FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT: John Darash (845) 229‐0044 New York Becomes First State To Establish

Commo Law !ra " #$ries i Each Co$ t% Growing Grassroots Movement Spreading Like A Prairie Fire Across America With Brush Fires in All 50 States and ne !uarter o" #ation$s %ounties (NEW YORK, NEW YORK – March 5, 2014) – Ne Yor! has "eco#e $he %&rs$ s$a$e o% $he 'n&on $o re‐cons$&$($e co##on )a *ran+ ,(r&es &n each o% &$s co(n$&es- . en$/ or #ore s$a$es are e01ec$e+ $o %o))o s(&$ &$h&n $he ne0$ %e #on$hs an+ $he re#a&n&n* s$a$es "/ $he en+ o% s(##er 2014Ne Yor! "eca#e $he %&rs$ s$a$e $o es$a")&sh co##on )a *ran+ ,(r&es &n each co(n$/ on .h(rs+a/, 2e"r(ar/ 23, a$ 3455 1# Eas$ern $&#e as R&ch#on+ 6o(n$/ ,o&ne+ $he ran!s o% &$s %e))o co(n$&es $o cons$&$($e one 7'n&%&e+ Ne Yor! 6o##on 8a 9ran+ J(r/:- 6o##on )a *ran+ ,(r&es are reco*n&;e+ "/ '-<- <(1re#e 6o(r$ r()&n*s, $he #os$ ro"(s$ "e&n* '-<- =- W&))&a#s (1992) (see %ron$ 1a*e, -Na$&ona)8&"er$/>))&ance-or*)- J(s$&ce >n$o&ne <ca)&a, r&$&n* %or $he #a,or&$/, sa&+, &'t (elongs to no (ranch o" the institutional government) serving as a kind o" (u""er or re"eree (etween the Government and the people*+he common law 5th Amendment demands a "unctioning traditional grand ,ur- independent "rom the ,udicial (ranch with power to investigate criminal wrongdoing re.uiring no authori/ation "rom its constituting court) it swears in its own witnesses and deli(erates in total secrec-01 .ho(san+s o% ?eo1)e across >#er&ca are or!&n* a$ $he *rassroo$s )e=e) $o re$(rn ,(s$&ce $o o(r o($‐o%‐con$ro) co(r$s an+ $h&s n(#"er &s *ro &n* e01onen$&a))/- >$$orne/s an+ J(+*es ho ha=e or!e+ o=er$&#e $hro(*ho($ $he 1as$ 35 /ears $o +es$ro/ an+ h&+e %ro# $he ?eo1)e $he =er/ en*&ne $ha$ co()+ %ree $he#, Je%%erson@s 7*o=ern#en$ "/ $he consen$ o% $he ?eo1)e:, $he *ran+ ,(r/.o+a/@s >$$orne/s an+ J(+*es $e)) (s $ha$ 6o##on 8a has "een a"ro*a$e+ an+ $ha$ $he 5$h >#en+#en$ 9ran+ J(r/ &s %or $he %e+era) co(r$s a)one- >n/one &$h e01er&ence &n $he s$a$e co(r$s &)) $e)) /o( $ha$ $he 6o##on 8a A&)) o% R&*h$s ha=e "een e01(n*e+ "/ $he >$$orne/s an+ J(+*es ho "e)&e=e $he/ are a"o=e $he )a an+ o n /o(r co(r$- On)/ hen $he ?eo1)e "eco#e a are o% $he 1ro")e# &)) e $he ?eo1)e, $hro(*h $he 6o##on 8a 9ran+ J(r&es, "e a")e $o sec(re 8&"er$/ a*a&n.he 'n&%&e+ Ne Yor! 6o##on 8a 9ran+ J(r/ has en*a*e+ $he ,(+*es a$ $he h&*hes$ )e=e) ho ha=e arro*an$)/ re%(se+ $he ?eo1)e access &n$o $he&r o n co(r$s, $here"/ ha=e &n+&c$e+ %&=e ,(+*es an+ a c)er! on RB6O an+ h&*h $reason char*es- .he +($/ o% $he 6o##on 8a 9ran+ J(r/ &s $o correc$ a)) ron*+o&n* he$her &$ "e &n $he ,(+&c&a) or 1o)&$&ca) rea)#s, an+ $ha$@s e0ac$)/ ha$ $he/ are a%ra&+ o%.ho#as Je%%erson sa&+4 &2ducate and in"orm the whole mass o" the people*+he- are the onl- sure reliance "or the preservation o" our li(ert-01 2or #ore &n%or#a$&on, =&s&$ -Na$&ona)8&"er$/>))&ance-or*CCC

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