Knitted Daffodils This is an easy fun pattern.

Knit a bunch out of a variety of yellow yarns and enjoy a burst of spring! Back petals Cast on 66 stitches, divide onto 3 double point needles. Join in the round Row 1: *Purl 4, purl 3 together, purl 4* repeat around Row 2 & all even rows: Knit Row 3: *Knit 3, knit 3 together, knit 3* Row 5: *Knit 2, knit 3 together, knit 2* Row 7: *Knit 1, knit 3 together, knit 1* Row 9: *Knit 3 together* Cut yarn, draw through the remaining stitches, fasten off. Cup Cast on 18 stitches, divide onto 3 dps, join in the round. Knit in the round for 1 inch Increase row: *Knit one stitch, increase in the next* repeat around the row. Bind off. Cut yarn, stitch the cup to the back petals. We decorated with orange stamens and hot glued ours to dowels. Enjoy!!

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