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Title Insurance Explained

Why Title & Lien Searches Are Needed

Preparing a Closing Statement (HUD)
Closing Process Leadership
Advanced Closing Technology
Additional Services
Short Sale Facilitation
Listing Appointment Assistance
Seminar & Event Collaboration
Commercial Department

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What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is an indemnification contract that insures against loss or

An owners title insurance policy protects the name of the insured against
loss or damage from any liens or encumbrances on the title that exist prior
to the time the insured took title.

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Title Insurance Explained
Why Title & Lien Searches Are Needed
Title Search

A Title Search extracts documents from public records to be used for the
examination of title.

A Title Examination is an in-depth review of the title search and court
decision to determine current ownership, title defects, back taxes,
undisclosed liens, legal judgments, forgeries, fraud as well as a host of other
potential legal/financial problems that can arise when purchasing or
refinancing property.

City/Municipal Lien Search

A Municipality is not required to record any existing fines, open permits,
violations or unpaid utilities like water & trash. It is important to know that
title can be transferred with any/all of these existing issues making the new
title holder responsible.

Preparing a Closing Statement (HUD-1)
The Closing Statement

The importance of a closing statement being prepared properly
in the early stages of a Real Estate Transaction or Loan Process is
imperative to avoid any delays and/or financial surprises that could
prevent the closing. Standard to our process we always provide
preliminary closing statement disclosing all known costs and fees.

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Closing Process Leadership

We believe as the title company involved in your transaction, it is our responsibility to lead the closing

There are several standards we have embraced to ensure this is the case:
1. 1-2 Business Day turn-around time for all title research & commitments
2. Designated Closing Coordinator assigned to every client who will guide you through the entire closing
3. Designated Client Relationship Manager to ensure constant communication and your overall satisfaction
4. 24/7 Access Client Web Portal so status and documents are always available to you.
5. Closing/Signings are always done at the clients convenience Anytime! Anywhere!
6. Immediate Disbursements of Funds Funds are always wired or sent overnight via FedEx!

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Advanced Closing Technology

To maintain compliance and client satisfaction in an ever changing Real Estate Industry, advanced
technology is required. At Assure America Title Company we have upgraded our production software to
Ramquest and have moved our servers to a secure cloud based data center ensuring that all private
information is safe and that important documents are readily accessible to you.

The Benefits Include:
A Client Portal so that every client always has access to status updates and any/all documentation that
pertains to their closing. This information is available to clients 24/7
Automatic status updates so that when a task is completed all parties involved in the transaction are
Paperless closing technology and automatic file scan so that we use the least amount of paper possible
After closing all documents are digitally stored and accessible to all parties relevant to the transaction

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Additional Services Short Sale Facilitation

Assure America Title Company is currently helping Realtors & Homeowners get their short sale approved
30 days faster than industry average turn-times.
Why? Because we take a proactive approach to the short sale process and have the "know how" to
mitigate issues as they arise resulting in an approval much quicker than average.
4 Reasons to choose Assure America Title Company to assist on your next short sale.
1. Proprietary Short Sale Software System - Since 2009 we have been a leader in short sale facilitation. This has
allowed us to evolve our software overtime so that it creates the most efficient process possible.
2. Document Collection As you may know, Banks require specific documents to initiate the process and will request
updated documents throughout the process. Our team will assist the homeowners and Realtors facilitate this process.
3. Constant Updates A short sale is updated every 24-72 hours depending on the stage of the transaction. We have
dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to make sure your short sale is always on track.
4. Knowledge needed to eliminate closing delays If you have experience handling short sale transactions you know
that there can be many variables that could hinder the closing even after the Bank issues a short sale approval. For
instance, liens or judgments that may have attached to the property due to other financial issues. These liens can
typically be worked-out efficiently when they are dealt with in the early stages of the process.

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Additional Services Listing Appointment Assistance

If you are a Realtor or Homeowner we can provide valuable insight and
knowledge during a listing appointment.

It has been our experience that during a listing appointment clients have
recognized us as being a valuable addition when answering questions about the
title process, how to clear possible liens, the short sale process and/or even
providing a closing statement so the selling homeowner can see what the
approximate net proceeds will be from a traditional sale.

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Additional Services Seminar & Event Collaboration

Assure America Title Company prides itself on years of industry experience and knowledge.

We work hard to keep current and educated about our industrys latest trends, laws and
marketing strategies so that we can provide guests with valuable knowledge.

We have all the tools necessary to host the perfect seminar or event. We can help provide
projectors, screens and relevant literature plus access to various spaces & top local
educational speakers so that guests have a productive & memorable experience.

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Additional Services Commercial Department

Assure America Title Company offers title insurance, escrow, 1031 exchange facilitation and Settlement
Services throughout the nation, offering a single point of contact regardless of size or complexity of the commercial

The Facts
Ability to underwrite up to $500,000,000
Have a national presence that can handle multi-state transactions
One single point of contact coordinating the entire closing

Our clients choose us because of our expertise in the title search industry. We offer comprehensive searches to our
clients during their due diligence period so that they have a great understanding of the property's history prior to
committing or finalizing a contract.

We can work with your 1031 exchange or coordinate the service for you, making sure all deadlines and requirements
are met ensuring your tax benefit.

Our team of highly experienced commercial property underwriters throughout the nation helps ensure our ability to
close the most complex transaction. This also gives us the flexibility to be more cost effective then our competitors and
provide a faster service when needing approvals to insure the subject property. Our team will assist you in eliminating
any and all delays with your closing.

Contact Information
Palm Beach:
Coming Soon

To create convenience, we have 3 locations:

600 Fairway Drive Suite 109
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: 954-427-9696
Fax: 954-938-4254

SW Broward:
12169 Sheridan Street
Cooper City, FL 33026
Phone: 954-378-2520
Fax: 954-938-4254

1600 Ponce de Leon Blvd, 10
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305-908-1123
Fax: 305-507-7478
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1oll lree: 877-427-9696