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."'-? A 3 B9C9?D &,E F9?:. 2 3 G&-? >*'E ;; 3 G"??"'- H'*+
)&+C*E9& I 3 G**J9,# F*?. >&K- 1L 3 M7!=N !"5*'? 1O
P"&E%9," /*' =$#$-? 9--$"Q H'9E&KR S$%K 1 TU'-? H'9E&K */ "8"@
'K +*,?.VW -$C+9--9*,-XY&K8"-Z:& 3 [,%9,"Q YYYZY&K8"-Z
:& 3 S*9, $- *, H&:"C**JQ >&K8"- \&#&D9," !*:J-V
] &,E *, ^Y9??"'Q X>&K8"-\&#&D9,"
!"C"%%9*$- _$""'- N%&,
=,?9@)*'5*'&?" N'9E" >""J
By Kaley Kennedy
1bi. articte v.e. tbe .ivgvtar, gevaer·vevtrat ¡rovovv
tbe, ava refer. to ci.gevaer ¡eo¡te, veavivg tbo.e
¡eo¡te rbo.e .e· ava gevaer are vo.tt, atigvea.
ollowing in the steps oí other cit-
ies, laliíax will ha·e an alternati·e,
anti-corporate queer pride week, dubbed
Queer and Rebel Days, this summer írom
July 1 to 10, the week beíore laliíax Pride.
Queer and Rebel Days is a grassroots, DI\,
anti-corporate alternati·e to Pride that pro·ides
anti-oppressi·e and saíe spaces to people oí all
ages, gender, and sexualities. It is a drug- and
alcohol-íree week oí e·ents that íocuses on
education, skill sharing, and community build-
ing,` reads the Queer and Rebel Days mission
1he decision to organize the week came out
oí discussions around organizing laliíax`s Frst
Dyke and 1rans March and an interest to create
other alternati·es to Pride, says Shay Lnxuga,
one oí the organizers oí Queer and Rebel
Days. 1he Frst Queer and Rebel Days was
held in 2009. Many oí the organizers this time
around attended e·ents íor the 2009 week and
were interested in holding similar e·ents this
year. Se·eral other cities, including 1oronto and
Montreal hold similar alternati·e Pride e·ents
just beíore or just aíter mainstream Pride weeks.
Queer and Rebel Days is a response to
laliíax Pride recognizing that the e·ents oí
laliíax Pride ha·e a speciFc íocus that pri·i-
leges certain members oí the queer community,
being white, cis men,` Lnxuga adds. |\e`re|
trying to create a space íor other people, íor
people oí colour, íor trans people, íor people
with disabilities, íor cis women and queer
women, íor people who might not íeel com-
íortable or represented in a lot oí the e·ents
happening at Pride.`
Lnxuga adds that the intention is íor Queer
and Rebel days to go along with Pride. 1he
e·ents are scheduled beíore Pride to ensure that
people who are interested can attend both sets
oí e·ents. 1he schedule íor the week includes
e·erything írom political discussions on labels
in the queer community to a queer bike repair
workshop and ride, and a letter writing e·ent.
All e·ents are íree, and are open to people oí
all ages.
I think the aim oí Queer and Rebel Days
is to create a space that is saíe, but also edu-
cational and political. I hope people will come
because they want to learn and connect with
other people. I want it to be íun, but I also re-
ally want it also to build a strong sense oí queer
community in laliíax.`
Lnxuga explains that personally, they see
the need íor a queer community that ques-
tions how we understand oursel·es in terms
oí gender and sexuality and is really supporti·e
oí queer people oí colour, queer people li·ing
in po·erty trans people, women, and queer
people in prison.
So íar, response to the week has been posi-
ti·e, but Lnxuga encourages people to come
out to e·ents and get in·ol·ed with organising,
^." N@>*'E
by Brendan Dunbar
narrow interpretation oí a certain
word, combined with a misunder-
standing and outright bad report-
ing, has led to the recent nap surrounding
the laliíax Pride íesti·al`s media launch.
On June 2 Pride`s co-chair Ld Sa·age was
quoted in Metro news as saying, 1hat`s what
we stri·e íor, to make it less promiscuous than
other Prides across the country.. Our way oí
liíe in the Maritimes is diííerent. And we also
íeel that our allies and our íamily aspect oí
Pride is just as important.`
Sa·age made the comment - clariíying
the organizing committee`s earlier reíerence
about its dedication to a new proíessional-
ism` - to media and sponsors at the oíFcial
íesti·al launch on June 1. `tra, Canada`s largest
GLB1Q publication, picked up the Metro article
and had its own piece posted online within 12
hours oí the e·ent.
In an exclusi·e inter·iew with \ay·es Sa·-
age said the Metro reporter misunderstood him.
I`m sure he took what I said a little bit wrong.
\hat was said basically is that our íesti·al is
known íor being less promiscuous` than the
1oronto and Montreal Prides.
`tra ran with the story - without contact-
ing members oí the laliíax Pride committee
íor additional comments - electing to íocus on
the word promiscuous` and make something
oí it,` Sa·age said.
1he laliíax GLB1Q community sometimes
íeels promiscuity is an issue, he added. Some
people belie·e that Pride excludes some groups
as a result.
Nothing could be íurther írom the truth,`
he said. 1he committee wants an all-inclusi·e
íesti·al. \e welcome e·eryone. \e
always ha·e. \e`·e ne·er kyboshed
a noat. \e`·e ne·er told anybody they
couldn`t do something in particular.`
1he media ruckus has raised a perti-
nent question: \hat does the GLB1Q
community deFne as promiscuous·
1his whole battle has come down
to one word: Promiscuous,` Sa·age said.
Promiscuous` means a lot oí diííerent
things to a lot oí diííerent people.`
1o those people who were acti·e in
the early Fghts íor equal rights, the word
pertained to sex and continues to relate
to sexual acti·ity. lor others, the deFni-
tion broadens to include nudity or erotic
1imes ha·e changed, and Pride íes-
ía ´arage at a ¡re.. covferevce. Pboto b, .vita Martive¸
`&%9/&a PKJ" 6 ^'&,- \&':.
By Rebecca Rose
n the lriday oí laliíax Pride 2010
nearly 100 people marched through
the city behind a brightly painted
and glittering banner that read, 1his is a
March, Not a Parade.` 1his year, laliíax
Dyke & 1rans March organizers are well into
planning another non-corporate, political
march íor the lriday beíore the Pride Parade.
1he Dyke & 1rans March will be held on
lriday, July 22 at 6:00 p.m. and is open to allies
oí all identities and orientations. It is being
organized by and íor queer women and trans
people, and seeks to not only celebrate these
identities, but to challenge continued oppres-
sions, particularly gendered oppression.
1he way our genders are percei·ed and the
way that people and institutions interact with
us based on them create ·ery real challenges,
especially íor queer women and trans people,`
says Rory Begin, a íormer coordinator íor X
Pride, who will be attending the march. 1o
me, this march is a space íor those oí us who
are pri·ileged, as well as those oí us who are
oppressed by gender inequities to acknowledge
and challenge the status quo.`
Recently, the march became e·en more
pertinent gi·en the contro·ersial comments
by laliíax Pride Co-Chair Ld Sa·age in the
June 2 issue oí the Metro. In an article that
celebrated laliíax Pride`s proíessionalism and
close relationships with business, Sa·age was
quoted as saying, 1hat`s what we stri·e íor,
to make it less promiscuous than other prides
across the country.`
It`s dangerous and irresponsible to pro-
mote the idea that sexual expression should be
muted to cater to the palate oí a larger commu-
nity, one that Pride laliíax isn`t e·en supposed
to represent,` says Jessica Carlile, one oí the
march`s organizers. 1his direction seems to be
in response to corporate sponsorship. It makes
me íeel like laliíax Pride is aligning themsel·es
with people who once tried to Ft me into a
square. Now they want to Ft me into a triangle.`
Come out on lriday, July 22 with your
íriends and íamily, dressed howe·er you like,
to catch speakers and períormers, and join the
march with your own signs or alongside more
glittering, painted banners.
\atch the lacebook group laliíax`s Frst
Dyke & 1rans March!` and posters around
the city íor the location and route. lor more
iníormation on the march or to get in·ol·ed
e-mail haliíaxdykeandtransmarch¸gmail.com.
Covt`a ov ¡. ²
Covt`a ov ¡. ²
!"#$%& - JuIy 2011 - 3
F'*$#.? ?* b*$ CK cc >."'" ?* H9,E >&K8"-
=,9?& \&'?9,"D
)&+ \&:G"*E
P&,9"% \&:B&K
S9+ F&9,
B9+ H*Y%*Y
>=bde7 P&?"-V
!""#$ &'()$() *$+,- . ($"/
lridays: Jul 1, Aug 5, Sep 2, Oct
¯: that is, the Frst lriday oí each
month ,skipping January., \ou can
send your news, ideas, comments,
criticisms, columns, cartoons and
more to submissions¸way·es.ca
any time!
01',#2).'( 3$$).(4" ,laliíax,:
Mondays: Jul 4, Aug 8, Sep 5, Oct
10: help decide what goes in the
next issue, 6:00 PM, Blowers St
Paper Chase, laliíax. All welcome,
e·ery meeting.
3+4+5.($ 6+7'#) ,laliíax,: Jul
10, Aug 14, Sep 11, Oct 16: help
build the paper - no special skills
required, just enthusiasm, and
joining us e·en once, or íor a íew
hours helps a lot! 9:30 AM. Lmail
us íor location.
\e`re on the stands, in the mail,
and online on the íourth lriday
oí e·ery month!
M&?.&, =E&+-
!&%5. `9##9,-
!&,E&%% N"''K
7&'& \*,?#*+"'K
>9%% \$''&K
] &,E ]
F%*Y"'- 7?'""? N&5"'
).&-" /*' +""?9,#
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[$' )*8"'
Megan Leslie celebrates Pride
2010 on wheels with her MP
Photo by Randall Perry, co·er de-
sign, as always by Cam MacLeod.
!"#$%& exists to iníorm Atlantic Canadian lesbians, gay men, bisexuals
and transgender people oí acti·ities in their communities, to promote
those acti·ities and to support their aims and objecti·es.
\ay·es is an independent publication, published e·ery month except
lebruary by a non-proFt collecti·e. Anyone who contributes to \ay·es is
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P.O. Box 34090, Scotia Square
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B3J 3S1
=?%&,?9: )&,&E& M"Y-
N'9E" ='? 7.*Y
Swoon Art Gallery in lammonds
Plains, near laliíax, is presenting two
shows íor Pride: lappy lour,` by
Brandt Lisner and Recent \ork,`
by Michael Stowe. Come join Brandt
íor a meet and greet reception on
1uesday, July 19, írom 2:00 - ¯:00
p.m., or ·iew the work anytime dur-
ing Pride \eek. 1he shows run until
Sunday, July 31.
Swoon is located
at 1410 lammonds
Pl ai ns Road, lam-
monds Plains, NS. Call
,902, 444-82¯9 or ·isit
our website at www.
swooní i near t . com.
lours are Monday to
lriday írom 12 noon
- 6:00 p.m., Saturday
írom 10:00 a.m. - 6:00
p.m., and Sunday írom
12 noon - 6:00 p.m.
1he organizers oí the
South Shore Pri de
dances i n \i l e·i l l e
write: Please be ad-
·ised the South Shore Pride dances
ha·e ended. Because oí íinancial
troubles and lack oí attendance we
decided that it was the time to bring
them to an end.`
MZ7Z 4&K 7?'&9#.?
=%%9&,:" M"?Y*'J
1he \outh Project has launched
its GSA Network, a way íor Gay,
Straight Alliances across the pro·ince
to connect with each other. During
the Making Noise! GSA Coníerence
in 2010, students and staíí ad·isors
identiíied wanting a way to share
ideas and resources, keep in touch
and stay connected. 1he \P is now
oííering an online option íor these
school groups to Fnd each other. 1he
network íeatures a searchable map oí
No·a Scotia, a proFle íor each GSA,
a section íor e·ents and news ,and
e·entually resources,, and an easy
online registration.
Ií you ha·en`t already done so,
sign up your Gay,Straight Alliance
,and get a íree GSA Pride ílag!,.
\atch íor iníormation in the íall
about the next GSA Coníerence, to
take place this coming No·ember.
Check out the GSA Network at www.
N'9E" >*'-.95
It appears that the laliíax Pride Mul-
ti-laith \orship Ser·ice will not be
held beíore the Pride Parade this year.
In the past Saíe larbour MCC organ-
ized the e·ent, something íor which
we ha·e been extremely grateíul.
Since the church is not operating at
present, nobody has stepped íorward
to make alternati·e arrangements.
Ií you wish a spiritual dimension
to your celebration oí Pride \eek,
you are in·ited to the Integrity Lucha-
rist to be held at the start oí Pride
\eek, July 1¯, at 4:00 p.m. at the Ca-
thedral Church oí All Saints, Martello
St., laliíax. Integrity is an Anglican
GLB1Q and íriends group who
meet at the Cathedral on the third
Sunday oí each month. Re·. Dianna
Brett-lrye presides and Re·. Alan
lrye deli·ers the homily. \hoe·er
you are, where·er you are on your
spiritual journey, you are welcome.
Reíreshments and con·ersation íol-
lows each gathering.
G"-C9&, \*$,?9"
\K-?"'K M*8"%
1he Slayer, the Frst no·el in a thriller
series by laliíax-based author Na-
dine LaPierre, will be released in
Canada, the United States, the United
Kingdom and Australia on July 16.
1his highly-anticipated no·el has
garnered ra·e ad·anced re·iews and
interest írom across North America
and Lurope.
1he series is set in laliíax and
íeatures Constable Danielle Renaud,
a lesbian RCMP oíFcer. Described
by some as a psychological thriller,
and by others as a drama shrouded
in suspense,` 1he Slayer is a mystery-
ti·als ha·e to change with them.
Society`s growing acceptance oí the
GLB1Q population means the need
íor in-your-íace` tactics is not as
pressing. 1hat more lesbian and gay
íamilies are attending Pride is another
It`s about |ha·ing| a íamily-
íriendly e·ent. People think that`s a
right-wing statement,` Sa·age said.
1hat`s a íact.`
1he introduction oí Kids Can
Lnjoy Pride 1oo - or Kids Can,
íor short - a play area íor children
attending the íesti·al, has been
uni·ersally praised. 1hat the Xtra
article would equate íamily-íriendly`
concessions like Kids Can with
right-wing` is, in Sa·age`s opinion,
Is our liberation all about sex,
and do we make it all about sex·
\e`re humans other than our sexual
acti·ity,` he said. But it`s what we`re
oppressed about.`
Dancing naked at Pride marches
has been one way oí bringing at-
tention to this societal oppression.
1hat`s what we`·e had to do in order
to be who we want to be.. 1hat`s not
who e·erybody is in our community.`
Part oí the organizing committee`s
role is to strike a happy medium íor
e·eryone. In that respect Pride has
e·ol·ed beyond a political march
with chanting. 1he GLB1Q com-
munity has more Fghts in a broader
arena, Sa·age said. lor that reason I
don`t think promiscuous` should be
a charged word.`
1he íesti·al will continue to
embrace e·eryone, including allies.
By excluding them, the GLB1Q
community would be doing what the
straight community has done to them,
in Sa·age`s opinion.
Speaking íor myselí, I`m saying
that`s not okay.`
As íor the media rumpus, Sa·age
said the Metro reporter`s misap-
prehension is understandable, while
Xtra`s decision to write an article
based on another news agency`s re-
porting is not.
People took what someone else
said as gospel, and I think that`s
e·en ií they are critical oí the week.
|\e should be| really íocussing
on the most marginalized members
oí our communities and supporting
them, and I don`t think there is a lot
oí representation oí those people
within the laliíax gay scene and
laliíax Pride,` says Lnxuga.
Anyone interested in being in-
·ol·ed with Queer and Rebel Days is
encouraged to check out the Queer
and Rebel Days 2011 lacebook page,
or e-mail Shay Lnxuga at gypsy.
!"C"%%9*$- _$""'-
Covt`a frov ¡. 1
^." fNg >*'E
Covt`a frov ¡. 1
Covt`a ve·t ¡age

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