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Anais Gomis Case Study 3

1. a. Adler differentiated inferiority complex from feelings o inferiority in which they are universal and serve as even a positive motivating force, they create a compensating drive to become superior and improve oneself to avoid those feelings of inade uacy again. !atric" was afraid of his father#s disapproval in him as a son. $ %is initial failure in school and his fathers critical nature left him unsure of himself, despite continued success&. !atric" participated extensively in sports and despite not being the most intelligent "id early on, he soon learned to use wit and charm in order to receive what he wanted in school. b.Again, he played sports extensively and did things li"e weight lifting and such early on in life. %e used his wit and charm in order to get his way in school and to be well li"ed. 'hen he reached college though, there was insecurity in himself as he failed academically and socially he was unsure of his own merit when he received his internship and (ob and promotion because he was not sure ) it was all due to his fathers influence or of his own talent. *. a. Assuming as they were a wealthy family, !atric"#s physical needs li"e shelter, food, and water were met. +hough !atric" lived in an affluent, safe community with well off parents, !atric"#s father was an alcoholic and abusive physically to !atric"#s mother and verbally to his sons. b. After his internship, !atric" confronted his father about as to how he got the internship and (obs and found out that though the internship was by his fathers influence, !atric" got the (ob and promotion by himself. !atric" "new then that he did truly deserve that position and belonged there and he also found love as he became married. c. According to ,aslow#s definition of self actuali-ation !atric" most importantly needs to accept himself and his flaws. .o one can be the perfect son to his father and he needs to reali-e that the only person he needs acceptance from is himself. %e also must also free himself from reliance of his father, to be a person of independent mind and ideas. According to /odgers, !atric" has to be open to experiences, he isn#t always going to win his fathers favor and rather then ta"ing negative comments and experiences he can wor" through them

3. !atric"#s father often berated and verbally abused his brother for not being athletic unli"e !atric"s father. !atric" felt his fathers approval and love when he excelled in sports and that led him to feel only love when he did things that his father approved of.