CaII for GreaIer WaIer InvesImenIs

WaIer is cenIral Io human exisIence. lI is also a key íacIor in
reducing poverIy, improving livelihoods, and promoIing
economic growIh. YeI, invesImenIs Io provide people wiIh
saíe drinking waIer and decenI IoileI íaciliIies, allocaIe and
preserve waIer resources, and properly manage wasIewaIer
have íallen seriously behind demands. ln 2002, abouI 700
million people in Asia and Ihe Paciíic were sIill wiIhouI access
Io saíe waIer, and abouI 2 billion had inadequaIe or no
saniIaIion íaciliIies. Lives and livelihoods conIinue Io be losI
due Io íloods, conversion oí weIlands, or polluIion oí waIer
The ^s/a va|e/ va|c/ 2015 sIudy, commissioned by Asian
DevelopmenI 8ank (AD8), World HealIh OrganizaIion, UniIed
NaIions DevelopmenI Programme, and
esIimaIes IhaI annual invesImenIs oí aI leasI $8 billion will
be needed over Ihe nexI decade Io meeI Millennium
DevelopmenI Goal IargeIs íor saíe drinking waIer and
saniIaIion alone. More invesImenIs will be needed íor
irrigaIion services, river basin managemenI, ílood
managemenI and miIigaIion, and wasIewaIer managemenI
Io ensure Ihe íuIure oí Ihis precious resource
Clearly, Ihis is a major challenge and one IhaI is complicaIed
by a wide range oí governance, insIiIuIional, social,
environmenIal, and poliIical issues.
^s/a va|e/ va|c/ 2015. ^/e Co0n|//es /n ^s/a on !/ac/ |o /ee| !a/çe| 10 of |/e
////enn/0m /e.e/oµmen| Coa/s. December 2005.
UniIed NaIions
Lconomic and Social Commission íor Asia and Ihe Paciíic

To address Ihese challenges, Ihe World Panel on linancing
WaIer lnírasIrucIure and iIs successor, Ihe Gurria Task
lorce on WaIer linancing, recommended Ihe doubling oí
all oííicial and privaIe capiIal ílows Io Ihe waIer secIor.
Taking up Ihis challenge, AD8 developed a sIrong pipeline
oí waIer projecIs íor 20062008. However, experience
indicaIes IhaI ¨business as usual¨ is noI enough. WaIer

musI be prioriIized in AD8's overall invesImenI program.
Through Ihe new WaIer linancing Program (WlP)
200620!0, AD8's ManagemenI has decided Io make
waIer a core business area oí iIs operaIions and Io
increase iIs waIer invesImenIs Io well over $2 billion
annually. AD8 announced Ihis aI Ihe 4Ih World WaIer
lorum in Mexico CiIy in March 2006.
Heeding Ihe CaII:
ADß's WaIer Financing Program 2006-2010
WhaI can Ihe WFP do for Asia and Ihe Pacific?
The new WlP íocuses on Ihe delivery oí subsIanIial
invesImenI, reíorm, and capaciIy developmenI in Ihree
key areasrural waIer services, urban waIer services, and
river basin waIer managemenI. lI combines expanded
invesImenIs in waIer inírasIrucIure wiIh a sIrong
emphasis on good governance Io manage waIer as a
resource and as a service, and a íocus on beIIer decision
making and implemenIaIion.
200 miIIion people wiIh susIainable access Io saíe
drinking waIer and improved saniIaIion,
100 miIIion people wiIh reduced risks Io íloods,
The WlP will íocus on achieving Ihese resulIs:

'In addition to meeting MDG target 10 of halving the
proportion of people without safe drinking water and
improved sanitation by 2015, investments in water are
also crucial in meeting other targets, such as those
relating to the incidence of poverty, the proportion of the
worlds poor who suffer from hunger, reducing child and
maternal mortality, the incidence of mafor diseases, and
environmental sustainability`
Geert van der Linden, ADB Vice President for Knowledge
Management and Sustainable Development
ADß WaIer Financing Program 2006-2010




To complemenI higher levels oí lending, AD8 will
pursue addiIional bilaIeral coíinancing parInerships
Io supporI Ihe WaIer linancing Program
200620!0. A WaIer linancing ParInership laciliIy
is being developed íor Ihis purpose.
VisiI AD8's WaIer íor All websiIe aI
Lmail AD8's WaIer Helpdesk aI
How can counIries parIicipaIe in Ihe Program?
For FurIher InformaIion:
The Program provides an opporIuniIy íor AD8's
developing member counIries Io increase
invesImenIs in waIer inírasIrucIure and services,
combined wiIh supporI íor reíorms and capaciIy
lí you wanI Io discuss how Ihe Program can work
íor your counIry, conIacI Ihe AD8 residenI mission
in your counIry, or Ihe íollowing sIaíí aI AD8
HeadquarIers in Manila, Philippines.
To conIacI Ihe AD8 residenI mission in your counIry:
Check Ihe number and address aI÷conIacIs
lor basin and rural waIer invesImenIs:
WouIer Lincklaen Arriens
Lead WaIer Pesources SpecialisI
lor urban waIer invesImenIs:
K.L. SeeIharam
Principal WaIer Supply and SaniIaIion SpecilaisI
40 miIIion people wiIh more producIive and
LííicienI irrigaIion and drainage services,
inIegraIed waIer resource managemenI (lWPM)
inIroduced in 25 river basins, and
improved waIer governance Ihrough naIional
waIer reíorms and capaciIy developmenI.
The WlP will ensure Ihe delivery oí subsIanIial
invesImenI, reíorm, and capaciIy developmenI
programs in Ihese key areas:
RuraI waIer will íocus on invesImenIs Io
improve healIh and livelihoods in rural communiIies,
including Ihose íor waIer supply and saniIaIion,
and irrigaIion and drainage.
Urban waIer - will concenIraIe on susIaining
economic growIh in ciIies Ihrough invesImenIs
in waIer supply, saniIaIion and wasIewaIer
managemenI, and environmenIal improvemenI.
ßasin waIer will promoIe lWPM and healIhy
rivers Ihrough invesImenIs in inírasIrucIure and
managemenI oí mulIiíuncIional waIer regulaIion
and hydropower íaciliIies, ílood managemenI,
waIershed and weIlands conservaIion, and more.
How wiII Ihe WFP invesI?
GovernmenIs will have Ihe chance Io choose írom
a range oí new íinancing opIions IhaI carry reduced
commiImenI íees and oííer more ílexibiliIy in Ierms
oí managing longIerm invesImenI parInership.
They are also suiIable íor governmenIs undergoing
decenIralizaIion, and appeal Io local governmenIs.
These include
subsovereign and nonsovereign public secIor
mulIiIranche íinancing,
local currency íinancing íor Ihe public secIor,
íinancing syndicaIions, and
risksharing arrangemenIs.
*This article was first published online at ADB's Water for All website in September 2006: htttp://

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