(U) Have a Supervisory Dilemma? Ask Zelda! (Topic: 'Is Bai de Soleil a Ba e o !SA??

FROM: 'Zelda,' Dispenser of Advice for NSA Supervisors Run Date: 06/ !/"0 0 #$% S&Dtoday editor's note: 'oda( )e de*ut a *rand ne) colu+n: ,As- Zelda., &f (ou, as a supervisor, encounter a tric-( pro*le+ and don't -no) )/at to do, see )/et/er Zelda can offer a solution. 0ere's a little *ac-1round a*out our colu+nist: "Zelda" is the pen name for a manager who has spent most of her 29 years at NSA in SID (and its predecessor orgs), s pplemented !y se"eral years in career de"elopment (AD#$)% &er managerial e'perience incl des appro'imately 2( years as a first)line and mid)le"el Agency s per"isor, as well as s per"isory positions in the entertainment and food ser"ice ind stries% Zelda de"elops and teaches leadership training as part of the National *ryptologic School+s Ad, nct -ac lty, and en,oys !ossing people aro nd o tside of wor., too% 'oda('s 2uestion #t/e entire te3t *elo) is unclassified%: Dear Zelda, No) t/at t/e )ar+ )eat/er is /ere, so+e of t/e ne)er A1enc( e+plo(ees in +( office are dressin1 in )a(s t/at are less t/an professional4 0o) do &, as t/eir supervisor, 1et t/e+ to stop dressin1 li-e t/e('re 1oin1 to t/e *eac/ )/en NSA doesn't /ave a for+al dress code5 Si1ned, 6rudis/ 6rudence

Dear 6rudence, O(. Once t/e t/er+o+eter /its 70 de1rees, it can loo- li-e Ocean 8it( 9est around /ere4 So+e/o), s/orts and flip:flops don't e3actl( conve( t/e i+a1e of a fierce S&;&N' )arrior4 <ou are ri1/t to *e concerned, and & applaud (our initiative as t/e supervisor to ta-e corrective action4 Not onl( is *eac/ attire unprofessional in t/e )or-place, *ut in certain cases it can *e do)nri1/t distractin1 to co:)or-ers #if (ou 1et +( drift%4 '/e +ain t/in1 to re+e+*er )/en counselin1 t/e offendin1 e+plo(ees is t/at t/e( pro*a*l( don't -no) an( *etter4 For so+e, t/is +a( *e t/eir first real =o* after 1raduatin1 /i1/ sc/ool or colle1e4 <our approac/ s/ould *e to educate, not to discipline #unless (ou /ave alread( ,educated, t/e+ +ore t/an once and t/ere /as *een no c/an1e in *e/avior%4 0old a private counselin1 session as soon as possi*le )/ere (ou e3plain t/at, )/ile NSA /as no for+al dress code, t/e( are e3pected to present t/e+selves in a professional +anner :: and t/at includes t/eir attire4 <ou +a( also )ant to ta-e t/e opportunit( to advise t/e+ on ,dressin1 for success, so t/at t/e( are ta-en seriousl( in t/eir ne) career4 &n fact, it +i1/t *e a 1ood idea to /ave t/is tal- )it/ all ne) A1enc( e+plo(ees, infor+in1 t/e+ of t/e standard level of office dress *efore it *eco+es an issue4

<ou, as t/e supervisor, are in a position to set 1uidelines for )/at is appropriate in (our )or- center4 >ot/ t/e p/(sical location and t(pe of )or- *ein1 done )ill /elp (ou deter+ine )/at t/ese s/ould *e4 &f safet( is a concern #li-e )/en operatin1 dan1erous e2uip+ent%, i+press upon t/e+ t/e i+portance of )earin1 steel:toed *oots or lon1:sleeved s/irts, even if t/e( +a-e one /ot in t/e su++er4 9/at +a( *e accepta*le for e+plo(ees )or-in1 on t/e roof, in an over/eated +ac/ine roo+, or cra)lin1 under floor tiles is pro*a*l( not appropriate for des- =o* )or-ers in an air:conditioned office4 Do (our e+plo(ees fill a custo+er liaison role or one )/ere t/e( represent t/e or1ani?ation to ot/ers5 '/at +a( re2uire a +ore for+al level of dress t/an solitar( )or-ers )/o rarel( interact )it/ ot/ers4 On t/e ot/er /and, (ou +ust *alance (our de+ands )it/ t/e e+plo(ee's p/(sical co+fort and t/e desire to e3press one's individualit(4 Re+e+*er t/at e+*racin1 diversit( e3tends to t/e )ardro*e, too. So, 6rudence, to su++ari?e +( advice: • • • • • • Decide )/at is appropriate for (our )or- center :: and tr( to *e inclusive4 &nfor+ (our e+plo(ees )/at t/e office dress code is and )/( #& find people are +ore li-el( to co+pl( )it/ rules if t/e( understand t/e reasons *e/ind t/e+%4 As- t/e+ for specific *e/avioral c/an1es #e34: t/e( are )elco+e to )ear sandals at )or-, *ut please refrain fro+ )earin1 ru**er s/o)er t/on1s in t/e office%4 Ans)er an( 2uestions and address t/eir concerns4 '/an- t/e+ for t/eir cooperation4 @nforce t/e rules e2uita*l( a+on1 (our people4

As )it/ +ost t/in1s, co++unication is t/e -e( to a /app( and productive )or-place4 9it/ a little proactive discussion on (our part, (our staff can loo- professional durin1 t/e su++er +ont/s4 So t/e ne3t ti+e one of (our e+plo(ees loo-s li-e t/e( )or- at t/e National Snor-elin1 Acade+( instead of t/e National Securit( A1enc(, tr( t/ese tips and let +e -no) /o) it turns out4

Note: Ot/er supervisors )/o /ave successfull( /andled t/is pro*le+ are encoura1ed to s/are t/eir strate1ies on t/e S&Dtoday /log4 Also, do (ou /ave a 2uestion of (our o)n for Zelda5 $se t/e ,co++ents/su11estions a*out t/is article, lin- #*elo) ri1/t% to su*+it (our 2uestionA )e'll +a-e sure it 1ets to Zelda4

(U) An Interview with Zelda
FROM: SIDtoday Run Date: 05/05/2011 (U) With the first anni ersary of the !"s# $e%da! &o%u'n %oo'in( on the hori)on (in *une)+ ,e de&ided to inter ie, $e%da herse%f- We thou(ht her readers 'i(ht .e interested in %earnin( 'ore a.out the ad i&e/(i er--(U) SIDtoday: Zelda, your advice column "Ask Zelda" has been the most successful non technical series in the history of SIDtoday! A lot of "eo"le have #uestioned $hether Zelda is a real "erson or a team of "eo"le, and $hy she uses a "en name! (U) $e%da: We%%+ as you &an see+ I0' a rea% 1erson- In the first issue you 1u.%ished 'y !&redentia%s+! and that des&ri1tion ,as a&&urate2 .ut the 1i&ture that runs ,ith the &o%u'n [above] %oo#s nothin( %i#e 'e"s for $e%da .ein( a tea' of 1eo1%e+ I do o&&asiona%%y &onsu%t ,ith another 1erson for a !sanity &he&#+! .ut I a' the so%e author of the &o%u'n(U) 3he de&ision to use a 1en na'e &a'e a.out for se era% reasons- 3he idea for the &o%u'n ,as 1ro1osed .y the SIDtoday editor+ ,ho ,as %oo#in( for a enue ,here SID su1er isors &ou%d ,rite in to as# ad i&e- Sin&e SIDtoday is %i#e an on%ine ne,s1a1er+ ,e de&ided to fo%%o, the tradition of ne,s1a1er ,rite/in ad i&e &o%u'nists (su&h as Dear "..y and Miss Manners) and (i e 'e a no' de 1%u'e- I %i#e it .e&ause usin( a 1en na'e &reates a 1ersona ,ho0s 'ore 'e'ora.%e and a&&essi.%e than !"s# Mary S'ith+ 4hief of S556-! 7%us it &reates a &ertain 'ysti8ue a.out $e%da--- she0s .i((er than %ife- It a%so 1re ents 'e fro' (ettin( inundated ,ith hate 'ai% and re8uests for ad i&e outside of the &o%u'n- [Ed. note: Some people have asked for Zelda's direct help with a personal problem but didn't want it published in SI today.] (U) S%: &ou said it $as an advice column for su"ervisors!!! (U) $: 9es // that ,as the ori(ina% 1%an- :ut non/su1er isory e'1%oyees .e(an ,ritin( in as#in( 8uestions and re8uestin( so'eone %i#e $e%da he%1 the' ,ith their issues+ too(U) S%: So you branched out to ans$er anythin' $ork related( (U) $: ;%au(hs< More or %ess= I don0t (i e te&hni&a% or ro'anti& ad i&e+ ho,e er(U) S%: )hat has been the reaction to Zelda( (U) $: I0' ery 1%eased// and sur1rised // that it has .een o er,he%'in(%y 1ositi e- >a&h 'onth it is a'on( the to1 5 'ost ,ide%y read arti&%es+ and I ,ant to than# 'y %oya% fo%%o,ers for that- I0' thin#in( of 'a#in( %itt%e ru..er .ra&e%ets that say WW$D (!What Wou%d $e%da Do?!) to (i e out at Front @ine @eader &%asses- Or 'ay.e t/shirts that say !:e a FO$! (!Friend of $e%da!)(U) S%: *ut it hasn+t all been "ositive!!! (U//FOUO) $: Aea ens+ no- 3here ha e .een a fe, 1eo1%e ,ho didn0t a11re&iate $e%da0s sense of hu'or+ and at first so'e of the other BS" or(ani)ations (%i#e AR and "D4@) ,ere un&o'forta.%e ,ith

an un#no,n 1erson in SID dis1ensin( ad i&e in their areas of eC1ertise- :ut ,e 'ade it &%ear that this ,as Dust $e%da0s o1inion and not an offi&ia% ans,er- Stri&t 1o%i&y 8uestions &an and shou%d .e addressed .y these other or(ani)ations+ .ut $e%da fi%%s a oid for 1eo1%e ,ho are see#in( ad i&e- She a&ts as a ,ise friend or senior &o/,or#er // ,hi&h isn0t the sa'e thin( as as#in( for a 1o%i&y inter1retation- "nd 'any areas of inter1ersona% re%ations &an0t .e addressed .y 1o%i&y- I don0t .e%ie e there0s a 1o%i&y on ho, to dea% ,ith an o.noCious or s'e%%y &o,or#er+ for eCa'1%e- :esides+ I thin# 1eo1%e ,ou%d rather read so'ethin( ,ith a .it of a 1ersona%ity ($e%da has .een &a%%ed !&hee#y! // e en o1inionated) as o11osed to a .%and+ ,hite,ashed 1arty %ine that reads %i#e a 1o%i&y 'anua% and has .een a11ro ed .y a &hain of 'ana(ers to s&ru. it of anythin( that 'i(ht offend- $e%da is not afraid to offend // a%thou(h that0s not her intent(U) S%: Some readers are "robably $onderin' if the #uestions are really sent in by your readers, or if you make them u"! (U) $: 3hey ,ere a%% fro' readers eC&e1t for the ery first one // I had to !1ri'e the 1u'1! sin&e no one #ne, a.out $e%da to as# 8uestions .efore the first arti&%e &a'e out- "%so+ in De&e'.er I turned the ta.%es on the ,or#for&e and as#ed the' to (i e ad i&e on a situation of 'y &hoosin((U) S%: ,o$ do you decide $hich #uestions to ans$er( (U) $: I try to address a ariety of to1i&s+ so if you ,rite in a.out a s1e&ifi& 1ro.%e' and I Dust ans,ered a si'i%ar 8uestion+ yours 1ro.a.%y ,on0t (et 1u.%ished---- at %east not for a ,hi%e- "%so+ so'e 8uestions are 'ore a11ro1riate for the 1o%i&y eC1ert in that area to ans,er- In that &ase+ SIDtoday for,ards the 8uestion (,ith the as#er0s 1er'ission) to that 7O4(U) S%: )hat issues do you see "eo"le concerned about most( (U) $: Ao, to dea% ,ith their su1er isor is a .i( one- I de oted a ,ho%e arti&%e to !'ana(in( u1! .e&ause se era% readers had as#ed si'i%ar 8uestions a%on( those %ines(U) S%: Is there an underlyin' theme or "hiloso"hy that ties all your advice to'ether( (U) $: A'''+ if I had to 1i&# so'ethin(+ I 'i(ht say !&o''on sense-! "%so+ .e ni&e to 1eo1%e and assu'e no.%e intent(U) S%: )hat one "iece of advice do you have for SID mana'ers( (U) $: 3hrou(hout 'y &areer I0 e seen too 'any 'i&ro/'ana(ers- It0s 1ro.a.%y ine ita.%e // ,e hire 1eo1%e for their te&hni&a% s#i%%s+ and then ,hen they (et to a &ertain %e e% they find they need to (o into 'ana(e'ent to #ee1 (ettin( 1ro'oted- Ao,e er+ they sti%% ha e a se&ret han#erin( to do the te&hni&a% ,or#- Mana(ers need to .e o1en 'inded: Dust .e&ause the or(ani)ation has a%,ays done so'ethin( a &ertain ,ay doesn0t 'ean it0s the on%y // or e en .est // ,ay to do it- My ad i&e to SID 'ana(ers is to take care of your people and let your people take care of the mission. (U) S%: -ne last #uestion: $ill the readers ever find out $ho Zelda really is( (U) $: I don0t #no,--- 7ro.a.%y ,hen the &o%u'n ,ra1s/u1+ ,hene er that 'ay .e- Doin( it too soon 'i(ht .e disa11ointin( // %i#e un'as#in( the @one Ran(er=

(U) ''Ask Zelda!'': Watching Every Word in Snitch City
FROM: ''Zelda,'' Dispenser of Advice for SIGINTers on Workplace Iss es R n Da!e: "#$"#$%"&& '() No!e: T*e + es!ion *as ,een edi!ed for ,revi!-'s sake. T*e ,elo/ col 0n is nclassified in i!s en!ire!-. Dear Zelda, 1ere's !*e scenario: /*en !*e ,oss sees co2/orkers *avin3 a + ie! conversa!ion, *e /an!s !o kno/ /*a! is ,ein3 said 'i!'s 0os!l- /ork rela!ed). 1e *as *is desi3na!ed 4sni!c*es4 and e5pec!s !*e0 !o keep *i0 apprised of all !*e office 3ossip 22 even callin3 !*e0 a! *o0e and e5pec!in3 a r n2do/n6 T*is p !s !*e 4desi3nees4 in a reall- a/k/ard posi!ion7 pl s, /e're all afraid an- off*and co00en! or an-!*in3 said in confidence 0i3*! ,e ei!*er repea!ed or 0isrepresen!ed. Needless !o sa-, !*is crea!es a cer!ain a0o n! of !ension ,e!/een !ea0 0e0,ers /*o nor0all- /o ld 3e! alon3 /ell, and adds s!ress in an alread- s!ressf l a!0osp*ere. T*ere is also an nspoken ,elief !*a! *e /ill 0ove people !o differen! desks !o ,reak p /*a! *e perceives as people ,eco0in3 !oo 4c* 00-.4 'I!'s ,een done nder !*e 3 ise of 4crea!in3 !ea0s.4) We sed !o ,e a,le !o 8oke aro nd a li!!le or !alk a,o ! o r favori!e 4Idol4 con!es!an! !o ,reak !*e !ension, , ! no/ /e're 3e!!in3 0ore and 0ore ski!!is* a,o ! even !*e 0os! 0 ndane 3eneral conversa!ions '4Did -o *ave a 3ood /eekend94). T*is /as once a ver- open, coopera!ive 3ro p /*o /orked /ell !o3e!*er. No/ /e're 0ore s spicio s of eac* o!*er and !ea0/ork is ,eco0in3 *arder. Do -o !*ink !*is /as !*e 3oal9 Silenced in SID

Dear Silenced, Wo/, !*a! !akes 4in!elli3ence collec!ion4 in a /*ole ne/ 22 and inappropria!e 22 direc!ion6 It's lonely at the top Firs! le! 0e sa- !*a! I do no! !*ink !*is 0ana3er's in!en! is !o disco ra3e !ea0/ork. W*a! i! so nds like !o 0e is !*a! *e 'I'll call *i0 4Mic*ael4) feels like an o !sider and /an!s !o ,e in !*e kno/. I! can ,e lonel- ,ein3 !*e ,oss. :o si! closed off in an office and 0iss !*e eas- ca0araderie /i!* -o r co2 /orkers, /*ile a! !*e sa0e !i0e feelin3 !*e need !o 4police4 !*eir ,e*avior. Ma-,e so0eone !old Mic*ael !*ere /as !oo 0 c* c*i!2c*a! in *is or3ani;a!ion or !*a! so0e specific pro,le0 e5is!ed, and resor!in3 !o sni!c*es is *is 0is3 ided /a- of ferre!in3 o ! !*e c lpri!'s). <i!*er !*a! or *e's ,een /a!c*in3 !oo 0 c* 4=a/ and Order.4 W*- don'! -o !r- !*is: 3o over,oard co00 nica!in3 /i!* *i0. >all *i0 over /*en *e's /anderin3 aro nd sp-in3 on people and fill *i0 in on !*in3s. Give *i0 de!ails of /ork pro8ec!s and ask *is opinion a,o ! 0ission 0a!!ers so *e feels like *e's 4in !*e loop.4 Ge! o!*ers !o drop ,- *is desk periodicall- 8 s! !o sa- *ello, 4*ope -o *ad a 3ood /eekend,4 or 41o/ ',o ! !*e0 O's94 I ,e! !*a! /ill

sa!isf- *is need !o kno/ /*a!'s 3oin3 on and *e'll ,ack off /i!* !*e nosiness. SA! o Secrets Allo"ed We /ork in an A3enc- of secre!s, , ! !*is kind of secrec- ,e3e!s 0ore secrec- and i! ,eco0es a do/n/ard spiral !*a! des!ro-s !ea0/ork. W*a! if -o p ! an end !o all !*e secrec- ,- ,rin3in3 i! o ! in!o !*e open9 :o and -o r co2/orkers co ld ask Mic*ael for a !ea0 0ee!in3 and la- o ! !*e iss e as -o see i!: 4We feel like -o don'! !r s! s and /e aren'! co0for!a,le 0akin3 s0all !alk an-0ore for fear of *avin3 o r desks 0oved if /e're seen as ,ein3 !oo c* 00-.4 '=eave o ! !*e par! a,o ! !*e sni!c*es.) Tell *i0 *o/ !*is is *a0perin3 colla,ora!ion and affec!in3 !*e /ork, ask *i0 if *e *as a pro,le0 /i!* !*e !ea0's ,e*avior, and see /*a! *e sa-s. <nco ra3e *i0 !o co0e direc!l- !o !*e e0plo-ee in + es!ion if *e *as a concern 'ra!*er !*an ask a !*ird par!- !o 3a!*er in!el for *i0). In ancase, !*e 0ee!in3 /ill clear !*e air. S!ick !o !*e fac!s and *o/ -o feel, ra!*er !*an 0akin3 i! a,o ! *i0 '4We're nco0for!a,le4 vs. 4:o 're sp-in3 on s4). If, af!er -o r a!!e0p!s !o ,rin3 !*in3s o ! in !*e open, i! ,eco0es clear !*a! Mic*ael is si0pl- evil 'so0e people live !o s!ir p !ro ,le), -o r ,es! reco rse 0a- ,e !o approac* Mic*ael's ,oss /i!* !*e pro,le0 and per*aps Mic*ael can ,e reassi3ned. ?e s re !o foc s on !*e effec! i!'s *avin3 on !*e !ea0's /ork /*en -o !alk !o *is 0ana3er. o one likes a tattle#tale 4Silenced4 i0plied !*a! in !*is si! a!ion !*e sni!c*es /ere n/illin3 acco0plices for Mic*ael. T*e rel c!an! sni!c*es feel like !*e-'re 4da0ned if !*e- do and da0ned if !*e- don'!,4 and ever-one else is /alkin3 on e33s*ells. If -o are ,o!*ered ,- sni!c*es in -o r office, /*e!*er of !*e n/illin3 or vol n!ar- varie!-, !*e ,es! sol !ion is !o keep -o r ,e*avior a,ove reproac*. ?e a 3ood perfor0er, /a!c* /*a! -o sa- and do, lock -o r screen /*en -o s!ep a/a- fro0 -o r /orks!a!ion, and keep fodder for /a33in3 !on3 es '-o r @ia3ra s!as*, p*o!os of -o r /ild2and2cra;- 3irls' /eekend in A!lan!ic >i!-) a! *o0e or o ! of si3*!. If -o are p ! in !*e 4 n/illin3 sni!c*4 posi!ion, I /o ld advise !ellin3 -o r ,oss !*a! -o 're no! co0for!a,le /i!* !*e role and !o please no! ask !*a! of -o . Tr s! is *ard !o re, ild once i! *as ,een ,roken. :o r /ork cen!er 0a- !ake !i0e !o *eal af!er !*is deplora,le prac!ice is discon!in ed, , ! 3ive i! !i0e and *opef ll- !*e open coopera!ion -o once en8o-ed /ill re! rn. ;elda

'($$FO(O) <di!or's no!e: 1ave !*o 3*!s on !*is !opic9 Aos! !*e0 on !*e associa!ed Tapioca Ae,,le. '($$FO(O) S!andard disclai0er: 4Zelda's4 vie/s are *er o/n and do no! represen! !*e official vie/s of !*e Associa!e Direc!ora!e for >orpora!e =eaders*ip, 1 0an Reso rces, SID, or an- o!*er NSA or3ani;a!ion.

(U) ''Ask Zelda!'': Guilty Until Proven Innocent?
FROM: ''Zelda,'' Dispenser of Advice on Workplace Issues Run Date: 11/ !/" 1" #$% &'e (elo) article is unclassified in its entiret*+ Note: The following question has been edited for brevity. Dear Zelda, ,o) do I e-onerate .*self fro. an /anon*.ous .ail(a0/ incident1 A fe) .ont's a0o, a co2)orker )as reall* stea.ed a(out 'o) t'in0s )ere 0oin0 in our (ranc'/division and )rote a livid .essa0e to our office's /anon*.ous .ail(a0,/ (ut s'o)ed a fe) of us t'e draft (efore'and+ I su00ested t'at t'e )ordin0 )as overl* stron0, as it referred to our .ana0ers as /a(*s.al/ and /idiotic+/ &'e co2)orker sent it an*)a*+ 3o2)orker receives praise and reco0nition fro. t'e office, despite t'e .ail or (ecause co2)orker didn't co.e up on t'e list of suspects )'o )rote t'e .essa0e+ In t'e .eanti.e, t'e c'ill I'. feelin0 is prett* severe4 I'. kno)n to (e a direct person, so possi(l* it )as assu.ed t'at if an*one )ould )rite a .essa0e like t'at, I )ould5 (ut I didn't, and I advised a0ainst it+ 6ecause I a0reed to look at t'e draft in confidence, I don't )ant to di.e out .* co2)orker+ W'at recourse do I 'ave to officiall* esta(lis' t'at I 'ave not used t'is .ail(a01 If I 'ave so.et'in0 to sa* to an*one, I'll do it under .* o)n na.e, and it )on't involve usin0 t'e )ords /a(*s.al/ or /idiotic+/ ,elp44444 And 6&W, to .e t'e situation I'. in is a 0ood ar0u.ent a0ainst /anon*.ous .ail(a0s+/ 7et people put t'eir o)n na.es to criticis.s t'e* )ant to .ake of ot'ers+ Ot'er)ise, *ou end up )it' people like .e )'o are )onderin0 if )e're 0ettin0 un8ustl* (la.ed+ 9 Innocent 6*stander

Dear 6*stander, :ou .ake a 0ood case a0ainst anon*.ous .ail(a0s, (ut a lot of people )on't 0ive feed(ack at all if t'e* kno) it )ill (e attri(uted to t'e.+ I (elieve scat'in0 co..ents suc' as *our co2)orker's are t'e e-ception and not t'e rule in suc' .ail(a0s+ ;evert'eless, t'ere is so.et'in0 *ou can do a(out t'e situation+ <peak to t'e person#s% )'o is free=in0 *ou out+ In private sa*, /I've notice *ou + + + >descri(e t'e treat.ent *ou're receivin0?+ ,ave I done so.et'in0 to offend *ou1/ If t'e* .ention /*our/ note, *ou 'ave t'e openin0 to set t'e record strai0't+ :ou can state )'at *ou did a(ove 22 t'at *ou 'ave never used t'e .ail(a0 and t'at if *ou 'ad so.et'in0 to sa* to so.eone, *ou

)ould tell t'e. directl* 'cause t'at's 'o) *ou roll+ If t'e* don't (rin0 up t'e note, at least *ou've .ade an atte.pt to clear t'e air+ Ma*(e t'ere is anot'er reason for t'e cold s'oulder+ W'en t'e* insist not'in0 is )ron0, *ou could sa* so.et'in0 like, /I 'ope if *ou did 'ave a pro(le. )it' .e, t'at *ou )ould talk to .e directl* a(out it+ I )ould do t'e sa.e for *ou+/ &'at plants t'e seeds of innocence in t'eir .ind #i+e+, *ou )ould talk to t'e. directl* and not use an anon*.ous .ail(a0% if t'e cause is t'e note, and encoura0es t'e. to (roac' t'e su(8ect if it's so.et'in0 else+ Other "Anony ous !ail"a#" $hou#hts W'ile it is te.ptin0 to (e co.pletel* uncensored )'en usin0 anon*.ous feed(ack .ec'anis.s, please understand t'at it can (e counterproductive+ A rude, accusator*, or overl* severe co..ent can turn t'e recipient off to *our su00estion for i.prove.ent+ &r* to .ake *our co..ent constructive and free fro. e.otional colorin0+ :ou are .ore likel* to 'ave it considered and initiate c'an0e t'at )a*+ 7ike)ise, if *ou receive 'ostile feed(ack t'rou0' an anon*.ous .ail(a0, it's eas* to discount and i0nore it, especiall* if it pus'es *our /'ot/ (uttons+ Instead, tr* to look past t'e )a* it is )orded to see if t'ere's a kernel of trut' t'at re@uires action+ Often i.portant feed(ack is not couc'ed in t'e .ost pleasant ter.s+ W'ile .an* people )ill accept 0entle criticis. fro. a friend, it takes a trul* enli0'tened person to ackno)led0e t'at an adversar*'s nast* co..ent .i0't 'ave so.e .erit and to do so.et'in0 a(out it+

#$% <tandard disclai.er: Zelda's vie)s are 'er o)n and do not represent t'e official vie)s of t'e Associate Directorate for 3orporate 7eaders'ip, ,u.an Resources, <ID, or an* ot'er ;<A or0ani=ation+ #$% 7ookin0 for so.e of t'e older /Ask Zelda/ colu.ns1 &'e* are filed a)a* in t'e arc'ives under t'e /Ask Zelda4 " 1 / and /Ask Zelda " 11/ series+ Also, if *ou'd like to su(.it a @uestion of *our o)n to Zelda, 8ust use t'e /co..ents/su00estions a(out t'is article/ (utton (elo) to send it in+

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