MERCY MISSION BEAR HOSPITAL AND ADOPTION AGENCY communications/administrativ 3701 Inglewood Avenue, Ste.

123 Redondo Beach, California 9027 !othernature7"g!! #2#$%3#$9%1& '(R I))*+IA,* R*-*AS* C(.,AC,/ +r )arcia Ann )i!0 Co11ertino, *2ecutive +irector !othernature7"g!! 3anuar4 201# 5-o0 Angele0, Ca.6 )erc4 )i00ion Bear 7o01ital and Ado1tion Agenc4 i0 1lea0ed to announce it80 201# Ca1ital Ca!1aign 9rogra! in honor of co!!unit4 :u0ine00 leader0 2013 event 1artici1ation that ena:led over &00 gue0t0 fro! around the world en;o4 our ,edd4 Bear +inner and Award0 <ala, held .ove!:er 17, 2013 at the Sheraton <atewa4 7otel, -A=. If 4ou did not have an o11ortunit4 to attend, 4ou can 0how 4our 0u11ort and love for 0ic> and ho!ele00 children and tho0e who are ter!inall4 ill :4 1artici1ating in our 201# :uilding 1lan0 a0 S1on0or, +onor or Benefactor. (ur 201# <ala, 0lated to :e held at ,erranea Re0ort, .ove!:er 201#, will feature the the!e, ?All in -ove, Alwa40 in ,he Ar!0 of a ,edd4 Bear@, along with dancing :ear0, a 20 foot golden :ear e2hi:it and !ore await vi0itor0 and gue0t0. Aour 0u11ort i0 reBue0ted to hel1 u0 realiCe our vi0ion of a D3.& )illion dollar ho01ital facilit4 in 201# to hel1 01read love and cheer a!ong tho0e who need love and encourage!ent in -o0 Angele0 count4. (ur 201# goal will :e to 0hare our new & 0tor4 -o0 Angele0 Count4 ho01ital which will feature a 10t floor ,edd4 Bear Art <aller4 and )u0eu! hou0ing tedd4 :ear0 fro! around the worldE a Sta4 and 9la4 Station for ill childrenE a ,edd4 Bear Cha1el of 9ra4erE a ,edd4 Bear ?0urgical unit@ to re1air !i00ing e4e0, ear0 and li!:0 :4 ).+.80E a ,edd4 Bear Ado1tion Agenc4 for donated :ear0E a co!!unit4 outreach de1art!ent for new tedd4 :ear0 and the fa!ou0 ,edd4 Bear )au0oleu! of the Fe0t and )e!orial Fall for tedd4 :ear0 no longer a:le to :e re1aired and handed :ac> to loving owner0. )erc4 )anor, an adult da4 center for the elderl4 with love, re0ource0, new friend0hi10 i0 0lated for the 2nd floorE 3rd floor Cafeteria and ad!ini0trative office0E #th floor co!!ercial anchor0 and &th floor tedd4 :ear 0torage floor0 will :e a delight for the fir0t, one and onl4 we0t coa0t ,edd4 Bear 7o01ital. Fith 4our hel1 and 0u11ort our ho01ital 1lan0 will :eco!e a realit4 in 201#. ,o 0how 4our 0u11ort or for !ore infor!ation, 1lea0e vi0it our we: 0ite at www.!!!. (ur 201# *2ecutive ,ea! !e!:er0 will al0o :e !ore than ha114 to a00i0t 4ou with 4our donation deci0ion :4 vi0iting with 4ou in 4our ho!e or office. ,o 0chedule an a11oint!ent, 1lea0e call +r )arcia Ann )i!0 Co11ertino, *2ecutive +irector at #2#G%3#$9%1& or e$!ail !othernature7"g!!.

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