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ISL Week 11

Integrative : fusion or combination of skills or contents from one or more than one subjects into another subject for teaching

Eclectic : alternative combination of inductive and deductive approaches used for formation of concepts, principles, theorems, laws, formulas, or theories

Teaching Approaches

Inductive : Involves the activity of collecting, analyzing, interpreting information together grouped together, arrives at a acertain concept or generalization

Deductive : based on previous knowledge that the students have

Graphic Organizer 1 : Types of Teaching Approach

ISL Week 11

Discussion of the same theme by groups with mixed abilities

Discussion of related topics that complement with one another by groups of mixed abilities

Discussion of sub topics by groups of similar ability

Thematic Approach

Graphic Organizer 2 : Types of Thematic Approach

ISL Week 11

TeacherCentred Strategy

Teaching Strategies
MaterialCentred Strategy PupilCentred Strategy

Graphic Organizer 3 : Examples of Teaching Strategies

ISL Week 11

During teaching and learning, the teacher plays a primary and active role, while the pupils play a passive role as listeners or audience It is a one-way interaction and communication between teacher and pupils Autocratic teaching style. whereby the teacher controls and gives instrusctions; the pupils will not have the opportunity to air their opinion or ask question Teaching strategies are planned according to teaching objectives only Emphasize only on learning of the subject matter and skills rather than to foster noble values or socio-emotional development Emphasize on the pupils' achievement in tests and examinations

Passive interaction with very limited social interaction adn communication among pupils

Graphic Organizer 4 : Characteristics of Teacher-Centred Strategy

ISL Week 11

Pupils play an active primary role in the learning process, while the teacher plays the role as a facilitator guiding the pupils to learn either individually or in small group
The interaction and communication process between the teachher and pupils is often two-way Teacher practises democratic teaching style, and pupils are encouraged to air their opinions through discussion Emphasize on the achievement on the learning objective or the pupils

Emphasize on the formative test to ascertain pupils' weaknesses in learning

Emphasize on the overall development of pupils' potential

Interaction process among pupils are many to foster social skills and noble values

Graphic Organizer 5 : Characteristics of Pupil-Centred Strategy

ISL Week 11

This strategy plyas a primary and important role, as teacher and pupils need teaching and learning materials to optimize teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom
It provides opportunity for interaction and communication among the teacher, pupils and teaching and learning aids The skills lof using teaching and learning aids play the primary role to achieve the predetermined objectives Emphasizes on the overall development of the pupils' potentials, especially development of cognitive, physical, emotional and social aspects With teaching aids, teacher will be able to present the lesson clearly, accurately and in an interesting manner With learning aids, pupils will be able to develop their manipulative skills, and fister with positive attitude in group activities This strategy also provides opportunity for meaningful teaching and learning experiences, whereby abstract knowledge and skills are acquired through concret practical experiences
Graphic Organizer 6 : Characteristics of Material-Centred Strategy

ISL Week 11

Whole-class teaching



Story telling

Graphic Organizer 7 : Examples of teacher-centred strategy activities

ISL Week 11

Individual learning

Group activity





Role Play

Problem Solving

Graphic Organizer 8 : Examples of pupil-centred strategy activities

ISL Week 11

Role Play


Model making




Graphic Organizer 9 : Examples of material-centred strategy activities