid dice examined. shelves are the tops and bottoms of three shell dice already concealed in the house. close the door and give the chimney a quarter turn. The three dice are pasted together and a small projection at the top and bottom The walls of the house look thick from the fits in a small hole. black. but they are hollowed out on the inside so that by turning the chimney you may turn the shell dice around.

as there is no fear of it springing out with the knob on. have corner fitted to card to show it matches. and by hitting it on the table it sounds perfectly solid. forcing . trick. until you get it as small as it will go then quickly palm it in the right hand. then. such as on a curtain. then again screw it up and make it quite solid by placing on the cap.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. Place torn card.end. or on a wall. and say it was unfortunate you forgot the corner but it will be easy to restore card if it is put into the box and shut up (turning it over and changing for corner flap card) but say you won't use any apparatus. as you do so give a screwing movement with both ends. and pretend to place it in the left hand in which you have a piece of flash paper. touch in flame of candle. you pull up both your sleeves. therefore. but this time the corner flap flap card. and twist it very tight. with the left hand catch hold of the ferrule and hold the top end in the right hand. Then tear up remainder of card. corner pack to match corner flap card. which must be changed for the duplicate corner you have. and it disappears. and have a card placed beforehand in a place to be determined on. To perforn this. under flap in box. Tear a similar piece out of a duplicate card. Force the card. The performer then vanishes it again or can let it remain in sight of the audience. then quickly open your hand and let the spring fly out. forming a walking stick. and have the corner torn off. whilst you are making it smaller you should gently move your hands. To vanish the stick take the knob off and slip it into your pocket. Say pieces are gone into candle. and pistol.take card out again. say they pass down candlestick. which you pull out as far as it will go. holding it so that it cannot spring out. as one has to find out which way they can hold it best. Have the knob in your pocket so that you can easily get at it. which lift up and find underneath the duplicate card minus the corner (which you have previously placed there). which holds the stick firm. and wrap it up in a piece of white paper. IMPKOVED TORN CARD TRICK:Requisites:— Changing card box (loose flap business). to fall down by assistant pulling a thread when the pistol is fired. with corner folded down. conceal this piece somewhere about the person. gradually bringing the two hands together. with loose flap of the same material over the same. 11 the spring together in the right hand. unperceived slip the knob on. This wants a little practice. Next put your right hand in your trousers pocket and produce it slowly. so as to make it appear quite solid. but restore it visibly. and slightly unscrew the.

saying. you exchange mechanical torn card for duplicate let whole one. "you see it is quickly restored without any mechanism whatever. so gripping the two thicknesses of tape." giving a half turn and picking up the empty box from the table. 6. it will be as follows: [Fig. quickly but quietly sieze in its place the tape just below the end A. SHAW S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 5. Finally. left end. and show the card whole." while leaning over to reach the box.] and B. and A with the left hand. hand both for examination.] [Fig. do the same with the other end A. place centre in mouth fig.12 card. Take B in right finger and thumb. either by "profonde" or "pochette. bring right hand up to mouth and hold end B on the right side of the mouth tape will against tape. and [To take the card out. or on "servante. 6. Hold the torn card in the left hand. 7. A. to the left side of mouth. B. and fire at the curtain. held in left hand. tear the card up again." letting hand drop to side on turning. 7. The aspect of this is the same as before but instead of X Hold ends A .] [Fig 5. but slip the fake behind some object on the table to conceal it. this position must be thoroughly shown so that audience can see that X. not even such a trifling affair as this. revealing the duplicate Grand Effect. drop that part of the tape against which you hold the end with the right hand. and . the now be crossed. and let the ends hang down.] Leave the box in a condition to be picked up empty. On gripping at the two points and removing centre from mouth. B part being next the body. and call attention to the perfection of the joining of the card. In making this turn.handing it for examination. NEW TAPE end of TRICK:- Take three yards of ordinary tape. at the points where they cross tape. load the pistol with the pieces. simply turn the box over on the table the cards drop out. center of tape. in fig. moving forward to this person. right end of tape. is really Now ask someone to get out a knife to cut it at X. throw the piece at the card (palming it). near centre fig.

together tie these two ends "round" the tape and pull tight. Get a small quantity of saturated solution of perchloride of iron (this is sold under the name of "steel Have on the table the following:— A jug which we drops. and A is shown empty. The short severed piece will now be tied round the middle of tape and will look as if it had been cut and joined again at that point. Now tie the two ends. and E. into the glasses. if possible. You will find it convenient to have two gentlemen assisting you.. and it Changes into water. and a tablespoonful of the cyanide solution. right hand but keep the left finger and thumb over the part where the tape crosses. The contents of the four glasses are then poured back into A. B. Trick:— Pour water from the jug. D. pour some of this into F. 13 being in middle it is only a short piece from A. Go through this same process two or three times so that there will on the end be several apparent cuts and joins near centre of tape. and five wine glasses. E. D. F. Now slip into A. and let them dry and get hard. e. This liquid is once more poured into B. First make a solution of sulphocyanide of potassium with about a pint of water— a chemist will do it for you. C. and in the turning from one to the other gives time To rest on B exhibit well in this condito execute the movements tion. unobserved. C. A. make this into lozenges about the size of a halfpenny. When cut drop the ends into the really a small piece from end A." in F put half a teaspoonful of ammonia. but thicker. D. and E. which are really the two ends of little piece. Have this cut. without breaking it.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. In C and E put two drops of the "steel drops. when ends is reached they all slip into that hand. letting it slide through and so drawing all knots toward one end. when water and a wine red liquid will appear alternately. one of the oxalic lozenges. Pour the red liquid from the glasses into A. C. i. Show it openly and jerk it from ends as if to test strength of knot. Prepare the jug. and it is again red.") will call A. then take in right hand and twist it around left hand. and you give length of tape for examination and secretly put loose knots in pocket. Then knead some powered oxalic acid into a stiff paste. which will now be found to contain a wine red liquid. . by pouring into it enough water to fill four wine glasses. but it is a trick that astonished the Egyptian Hall audience for weeks. Glasses B and D are unprepared. A. NEWEST WINE AND WATER TRICK:- This splendid trick requires practice in order to attain proficiency in its various details. B.

Secret:— Arrange forcing pack as follows:— Suppose it is composed of ace. to cause it to adhere and form little cakes. one square. Offer the pack to be cut. let the audience try and test for themselves. Put each of these cakes into bags Have (small ones) containing unprepared sands of the same color. and loose back fastened in with crossbar. photos of three statesmen pasted on back of three cards to match forcing pack. The amalgamated liquids should be got rid of as soon as possible. plain frame. with a small piece of wax candle. After the cakes are taken out. with clear glass front. taking care that the audience do not see the cakes in the bags. and mix up thoroughly with the hand. and three. take it out. you will best find out the quantity by trying. then an ace. You can make these by dying ordinary silver sand. on commencing this trick you show the glasses as empty. W COLORED SANDS OF ENCHANTMENT:Consists of a small quantity of differently colored sands. heat slightly. which you let fall from the hand to the plate. ten. put a ten. double. after they have written on them the names of any three statesmen they — fancy. the different sands examined. and of the chosen color. and the jug as containing water. and so on all through the pack. and appear in the empty frame. and paper bag together. and it will fall into grains. dry. the envelope contains three photos of statesmen.14 SHAAV'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. really two bags fastened Effect: Three freely selected cards leave a marked envelope The held by one of the audience. and have . Prepare a small quantity of each of these by charring over the fire in a frying pan. and press down the sand. Oxalic acid is deadly poison. and in doing so squeeze it. whose names are found written on a piece of paper that has been freely selected out of a dozen or more collected from the audience. then a three. Now put the hand in the water and get hold of one of the little cakes. the cakes being at the bottom are not seen. Of course. names of three cards are found written on two slates in place of the cards. NEW SENSATIONAL CARD made TRICK:- Requisites:— Spirit writing slate. say one oblong. Now put these sands so prepared in the bottoms of small tumblers. forcing pack. To insure picking the right color make the cakes of different shapes. Pour the sands from each bag into a large basin of water. and another round.

and put it down on the table. the card has to be broken to get the half-dollar out which is identified as the same coin. with* out turning it over (cards will now face the glass). Next call attention to the frame. marked. bag. and give someone to hold. then. Take the envelope. or anywhere in A half-dollar is borrowed. Command the changes to take place. ing back turn bag round. take out the back. Grand Effect. one side containing several slips. Have them shown to the audience and put in the envelope. The card is taken by the gentleman from the hat. CAKD. 15 the three top cards taken. who is asked tification. and covered up with loose flap) blank at both sides.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. this is taken and placed in the hat band of a gentleman's hat. say you will have it marked (of course they then mark the changed envelope which contains the three photos). frame with the three cards in. and the audience select . all having written on them In walkthe names of the three statesmen you have in envelope). Now show slate (on which you have beforehand written the names of the three cards you forced. and show the slate with the names of the cards written on. or they will see the cards there). then the brown paper (which now has the cards underneath). then the brown paper (which has pasted on the side next to wooden back duplicate cards to those which you forced). and in walking back to the change it (vest). and put in the back. ECLIPSE COIN. A cigarette paper is then handed to a lady. Effect:— A pack is shuffled and a card selected. Any candle on the table is selected. and leave it with the audience. to write her name and address on it. Next give out a lot of slips of paper for them to write on the names Collect them in bag (double of any three statesmen they fancy. and the coin is felt to be inside. The half-dollar is then taken and wrapped in the half cigarette paper. and lay frame face down on it. when they are bound to take the three cards you wish to force. This is taken to any candle. Borrow a handkerchief. and tear it in half. and ask someone to freely select any paper he chooses (all being alike he cannot take the wrong one) and retain it. then the glass. it is first cut up into two pieces. which take to pieces. ence see the front of the frame. and as soon as it nears the flame it goes in a flash. so that it can be matched later. as if you had forgotten. and passed for idenfull view. put in the glass. fasten all up in the handkerchief (without letting the audistage. or from its position. and the envelope will contain the three photos of the statesmen whose names are written on the slip of paper. AND CANDLE TRICK.

faces upwards. You are now ready. Put one in side pocket. this pieces. which you intend to use.] Now get the marked half-dollar and keep Borrow a it between the first and second fingers of the right hand. Put the flash paper on the table out of sight. now. this card you can place on the table face upwards. detec- Now take it in full view (apparently the . will be on the top. or anywhere so that you can get it easily. to prevent the owner becoming curious. or you can change it as you go to the table. etc." Preparation:— Have two half-dollars cf the same date marked that no difference can be seen. Have a piece of flash paper in the shape of a half-dollar.. carelessly lay your pack on the table. contains the piece of paper which matches her own piece. Explain to the audience that you are going to do a remarkable trick. when it is dry it is as an ordinary card. place the card facing the audience in full view. or easily accessible. by means of the pass or otherwise. near the marker to look at it. this. and later put in some gentleman's hat band. or vest it. no one to see it but you. Take a similar card to that which you will force. Get one or two half dollar and get it marked with a penknife. "Requires coolness and dexterity. etc. put one of the half-dollars in and paste the sides around. the best plan is to keep the hat on the [I am explaining table. and the audience select either of these and the audience select either piece. When you have stripped it to half the length of the card. bring it down to the palm and produce the duplicate— this can be done without tion before anyone's eyes. either piece. and force a duplicate card to that which lies prepared on the table. Then cut up a candle. Go to the gentleman and ask him to give you the card. change the card. as those burning on the table. so wrapped up to keep it in its original form. when you take the pack. this very fully to you. on being cut open by the lady. pack upon the prepared card. placing heavy weights on the sides alike. leave the card with the gentleman. cut again. while doing Lay the this. so that the back comes away from the front. and ask him to show it to the company. which. and split it carefully open from the top. Bring forward the' pack (false shuffle).16 SIIAW'S is MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. The other half-dollar put in hip pocket. and hollow out the inside. take one piece about an inch long. and you will place it in full view. Take up the pack and hold it in the left hand. The candle must be of the same color. cut again. as you pass across with the borrowed coin between the second finger and thumb. and then take it to the opposite side and let others examine it.

[This sounds complicated. Slip up the flash paper from behind." is changed on wand (old dodge). RING. or vesting it again. While putting the half-dollar away. Behind this is the flash unseen. finger and top of the thumb of each hand. and he and others will feel the coin. it will face the audience. and again the ring is found in the innermost envelope. with the ring in the centre one. Take the half of the cigarette paper. and place Now get it in full view (I put mine in a cleft stick on the table). cigarette paper upon the flash bit which is wrapped up like a halfNew hold the cigarette paper between the top of the second dollar. and as you go to the owner of the coin. but "really" the marked one of your own). In the flash drop the wrappedup half-dollar in your trousers. The performer then squeezes up the programme and ring. get the piece of candle from your vest. and the ring placed on it. to keep the audience on the move. "Very elaborate Secret:— The ring effect. meanwhile. change it for the one you actually borrowed. and transformed into programme again.SIIAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and fold the cigarette paper over it so as to surround the coin. Half of the programme is spread over the hand. ready for reproduction later. long fashion. etc.. also a programme. and force the paper in. squeezed up. The first . and put it on the table. but you will And it remarkably easy]. and the latter is torn in two. Get the parties who identified the coin to open the card. Volunteer is invited on the platform. let the gentleman take the card. and is returned The broken envelopes are then by the volunteer to the owner. get hold of the paper in which it is wrapped. taken in the hand. dropping the candle in your pocket. Go to the hat. and this is found to have been done. of course. NEW PROGRAMME. you can stand in easy posture with hands behind you. AND ENVELOPES TRICK:- Effect:— A ring is borrowed. and they will see it is the same. go to the candle: "Presto! gone!" in a flash. 17 borrowed one. or elsewhere. The rest is easy. and commands the programme to change into a series of envelopes. Performer now repeats the trick with the other half of the programme. on a cigarette paper. squeeze this up very small.— it won't be wanted again. You talk. drop the half-dollar in your pochette. a lady to write her name. under Put the half of the the pretence of tucking your sleeves right up. Volunteer has to open the four envelopes before he finds the ring. which is the half corresponding to that held by the lady. Now take the half-dollar from the table and place it in front.

all squeezed up. The thread is then broken. simply squeeze up the bundle. and envelopes produced— the programme is slipped into pocket while the audience are gazing at the opening of the envelope. and place each succeeding envelope wax side downwards. not folded. bring the programme to the top. Fine effect and goo3 business. I usually make a pretence of putting the flowers into the cone. and first showing paper to audience. &c. the other end of the thread being secured by a swivel to a ring stitched on right side of vest (a la handkerchief vanisher). Sleeves up. While the volunteer is working with the first set. and ask the volunteer if he can take out the ring Meanwhile arrange for the without breaking the seals. both hands being at least six inches from the body throughout. undo the paper and again show that the audience are deceived. and changing them for it. The second series of envelopes is open at one end. The programme is laid — on the hand. and at the same instant pull the thread with the thumb. . repetition of the trick. and (when programme is handed) taken between root of thumb and finger forefinger. and the flowers squeezed out. concealed (say) in right pochette. While showing paper. into the innermost envelope (say in the right withdraw it. the substitute ring is placed thereon under the thumb. hook the thread over the right thumb. and arms bare to elbows. and when about [apparently] to shake them out. immediately taking wand in hand. Lay great stress on the fact of each envelope being securely fastened. elastic band round the flowers have a black thread attached. which brings the flowers well behind the paper. asking the volunteer if he' would like to do the trick. and has a flat thin tube (a la shilling in ball of wool) down into "not quite" the bottom of the smallest one (the tube to fit loosely). (made out of similiar programmes. of series of envelopes is perfect course) and carefully sealed up with dummy ring inside. having a complete programme in the hand. shake the tube. as they are not there. To do this. and hand it over. then bend the ends of the envelopes over tightly. A good finish is made by collecting all the envelopes.18 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and proceed with the trick with the second half of the programme as before. drop the borrowed ring down the tube pochette). &c. NEW METHOD OF GETTING FLOWERS INTO Have CONE:- a little cardboard pocket (into which the flowers will To the slip easily) stitched just under the left breast of waistcoat. turn it down to make a cone.

SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. the same time calling attention to some birds in a cage on the table. one red. and one blue. Give the cone to someone to hold. which flies up under your coat. two crystal cylinders. rolling the white one inside of the blue one. now open the cone which is found to be empty. Very effective. such as is used on gas jets. kerchief and place it in the other cylinder. placing it in your pistol. THE FLIGHT THROUGH CRYSTALS:Effect: You hand to audience for examination. and away from your body. place the lemon on a Make a cone out of paper at plate. fire through the cone at the lemon. take the dummy ring and." your wand for a dummy which you give to some one to hold. which you place in one of the cylYou next take the red handinders. You now command the red handkerchief to vanish. 19 THE ORNITHOLOGICAL LABYEINTH:Apparatus required:— Vanishing canary of the usual shape. hands are still covering both ends. ring away from the audience. one white. three silk Next you show handkerchiefs. and hold one hand over each end of cylinder. place your hand inside and release the dummy bird. Place your hand in your coat tail pocket and after having hooked the ring on the watch swivel. and place ball on a . the cage instead of a live bird. Close the lemon up and allow the swivel to hang out of a hole on one side. Close the top of the cone and have it held up. Have someone in audience to tie the corners of blue and white handkerchiefs together and roll them into a ball. and to their astonishment they find the red handkerchief which had disappeared from the other cylinder between the blue and white — handkerchiefs. tipping it slightly towards you. other cylinder removes the two handkerchiefs and unrolls them. Secret:— After person has tied blue and white handkerchiefs together. Go to the person holding the cone and. cut open the lemon and reveal the bird and ring. prepared as follows: Scoop out the inside and after having allowed the shell to dry. put this in your coat tail pocket. bring out the lemon. and instantly the cylinder is seen Person holding the empty. all being tied together. swivel at the loose end. put a live canary inside which has a piece The ribbon has a small watch of ribbon tied around its neck. fasten the elastic of the dummy bird to the inside of the back of Borrow a ring which you change on your coat "a la vanisher. and give to someone to hold. you request him or her to roll handkerchiefs into a ball. go to the cage to take out a bird and as you do so get the dummy into your hand and take it out of A lemon .

etc." a la handkerchief pull]. as you extend your arms a little. assistant quickly lowers rod and disc (cylinder containing handkerchiefs is resting also two shells . which is drawn up your sleeve by pull. On returning to stage you palm duplicate from under vest. Now you take up the cylinder and place handkerchief in it and. then places them on one of the pedestals. flowers. on command to vanish. These cylinders can also be used for the vanishing and appearing of* birds.20 SHAWNS MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and drop it on plate and palm first ball which you place under your vest. "Magic and its Mysteries.. white and blue. ball MEPHISTO'S GLASS CYLINDERS:Effect:— Two glass cylinders are shown and site to then placed oppoeach other on the stage. Assistant under stage has a long rod on one end of which is a wooden disc. these are placed over traps in stage at each side. you -command hankerchief to vanish. these he places in first cylinder and. He now places the other cylinder (shell). The ball now on the plate is composed of three handkerchiefs. which are hollow. the blue one being on the outside of the ball." which until now has been over left thumb. he then places them in either cylinder. borrows some handkerchiefs and has them tied together. assistant pushes up rod from Performer now below so that disc is flush with top of pedestal. rabbits. Performer borrows a dozen handkerchiefs and has them all tied together. as selected by the audience. holding palms of hands over each end of cylinder. in order to allow handkerchief to slip out easy. red. which they instantly do. Performer shows shell and cylinder together. going to someone in audience. also have two pedestals (imitation of marble). same as described on page 34. which they unroll and find the three handkerchiefs all tied together. plate which you hold. etc. liquors. this disc is a little smaller than the inside of glass shells. Performer returns to the stage and picks up red handkerchief and slips it through loop of "pull. Secret:— Have a cylinder of opaque glass about two feet high. on the second pedestal. and appear in the other cylinder which was previously shown empty. of same colored glass which fit over the genuine cylinder that has bottom in it. have them place ball in cylinder and hold the palms of their hands over each end of cylinder. [The pull is double. Performer now commands the handkerchiefs to vanish. Now take one of the cylinders from table and place on plate with ball. at the same time raise hand a little from end of cylinder on the side which pull is. place cylinder on table and walk to person holding the other cylinder and have them remove ball.

make a picture. Light being placed at back of screen. "Sulphate Coppa. both sides of which are shown and this is placed on an easel. and impossible for anyone to touch cloth from behind without being seen. by placing his wand across top of it and bearing downwards. passes an unprepared pack of cards out for examination and has them shuffled. Secret:— For this experiment procure the following ingredients from some druggist: "Sulphate of Iron. when dry these are invisible. On this stands an ordinary looking chair. meanwhile addressing the audience upon some point of interest. "Nitrate Bismuth. it is a novelty and is apparently done by unseen agency. and a spirit picture is slowly precipitated upon the cloth in colors. pedestal. and quickly shoves it up into the shell on second from which the performer produces the handkerchiefs. Effect is wierd and. Now make a solution of "Prussiate of Potash. on disc)." for brown." for yellow. A lamp is then placed behind cloth thus rendering it transparant. 21 down. Going back to the stage." and put it in bottle of Atomizer." for blue. lower lights a trifle. Now with a brush for each color. and is securely blindfolded by the perforHe then mer. who then makes some magnetic passes over her. a little music. landscape. KELLAR'S NEW KARMOS:- Effect:— On the stage is seen a platform with four feet. A little music covers sound of atomizer.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. now slightly dampen muslin and place a lamp back of it on a chair. this being visible to every one present. portrait or anything you desire. Performer steadies outer cylinder or shell. although. while assistant pushes up inner cylinder. NEW SPIRIT PICTURES:- Effect:— Medium shows a wooden frame. Show the screen and set it on an easel in front of cabinet. on which is a piece of cloth. and from behind sprays all over the back of screen with the solution of prussiate potash. perhaps not artistic. he stands behind a small . audience can see that no one approaches screen. make solutions seperately of each. which slowly brings colors out. on a screen of unbleached muslin. The lady sits down on the chair facing the audience. by dissolving a small quantity of each ingredient in warm water. your assistant or medium in cabinet takes the atomizer. Always see that the atomizer is screwed up air tight before using it. Of course you must have audience imagine that both cylinders have bottoms in them. Lights are then lowered a trifle.

The rear leg of chair is hollow. on which is fastened another tube. There is a small opening here on which the rear leg of the chair. who made out the check. who tells the lady what to say by means of an invisible speaking tube. Anything spoken by the assistant into his end of the tube. spectator next chooses a word out of an unabridged dictionary and asks the lady what the word is and she instantly tells him and describes the word. Everything that the performer does is seen by an assistant behind the scenes. For the final test some one writes four rows of figures on the blackThe lady audibly adds board. each row containing four figures. what the amount is. the lady naming each card as soon as it becomes visible.22 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. of the kind known as "Vienna Bent Wood Chairs. the numbers and dictates the result to the performer. thus completing the connection. and holding the cards so that their face is turned towards the audience. that is. The lady who enters from the rear does not show the back of her dress. he draws off one card after the other and throws it on the table. who is its owner. Another spectator writes a couple of numbers on a blackboard. etc. leading up to her ear and hidden by her hair. the banknote in such a manner against the blackboard. the rear leg of which is hollow. The assistant sees the faces of the playing cards and The performer holds tells them to the lady who calls them off. which has a mouth piece there. also part of the seat of chair. the lady instantly squares and even cubes the number. who then carries the blackboard way to the front cf the stage and she now adds the rows in any manner desired. up and down. The rest is easy. the lady dictates to him the value and the number of the banknote. is heard distinctly by the lady. also spindle in back of chair where connection is made. brought down in the audience by the performer. Under cover of making passes over her the performer connects the tube on her back with the crosspiece in back of chair. table. which is also hollow rests. She also mentions any number struck out or touched by the performer. etc. which is turned slightly sideways. The chair used is a cane seat one. passing from behind the wings. underneath the floor up to the platform. which hangs down loosely. A The secret of this seemingly remarkable performance is a very simple one. that the assistant can read its number . He also borrows a check and the lady states at what bank it is payable. which consists of a rubber hose. he writing it down on the blackboard. For the next test he borrows a banknote and with it walks to a blackboard on the stage. from right to left.

Show paper and . and sew it nicely. under cover of which he disconnects the speaking tube and then removes the blindfold from her eyes. one red. so that when you take the cone. yellow and blue. THE CHAMELEON HANDKERCHIEFS:Three silk handkerchiefs perfectly white. In the dictionary test. also a small sheet of paper. The three white handkerchiefs conceal the tube that was under paper. The paper is then rolled up in the form of a tube. the tube hangs behind the handkerchief. three white. also the paper for cone. The three white handkerchiefs are laying on your table. the table including all numbers from 1 to 100. he can tell the lady what the result of adding the first row comes to and any other question pertaining to the figures. The squaring and cubing of two figures is done by means of assistant refering to a table of numbers. The trick of the lady telling any figure touched by the performer is one of prearrangement. The adding of four rows of figures will be easily understood now. show the three white handkerchiefs one at a time. Under paper have the tube prepared as follows: Cover the tin tube with one end of the red handkerchief. then the yellow one. when the handkerchiefs will be found to have changed to red. also a piece of white paper 8 inches square. Meanwhile the assistant copies the four rows and the performer now moves the blackboard to the front of the stage. then the blue one. all of which is found to be free from deception. a few "passes" and the paper unrolled. red handkerchief out of paper You tuck the red handkerchief into tube first. and all is ready. She bows and leaves the stage but does not show her back. the lady and performer having learnt by heart a number of figures. To perform. but as the assistant has copied the figures. to prove that they are unprepared. are given for examination. hears this. one yellow. the performer requests the gentleman to ask the The assistant who lady what the 10th word on the 35th page is. which are touched and called off by the lady in their regular order.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. thus bringing it out of the assistant's range of vision. The performer then makes some more passes over the lady. and value by means of a spy glass. and one blue. looks the word up and tells it to the lady. then lay them on your table and take up the paper. Secret:— For this trick you have a tin tube 3 inches long H inch in diameter. same with the check. the three handkerchiefs pushed in one at a time. has a duplicate dictionary. and six handkerchiefs. already squared and cubed before the trick.

but No. to the astonishment of the audience. it is of a striped pattern. now removes the two trestles from under board and. throw them over back of chair. 2. he L'HASSA:- and. and concealing tube under vest at bosom. THE MYSTEEY OF Effect: tles —Performer comes forward stage. In the act of showing the paper (which you hold in both hands). then push in the last white handkerchief and out comes the red handkerchief. then show paper and make it into cylinder. allowing it to hang over the paper cylinder. this loop goes around two nails. catch thumb of left hand. tube and three white handkerchiefs are drawn out as the tube is sewed to red handkerchief. (well back). 1. in the act of pushing in the white handkerchief. a white handkerchief at same time the tube containing the colored handkerchiefs. lay it on table. 2 first. The . Next he places a board on the trestles and introduces a young lady.24 roll SHAWNS MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 2 The end of wire is made into a loop and has a wire fastened to it. he places the trestles in center of stage about six foot apart. the board with lady on it is seen floating which are on the in space. into loop. 1. Next push in second white handkerchief and out comes the yellow handkerchief. just far enough apart to allow board to rest on them. and after making some hypnotic passes He over her. swing place them in center it around. out comes the blue handkerchief. lines running up and down (dark lines on light back ground). Pick up No. Get the tube into the paper cylinder behind white handkerchief. etc. now open paper and show it is empty. which is not noticed by audience as it is concealed by white handkerchief. and No. taking up one of the white handkerchiefs you secretly take tube with it and push into cylinder. Secret:— There is a curtain hanging at back of stage. and as you start to convert paper into cylinder. and when you show white handkerchiefs. secretly pull tube And still another method is to have tube concealed on into same. into a cylinder. As it is pushed in. then catch it near top of cylinder and pull it out. allowing loop to hang out. back of chair. picking up two tres- walks to footlights to show that the trestles are unprepared. one in each end of trestle. picks her up and places her on the board on trestles. then do the same with No. then of stage. 1 trestle is unprepared. The two trestles we will call No. no one suspecting the red handkerchief contains a tube and three white hand- kerchiefs. No. then take up. Another method Have a fine wire loop of loading tube into cylinder is as follows: attached to one end of tube.

1.. [This must be done quickly]. his double. SHRINE OF KOOMRA SAMI:Effect: — A large cage containing a small one is seen on stage. and out step the three persons. Now introduce the lady and. A person is placed in small cage. In order to do this it is necessary for the lady to wear a sheet-iron band over her shoulders. and the large cage has a curtain at back of same material. apparently hypnotize her. when placing pillow under her head. behind this curtain are concealed gentleman and lady. Both cages have bars on all sides running from bottom to top. but you must guard against hitting wire on end of board. When performer places the man in small cage. as it is a striped Now show the pattern. board (which is a foot and a half longer than the lady used in the illusion). as one wire in this method is placed around lady's shoulders. then pick her up in your arms and lay her on the board. The background of stage is dark green. the pillow is placed under the lady's head. An improvement can be made on the above by having the board drop to the floor when you remove trestles. he pulls down red curtains in front and sides of large cage. and the other wire is placed under her legs when placing her on the board. (feet towards trestle No. Small cage is in center of large cage. gentleman and lady now let green curtain at back fly up. Performer quickly lets red curtains fly up. and lady lays floating in space on the board and front curtain is dropped. If you wish you can have green curtain on back . Lady must make herself very stiff. running to top of stage. The large cage has red curtains in front and on both sides. i.SHAw's MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. e. also a sheet-iron band around the calf of each leg. standing on four small legs with castors. and step into cage replacing bars. These iron bands are to protect lady from being cut by wires. under stockings. and is twenty inches square and same height as large cage. all work on spring rollers. 25 wire does not show as the back ground conceals it. Assistant now brings in a leather pillow from side of stage to which is fastened second wire. move two or three bars aside. then trestle No. getting end in loop of wire on trestle. over and under board. and lay it across the trestles. under dress. 2. so that when trestles and board are removed she will lay straight in space. The end of wire goes to top of stage. his astral being and himself. opens door of cage. Now remove trestle No. Secret:— The large cage is six foot high and three and one-half foot square. 2). when he instantly multiplies into three distinct beings. at the same time get wire under the board. take a long stick and wave it all around.

. of cage painted with black stripes to represent the bars of cage. can be is GENI:- securely locked in all the "Crystal Chest. (spring as far as D is wire bent is fit zig-zag): tongue to brass. B to C is a tongue. made support and has a hole in the center. as shown In fig 8. THE GLASS BOWL AND GOLDEN STAND:This Treasury. The supports are three semi- into the vase. 9. but you can- not turn cage around after trick." then the "Chest" corded over by the . The upper end of piston passes through hole in E in fig. C to is a spring to force half dollars up. is piston. which is on center of stand. "X" is spring. as you can do by using bars. By pulling thread spring forces half dollars up and they drop into bowl.] half dollars.26 shaVs magical instructor. "F" is THE CRYSTAL CHEST OF THE Effect: —A person (male or female). at one side over support the half dollars are placed in this slot and lay "B" in fig. A strong-black thread is attached to lower end of piston to pull at the proper time. circular strips of brass H inch wide and ± inch thick. resting upon column with three feet. 9. and standing some distance away he invisably passes a number of coins Secret: — The top of table is thin sheet brass with edge turned down about one quarter of an inch. in this case you do away with bars at back of large cage. then piston through hole in tongue.] [Fig. push half dollars into slot. 8. is a beautiful stage trick and a fine finish to the Aerial Performer exhibits a light brass stand and a glass bowl or vase. having shown the vase empty he places it on the stand. To prepare. tongue. Care must betaken to get the correct circle of support and proper strength of spring. The stand is of ordinary a height with a 20 inch The top has a slot top. E— [Fig. 8.

. the ropes and knots secure. and every seal perfect. Then the company can freely and minutely examine every part of the "Chest" to find it securely locked. company." when the person "locked and circled inside the Chest" appears outside the "Chest" in less than half a minute. screen is 27 A small seals being placed by them upon every knot. placed before the "Chest.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.

eel sol


on table is opened and found to contain cover of parasol; para taken out of tube, held by performer, and is found to be minus cover and one of the handkerchiefs is hanging to each rib. Handkerchiefs are taken off and returned to their owners. Explanation:— Performer first exchanges parcel containing the handkerchiefs for parcel containing parasol cover on servante of table or chair. They are immediately removed from there by assistant who, behind scenes, ties each handkerchief to ribs of a duplicate parasol without cover. While performer and gentleman stand by right wing, performer lets one end of tube that he is holding just rest a little behind wing, assistant sneaks up and deftly removes parasol from tube, inserting the fixed one instead, this is done while performer indicates to gentleman at which point to fire, then pistol is fired and the changes are discovered as described above. The parasol without cover and the cover may be restored to their previous state, by wrapping both in paper and exchange them for another parasol already wrapped on servante. They are wrapped twice for this purpose, the change is made while wrapping
in second sheet of paper.

MYSTERIOUS TRANSMISSION OF THOUGHT:The principle and details of this code are easily acquired and are fully described, so that they may be more readily understood; there being not any elaborate codes to learn, it will be seen that this method does not require so much application and practice as
systems in which certain '"codes and signals" have to be memorized. By means of this code all the usual effects usually exhibited at Thought Reading Seances can be reproduced; the medium being completely blindfolded and if necessary surrounded by the audience not being eonnected to the performer in any manner, and he does not make any queries to the medium, or need not alter his position This system is an entirely new idea and not employed if necessary. It consists in any other codes, it is by no means difficult to learn. in both the medium and the performer counting "mentally" and "together." It is a known fact that, say the beats for "common time" are always the same in music, .thref ore, with a little practice it is easy for two persons starting on a given signal, to count at a given and the same rate, and when another signal is given to stop and, of course they will both have arrived at the same number. This is the actual method employed in this code and from it you to 9 can be transmitted by the will see that any number, from of course is all that is required. which the to medium, performer



best to experiment and find out





suits the persons employing this code best, but the following suggestions are offered:— It may be best perhaps to commence counting

at a slow rate and then gradually increase the rate until you find it advisable to go no quicker, and then adhere to one rate and always keep to it. Say you have in the room when first practicing a loud ticking clock with a fairly slow beat, on the given signal you both start counting at the same rate as the beats of the clock, of course the clock must be removed when the rate has been well learnt; or count at the rate of "Common Time" in Music, viz: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &c,
or practice with "Metromon," such as is used during "piano practice" for the purpose of setting time and is of course made adjustable. A very good rate to finally adopt is a little shorter than a second of time about 70 to 75 per minute. Whatever rate is found to suit best must be adhered to. You will find that at the rate above mentioned any number up to "9" can be transmitted with absolute certainty, after an hour or so at practice.

Now that the principal has been explained the next item is the signals to be transmitted, to give medium the cue when to start and when to stop counting mentally. It is done in this way: Say the performer has borrowed a coin the date of which is 1862, the first figures of the coin 1 and 8 are generally understood as most coins now in use are 18 something, or if of other date than 18 in the hundreds, the performer must advise the medium of this, by means of a wording of reply to the person who lent the coin which can The 6 and 2 have therefore easily be arranged to suit ones fancies, to be transmitted. The performer stands away from medium or amongst audience if only a small one, the medium being on stage and securely blindfolded, performer takes his position, with chalk in hand in front of board, and holds coin in other hand; he does not speak a word but simply looks at coin, after a pause, the medium calls out:— The first figure I picture is a "one" or words to that effect. Now "immediately" the lady stops speaking they both commence the mental counting, at the rate previously agreed upon by practice. In this case the number to be transmitted is 6, as the last word of the sentence is spoken they therefore commence counting internally 1-2-3-4-5-6, during this short period the performer glances down on the coin as if to verify what the lady has called out, as soon as they reach the figure "6" the signal to "stop" has to be transmitted; this is done by the performer putting down on the blackboard sharply the figure called out by the lady viz 1. It will



be seen by this method that the signal is quite easy to transmit, and it is perfectly natural to put down the figure on the board quickly and sharply. The third figure of the coin is now known to the medium. The last figure 2 is transmitted in the same manner as the previous figure. The lady says— "the second figure I see is 8" as soon as she ceases speaking they commence the counting again, 1-2, on the arrival at the figure "2" the performer puts down the 8 previously called out, sharply on the board, which is the signal for stop; the lady now knows the full date of the coin.

Banknote Test:— The performer having brought on an ordinaand a piece of chalk, says that the lady will now tell the value and number of a banknote borrowed from an entire stranry blacboard

by the performer.


states that the lady does not see the

number of the note in the right order, and that he will therefore make divisions on the blackboard for the numbers. Supposing she
first, she would cry out, I see three and it belongs in the second place, and so on till the whole number had been called off. He also states that first she will call off the value of the note. Performer now borrows a banknote, remarking that he usually returns it; we will suppose he is handed a five dollar bill, number 00481; he takes it back to the stage and on the way there he looks at its value when the lady hears that he has returned, she raises her hand to her head as if in thought at the same moment that her hand starts to move, both performers ccunt in second time, 1-2-5- 10-50-100 etc., at the third beat i. e., 5, performer gives a sigh, the lady then waits a moment and says, "it is a five dollar bill," while she does this the performer has looked at the third figure of the note, as it is understood between them that she should first call out the third figure, which in our case is number "4." [It should have been mentioned before, that in "banknote" and "blackboard" tests the following order must be learnt by both performers, previous to the performance, 1-4-5-3-2, so that now when the lady has got to the five dollars as mentioned above, both begin to count 1-4, in second time. In the second beat i. e. 4, performer will stop lady from counting any further by slowly writing down $5. lady knows now that the next number is a "4" she however waits a moment and then exclaims, "I see a 4, and it occupies the 'third place;" as soon as the word "place" is said both again begin to count. Now the figure in the first place is to be called off next, according to the prearranged order; this order is supposed to be 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th; of course any other order will do as long as both know it beforehand.

sees a 3

after a moment or so the lady says I see another "0" and it occupies the second place. immediately she has said place. M.— 3. 3. N. 5. for when a number is not in the formula 1. 5. Q. immediately that lady has said place. for 6. I. 5. X. must be an "0" but she allows a second or Now two to elapse before calling it out. then after a moment or so. (00481. 7 take 2 & 5 -7. 1 & 5 -6. F. This gives you the first letters of the three. the lady exclaims! "The next figure I see is an "8" and it occupies the fourth place. E.— 8. giving performer time to look at the note for the next figure. and the mark that follows the number for example. although they are seldom found beyond N. L. Now when C— . immediately on the word "place. on the "five performer rather quickly writes down the "0" in the first place. Z. P. but the performer would next refer to the number being alright and she would know that it was all over." both count for the "8" 1. J. You can remember this by this little memory sentence. 4. O. These letters go all through the alphabet (26 letters). U. A. for 10 5 & 5 -10. the performer "rather quickly" (by this communicating to her that she has to add five to the communicated number 3). T. and on the "5" performer will write down "rather quickly" in the third place a "4" immediately the 4 is written down lady knows that the next number. G. 4. H.— 7. 4.— 9. D. makes the number you desire. S. V. which according to the above arrangement occupies the "first" place. $5. for five is added to it. I see an "0" and it occupies first place. -185932. E.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. writes down an "0" in the second place. then she calls out. so the third beat will be the one on which the performer will write down the 4 just called. -1. both begin to count 1.— 5.— 6. 4. at the word "place" the performer "deliberately" writes down an "8" in the fourth place and the lady calls out "I see a "1" and it belongs in the fifth place. when For instance. you must take the number to which. K. B. 3." (Or any other that suits you). Divide your letters into divisions as follows: 1." She would go on counting to herself as she would not know whether there were some more figures or not. By putting down a previous number rapidly lady knows that she has to add 5 to the number just communicated to her.) I will now describe a mode of transmitting the letter which "always" precedes the number on a banknote. 2. "All dear girls just make pies so very young. by this. B. 5.—4. both count for the "0" in the second place. 2. Y. on the beat for 3. W. which occupies the second place and so that he is ready to begin counting immediately she has finished her sentence. 31 "0" is the same as 10 for this test.

When yon have made the "S" part of it stop either quick one-quarter of a second. board.The star is made in three strokes of the chalk while all the others only need two strokes. or star * or an angle. "after you have made the mark. this you will see amounts to 22. (All-dear-girlsjust-make). as the amount to be carried is not necessary to be made known to the medium He therefore. or it seems to be a Roman F without a top. In case of the letter being an "N" you count 5 or. etc. but if you make the first stroke "slow" and the second "quick. If "quick" it is the first letter. the lady says it is a "so and so. usually composed of about five figures in each row. The mark after || number is indicated as follows: When you come to the last figure on the board. she can easily discern which one of these marks you are putting down. so when she hears three strokes she knows it to be a star. so as to arrive at the first total of the unit column." you copy the mark which is either like an F without a top or like an E. Blackboard Work:— The performer asks any member of the audience to put down upon the blackboard four or five rows of figures. and she names the value. If you will practice a little you will find that if the lady listens. The lady knows then it is either G-H or I." (say 8)." I don't know what you would call it but it looks like an old fashioned E.32 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 1 he has. Thus in the case of "G" write both strokes quick. you have transmitted to the lady the value of the bill. you do not count but mentally repeat the above sentence. and the chalk makes an entirely distinct noise in writing. only to transmit the 2. For example:. so she says "now make a mark behind it. to the medium. say something like the following: The performer takes a glance at the first row and quickly adds it up mentally. It is a good point if the lady says. now takes the chalk in his hand and says 7234 8679 320 3795 6423 . and then write "S" stop one-quarter of a second and then complete the $ very slow and deliberately." it is the third letter. All-dear-girls and as you arrive at "G" you make the $ mark on the board. as you write "8" make a period after it. For example: If the letter is a "G" you say to yourself and simultaneously does the lady. however. while this is being done the performer informs the audience that he shall transmit the total of the columns of the figures now being put The sum having been put down on the down. the lady can hear distinctly and knows there are no further figures. and then make two strokes or slow. etc.. if "slow" the second.

then to 1 and so on. Queen 12. the performer then sharply puts down on the board the "2" first called out by lady. the three has therefore to be transmitted as soon as the lady ceases speaking. and then the lady knows that the second figure is 3 and calls out accordingly. on the board in this way: The sharp tap of the chalk on the board at the com7234mencement of the action of drawing the line. having memorized this set of figures. for example: 482- 8679 320 3795 6423 T ' 102-749 053-863-229. Ask some one to select 7 or 8 cards. Both medium and performer. you proceed in this way until the whole of the columns have been added up. indicating to the lady to cease counting mentally. On the word two as above. Card Test:— Have your cards memorized by their numbers: Ace. Immediately on the repitition of the figure "2" the performer draws a second line under the columns of figures. and to call out the 1 figure that she has mentioned to herself when she heard the tap on the board. e. i. Two rows may now be substracted. saying "put down v The performer under the unit column the figure "2. the result being transmitted figure by figure. both having agreed upon what set they will use." glances at the column as if to verify what the lady has called out but in reality to allow time to transmit the total of second column which he has added up during the time the lady was speaking. King 13. as if it were hap-hazard.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. To illustrate the . then 8. They count 1-2-3. but really from the order arranged beforehand. at the conclusion of the foregoing test the performer points to 4. you could learn a half dozen such sets and thereby being able to change set when necessary. as soon as the performer ceases speaking they commence the mental counting to the transmission of the "2" viz: 1-2. medium Of course calling out the figure as soon as performer points to it. What I mean by a prearranged order is to commit to memory a set of figures. which indicates the signal to stop. then 2. they commence counting for the second column. not forgetIn this case it ting to add on the "2" carried from first column. amounts to 23.2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 10. This test is usually concluded by the performer pointing in quick succession to any figure on the board which the lady calls out. 33 audibly to the persons who have written down the figures "thank you. which she does. in this case three." the lady who has been listening and waiting tor this signal. Jack 11. This is simply an addition and is a prearranged order of certain numbers which the performer picks out from the figures on the board. (the more the easier).

or better still breath hard." Lady knows the first card. The heart is again indicated by a "thump. method we monds. she says it and as soon as the last word leaves her lips count again. by adding 2. the king." "3 of diaof hearts. by adding 2. leaving only 3)." "8 of spades. at "2" heave a sigh. The "hearts" you indicate by picking up the card with a "thump. of course. you say "thanks" to the person who selects the cards and then you "both" start counting. the lady says "5" of hearts and you both count. and if the sum is over 13 deduct 13 from it. you can give the "10" of hearts. at "3" lay the card down with an audible snap. and go to the "8" of spades. Suit is given by the manner of picking up the next card. nor can we count from the time the last word leaves the lady's lips as she has not yet said anything. Now the next card in value is "3" of diamonds. let him lay them in a row on the edge of the table (the edge fartherest away from you). lady adds 3 to 5 and knows next card is Then "8. the number counted to be added to the value of the card last named. of the card according to the following rule: "Value" is given by laying down the card last named. by adding 1." "queen of diamonds." (nine cards in all)." Skip the "7" of clubs. convey the denomination (or value). Clubs:— Pick card up sharply and quickly." "10 of clubs." The spades is given with a "thump" and a scratch. is "2" of hearts. 2. and the figure to be indicated make a "sigh. count from the time the last word leaves the lady's lips. until the time that the card is laid upon the table. you do not count 5 but only 3." "7 of clubs. "7" of clubs and "10" of clubs. For . then the queen of diamonds. 2 plus 3—5.34 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. Now you have skipped the "3" of diamonds. but according to rule you deduct 13." Thus in our example:—Above the lowest card is the two of hearts. this was done so that the audience may not notice that the cards are given from low to high. Hearts:— Make "thump as in hearts but follow it up by the scratch in clubs. giving it a kind of a turn on the table which will make an audible "scratch. You count 3 from king (king 13 plus 3. say "thanks" and count 1." Diamonds:— Draw the card slowly over the table toward yourself before picking it up. but we will skip this and go to the "5" of hearts." "10 of hearts. (the last card named). The "value" of the first card cannot. While he does so take a look at them and notice which is the lowest card. be given by "laying down" the last card named. (queen 12." "5 will suppose he selects the "2 of hearts." "king of diamonds. plus 1x13 king).

the lady presses down on each of the projecting points. to show it is entirely empty and solid made. and lastly giving the "JO" of Of course always indicating the suit by clubs by counting "3. but everything depends on the casket. "draws. and you wish to give a "2. as it runs down the blade and drips on the floor. THE CASKET CREMATION:with the help of an assistant. thereby drawing the bolts. the lid of the casket is [Fig. After giving the "3" you give the "7" of clubs by counting 4. It is then placed down and two trestles are shown and a long board. 15x13—2). 11. the back of the casket is hinged to the bottom. there is a small point projecting from each bolt into the casket." are really natural moves. 11 represents the back dropped down. and can squeeze it against each sword. the board then placed on them and a decorated cloth is thrown over the board.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. (there are holes in the bottom of the casket exactly beneath the holes in the top). then the casket is placed on this stand The cloth and trestles have nothing to do with the working of the trick. it is held in place by two sunken bolts. 35 example:— If the last card had been a jack." Fig. the lady can have a sponge filled with some red liquor. B-B. giving You can now the appearance of "blood. The [The trestles must be one third as long as the casket is wide]. then pressed back against the back which drops down on its hinges and is supported even with the bottom of the casket by the trestles. carries ket The performer down to the foot lights. they lady now rolls herself over on to this lowered back..] . as motions should not be made unnatural by making them to pronounced. the practical ear can easily tell them apart." you count 4 (jack plus 4. placed in the cross (top) piece of the back frame. the supporting bolts. When the lady gets into the casket and the lid is placed." All the "thumps" and "scratches" and picking up the card. the casopen it and turn it in any shape. pass the swords through the casket. the trestles are placed in position.

around these wires you twist a little cotton. . then raps on the lid as a signal to the performer. is. ow show handkerchief and produce bowl containing water and Have some gentleman or confederate place same on table. and covered with the same material that you line the casket with. the lining that drops down A-A-A-A. which drops down in the casket and is supported on the lady's hands and one foot. the hinges by which the lid is secured to the casket. there is a piece of wood one half an inch smaller each way than the lid. that WATER ON THE This is BRAIN:- a fine finish to the celebrated Fish Bowl Trick. this is held in position in the lid by means of four small wire bolts which are sunk into it. Fig. "Remark if gentleman hand him the hat to place upon his head. with the wire points projecting through by which the lady inside can slip back the bolts. 12. the lid itself is one and one half inches thick and is hollowed out three quarters of an inch.You place this piece in the hollowed out part of the lid which it just fits. the wire bolts B-B. the performer raises the lid and lays it back. with the cotton on it. this false top is covered on one side with tin. (door working on a hinge downwards. then rolls into the casket. lady gets out. the lady must raise the piece up nearly to the mouth of the casket. The other side of this board you finish the same as the inside of the casket. When this burns out the lid is closed. INSTRUCTOR. pulls up the back. the lady then replaces board in the lid. come upon the stage.36 SHAW'S MAGICAL. after the sword is withdrawn the lady slips back these bolts thus releasing the piece lining the lid. Two vanishing fish bowls with sunken tops are used for this experiment. secures by means of the wire bolts. the casket is lifted off the trestles and shown as at [Fig. which makes it appear as if a terrible fire was going on within the casket. out side). this tin has wires soldered over its surface in every direction. it must not be over three quarters of an inch thick. (thin black leather is the best lining). he then opens the lid. secures it by the bolts. if confederate he brings fake hat with him. Have a plug hat with trap door in back of it. also have a double handkerchief with a circular piece of cardboard sewed in center between handkerchiefs.] first. IS T fish. then pours a little spirits of wine over the cotton and sets fire to it. the dotted lines. double. 12 shows the lid.



to confederate or gentleman:— Now if you have no objection I will throw this bowl of water at your hat and knock it off :— Oh, you object! Well pray be seated and I will merely stand this bowl upon

your hat, cover bowl with the fake handkerchief, holding cardboard a little aloft with right hand and while walking over to gentleman spill all the water off of the top of bowl; carry forward and make movement of placing bowl on top of hat, under cover of handkerIn reality you open trap at back of hat and place bowl inside chief. of hat, whispering to gentleman to keep still it will be alright. Leave handkerchief on top of hat, make fun of gentleman's looks, now remove handkerchief and throw it over your arm and produce second bowl that you had secreted about your clothes, this bowl has no cover or water on top; vanish this bowl into pocket, or on to servante of table by means of handkerchief or, "simple drop;" lift off gentleman's hat and show bowl on his head.

EXCELSIOR SECOND SIGHT:The performer invites a committee of five or six persons upon the stage, one of them blindfold him and the performer will give results of examples placed upon a blackboard, almost as soon as last figure is placed on the board. Also, tells dates of coins held by persons in the audience.


Explanation: It is necessary to have an assistant concealed at left entrance of stage "front;" if curtains are used, small holes should be made in them, so that the assistant can see contents of blackboard, holes also should be made in the partition, so that he

[Fig. 13.J



The assistant does all figuring while the writing down examples, and as soon as he gets the results, telegraphs same to performer, thus:— If the result of an example in addition should be 4,763 the assistant first telegraphs the figure 4, the performer calls out 4 and requests committee to write it down; then the figure 7, and every other figure in the same manner. The committee then should be requested to prove the example and of course it will be found correct. Directions for making the Telegraph Apparatus. [See fig. 13.] This apparatus should be nailed to the bottom of the stage directly under where the performer is to sit. Number 1, in fig. 13, represents a small iron rod, which passes through a small hole in the floor; the top of the rod should be made to resemble a nail driven in the floor. If carpet is used, the rod should resemble a tack. By observing fig. 13, you will see that the rod can be raised or pushed This is done by a short distance through the hole in the floor.
can see the audience.



pulling string, which is No. 3, in fig. 13, and No. 2, which is a piece of elastic or wire spring, pulls rod back even with floor as soon as the string is slackened. No. 4, is simply a boaTd to which all the apparatus is fastened. No. 5, represents floor, and No. 6, a pulley or screw eye, through which string passes. The string runs from the apparatus under stage to where assistant is concealed, then up through a hole in floor to where he stands. It is necessary that the performer should have a hole cut in the sole of one shoe "see fig. 13," so that when the string is pulled, the rod will raise just far enough Thus:— If the figure on the blackto touch the bottom of his foot. board is 2, the assistant who can see the number, pulls string twice, the rod will touch the bottom of his foot twice and he will call out two, and committee writes same, and performer is ready for next If the answer is 476, the assistant first pulls the string four figure. time; after a slight pause, pulls string seven times; another pause, To telegraph the cipher, give one long pulls string six times.

steady pull. When vacant space is being pointed at, do not pull string, of course there being a long pause, the performer will understand that vacant space is being pointed at and will say, you are not

pointing at any figure now. To tell dates of coins which are in the audience:— To perform this trick it is necessary to have another assistant, who passes among the audience; This trick is done by signs made by assistant in the audience to the assistant who is concealed at left entrance of stage, who must watch the assistant in the audience, through



the holes in the partition. The signs which must be made by the assistant in audience, and understood by the assistant who is concealed at the left entrance of stage, are as follows:— Always keep coin in your hand and eyes on same until the signs are all made, then you may pass the coin to a few persons, while they are examining it, the assistant telegraphs the date to the performer, who
will call it out.

The sign
2, 4, 6,


for figure 1, wipe your mouth with handkerchief; bite your lower lip; figure 3, cast your eyes to the right; cast your eyes to the left; figure 5, raise your eyebrows; force tongue against right cheek, making cheek bulge out;

do the same with

left cheek;



rub chin with your

draw your mouth to the left; figure 0, draw your mouth to the right. I would suggest that if you wish articles described, you might originate your own signs and code.
hand; figure

AIRY VOYAGE OF PERFORMER FROM A CHAIR:The trick lies in the chair, which is placed well back on stage with back towards the audience, as shown in fig. 14. The chair is
made as follows:— In fig. 14, "A" is a mirror set at
an angle of 420 from the center of bottom of chair, to the bottom of front legs and rests on the floor; dotted lines represent the position of mirror,
fig. 15, is

"C-C" in where the mirror


fastened to


The bottom


bottom (on top of and lights arranged "D-D" are reflected in "A" and you imagine you see the back legs of chair. "E" is also reflected in "A" and causes it to appear that you see under chair and see the curtain at back. The chair stands directly in front of a trap in stage. To introduce trick, curtain goes up showing chair, you now place two strong wires in position in small holes in back of
are half legs


[Fig. 15.] which are fastened to

chair marked "E," is covered with red cloth, to match cloth curtain that hangs at back of stage, about four feet behind the


in position,

Next have an iron bust or apparatus. a few magnetic passes over her. and conceals the person on chair. . on the stage floor or ground. a light curtain THE QUEEN OF KNIYES:Performer places a block of wood twelve inches in diameter and three feet high. 16. have a large meat ax. [Fig. upside down. when he or she is placed over the wires and reaches down to seat in chair. (dotted lines enough to reach a little X-X show the wires). the impression is created that the person has vanished in the air. is the similar to the old suspension. this person now steps down through the trap.40 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. Cloth is removed. which the performer next places in the slit. 17. chair. This ax is driven into the block of wood or you can have a slot cut into the block and place knife in slot. 16. it is notch that fits shows how "A" in fig. He now introduces a lady and. — Have a large block of wood about 17. 18.] Seceet: [Fig. "C-C-C-C" in fig. she is seen by audience laying lengthways in the air with her neck touching the sharp edge of making knife. standing on chair.] one foot [Fig. 18. the wires should be long is above assistants head.] in diame- and two or three feet high. The lady straps of apparatus are fastened around lady. this block has a slit in the top for to hold a large sharp knife or meat ax. same as shown in ter also fig. snugly over edge of knife. fastened to the stage floor or ground.

Secret:— A special trap is fastened in a bellows top side table. 17. see "G" in fig. "B. The top of table and cover fig." This decanter is placed on servante of table. assistant pulls both strings. "C. 19. unprepared decanter for examination. then taking two eggs and a cork. it has a thin sliding cover with a cord fastened to it. pulling . then to table leg and in off to assistant." the sliding cover pulled back. "D. to hide the iron notch. Have two de- (use the square one of which has the bottom cut out of it. and instantly two live birds are seen in the dacanter." Place two canary birds in the trap and slip cover over it. canters. is are black. on receiving it back. load a cork and two blown eggs into pistol." the cord fastened to cover "C. 41 wears a sort of mother hubbard dress. and place the "fake" decanter on table over trap:— fire pistol at decanter. style). The iron at back of harness as is seen in fig. he places same on a small table in center of stage. is long enough. the string passes down into the decanter and out of hole Now being ready. 19. so that lady can rest when laying on it.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. a string is fastened to cork "E" which is also on servant. take decanter to table and change for "fake" decanter on servante. THE MAGIC DECANTER:Effect:— Performer passes a Clear Crystal Decanter to audience for inspection. made very elegant. This cord runs over servante." the opening of trap. with a five The lady keeps her legs inch lace collar. and the cork is found tight in neck of decanter. he loads them into his pistol.] also a hole in the decanter at "F. crossed when she is placed on the knife. there is [Fig. two and a half inches wide and two inches deep. 19. give "B. "A" the box." then to table leg and off to assistant. The trap consists of a small box four inches long. which he fires at decanter.

while making a dash at left hand. and the experiment repeated even though in opposition to the great fundimental laws of magic. hand of the writer.42 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. he slides it off of the wand and the exWand is simpanding flower is instantly produced. former taps his left hand and. and having a very even joint The wand is ebonized in imiit is almost invisable. The caps at each end are removable and fit over the enlarged This metal wand unscrews at the ends of wand. wand may be used for many tricks. screwed. such as. INDIA'S WAND OF WONDERS:- This is a new. the birds see light and will fly out of trap into the decanter. The wand when untation of your ordinary one. word or sentence upon a slip of paper which he Performer now enters grasps the folds and places in his pocket. while performing some elaborate flower tricks. ply turned end for end. Not a question is asked nor a word spoken. and immediately re-writes the word. the stem of each Perbeing held by a metal catch inside each cap. pretty and very effective trick. A feather plume made to fit the full length of wand can also be produced. allows a beautiful bouquet of feather flowers to be pushed down each division. Secret:— For the performance of this trick a confederate is . holding the cap by his fingertips. bag of candy r-n § ti) ' 5 MAGNETIC SECOND SIGHT: Effect:— While performer is absent from room any person write a number. and emptying the contents out for company. number or sentence. Impossible may to detect. the bloom in a small and a second pot production of several silk handkerchiefs. Performer by the aid of this charming novelty is enabled. cork from servante into mouth of decanter and pulling open the trap. 20). or a small is produced by simply inserting the wand in a small bag previously examined. to produce in his open hand a beautiful plant in full The experiment is repeated pot. of flowers is produced by simply The touching the wand to the palm of the hand. center (see "A" fig. This is done by nipping the cap off the wand and leaving it in the bottom of the bag.

21. (no candle sticks used). leaves the room. THE TRAVELING FLAME:Effect:— A grand passe-passe illusion. Performer and assistant come forward from opposite wings of stage. in a very short time. 43 Performer necessary. followed by one slightly prolonged one. and by atmospheric concussion or molecular disturbance engender sufficient heat to light the candle. one in each hand and blows them out. -) given by one natural This can be learned wink. For instance. this inforhe must learn what is written. as they do so. mation is given to him by manager using the telegraphic alphabet by winks of the eye. These changes take place as often as desired. Performer can remove the candles from the cau- ." but with Jpr>//*< Canc/lt 111 w/kvM Stud f AirHoIes [Fig. each holding a candle in hand. under pretense of instructing the writer concerning ^ood plain writing. and is almost impossible of detection if performed with .] my improvoment. finally performer takes both candles. made similar Secret:— This trick is performed by using two spring candles. proper folding of paper. he acts however. is very easily given or received after a little practice. He instructs anyone in the room to write a number. in the capacity of manager. "A" (. word or sentence on a slip of paper. to the "Harlquin Candles' in candlestick. He fires and instantly assistants candle is lighted and performers light goes out. and manager remains to give instructions. etc When performer enters. care. and addressing the company be states that he will cause both candles to relight by simply employing the heat of their imagination.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. performer at left wing shows his candle lighted and states to the audience that he will fire his blunderbuss at the candle held by assistant.

He fires. appearances being extinguished. works up and down in a narrow slot. he states that he will fire his blunderbuss (held in right hand). in candlestick as in old method. at this moment performer releases the spring and his own candle is seen relighted. 23.] balls. each holding a candle in hand. a projecting stud. 21). other side table. (see fig. and hold them in open hand. which they do. remarking: I will aid you to a light. addressing company. "A" is a flap. unless candlestick is made to fit candle just below the bottom of slot. when closed it is held in place by a catch. Performer pretends to blow out both candles at command. Then — over fig. if you have no objection. By looking — Fill a hat with solid cloth Now BALLS:- of your side tables. and causes them both to relight by simply employing the heat of your imagination. at the other candle. 22. and instantly assistants candle is lighted. he will fire that light out:— bang goes the wand and light is out. Secret: The first hat is your own and is fixed with a hinged bottom. Performer at left wing shows his candle lit. and by atmospheric concussion or molecular disturbance engender sufficient heat to light the other candle. the spring carrying candle upwards. which is covered with felt to correspond with the rest of the hat. 22. Set the hat on your table directly over the trap and fill with the [Fig. the screw must be withdrawn. and again relights by releasing the When required to work stud. you will have some idea of how hat is fixed. Performer and assistant come forward from opposite wings of stage.44 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. performers light however goes out. Laying blunderbuss on table he quickly takes up a firing wand and states that by the subtle influence of magic. then cover hat [Fig. dlesticks THE MYSTERIOUS HAT AND Effect: balls and place hat on one borrow another hat and place it on your command the balls to pass from one hat into the other hat. Performer then strikes a match on the sole of his shoe and pretends to throw same towards assistant.] with a handkerchief and release the trap in table and the balls will . carrying the lighted candle The light to all with it when pressed downwards by the finger.

and it will look After placing the plate on the hat. In the middle of this space there is a small hole into which the catch of the top can fasten the itself. In the board which is used as a cover is a sunken circular space just the size of the false top. one with rice. can have three duplicate cups which you show empty and in the act of filling them you leave them in the boxes. sus- Effect:— A fine raven sits in a beautiful . and of course. NEW COFFEE.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. One with bran. the spring and the balls fall down into hat. making a few passes over the cups. which has a false bottom. ground coffee to the second and bran to the third. fall 45 down into the table box. release like an ordinary plate. slide the plate off the hat sideways. he removes the boards. is the plate showing trap "A" open. and in the other one sugar. and bring out the cups EDGAR POE'S RAVEN IN THE GARLAND OF THEBES:garland of roses. The cups have been previously [Fig. 24. so now when cover is removed the false top comes off with it. Fig.] filled with coffee. SUGAR AND MILK TRICK:- Effect:— Performer exhibits three wooden boxes. 23. Cover the other hat with a plate made of tin. when in one cup is found milk. three lemonade shakers which he fills as follows from the three boxes. in another hot coffee. and the last one with ground coffee. 24. IE II' l -_ i center of each false top is a catch as is seen in fig. milk and You sugar. one ground coffee and the other bran. this will close the bottom without the audience seeing it." and the catch will hold it in place. close up the bottom "A. The under side of the plate Fill the plate beis hinged and is held with a catch when closed. one containHe also shows ing rice. Secret:— The cups have false tops on which is glued rice to In the one. that are full and have "fake" tops on. he covers each cup with a piece of board and. placing these in a row on his table. are in their respective places in boxes. tween the false and hinged bottoms with spring balls.

cut. June. the sound passes out in a direct line with the birds mouth and cannot be detected. surrounded by a is \ (\c .) 1. upon the table. and the balance of the cards numbered from 1 to 13. 12. face (or printed side up. the months of the year. 25].] view speaks whistles. Eleven. September. 20. 22.. Place a small rubber band around these cards. OUR SPELLING On BEE: a pack of 32 blank playing cards have the days of the week. November. 13. pended in mid air by two ribbons. of same pattern and number. 16. with startling effect. 18. The raven talks. and always causes the greatest astonishment and admiration. sings. Saturday. counted and shuffled by anyone. One. into a metallic chamber connected with one of the tubes. 15. the ends of a- which are concealed the flowers.-/$()&£& garland of flowers which is suspended in the air by two silk ribbons. Arrange these cards in the following order. July. [See fig. whistles and tells fortunes. February. Tuesday.46 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. mouth. Secret:— The raven a beautiful stuffed bird. these may be passed to company for examination. 21. and upon receiving . Seven. Assistant who is out of mong [Fig725. These ribbons are double and contain a rubber tube. 17. sings. etc. just opposite the birds. and place it in pocket or under vest. Now to make the trick very effective have another pack of cards printed similar. 19. Eight. call this pack number 1. 14.

and when the week is exhausted begin with January and spell in the same manner through to December. . printed side down. similarly. 26). then take second (the now top card). and each card is called by a letter singly. and when the card for "Y. thus: Begin with the days of the week first." the last letter has been put at the bottom. made nicely of and rubber. and at once proceeds to spell out the words upon each and every card. is immediately passed inspecis to the audience for This a most charm- ing and effective trick. A colored silk handkerchief is thrown over cabbage and removed with rubber cap when silk handkerchief is taken off. always). Spelling must be correct or you will fail. [Fig. The pack is held in left hand. INSTRUCTOR. Proceed thus with Tuesday and other days of the week in rotation. Secret:— A small aquari- um having mouth closed by a rubber cap. This aquarium is inserted in an artificial cabbage silk (see fig. painted to resemble the genuine article.SHAW'S MAGICAL. and then the numbers one to thirteen. and so on through the word Monday. and show and place on table. which tion. and spell Monday thus: take off the top card and call out "M" and then place this card on the bottom (face downwards. and then placed under the bottom card of the pack. 47 them back performer very adroitly changes this pack for pack number 1. — WONDER KRAUT:Effect:— A cabbage held in the hands of performer is instantly transformed into an aquarium containing water and live gold fish. call out "O" and place at bottom. take the next top card which has the word Monday on. same as in the Fish Bowl Trick.

or rather. THE VANISHING BRIDE:- For this illusion you have a platform. appar^ . lady passes her costume and cage to him and then drops through herself. By looking over fig. you when instantly cards transform to [Fig. THE MARVELOUS WRITING HAND:This experiment belongs to those illusions by which. The upright or pedestal that holds platform top. you will at once understand the whole trick. CARTOMANIC FLORAL CHARM:hold pack of cards on fingertips a profusion of Mowers. Performer passes his thumb through this loop. She walks into the cage. (dressed in white with a wreath of flowers on her head). and at the same time pushes clip "C" onto "fake" pack. which is carried under his coat by means of a strong rubber attached to clip. door is closed and a screen is placed around the cage on top of the platform so that audience can see under platform all the time. and hastens to front of house. where she appears in audience with the cage on her back. "B" hanging out. A wire cage five foot high is placed on top of platform. platform is two feet six inches square and two feet six inches high. A young lady appears on stage dressed as a bride.48 SIIAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. carefully. 27. is half round with gold strips to make it look round. and dressed as at first. and string. 27.] Secret:— A hollow metal "fake" pack is loaded with silk spring flowers. [This cage folds up]. "A" having a fine wire loop. There is also a trap in center of platform. A very beautiful trick. and the costume is made to fall off as soon as she pull a The assistant under stage opens the trap and upright. He now pulls flowers out quickly and lets go of "fake" pack. a sort of pedestal on the stage. After performing some card trick. in the back there is another half round. The lady wears black tights under her bridal costume.

A [Fig. apparently. In the top of a four leg table. that the hand moves. The table stands on a platform which is at least high enough so that a man can hide himself under it in a laying position. only a simple spring is turned around. and in each one a gut string is fastened. a thick plate of glass with a dark back is put in. they believe it so much more. In the four corners holes are drilled. lays on the glass plate in its center.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. form where the strings come forth are also four rollers. a clockwork which is wound up with a key before the eyes of the spectators. the edge of which is surrounded by a four inch wooden frame. under the latter little ball rollers are fixed on which the glass plate rests. entry. 28). the edge of whieh is covered up by the wooden frame of the table. which runs over the rollers and Under the platfit. The performance is a 'different one than it is usually thought.] lady's hand made of wax. over which . as they observe after the winding up of the work. to have spiritual help. but really there is no clockwork in it. under the plate of glass is a second one a little larger than the top one. through a hollow leg of the table (see fig. 49 automatic motions seem to be marvelous. because they are supposed according to their construction. In the interior of it is. The spectators are led to believe that a real clockwork and an ingenuous mechanism makes the motions of the hand. 28.

a common paper cone is inspected. and before I will give a the board is a rule on which the hand is placed. the four ends are laid. makes the motion with it as if he writes the name. has a pencil on the inside. which is to be placed through the hole into a smaller hole of the under plate. which shall be written by the hand. Assistant comes forward with a large tray and stands just to the left of the flower stand. A more recent performance of this writing hand. planted in a plate full of earth. bring- .50 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. (see fig. pla- on the ces the plate-full of earth tray. description of this hand at some length later on. and the hand holding a soft lead pencil writes the name on a piece of paper. the assistant sitting under the table hears it and seizes the knot. In the center of the upper glass plate is a hole about one The latter inch large. 29). rests plate upon the flower to stand and proceeds plant a handfull of lemon seed in the earth. made for it and so the hand makes at the same time. also a Performer plate of earth. stretched straight and tied together in the center between the four rollers. drops the cone over the other cone in the back [Fig. 29.] of stand. upon which you lay the automatic hand. but as the edge is covered by the frame the motion of the glass cannot be seen. A marvelous trick for the drawingroom or stage. the motions with the under plate. yl Secret:— A flower stand is used to perform this experiment. If now a person of the company calls a name. shows to the spectators a drawing board on a free standing easel. Now the under glass plate makes the same motions that your assistant makes with the knot. THE MYSTIC SOUR five real DROPS:- This new and excellent trick is in effect as follows:— Twentylemons are produced from seed. and at this in- stant. Performer with hand. held on a tray by assistant.

SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. changing into two gorgeous floral productions. Secret:— A terrestrial globe made out of a large rubber ball. and when required. He places cone over of everyone the to when cone lifts later surprise moment a off. Spiral springs are firmly fastened to the inside center of each hemis- . resemble the ordinary every day tassel. of sufficient capacity to contain a full glass "A" in fig. everything is held securely by having a little catch at top of inside cone. [Fig. divides at equator. the threads falling down on tray among the lemons will not be noticed. j At a short distance thread is not visable. 30. this can be released by fingers inside the cone. The inside cone the plate and tray are covered with real lemons. of these tassels are hollow spun metal. "B" is a plug in bottom which is drawn out by the performer when he wishes wine to run out. 30. and white beneath. and. it instantly transforms into two large bouquets. brown threads are connected at top and bottom. THE MAGIC WINE Two TASSELS:- elegant tassels hang in an appropriate place on the stage. can be metal if preferred. and has to be "faked" with a tin bottom. any liquor as called for by the audience. assistant in the flies could pour down through funnel at top. by simply pulling smartly on a thread which hangs below tassel. and will delight all those who see it. is an air hole. Three or four painted to look like earth on top.] THE FLORAL GLOBE OR TOTAL ECLIPSE:Effect:— A terrestrial globe is shown to the audience. By having a tube covered to represent cord connected with a similar tassel. 51 the plate of earth ing it up as though empty. The body use to tie up heavy curtains. This will be found a very charming /trick. Secret: —The tassels are made to . of wine. then the performer holding the globe in his hand. various wines are produced from them with startling effect and passed to the audience for consumption. The tin "fake" bottom resting on plate cannot be told from the earth.

# i i : i :w i i *-. cards and tumbler to audience for inspection. These cards are split and pasted on tin. On receiving frame back he suspends it on two upright rods on side table. 32. Fig.Secret:— Fig. then taking pack of cards he has three selected.-. 31.zzz'J?.g&/ ng33 2o I <y F'§ 32 £ r. and as mysteriously disappear. At each upper corner is a ring used to suspend the frame by. which is placed on table.52 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. then returned to pack and shuffled and placed in glass tumbler. This inside "fake" is nicely arranged with feather and other artificial flowers. so as to cover all trace of the globe. is the frame. Under cover of a large handkerehief. "X' and Z-Z" set into a "WW" . phere (at the poles). shows the back of one of the cards. consisting of a plate of glass wooden frame. hemispheres seperate and are turned inside out. at command the selected cards appear on glass. NEW GLASS CARD FRAME:- Effect:— Performer passes a frame. so that each hand may be shown to contain a bouquet much larger than the globe itself.

You can cause them to appear and disappear one at a time. The object of useing two threads at this end of the card is to prevent the card from swinging around when drawn up. 32. performer fires pistol at package. Blood is vanished by vanishing glass of water process. third blow wand and stone are lowered over a tray on table and blood pours from stone into a glass tumbler on tray. take down the frame and again pass it for inspection together with the tumbler and pack of cards inspected. opens it and states that Satan has changed the stone into biead. blood vanishes and the stone changes to bread which is passed for examination. Performer taps the stone when blood pours from stone into a glass tumbler. assistant pulls floor thread "E." and off to assistant "G. Stone is wrapped in paper and package exchanged on servante for one containing bread. . down table leg "F. fasten a fine black thread.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 53 Use a side table with two rods "A-A" as shown To the single loop "X" in fig. Show frame and suspend it on the rods of in Force duplicate cards and table eighteen inches above servante. the old adage declares that you cannot get blood from a stone." and slackens upper thread "D. at stone. [Blood comes from hollow metal wand]. THE BLOODSTONE WONDER:Effect:— A large solid white stone is Secret:— A large white stone is inspected. 33 shows this thread." of the lower loops "Z-Z" fasten thread "E" and carry these threads down over servante. command them to return to the pack. this is placed on run down. This is now made possible by the charmed bloodstone. are small loops. "D" in fig. fig. at the same time performer remarks that." Where these threads pass over servante you may terminate them in a single thread. have them replaced and shuffled. by pulling corresponding threads. Command cards to appear." when the cards are drawn down on servante. When the cards have disappeared. Thread each of the remaining cards in the same way and lay them on servante of table. assistant pulls "D" and cards appear on glass. and performer remarks that the old adage declares that you cannot get blood from a stone. this is now made possible by the charmed bloodHere performer taps stone several times with his wand. and place pack in a glass tumbler and set it on table nearly under frame. carry it up above opening To each over and down behind side screen to your assistant "G. 33.

Secret:— The tables for this trick are made as follows:— Fig. is filled by using a fine tubed [Fig 34] Effect:— A fine sensational act. The top of each one is then covered with a handkerchief. 34). Several light and handsome skeleton stands with narrow fringe. OR EA. and on one is found several large bowls of water. 37. On one is placed a few feathers." (see fig. to spread out fan shape to prove Remove that they are genuine cards. AIR. The fringe on the table is five inches deep." which has Front and back of nicely painted edges. Excellent effect. shows table as it appears to audience. but cut through along the dotted lines. (I show but two in illustration). until an entire glass of wine is extracted from same.RTH. this has three feet. on another a little earth and a third a few matches. are shown to the audience. and the wine will run out of hole in bottom of the tin "fake. no drapery. FIRE AND WATER:- . and on the fourth a few drops of water. Secret:— An imitation pack is picked up from table with several loose cards in front. or stiff cardboard can be used. on the third a large and superb growth of flowers. The top of the table inside the dotted lines is movable and consists of a very thin sheet of wood. tin "fake" have real cards pasted on. on another several blazing bowls of fire. THE MAGIC SQUEEZERS:Effect: Performer during the performance of some trick requires a glass of wine* taking a deck of cards in hand he — squeezes them tightly several times. the supporting leg extends through these feet and touches the floor. The "fake" syringe. the underside of this mova- THE CREATION. pellet of wax from air hole "A. the entire top of the table is covered with some dark figured cloth. or rather from the fourth comes a flock of doves. and on.§4 SIIAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCT OR. which is removed instantly.

39.] [Fig. 35. The bolts are withdrawn by a simple arrangement of black cord. "B-B" the spring. the cords are then fastened to a single strong cord. Fig. "H" the ring they pass through. and the sliding top "A" raised by the springs "B-B" up in a place of it. Fig.] is [Fig. sliding up. that the spring is fastened to. There exactly the [Fig. the dotted lines represent the cords. 36. shows the step enlarged.] [Fig. 36]. ble top is 55 There is another piece of wood painted a dead black. same size as this top and covered with the same kind of cloth. the bolt shoves into position catching in holes in the lower end pieces. on the opposite side from the one that is covered with cloth. shows the cord running down the leg to the sliding step piece. 40. shows the table with a movable top removed. but placed in such a position as not to interfere with the springs when the board is pressed down. 38.] a small easy sliding bolt. "C-C" the lower end pieces in which the bolts catch. this cord runs down the back of the supporting leg and is fastened to the upright end of an iron sliding bar.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 38." This step should be about four inches above the floor. the dotted lines at the opposite end show the same arrangement of spring and frame at that end. "C" the piece of frame fig. this springs is fastened in turn by each end to the lower end piece of the table frame. placed at each end on the under side of this board. the board is held in this position until the bolts are withdrawn. this has a weak spring fastened at each end. shows . "B-B" the bolts. and the releasing top and step. 37. (see fig". this bar terminates in a step shaped arrange ment when the bolts are in position in the holes "C-C. [See fig. 36). 35). this cord is then pressed through a ring placed on the under side of the board. (see "A" the board. Fig. the fine lines show the positions of the springs. To the back end of each bolt a strong cord is fastened. Fig. 41.

show cardboard cover. A . They can see nothing of the top because it is black. — Secret: — Have several peaches made of silk over fine tempered The exterior is hand painted. and upon receiving the book he immediately opens it and produces from same. Now lean the cover and top up against the leg of your table and go on to the next table. six beautiful large peaches which are passed to the audience. long bill-book is borrowed from someone in the company and. then place your cover on the table at the same time put the toe of your boot on the sliding step and press down on it. press down the sliding top. pass it for examination then make a few remarks on the creation of the world. 39. while walking towards center table the bundle of peaches are palmed from vest in left hand. and showing hands back and front.] j [Fig." then place the movable cover in position. After making your table as above. tell them you have discovered the secret and will show them how to create the elements. THE MYSTIC PEACHES:Effect: An original and extraordinary wonder.] Operation:— You use a stiff cardboard covered with black paper on both sides.] [Fig. shove the bolts. he asks for the loan of a pocket-book. turn round the cover show both sides. to immitate the natural peach. put on your fringe then operate as follows: mJiX [Fig. this must be just the size of the movable top. then place your bowls of water or anything you wish to produce down on "A. 41. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the table top. underneath of the table frame with the crossed pieces attached. Performer coming forward with sleeves rolled up. to which the leg is fastened at the round. lift up the cover carrying with it the movable top The audience see two or three bowls of water and fish setting on the table. When the curtain raises you advance.56 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and at the instant required to turn spiral spring. This is a most charming experiment for drawing room or stage. 40. the same as the examined cover. who dispose of them with a magical relish.

OMEGA :This illusion has becomejiuite celebrated in Europe. her body being concealed behind the glasses and her feet are in the rabbit The under side of the top of frame is covered with the same trap. which is reflected in the mirror and the audience imagine they see back of screen under top of the frame. In front of rabbit trap of your center table stands a little frame with top. although simple in construction is very effective if well presented. 42. the center bar. leg "-. 42. In the |Fig.] top of the stand is a round hole through which the little girl puts her head. and hanging in front of this is a smaller curtain. 57 toward the company. which are then passed to the audience. a mirror I is and from is bar to the top of the ~ j§P same inserted another mirror. It is managed in the following manner: The back of the stage or room is hung with a dark curtain.Sit AW' S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. whjere are and when just inside the left wing perforyou going with those peaches they are not for you. on this top rests a childs head. as seen in fig. The moment assistant reached the wing he changed the "fake" peaches for a plate of natural fruit. when drawn this . which. take them to the ladies. flap opened and the peaches placed on a plate takes plate off of table mer turns around and says. bill-book in Assistant front. TUSSAH: Effect:— This illusion has caused considerable sensation in and other countries. the hands are brought together. On the top of center table around this frame is placed a screen which covers the sides From I and back of frame the bottom of front feet of frame to inserted. Of course oranges or any other fruit can be used instead of peaches. material as screen is covered with.

reveals a box-like cavity which is . so to speak.58 SHAw'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. in This head is apparently suspendseen the head of a lady ed. about four feet from the floor. aside. top. being exactly in the center of the box the back. and speaks and answers questions. the head is endowed with life. upon nothing. sides and bottom of the box being to all appearance visible.

then proceeds as before with his right hand catching another half-dollar at finger-tips. where it appears at the extreme finger-tips. and you for a flash on back of are all ready to produce the trick. edged around the corners with a narrow gilt moulding. THE NE PLUS ULTRA COIN Effect: — Performer shows his hands empty.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. bottom and sides. as the palm of the right hand is always shown empty before catching each coin. Purchase from any first-class news stand. and catch the third coin from the air. (sold for paper weight purposes). The handkerchief is ignited and instantly disappears in a flash. as no one can see them go." This is a marvel in coins. and passes the coin again invisibly to finger-tips of left hand in company with the first coin.and full sides that the spectators see. the reflection of the top and sides is shown in the glass. both coins being held at extreme finger-tips. Suspend this pile of gold coins left hand and swing into palm of hand. but every one can hear it as it arrives in the left hand. and left hand is also shown empty and sleeves rolled up before right . leaving in sight nothing but a This is an elegant heap of gold coins. when in reality it see. in the performers hand trick and very simple to perform. apparently from the air. is only the top and a portion of the sides that they can THE GOLDEN FLASH OF LIGHT:Performer borrows a lady's handkerchief. at the same mo- ment flash handkercheif is placed over hand to be vanished. and this causes the apparent and the top is illusion of seeing top. and exchanges it handkerchief of same size. He continues catching halfdollars in this manner with right hand and passing them invisibly over to finger-tips of left hand until fifteen or twenty coins are produced at finger-tips of left hand where all coins are spread out in a very pretty "fan shape. Again showing right hand entirely empty proceed as before. throws the coin invisibly into his left hand. this will need a catgut or wire loop attached to one side. How the coins get there is a mystery. and is just as much a mystery to professionals as it is to novices. after holding his hands wide apart. TEICK:- then catches with his right hand a genuine half dollar. again shows hand entirely empty (exposing palm). which he passes across invisibly with the other at finger-tips of left. sides of the box are prepared or painted in 59 diamond-shape designs. and as it strikes the other coins and as it appears at finger-tips with the others. When the light is placed in front. a pile of gold coins. and thus it appears to be the bottom .

Now remember you have twenty half-dollars in palm of right hand. and produce coin to tips of the fingers as before. at the same instant producing at the finger-tips between the thumb and index finger one of the coins palmed in right hand. after showing hands empty. 46). Picking up wand merely serves as an excuse to get coins palmed in [Fig. and you transfer any one them to the palm of left hand. and picks up wand with right hand at the same time picking up and palming a stack of half-dollars. say fifteen or twenty. again showing palm of hand empty. exposes both hands. 45). trick. then by the reverse palm. Now show palm of left hand empty. make a grab in the air. 46. at the same instant producing coin number two with second and third .] [Fig 44 v right hand. (see fig. where it appears to audience as having been invisibly thrown from left to right hand. being caught in the air: Now hold the right hand up in the air with back of hand towards the audience. and make a pass as if to throw the coin just caught to finger-tips of right hand. palm and back. 45. which he lays on the table. commencing the to date. as in fig.fig. (see . Now make another clutch at space with the left.60 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. This is one of the greatest coin effects up Secret:— The performer comes forward with a wand in his hand. at the same Show coin number one as time throwing coin to the finger-tips. and proceed as before and apparently pass coin invisibly across to tips of fingers of right hand. of [Fig. 44.] at the same time palming the coin back between thumb and index finger. palm the coin back between thumb and third finger.

and producing coins with left. and by slightly lowering the tips of fingers. throw it (tin foil. cause them to turn over. This is a very pretty finish. 47. and with left hand spread the coins along whole length of right hand. This is a very difficult feat and requires long diligent practice. showing coin to last moment still in hand. same as done with cards. and although it appears easy requires considerable practice. and place them with lower coin resting on second and third fingers of right hand. looks very neat. Show both palm and back of hand. and at same time contracting the muscles of the hand. Fig. then in act of opening. Hand can be examined to prove coin is not concealed about it. and over a half-dollar. finger one. coin hand and hand slowly closed. hand. so it will look like a genuine coin. cause coins to turn over. Seccet: Take the stack of coins. before commencing It greatly strengthens the effect to roll both sleeves this feat.) by the reverse palm. After al passes down make a good making sever- with genuine coin. up THE WONDERFUL TURNOVER WITH COINS:- Effect:— Take twenty-five or thirty half-dollars and spreadign them from tips of fingers to extreme lower part of palm of hand. THE DISSOLVING HALF DOLLAR:is borrowed and sleeves rolled up to elbows. place "fake" in palm of hand. (new coin preferred). slowly close hand which will crumple tin foil in a small wad. of half-dollar. This is a new principle and knocks out all previous methods and does not require A half-dollar placed in palm of much press skill to Secret: —Take a small piece of tin foil size perform. Hand shown both back and front. you can — reverse them back to their origi[Fig. By slightly raising the tips of second and third fingers. back between thumb and first finger.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. impression. . entirely concealing it. Hand is immediately opened and coin has disappeared. until all coins palmed in the right are produced at tips of fingers. 47. 61 from palm to tips of finger in company with coin number Above deception may be repeated making pass with left hand as above described. change it for "fake" by any of the numerous methods.1 nal position. shows position of coins in the hand.

when upon opening hand. and apparently place them in palm of left. and pass over the left hand. then with appropriate patter. covered with a handkerchief and placed on Performer or. coins have apparently disappeared. INSTRUCTOR. This is a very fine stage trick. take glass that is supposed to contain coins. at same time closing left hand as though they were still there. Before commencing this trick have two glass goblets Secret: and two handkerchiefs on centre table. ELECTRICAL COIN TRANSPORTATION:Two common glass goblets are examined by audience. and place on :side table covered with handkerchief. which you place on other side table and cover with handkerchief. Glasses. and a third goblet on servante. thus the trick is finished when spectators think you have just begun it. — Performer places any many This is a remarkable illusion as there are so produced under vest. S. change glass with left This gives you the glass containing coins.62 SHAW'S MAGICAL. being careful to keep your eyes on the left as spectators eyes invariably follow performers. given to another spectator to hold. call attention to the fact that it is perfectly empty. You may now lower the right with coins palmed. coins employed and it always creates a sensation. which is covered by a black silk handkerchief and placed on a side The other glass is table. for one on servante. 1 to glass No. Persons holding the glasses take the handkerchiefs off themselves. take up other glass. and pick up wand. You may now finish by introducing the . if desired. for instance 25 to 40 in the palm of hand and by simply blowing on Hand shown empty and coins tiand causes coins to disappear. but in reality retain them in palm of right. DISAPPEARING STACK OF Effect: COINS:number of U. Begin by taking five half-dollars in right hand. to pass from glass No. pass them apparently to left. . shown other side table perfectly empty. half-dollars. as if dropping coins in it. 2. Five half-dollars are visibly counted out and placed in one'of the glasses. handkerchiefs and coins may be examined by audience now commands coins — ^before or after performing. then as you pick up handkerchief from table with right hand. or may be held by one of the spectators. former does not touch the glasses or handkerchief after handing to persons to hold. and on Perbeing uncovered they are found to have done as commanded. Secret:— Take 25 or 30 half-dollars between index finger and thumb of right hand.and at the same instant drop coins from right hand into glass on servante. place the left hand <over top of one of the glasses on table.

probably telling when it was stolen and the amount of money it contained. Effect:— During the first part of the performance a number of slips of paper are distributed among the audience with the request that they write questions on them. as in fig. ~. you will see how simple the act is to operate. During the latter part of the performance Mrs. "who stole my watch. She starts by saying "I have an impression. etc. by the Baldwins. who have been By caremystifying thousands of people for the last twenty years. fully perusing the following description. 48.] you wish. but somewhat mysterious in effect. —Amongst the audience are placed four or five 'cappers' who take but instead of writing questions they make copies of the questions that are written by those around them. he wishes to know who stole his pocket-book. it is from James Brown. 63 palmed coins under vest with second and third fingers of right hand and producing or dropping them in a shower into palm of the hand.. They are also requested to sign their full name to them. Baldwin now asks for the slip and Mrs. produce coins from under vest. spiritualism. . They are then asked to fold them up and place them in their pocket and to keep their mind on them. second sight. it comes from the centre of the house. in a supposed hypnotic state. You may execute the feat without using the wand if [Fig. If you are expert enough. such as. but the wand may aid a beginner." etc. but V by palming the stack together with milled edge to palm. etc. 48. A piece of cheese cloth now thrown over her and she answers the rest of the questions Secret: and probably describes some recent murder.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. ( THE BALDWIN ACT:- This act is styled under the "guise" of mind reading." Mr. sliqs of paper. then after showing the right empty. Baldwin is brought on the stage. It would seem almost like an impossibility to palm so large a V*^w number of coins at one time. it becomes an easy matter with the proper amount of practice. you may introduce the coins under vest while spectators attention is attracted to left hand.. Baldwin either describes or gives the initials of who stole the pocket-book. In this manner she answers three or four questions is when she appears to feel chilled.

giving the row and the number of the seat and if they cannot make out the name they give a description of the writers dress.64 SnAw'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. These slips are passed to the attendants when they collect the pencils and the small tablet from which the slips weie torn. For each performance one or two good questions are worked up by the "cappers. They are taken to Mrs. If the party does not happen to write the question. Baldwin carries in his trunk. if these confederates keep their real business to themselves. bibles. which contains an index. keep their eyes and ears open and learn all they possibly can. albums. By the exercise of a little shrewdness. information of lost friends is obtained see fit. the treasurer makes a note of this and also of the seat the person buys. In her act Mrs. And still further information can be obtained by having a lady and gentleman confederate make a systematic canvas of the t^wns you wish to play." for the star test of the evening. Baldwin uses this information. every name and date which they imagine may be of future service to the professor. photograph It is however. Additional information is also obtained by taking into For instance if confidence the manager or treasurer of the house. while the local cemetery will furnish much desirable information conWith the names cerning those who have passed into spirit life. etc. which Mr. the confederates can soon learn at the post office and principal news stands of the town who are the greatest readers of spiritual papers. thought of it and so make the act all the stronger. These usually relate to some great local sensation. such as books. When these are exhausted she has the cheese cloth thrown over her which gives her an opportunity to consult the list. but she commits four or five of them to memory which she gives first. both of the living and the dead. among prominent spiritualists. from twenty or thirty directories. of merchandise. By this method you can see that an unlimited amount of sensation can be produced. some person when buying a ticket tells the treasurer that he has lost some article and that he is going to ask Baldwin about it. patent medicines and household utensils. she will tell them that they Before Mrs. and dates thus secured. such as a murder. Baldwin goes on the stage she conceals in her dress the list of questions. well. limited only by the skill of the performers. the confederates will be able in most in- . with the ostensible purpose of disposing of in some manner. They should also provide themselves with a blank book suitable for the Under the proper letter record pocket. or a rail-road accident. Baldwin and a list is made of them with such answers as they When possible.

one on back. ten days behind. with hands behind you. which they mail to the professor.] about one inch wide and eighteen or twenty inches after committee have been selected and examine post and cabinet. at height of your wrists when sitting down. (each).SHAAV'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR 65 stances to make brief histories. and one on each edge. Procure six THE strips of cotton TIE BY THE COMMITTEE. have them tie a strip around each wrist. 49. [Fig. so two long. "planting a town. who TEST:- THE ANNIE EYA FAY COTTON BANDAGE Fasten three cleats to post at base. This preliminary work is what is called by professional mediums. Now . travels eight or." and the larger the area planted the more knowledge the professor will have. Fasten screw and ring in post.


] . 67 THE GLASS Spirits Disproving OF WATER of the Agency Electricity [Fig. 51.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.

they are then asked to state to audience what they have . resting one on off of wrists. and tack two ends of each to side of post. 52.] each arm above elbow. each hip. committee now tie these securely to ring on post. They then tie a strip at center around THE HOLDING TEST BEFORE MANIFESTATIONS. Now they can seal knots and place court plaster over strips so they could not he slipped Now place your hands behind you. They also tie and seal a piece around neck and tack loose ends to top of post. sealing knots. 49). [Fig. if desired. Now your assistant takes another strip and ties its center twice around these two on left of knots. so hands are nine inches apart. ends hang at the inside of wrists (see fig.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. (last ones). so they are not tied back to tight. and have them tie all four ends together. Hold arms well forward at thigh. leaving two ends hanging.

69 They then take seats at side of stage. replacing empty glass in lap. and closes curtain. You place horn and tambourine in your lap and closes cabinet. goblet by bottom. assistant places a bell. (wrist strips Place the horn in mouth. and you can make all When carrying right hand around in front it the noise you want. out at front curtain. 53. done. etc. and drink contents. light and all secure. guitar in right. call for light when all is well THE HOLDING TEST DURING MANIFESTATIONS. (see fig. Sheets of examined blank . [Fig. bell in left hand. 50). 51). take water. may be necessary to turn your body to right a little at finish.] assistant places an inverted tambourine in lap.. sliding through the one tied to ring). left hand back of you and bring right around in front.snAw'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. move body round and head as low as possible. place the goblet to lips (see fig. Throw tambourine. a goblet half full of You reach around right hand.

a You again do couple of nails and a hammer on a chair near you. A THE MYSTERIOUS Fiveor COIN:produced and a person is six coins are requested to select one. . it up next to you. tell him to remember the date then hold his hands in front of him. as the others will be cool. The spirit carpenter drove the nails. messages written on several to several people present. light. get nail in left ring on its end. get a hand and hammer in right and drive nail half way through board. quickness of action is the most important thing. get knife and sever strips around waist at "back" of each hand. moving it around his head. 52) .70 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 53). then grasping same by neck you rap him a couple of times on head and thump strings. You take hold carefully of guitar its head. and all secure and he knows nothing. get hold of chair. upon your lap its head toward your right. then replace knife in Committee examine knots chair and step out of cabinet." and find all undisturbed. then a chair placed on your left close to you. the performer then takes the hat. The last test:— You have assistant place a knife in your by lap and close cabinet. leaving knots still secure.and is A light guitar is laid cautioned not to move or remove his hands. Assistant now places a board. "free. its neck upon his right arm. and he believes guitar is floating around cabinet. places his left hand on your left knee and his right on top of your head (see fig. finally lean it up against him. hold it tight in his hand. and as the there is no release. This is a very clever trick for the parlor. Explanation:— The heat from the hand will warm the coin and it can very easily be told from the others by feeling. the performer makes a few his motions as if to hypnotize him. lift guitar and ring up and let latter drop over his head (see fig. then request him to throw all the coins together in a hat and shake them up. At first glance the above may look 'impossible but it is correct. It was the self-acting knife. course the committee can use their own ring and screw if they wish. and a large twelve inch the contortion act. Now have one of committee blindfolded. at the same time tell him to keep mind on the date. paper and pencil placed on tambourine in lap. cabinet closed. Of proficient. using perhaps two nails. detection is little practice should make you quite absolutely impossible. cut each strip at front of each arm. and neck strip in front. this is one of the best tests. holds it behind him and picks out the coin first selected. he sits there. replace hammer and board on chair and shove same back to former position.

and sleeves rolled up to elbow before performing trick. up sleeve.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.] the arm. 54). commence by showing hands empty both back and palm. 71 EXTRAORDINARY FLIGHT OF Performer rolls COINS:- both sleeves up to elbows and proceeds to catch five ordinary half-dollars from the air. and upon opening hand finds that the coins have flown. 54. Call particular attention again to palm of hand being empty. coin is found to have re-appeared on back of right hand. and down under vest and tie end to button on vest. fasten one end of thread to one end of finger ring on middle finger. now make a grab at the open air. String the five coins onto a thread. Upon being rubbed with finger tips of left hand coin mysteriously disappears. he then announces that the coins will leave his hand. (inside). fingers spread apart. back and front. and run the — thread along arm. Upon rubbing right hand again with finger tips. by natural movement of [Fig. By lowering hand coins will travel down thread to back of the hand. now close hand on coins but leave room between fore-finger and thumb for them to pass out on to the back of the hand as you straighten your arm. from one milled edge to opposite edge. which causes slack to be taken up and coins disappear from palm to back of hand. Secret: Take five half-dollars and drill a hole through each one. at the same time slacking the string. from one edge to opposite edge. . string it on a horse hair or fine thread. This is especially recommended to performers of ability wishing something novel and skillful. drop hand slightly. and throwing coins around into the hand. and tie one end of thread to your finger ring. thread should be adjusted to proper length so you can slack or tighten it as you wish. then while palm is still toward spectators. After rolling up sleeve. (see fig. and are immediately produced from some gentleman's whiskers or elsewhere. Secret:— Take half-dollar and drill a hole through it. at option of performer. and by raising the hand coins will run down to the elbow. which will cause coins to run down on back of the hand as far as finger ring. and places them all in palm of left hand and closes it. MARVELOUS VANISHING AND RE-APPEARING A COIN:- borrowed dollar or half-dollar is placed on the back of right hand. Both hands are shown empty.

"all at tips of fingers" as called for by any spectatro.t Rubber BcLnc/ [Fig. causes coin to travel up to elbow. Several different effects may be performed by this arrangement. placing finger tips of left over it. and fasten below knee.] properly adjusted you will find it an easy matter to cause coin to travel from palm of hand to elbow. either slowly or as rapidly as desired. and vice versa. and vise versa. of course. then by slightly straightening legs and arm. which takes up the slack. 55. for instance 20. place coin on back of right hand. [See fig. it is. and run it up and down the body and legs. Arm being between spectators and coin. This thread acts as a track for coin to travel up and down. Have a second thread attached to the coin.72 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. To perform. say any number. 55]. after showing hands entirely empty proceeds to catch any number of coins from the air. under cover of sleeve. left | com J/ Dotted L//7PS S/?&ms Str/n. Coins are produced "one at a . after having threads properly adjusted. and on other end fasten just above elbow to rubber band around arm. impossible to see coin as it goes up and down. THE VERY LATEST AERIAL TREASURY:Effect:— Performer comes forward with sleeves rolled up. When or enroute.

close and tie up. [Fig. pick up wand with right hand at the same time palming coins five.] CAGLIOSTKO'S SPIRIT SLATE:follows: combine the effect and secret of this trick. When all the coins are produced. fifteen or twenty in number. as the case may require. When well worked up it is an excellent slate trick." until all are produced. After showing hands empty and rolling sleeves up to elbow.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. then wash all sides with the damp napkin. It is as Procure a pin and an ordinary book-slate. give the slate to some person to hold up over their head. slate. but when wet it cannot I will be seen. Secret:— Have coins lying handy on table or servante. unless inspected very closely. and should any one ask you to erase the writing. Return to the stage and wipe slate dry with the show Now dry end of napkin. After opening slates you can pass them for examination. scratch the desired message on either flap of the slate. 56. introducing the coin at the tips of index finger and thumb. This is done by catching coin on top of stack in the palm with second and third fingers. this has the exact appearance of slate pencil writing. pointing in the air with wand remark that there — seems to be a great many coins floating around promisciously. and while the slate is thus quite wet. . and make some fancy scriblingon each flap in full view of audience. Remark!— You see there is no writing on it. drop piece of pencil on slate. they are spread out in a very pretty manner at tips of fingers. Have a damp napkin handy. after a little while. holding the slate up to their very eyes for inspection. (see fig. coin can be heard distinctly as it strikes the other coins. and. 56). walk among the audience. making suitable remarks. Repeat operation until all the coins are produced in the same manner. time at tips of fingers. Transfering wand to the left hand proceed to make a grab in the air with your right hand. ten. at the same instant producing one of the palmed coins to tips of finger and thumb. wet your finger and do so under their eyes. during which time you make some remarks as to what the spirits can do. rather deep. making a very beautiful finish. but do not let it out of your hands. [Always allow time enough for writing to dry thoroughly]. have person open slate and read the message.

Fig. few moments have elapsed the performer removes the screen and lady has disappeared. is A in a large mirror set handsome frame on seen standing stage. 58. AFTEB. the A glass shelf is placed on brackets in front of mirror. shows a sectional side view. "B" "C" is . about three feet from the floor. "A" is permanent [Fig.74 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. On this glass shelf a lady takes her position and a screen is placed in front of her so as to hide her from view. 57. Secret:— The secret of this is most beautiful and astonishing illusion a simple one. both lowered and raised. fig. THE BALL. sliding mirror. 59. fig. The top part of frame is eighteen nches high. shows the sliding mirror "B". bottom and all sides of mirror are seen audience after a by the time. but the top.] mirror. glass shelf or platform. 57. shows a front view of mirror with glass shelf in place. The frame that holds the mirror is nine feet high and three feet wide.

"E" pulwhich cords run. leys over has a piece cut out as shown lady raises the mirror while the screen is in position on glass shelf "C. Mirror "A" is in position all the time. and the prong of mirror "B" is behind it. inches from stage THE MYSTIC CARD:— Borrow a handkerchief and place it on the table. 58." in fig. which you take and tear to pieces and load in a pistol. "F" weights to act as a counterbalance. and about twelve floor. "G" limit or check to mirror when The mirror "B" raised. ask a person to select a card from the pack. The and goes through opening. Mirror "B" is balanced by weights working in the two uprights of frame. 75 "D" wooden platform at back of mirror.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. The shelf "D" at back is eighteen inches lower than shelf "A" at front. throw the handkerchief into the air or let some one do it shoot at it— and the card in the pistol will be found printed on the for you. when down. . and remains on shelf "D" at back and pulls down the mirror and screen is removed by performer.

Secret:— Have the figures of a card printed in relief. or you simply press on this stamp. When you place the borrowed handkerchief on the table to object. and is easily worked.] . fold it to show card which was a "forced" one. of This trick takes very well course. if black. is placed on your table behind some sunk in flush with table top. Some parties paint the figures with the same colors dissolved in water. take soot or blacked cork. then unit fold it up. handkerchief. throw up handkerchief and shoot. rub the figures of this sample with powdered Vermillion if the card is red. the rest is clear. on a small board. but you must be very quick in doing this trick on account of the short time these colors keep moist. PHOTOGKAPHIE MYSTERIEUSE:This new and excellent trick is in effect as follows: Performer hands out several slips of paper and as many pencils for [Fig. it will not spoil the handkerchief. the safest way is to put oil colors on these spots.16 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. The board thus prepared. 59.

mer borrows a watch. LaCREMATION:The apparent burning of a living lady.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. one by one. Take chosen slip and burn it. these cards write. which are good. i. is one of the best. and the remaining slips of paper. which is unwrapped. two inches long by three-quarters wide. The top of the table "A" is only one-quarter inch thick and made of brass. and fold them up until they are about one-quarter inch across and three-quarters in length. and in wrapping watch in handkerchief. is quite sensational. which on being opened is found to contain photograph required. put ashes in your pistol and fire at watch. from which ask a lady to draw one. slip is burned. into a hat. The under side of "A" is lined with black velvet. Advance with an equal number of pencils. open it and slip in it a head. which he wraps up in a borrowed handkerchief. While this is being done. as they are all alike it matters not which one is chosen. When all have been read." A moulding runs . say— Mrs. to any person to hold up over his head. and give the watch. borrow a watch. 77 any persons to write the name of any celebrity on their paper. and the ashes put in pistol and fired at the handkerchief. this mirror is hinged to the back edge of "A" in such a manner that it can be swung down. Langtry). The following method presented. but really your prepared bundle. Now any lady selects a slip of paper from the hat. Have the names read out from all the papers. and I have seen some that were very poor. in full view of an auThere are many methods. Gather in the slips of paper and among them put one of your own prepared ones. in this case (Mrs. and the front edge of the mirror will then rest on the front edge of "B. cut from a cabinet photo. the Meantime the perforslips are then collected in a borrowed hat. in eight folds. and very effective if properly Secret:— The table used for this trick looks like a box without front or back. next to velvet is a mirror. put apparently these papers. and as they are read and refolded and given to you. standing on four legs— (see fig. e. 60). and secret them in your pocket or vest. Langtry. also a handkerchief. some of dience. on which ask several members of the audience to write the name of any celebrity. This fine trick is worked as follows: Get twenty or thirty On half of slips of paper. name read. and in the watch is found a photograph of the person whose name was selected by the lady. wrapped in the handkerchief.

At the same time the performer re- [Fig. which slides in and out like a drawer— (see fig. your assistant pulls out the slab about half way. which allows the mirror to drop Performer makes some remarks on cremation. and back and front shown. all around "A" and "B.78 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. 60.] table box. "C" at the front. 61)." A pin fits in a small hole "C" and holds the mirror up against "A. 61. "B" consists of two boards with a space between them large enough to contain a plate of iron. shelf behind the table box. The bottom of the [Fig. He does The slab now forms a this while sprinkling spirits on the muslin. A A wire lady is introduced and requested to stand upon the table. After you have placed the frame over the lady.] leases the pin down. and while he . frame covered with muslin is placed over lady. The table can now be pushed all around." The box is painted black inside.

and shows that lady has vanished. THE CEYSTAL COFFIN :In the middle of stage. "H'-'H" is a curtain that hangs about three feet behind the coffin. the person disappears from inside of same. hanging from four handsome chains. they . coffin and lid closed. 62. 79 is talking the lady cuts the muslin in the back of frame and crawls over the back edge of "A" and onto the iron plate. Performer now sets fire to the muslin and when it has burned away. Secret:— Fig. [Fig.] On the inside of ends. 62. Sides and ends are of heavy. removes the frame. with person in it who is to disappear. the two ends and both front and and back are of plate-glass. two strips of black paper are pasted. The top and bottom of coffin is wood. and when the mirror is down the top of "A" is reflected in mirror and looks like back of stage. is a large coffin. and appears at the same moment in the gallery of theatre. shows the coffin as it appears on the stage.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. A black velvet curtain hangs at the back of the stage. transparent plateA young lady or gentleman is introduced and placed in the glass. on performer shooting at it.

] and causes the spectators to imagine they still see There are the curtain. two persons used who resemble one another. a large mirror. At the same the smoke concealing the edge of mirror as it falls. 64). "H'-'H. and dressed alike. and the party in coffin pulls the bolt. When one gets into the coffin. THE IRON CAGE For this act. The frame work of canopy is of gas pipe. The audience take party for the same person who was placed in coffin. hinges at upper edge "L. The mirror The lid proper is is held against the lid by means of a short bolt. 63). The bottom side of mirror is painted to represent the wood of lid. moment second person hallows from the gallery and comes running down to stage. so when the lid is closed the mirror will drop down in casket— as shown by dotted lines— (see fig. and gives the appearance of extending across the same— as before the mirror falls. . its ends resting against one of the cross pieces. the mirror drops down. "H'-'H. this mirror is fastened by two hinges. lined with a piece of red cloth similar to the curtain. "A'-' A" (see fig. through the coffin." There is fastened to the under side of the lid. The upper half of the other one is reflected in the mirror. which is about four feet square. When everything is ready the performer fires gun." so when the coffiin is raised by the chains. and raised about twelve inches above tbe stage floor. 63. The lights in theatre and on stage should be in the mirror lowered a little. to the back edge of lid.80 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR." at the back. "A'-' A". at the same moment the person in coffin pulls the catch down and mirror falls. the other slips around behind the audience and into the gallery. (see fig. standing near one end of coffin. The red lining of the lid reflects — [Fig. The lid is on run from corner to corner. a TEST:- canopy is erected on a platform. 63).

and medium is still bound. outside of the cage. After finishing the manifestations. To do this you have fleshcolored gloves and faces. rod. In this manner you can blow up the hands and faces. 64. and immediately hands and faces are seen above and through the openings in the canopy— curtain opened. 65). To the wrist of glove is attached a piece of wood with a hole in it. Open the small end of the rod. made of thin brass tubing.. Curtain of canopy is closed. 65. Shove the hands and faces through the squares in the wire netting of cage. conceal the properties about your person Kid Glove with at wrist wooden block Rubber mask mounted on wooden back [Fig.] Have a ribbon bow placed on the platform. into which you can fit Reaching Rod. guitar. which can Cabinet and Gaye be stretched to a length of four feet— (see fig.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. these are concealed about the medium's person. etc. There is a cage made of wire netting which will go over the medium when he is seated on a chair. made of thin rubber. After being bound to the chair this cage is placed over medium and firmly screwed to the platform. and the cage screwed to the platform as at first.]" . 81 and the curtains are hung on frame with rings. On the small end of the rod is a hook by the aid of which you can pick up such articles as a bell. [Fig. so as to appear on the outside but do not allow the rod to show. you also have a Telescopic reaching. tied on all these articles so that you can easily catch the hook in them. tambourine. then blow them up and stick them through the openings of the curtain.

quickPlace the ly and being natural it will not be noticed. then hang on the thread. Secret:— To do this take a very thin piece of copper or brass. the other end in the hand of your assistant. you ask him to make it stand on one end. about one and a half inch long. This little incident always makes a clever im- — pression. as you only require the use of your hands. Find some one willing to do so. the card attached to front .] the card dance or promenade you must have a fine black silk thread stretched across the stage or room. one end fastened about the height of the card. of course it is done. take the card with the right and passing it over to the left. card upright on the table.} lies level with the lower edge of the card. but you remark: that in a lying position the card cannot be seen by the audience. 66. also have a fish horn arranged so that you can attach it to the reaching rod. and the long surface must be higher than the one above described. he tries. and allow everything to be examined. 66). You say!— I advise you to go through a course of gymnastics. but gives it up. You take the card and place it on the table and it stands up on end. let it be examined and replaced. On side "A" put a little wax. and of course Now to make it will remain in a standing position. You stand the card up again and leave it so as long as you may require to do the trick. press the back of card against the side "A" so that surface "B . to make sure there is no deception about it. Of course you can use any of the many rope tests. to make yourself familiar with the equilibrium of objects. stands so firmly that if the audience wishes. therefore. hold this fake in your left hand. You announce that this card which must be a Queen. To turn this little incident into a pleasing trick ask some one to do this for you. the hook behind the card. Have committee ten or twelve feet away while tests are going on. NEW DANCING CAKDS:- In some tricks it is necessary to lay a single card on the table so the audience can keep it in sight.82 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRrCTOK. it will dance a polka if one of the ladies will play. you take it up again and ask the person to examine it well. Further. this motion must be made. facing audience. so that the card hanging on the hook does not move. After you have stood up the card. and bend about one third of it at a right angle— (see fig. the piece of copper must be bent in a hook on the upper end of surface. [Fig.

assistant slips him the prepared slips of paper with names of cards on. if they desire to do CLAIRVOYANT CARD TRICK:- Three persons each think of a card. Performer then commands the cards to leave the box and return to pack. which is counted. and on recounting the pack it is found that the three cards have gone into it. when cards are removed from pack. while you palm the fake in your hand. Any method can be used instead of card-box. and performer. performer pretends to write something on three slips of paper. and pack counted. assistant should have several slips of paper to duplicate. . in which case you could ask the audience to come up and examine the table so. meantime performer has pack counted. —revesting it of course. selects three slips of paper and fills in the missing word to name card. two words on each. which performer has vested. one for each suit. 83 and the assistant must do his best in keeping time to the music by pulling the thread. In passing curtain. concealed on person. at the same time he palms the three vested cards and adds to pack. which are found to be correct. It is advisable to place the thread so that the assistant can remove it as soon as the trick is done. and on opening the papers the names written thereon are found correct. after a moments dance you take off the card and have it examined. and the three selected cards ing. goes to the table for second glass and changes pack. of it of course. and puts them in a glass. which is right. by clairvoyance. Performer takes the slips of paper out of glass and changes for the prepared ones. he takes pack. have the three cards placed face down in the box and put on table Secret:— Assistant has four slips of paper. They are then asked to remove their cards from the pack. there are twentynine. (to change cards). sees what cards have been taken. rolls them up and drops them into a glass. assistant brings on card box and takes away first pack.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and of course the three cards are missPack is placed on another glass. from which they vanish. in a card-box. which occurs. placing all on second glass. and rolls up same as performer did the first three. On table is a pack of cards with three cards removed. showing thirty two cards and box empty. Show card-box empty. and reads out the names. writes down their names on three slips of paper. and as more than one of a suit may be drawn. thus: — of clubs — of hearts —of spades and of diamonds.

and by a piece of string tied around the center. about twelve inches Performer going behind platform. so audience can see that she is there all the time.— Audience look up in the gallery and high. Performer commences to remove the hoops. pasted onto a piece of stiff ." pistol is heard. He then introduces the young He then lady. and at the word "three. He then brings forward a common ash barrel and puts this on top of the paper and platform. see lady standing there. He then shows an ordinary newspaper and places this upon the platform. THE ORIENTAL BARREL MYSTERY :stage is seen standing a platform. The newspaper is made of a common newspaper. the barrel falls apart. The barrel is now held together by the string only. barrel is held together by two hoops. —Fig. with whom he is going to perform the illusion. in order to show that audience can see beneath it. Performer then asks lady to hold out the revolver and one of her hands from beneath The the cover. shows the barrel as it 67. and tells her to crouch down so that he can put the cover on. two— three. 68). 67.] appears to audience. the bottom one first and then the top one.84 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. On Secret: [Fig. The bottom of the barrel has a trap in it— (see fig. Lady Performer counts oneis instructed to shoot when he says three. one at the top and one at the bottom. pushes a sword through underneath it. the lady is gone. gives her a pistol and places her in the barrel.

] the performer introduces lady and all eyes are the assistant beneath the stage. A-B— (fig. 85 The bottom hinged a of the barrel is a ring of wood. lowers a black curtain between the two front legs of platform. When . to the inside of which is star trap. 68. cardboard which also has a trap cut in it— (see fig.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. fixed on her. 69). 70). and to the outside the staves of the barrel are hinged— [Fig. There is (see fig. 67).

thumb on one side and four fingers on the other. paper and chalk place on table and hold slate in left hand. Now take newspaper and place slate within its folds. after this is done another person is asked to add another line of three figures. and performer does so. on which request some person to write three figures with a black lead pencil. to prove such is not the case.] and Performer cuts string. SPIRIT SLATE MYSTERY:Performer comes forward towards audience. but suddenly changing his mind. a sheet of newspaper and a piece of chalk. Now bring forward a small slip of paper. which the audience take to be those of the lady. (but this person must . therefore. then a third person. letting it rest against a goblet or anything that may be on the table. and the barrel falls apart. ready to cut the string when he counts three. closes the traps. pushes up a dummy hand and pistol. Lady has vanished and audience hear a pistol shot up in the gallery. 70. then inform audience that there is nothing written on either side of slate. Assistant now takes in the hand and pistol [Fig. informs audience that if he covered it with newspaper they might think he was going to do something to the slate. he will stand slate upright on his table in full view of audience. Performer now returns to stage and requesting some person in audience to come forward and assist him. and then fold up paper which is then handed to performer again. or change it in some way.86 SIIAW's MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. he takes a cloth and thoroughly cleanses each side of slate. Performer removes the upper and" lower hoops and inserts a knife between the staves. but to satisfy them further. and lastly a fourth person who is requested to draw a line under written figures. bringing an ordinary looking slate. and on looking up they see the lady standing there.

or the total which he has just added up. whoever you select. (right side). and turning to the gentleman on the stage. 87 On the not be one of the four who have written on the slip). and he is then to fix his mind on the figures or numbers. Performer provides himself with two pieces of paper exactly alike. this loose slab is held in position in the frame by the pressure of the fingers. gentleman coming forward he is handed the slip and requested to add up the rows of figures correctly. Of course answer is written on slate before trick is commenced. which. Performer now stands slate upright on table. will correspond with writing on slate. The slate is then handed around for examination by the performer.SHAw'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. to write the answer on the slate. and on one of these he writes four lines of three figures in each. when added together. and taking his hand. places the open palm against his. Performer now addresses audience and says:— he will call on the spirit of some great man. and as the back is pasted over with a piece of newspaper it cannot be seen. and hands out other paper for audience to write four lines of figures of three numbers in each line. (palm of hand). when added up correctly. and after doing so to fold up paper and put it in his vest pocket. that the total of the figures amounts to 3892. and on his doing so. which. finds the answer written legitible in chalk on the slate. says:— for example. when this is done paper is returned to performer. (the performer's forehead). this paper he folds up and retains in his hand. he places it with loose slab "downwards" after making remarks about placing slate in paper etc. to show that it is just as he represented— an ordinary slate and nothing . Performer now steps to gentleman's side. Performer now places a piece of chalk on the frame of slate. and then dropping the hand suddenly. tells-him to listen intently and he will hear the spirits write an answer. shown. some great man. who changes them quickly and hands prepared paper to gentleman who comes up to add the numbers together. an ordinary one but has another very thin and on the underside of When the slate is first this slab is pasted a piece of newspaper. and when the performer places the slate between the folds of newspaper. more. which is found to be correct. In a very few moments you can request the gentleman to go to the slate and open it and see if the answer has been written. signed by Mr. When performer takes slate out of paper he leaves loose slab lying face downwards in paper. Secret:— Slate is flap of slate fitting exactly into the frame. will correspond with what .

place your hands. The medium then takes a seat in the cabinet and passes his or her hands through the apertures in the sides of cabinet where they are tied with ribbons. or have them appoint some one to do it. palms together. — — THE MAHATMA MIRACLES:This seance. which is the secret of the whole business. then allow the entire ten men to pull on rope. sides or top. then quick as a flash the hand is replaced. and ties two ordinary knots just above his knees and unobserved. then taking the rope passes it under his legs to center. This trick never fails to round of applause when worked up well. sideways. and of course you make the most of this impression by asking the committee if they are not ashamed to rope a man in such a cruel manner? Please examimy wrists and see if they are not cut off? Then give me a little more sympathy by tying one more knot and also place a coat over my hand. and is freely inspected by a committee from the audience. musical instruments are played— hands and faces are seen through gauze opening an empty basket placed in the cabinet becomes A cabinet with translucent gauze opening in — — . usually the right hand. is an excellent anti-spiritualistic exhibition for light front curtain stands on stage. and by spreading knees apart slightly the rope is again intact to their great surprise. manifestations immediately take place. round upon SPIRIT PULL TEST:Use a good smooth rope about fifteen feet long and threeeights of an inch in diameter. and in less than half a minute after it is placed over Medium's hands. he slips the rope. you know that spirits develop better in the dark. elicit is already written. to prove there is no double-back. Now ask the committee to tie your wrists together. Curtain is now closed and not withstanding the hands being held by committee.88 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and freeing them. pulls this into a slipknot same as in handkerchief trick. or arms. it looks to audience as though your very wrists would be cut off. and allow committee to tie three or four knots. one or both. and ribbons held by committee on outside. all of whom are requested to come upon the stage. all take a hand in another pull. Pass it to the committee for examination. Medium takes a chair and seats himself in center of stage. five on each side. and pinches or slaps one of the committee men. such as bell rings. by forcing his hands apart. Now that's why they keep spirits in the cellar for development.

who holds trap down while the audience inspect cabinet. a strong screw-eye is screwed — into the bottom side of trap and a rope attached to same. then medium takes a seat on chair in cabinet and committee pass ribbons. Ribbons or ropes are tied around medium's wrists. in fact there is no limit to the number of tests that can be intro- . so that one of the squares comes over hollow leg. such as—musical instruments being played— a glass of water is placed on floor of cabinet. A bunch of keys borrowed from one of the audience is placed on medium's lap. Curtain is now closed and tests occur. or you can have both of the front legs hollow if you The floor of cabinet desire. also faces and hands. is an ordinary cloth one. Secret:— The cabinet and many other tests take place. on a raised platform four feet square. legs of the cabinet are eight inches high. Ghosts appear at opening. to your assistant under stage. A newspaper and a pair of scissors are placed inside of cabinet. and medium's [Fig. curtain closed. and hold same on the outside. and audience see a hand pass glass of water to medium's mouth. and one of the through front legs is hollow. and each side has an opening large enough to allow medium to pass his hands The (see fig. The front curtain has a gauze opening about eighteen inches in dia- meter. 71). curtain closed. This rope passes down leg and through hole in stage floor. 72). when some one brings keys from front of house. is laid off in squares. hands tbrough holes in sides of cabinet. and acts as a trap. (see fig. filled with flowers. curtain opened and glass found empty. 71].SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. instantly the curtain is opened. and the newspaper is found cut into beautiful designs.

The assistant must always pull trap down and hold it tightMedium gives assistant the signal ly by rope. pushes up the cut paper into For the glass and water test.. appear. doves. after each test. then runs his own hand up through hollow leg and places glass of water in "fake" thumb and forethen raises glass to medium's mouth. and pulls hand under stage. assistant lowers hand down. by tapping foot on trap. then he lets air out and pulls them down. after medium drinks the water. when to open trap. a long wire painted black. after assistant pushes them up through leg." in which winged and feathered animals. a rubber ghost painted up nicely. test assistant pushes a wire up through hollow leg and pulls down keys. he blows [Fig. between finger. The doves alight on medium's shoulders. The closing test is called "Precipitation. he pulls down the other paper and cabinet. faces and hands are so arranged that you can fasten them to a brass tube painted black. assistant pushes up the stuffed glove. The ghost. Assistant fills the basket with flowers by passing them up the hollow leg. etc. . Assistant has a paper already cut into designs. hand. duced. which are carried to front of house by some one. 72. In order to accomplish all of the above tests it is necessary to have rubber faces and hands. such as: ducks.90 SHAw'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.] them full of air and moves them in front of gauze. The assistant under stage works everything In the key by pushing his hand and arm up through hollow leg. this glove must be painted flesh color. All the other tests will now be clear. takes out glass. The cloth of cabinet should be of some dark material. The paper test is also a simple one. and a stuffed glove with a wire running up and down each finger. under stage.

74. 91 THE PHANTOM KNOTS:A fine anti-spiritualistic trick. On receiving the rope back he forms it into an ordinary coil in his hand. 73. Instead of coiling the rope in the usual manner do it as follows: Hold the rope across the palms (see fig. and holding one end of rope he throws coil among audience— when ten to twenty hard knots are seen on rope. proving conclusively that the rope is perfectly free from knots or any preparation. INSTRUCTOR. and the audience can untie the knots if they so desire.-(see .SHAW'S MAGICAL. now turn your [Fig.] of hands straight in front of you— right wrist in toward your body and B [Fig.] throw back of hand outwards.] This trick mainly depends on the manner of coiling the rope. Performer passes a common rope forty or fifty feet in length to audience for inspection. 75. [Fig. this makes a loop in the rope. 73).

joints covered with paper and sealed with wax. and spread from one hand to another in a very mysterious manner. In this manner the wire is threaded through and through. out of the hat. medium being interlaced. UNDER TEST CONDITIONS:On a board the size of a table. helping the knots along fig. and sewed and tied as desired. with wonderful effect. 76). so all he has to do is to slip his arms out as soon as the lights are extinguished. replace his arms in the sleeves and call for lights. 75). and all can be examined and of course is found O. Secret:— It lies in having the coins strung on a string. then go through the various manifestations. When you have made to the different parts of the rope. A decided novelty in the coin line and very easy to perform. Both ends of rope are now together and are given to two persons to hold while coils are placed into a hat. ELECTRICAL COIN SHUFFLE:- A stack of thirty half dollars is shuffled up arm. and any seal is set thereon. Secret:— The medium has on false shirt sleeves. Beginning at any point in the circle. when the medium is helping coils SPIRIT CIRCLE. The parties holding ends of rope should walk away from the hat in opposite directions. A beautiful finish for any Coin trick. hand— (as shown and placed them all on left hand. and in such a manner that there are two for each sitter. The company including the fastening each person to the board. your hands in the hat and remove the coils. 74). then through the other sleeve and through the other eyelet and so on. it forms each coil into a knot. Now have some one cut the wires. the end "B" of rope is slipped through all these coils. K. The ends of the wire are then tied together. same Coins have two as in the electrical pack of cards— (see fig.92 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. now leave this loop over the fingers of left sufficient coils in fig. then through the eyelet in the board. apiece of copper wire is passed through the sleeve at wrist of the first sitter. and strings are adjusted so as to have all coins an equal distance apart. When you run end of rope You now place through the coils. eyelets are carefully arranged at measured distances apart. holes bored in each coin near opposite sides. whether lady or gentleman. one eyelet for the right hand and one for the left. Now the lights are extinguished and the usual manifestations take place. otherwise they will all be in a bunch. to the next sitter. By taking hold .

93 [Fig. 77. and the lower coin with other. "C" also shows where point "A" "E" is comes up through the hole in wand. The experiment may be a strong steel wire. and so on until all four coins are balanced in this position on the hat. "C" shows where rim of hat rests on wand. then places another coin on top of the first. Hat is now balanced on top of wand. U. all you have to do is to remember the manner of multiplying. or up the arm. shows coin and hat balanced on wand. "B'-'B" shows where point "E" shoves up and down by the pressure of your thumb. Secret:— Prepare three or four half dollars by drilling a hole from one edge to opposite edge. HAT & WAND: Performer borrows three or four ordinary half dollars and proceeds to balance one of the coins on the rim of a hat. same as with cards. You can now see how easy it is to balance one coin at a time. making a very pretty effect. number them from 12 to 79. CLAIRVOYANT FIGURE READING:Take 50 or 60 blank cards.] of top coin of string with one hand. THE BALANCING COINS. 76. and they are ready. S. then multiply them in the following manmer and place the answer on the other side of card. Fig. you may shuffle them rapidly apart. 77.] . varied without the use of the hat with fine effect. (any jeweler can do this for you). and has the appearance of gen- uine skill. on milled edge. Mul- [Fig.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. on rim of hat. causing coins to balance on the end of wand. leaving out 20—30—40—50—60 and 70.

paper. (fake). but "fake" so prepared needs care in handling. (tinsel paper roll up the other packet. (any pass). MULTIPLYING AND DISAPPEARING Have your table. place this openly on a small piece of white paper on table so that all can see it. say. bottom open. 6 times 2 is 12. having passed the cards out to audience and as soon as they call off a number. a COINS:number of gold or silver coins. by which produced by other hand. add the number together and multiply by 3. burn paper on plate and show all trace of coins gone. on it. 4 times 2 is 8. make this of such a size as to be equal to a pile of six coins. show bowl empty. on a plate or tray upon You must make a "fake" after this manner: Get a piece if possible). 22. in coins to vanish. in which you have placed a small china or glass bowl. Now pick out a like number of coins and place them in front of a china bowl or tray. or a person can do it alone. like half a pill box. second figure by 6. (You may palm these coins if desired. (and the concealed ones). square them up and exchange for "fake" in left hand. drop left hand and as you pretend to pour from right into bowl drop the coins from left into profonde. write down the figures on back of card on a blackboard quickly. You can work this effective act either in Second Sight. (by pass). . 33 8 times 2 is 16. 8. and then have inThe above "fake" may be made by creased coins counted in hat. the following figures would appear on the back of card— "161412812. as it is easily crushed.94 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. Now You now command means you can get a correct and perfect impression of the coins. pick up coins in front of bowl with left hand. Paper should be embossed and the top covered with a piece of gold paper. From tray on table take up. from tray into a persons hand or hat. transfer to right. Return to table. For example:— take card No. six coins in right hand. on table. Now get some one to take a handful of coins from plate and count them on to a tray. and 3 times 4 is 12. with figured lines and make a small round box out of it. the first figure by 7. (multiplying tray previously loaded with a number equal to the two piles you have made on table). which cannot be detected from the original. thus dispensing with the multiplying plate). pour them. 7 times 2 is 14. tiply the second figure by first figure by 4. taking coins and pressing with thumb a piece of tin foil. 2 times 2 is 4. so as to imitate the sound apparently of gold or silver paper. this you may use and at a little distance it will look exactly like a pile of coins. Have this palmed in left hand.

one-half inch At the top thick and about two and a half to three feet square.] in diameter. 95 . Two gentlemen selected from the audience are seated one on each side of the chair.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and the hands are held by the committee. . The these are connected by a wooden frame-work— (see fig. seven feet high and one and one-half inch A [Fig. Four upSecret :— On the stage is the following apparatus: right nickel plated rods. This illusion has created the greatest sensation wherever produced. 78. These are screwed into an iron plate. The medium is fastened with ropes to the sides of the chair. At a given signal the medium suddenly vanishes in the most inexplicable manner. 78)." OR THE DAUGHTER OF THE CALIPH OF BAGDAD:- canopy is erected over a chair standing on the stage.

You see that in this manner when the performer pulls up the curtain he opens the trap for the lady himself. iron floor part has a trap cut in it. The trap opens downwards. at which. and they taper slightly from bottom to top (see fig. The two sphynx heads open outwards but are held by catches.] way. when the lady who wears a male costume sits in this chair and puts her feet on this foot rest her knees almost touch her chin. and at the front is a foot rest. about four by four inches at the base and about twenty inches high. This rope is knotted close to the tubes so that it will not pull through either [Fig. Here is where one part pulleys of the * through the plate. On the two posts just above the Sphynx heads two tubes through are which a short rope runs. the beginning is at the bottom. Now. The two ropes are "faked. 79. which is hidden by a few brass mountings which run checker board fashion across it. which is only six inches lower than the [Fig. The curtain is six inches shorter than the to the of the trick lies: One of the ropes runs inside of one of the poles." they do not run .] — seat. 80. They are decorated with scroll work and on one side near the top is the head of a Sphynx in relief. with a wooden back. The two posts are hollow and the iron floor has two holes on which the posts are set. made something after this fashion: There are two cast iron posts. The chair is fastened to the top of these two posts and is leather covered. and is pulled up top by ropes which run over and gather together at one poles. On the iron floor is a very queer chair.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. and is connected with a spring which opens the trap. 79). then down frame work. in size. To the frame is attached a curtain.

this gives him a chance to pull the extra rope which opens the trap and releases the slack in the short ropes. which is released by the same spring that opens the trap. join hands. Fig. he quickly pulls down the curtain. she is still there he pulls her hands out on each side. Now conies the execution: Lady enters and seats herself on the chair and places her feet on the foot rest. The committee man ties her hands to the ropes. letting audience see it. so the lady cannot leave. roll up the bit of silk into a ball again and press it back into its former hiding place. then show handkerchief gone. They are now sure that the handkerchief is really there. The closing draws the ropes tight again. At the word three.prettiest sleight of hand feats in existence. Between the joint of thumb and forefinger of the left hand.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. conceal a small piece of the same silk rolled up into a ball. Gentleman takes hold of her hand and the other hand holds a wand. Performer takes hold of the ropes and counts: one two— three. (at rear). In this case an assistant lady must put up her hands as soon as first lady is gone. In due time. show hands empty. have handkerchief examined and taking it between the hands. and at the word three. He now calls attention to the fact that audiTo -show that ence can see underneath. 80 shows an enlarged view of "A. Performer now pulls up the curtain until it is clear of the floor. and hands emp- . Lady has placed her hands up through the posts." — THE DISAPPEARING HANDKERCHIEF:— This trick although simple is one of the . there seems to be a hitch as if the ropes are caught in the pully. roll it up into a ball which you pretend to pass into the left hand but really palm in the right. Use a fine small silk handkerchief. the lady drops the wand and gentleman drops her hand. Let silk at rear of thumb expand in left hand. Roll up your sleeves. meanwhile you get rid of the handkerchief proper. but a slack runs into the hollow post and is held by a catch. but the ropes are so short that they will not go around twice. she quickly withdraws both hands and the Sphynx heads close automatically—lady has vanished! If done at a theatre the lady can appear at the door. Ladies should wear similar rings. opened Sphynx heads and put her hands out through slits. when this is done the performer pulls up the curtain from the bottom. through a slit in the curtain. 97 through the tubes. when it reaches high enough to cover lady's form. Lady now slips through the trap which she closes quickly.

The blinds are made of very heavy canvas.] bottom. 82). A small fine curtain is placed around the hanging cabinet so that only the lady is covered. is about three feet square and five feet high and is made of is a bottom wooden frame with two spring blinds in it. which hangs on chains from four uprights in center of stage. The skeleton cabinet 81). 84). one on each Each rod has four pins side. The cabinet is about three and is surrounded by gentlemen from the audience. and appears in the gallery of theatre. according to which position it derneath the wainscoting are four rods— (see fig. of the cabinet The — (see fig. which open in the center and roll up into the side of frame brass tubing. ty. each eight feet high. The top of cabinet is composed of two tops. and . and are held together in the center by a small catch.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. it slides up and down on the [Fig. On the command of the performer the curtain falls down on stage floor and the lady has disappeared from the cabinet. and be seen. 83). feet above the stage floor Secret: —This illusion consists of four uprights. let it Cause handkerchief to reappear by causing silk to expand. From the top of each upright is a chain which suspends a skeleton cabinet— (see fig. THE BUNGALOW ILLUSION:A lady enters an open skeleton cabinet. one of which is stais tionary and the other movable— (see fig. unis in. working in sockets at the corners. four rods of the cabinet will form a false top or Around the top. 81. then vanish the silk again as described above.

downwards. 84. Now introduce the lady and after the usual patter. and opens the top.] have an extra pin sticking out at the exact middle. opening in the middle.. Two of the rods. square carpet or rug is glued over the trap. and they are counterweighted so that when a person drops through they return to their place again. 85). [Fig. The lady now spreads her legs and stands on the side frame-work of the bottom.SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.] where the openings are. with a tongue catch. and the carpet is cut A [Fig. rivited in it. etc. The rings are the same distance' apart as the four pins are on the rods.) you place some steps against the cabinet. one at each [Fig. bring up the false bottom and place it against the side. To cover the cabinet you have a square curtain which is ringed at the top. On the stage floor under the cabinet is a trap. and keep it . which the You now hang the curtain lady ascends and enters the cabinet. (having committee on stage. 83.] up with the tongued catches— (see fig. To arrange the apparatus you turn up all the pins of the four rods. around by means of the pins on the rod. 82.

and the top of table must be nice and smooth. through a hole in floor to assistant under stage.trikes the frame of real bottom. the false bottom . Performer on being informed that spectator is all ready at once writes the question and the answer to same. While spectator is writing ques- tion. 85. turn up. Now . You also have a piece of strong string attached to the center of a piece of white silk. Any spectator in audience writes a question on a blank slip of paper. This string runs down the leg of table. After writing question they fold it up and place it in an envelope or their pocket-book and place it in their own pocket. then place a piece of Carbon cloth or paper over silk. the two tongued pins sticking out at each side. the performer can either leave or remain on stage. for stage or parlor. and the curtain slips off and falls to the floor. this leaves the bottom of cabinet open. the lady drops through the trap in As soon as stage floor and goes around to the front of Theatre. The silk is spread on table. catch in the middle of bottom which allows the blinds to roll up into the side of frame. and the curtain pins turn down. Spectator now produces and opens envelope and the performer is found to be correct. or in a room as desired. Now have a sheet of paper and a hard lead pencil on the — .100 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. on a slate or blackboard. the lady pulls the tongue catches at the top which permits the top to come down. Section of pivoted ro6 showing Curiam and false bottom in position [Fig. As sosn as the curtains touch the floor. either furnished by performer or themselves.] at a pistol shot. then put on a thin table cloth and tack it to the sides of table top. All of this must be done very quickly THE SPIEIT ANSWER:Entirely new and without exception the most effective and unexcelled Spirit writing ever introduced. and with it the curtain. Secret: For this test you must have a table arranged as follows: The legs of table are made of brass tubing. and the lady has vanished.

it can also be tion worked in parlor by having the floor arranged for it. Party takes paper out of his pocket and reads aloud the question. W. and as soon as the question is written assistant pulls down the white silk and reads the question and tells it to the medium. This test can be worked in many ways. SHAW. who then walks up to the person and taking hold of his hand. and ILL. and medium is found to be correct. table and ask is 101 some one to write a question on the paper. WAX FIGURES of EVERY DESCRIPTION. leads him to a blackboard and writes up question and the answer to same.SHAWNS MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. CHICAGO. ILLUSIONS. . J. STAGE EFFECTS. MANUFACTURER OF MAGICAL APPARATUS. (the questransfered onto the white silk). H.

54 73 Crystal Coffin— The Clairvoyant Card Trick.102 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR. Fire and Cagliostro's Spirit Slate. 65 7 Airy Voyage of Performer from a Chair After the Ball. Creation of Earth. Hat and Wand.. Cotton Bandage Test Live Hat.' Cartomanic Floral Charm.. 79 83 4 - Diamond Mystery—The Dice House— The Devil's Rod or Stick of Enchantment Dissolving Half-Dollars— The Disappearing Stack of Coins. Bloodstone Wonder— The 39 74 53 63 Baldwin Act—The Illusion Balancing Coins. 35 48 Water—The . Bungalow —The 93 « 98 93 Clairvoyant Figure Reading Charmed Organ Pipes—The Changing Decapitation. Colored Sands of Enchantment Chameleon Handkerchiefs— The .. D' Alvini's Album Trick. CONTENTS.. PAGE A Annie Eva Fay.. Air. Disappearing Handkerchief The Extinguished Cigar— The Egyptian Cremation—The 7 9 10 61 — 62 9 3 6 . 4 8 14 23 Geni— The Casket Cremation— The Crystal Chest of the 26 .

Flight Through Crystals— The Floral Globe or Total Eclipse— The Glass Bowl and Golden Stand— The 9 51 26 59 . t 12 13 4 Newest Wine and Water Trick. Extraordinary Flight of Coins. 103 15 37 45 62 71 92 .77 94 . Edgar Poe's Raven in the Garland of Thebes Electrical Coin Transportation. . Kellar's New Karmos. Card and Candle Trick Excelsior Second Sight.. Lightning Slate and Blackboard Test La Cremation. New Programme. 54 56 75 . 21 5 .. Sensational Card Trick. . .'.. Ring 21 17 1 2 7 New Tape New Trick. New Spirit Pictures. Mystic Percolator— The Mephisto's Glass Cylinders. New Hat Fake. Mysterious Hat and Balls. Multiplying and Disappearing Coins Mahatma Miracles—The Marvelous Vanishing and Re-appearing Coin Mysterious Coin. Eclipse Coin.. 14 .. . Marvelous Writing Hand— The Mystic Sour Drops— The Magic Wine Tassels—The • . Electrical Coin Shuffle. Mystery of L'Hassa— The Mysterious Transmission of Thought 11 42 . .SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR.88 71 70 1 20 23 28 41 « Magic Decanter— The Magnetic Second Sight.42 44 48 50 51 Magic Squeezes—The Mystic Peaches—The Mystic Card— The and Envelope Trick National Ball Transformation— The New Spirit Ghost Seance. .80 Golden flash of Light— The Iron Cage Test— The Improved Torn Card Trick India's Wand of Wonders. ..

Very Latest Aerial Treasury Tussah Illusion. 46 57 Omega Illusion. Ne-Plus-Ultra Coin Trick—The 27 45 52 59 82 19 84 New Dancing Cards. Phantom Knots— The Photographie Mysterieuse. Wonderful Turn over with ^ 61 Coins. Oriental Barrel Mystery—The Our Spelling Bee. Spirit Pull Test.104 SHAW'S MAGICAL INSTRUCTOR * . Ice. Ornithological Labyrinth. 48 . "Oh" Illusion. 25 Spirit Slate Mystery. 9 36 Wonder Kraut. Vanishing Bride. Spirit 95 91 76 Answer— The on Glass Top Table. King Test—The Scribe— The 100 Spirit Bell 2 3 7 Spiritual Spirit Shrine of Koomra Sami. . Traveling Flame.72 57 1 Water Into Wonderful Lager Beer Glass and Paper Cone Water on The Brain. Spirit Circle Under Test Conditions 86 88 92 40 43 The The The The Queen of Knives. Sugar and Milk Trick New Glass Card Frame.18 New Method of Getting Flowers into Cone New Umbrella and Handkerchief Trick New Coffee.

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