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UCLA Department of Chicana/o Studies CS 191-1 Sites of Public Memory Murals and !

ther Sacred Sites in Los An"eles
Summer 2014, Session A #U$SDA% 1& && am ' 1 (& pm Professor Judith F. Baca TA: Carlos Rogel: TA Office hours: Friday 11am – 2 m a! "C#A@$%ARC &igi!al 'ural #ab by A oin!men! PA) 1*+9 and , the UCLA,SPA-C Di"ital Mural Lab ./( 0enice )l1d23 0enice3 CA 9&491

C!U-S$ C!5#$5#
A !heore!ical course !augh! from !he ers ec!i(e of an ar!is! e)amining si!es of ublic memory* murals and sacred si!es in !he Ci!y of #os Angeles as a basis for cul!ural insigh!* memoriali+a!ion and his!orical reser(a!ion. This course uses urban #os Angeles as a !e)!boo, on urban s ace issues such as: -ho is !he . ublic/0 -ha! is . ublic1sacred s ace/0 -ha! are si!es of ublic memory0 -ha! is !he (alue of his!oric reser(a!ion2 The course includes bo!h in3class lec!ures and -ee,ly field !ri s !ha! e)amine -ha! defines a neighborhood and ho- cul!ural e) ression sha es ublic s ace. -$AD657S 4ou are re5uired !o com le!e all reading assignmen!s. The course readings can be found on !he Chicana1o 16131 -ebsi!e. #og in !o !he $ocial $ciences Class -ebsi!e loca!ed a!: h!! s:11moodle2.sscne!.ucla.edu1 "nder subjec! area* selec! Chicana and Chicano $!udies* !hen selec! !he class !i!le under .$ummer $ession C/ and log in. All readings are do-nloadable dfs. 4ou are !o com le!e all readings by !he lis!ed class da!e. Assume all cha !ers are assigned unless s ecific ins!ruc!ions are ro(ided. 7e -ill re(ie- !he readings in !he con!e)! of seminar discussions and during si!e (isi!s. For e(ery seminar discussion* you -ill be e) ec!ed !o ro(ide e(idence of ha(ing -or,ed -i!h !he !e)! before your ar!ici a!ion in class discussions. 4ou are e) ec!ed !o a ly !he reading8s conce !s !o our si!e (isi!s and fur!her e) and on !he no!ions of ublic and sacred s aces* ublic memory and !he use of urban s aces. S6#$ 06S6#S $!uden!s -ill be re5uired !o a!!end -ee,ly field !ri s !o local murals and o!her sacred si!es. Those si!es are lis!ed on !he course -ebsi!e and syllabus -i!h !he mee!ing address. 4ou are e) ec!ed !o bring a form of documen!a!ion -hile -e conduc! our si!e (isi!s. &ocumen!a!ion can be an audio recording* a (ideo or ic!ure !a,en -i!h your cell hone or e(en a s,e!chboo, or journal. 7e e) ec! you !o documen! some uni5ue as ec! of each si!e !ha! -e (isi! !ha! can be rela!ed bac, !o your readings. 4ou are !o include !his in your -ee,ly res onses as su or! for your obser(a!ions. 4ou may also use !his as con!en! for your final rojec!. Trans or!a!ion !o !he si!es is no! ro(ided.


%lease coordina!e car ools -i!h your fello- classma!es. 9)changing hone numbers1means of con!ac! on 7ee, 1 is highly recommended. 8$$9L% -$SP!5S$S A -ee,ly !-o3 age -ri!!en res onse a er is due af!er each si!e (isi!. 4ou -ill be e) ec!ed !o !urn in + responses due !he -ee, af!er each si!e (isi!. Consider !he -ee,ly reading conce !s in rela!ionshi !o !he si!e (isi! and include your documen!a!ion. 4our -ri!!en res onses -ill assis! !he rofessor in assessing your a!!en!i(eness in class and your unders!anding of !he conce !s in !he lec!ures and si!e (isi!s. A!!ach documen!a!ion a! !he end of your -ri!ing and ci!e as needed -i!hin your -ri!!en res onse. 4ou may also u load audio1(ideo documen!a!ion !o !he class -ebsi!e or email i! direc!ly !o your TA. Criteria for Analysis in Wee ly !es"onses : 7ho is !he audience2 :s !he ublic monumen! a ro ria!e for !he si!e* -hy2 7ho is !he s onsor2 7hy is i! !here2 7ho does i! ser(e2 7ha! -ere !he s onsors8 in!en!ions in commissioning !he -or,2 7ha! are !he inheren! (alues communica!ed2 Are you con(inced of !hose (alues2 &oes i! mo(e you2 7hy2 :65AL C-$A#60$ P-!;$C# or PAP$- Throughou! !he course* you -ill be e) ec!ed !o demons!ra!e rogress on your rojec!. %rojec! ro osal ideas should be submi!!ed on -ee, ;* Augus! &emons!ra!ion of rojec!s assigned during !he course mus! be !urned in -hen due. 7or, !ha! is no! !urned in on !ime -ill no! be e(alua!ed.

P-!:$SS6!5AL C!5DUC# 4ou -ill earn oin!s based on a!!endance* unc!uali!y0 hel ful and cons!ruc!i(e
ar!ici a!ion in class discussions0 a s iri! of coo era!ion0 ci(il beha(ior0 and con(ersa!ion !ha! encourages a free and democra!ic e)change of ideas333!his is con(ersa!ion !ha! fur!hers cri!ical !hough! and ac,no-ledges !he digni!y and -or!h of e(ery erson.

Sites of Public Memory Murals and !ther Sacred Sites

-$AD657 L6S#
1. =. The Re39nchan!men! Of Ar! $u+i <ablic, .For!ress #os Angeles: The 'ili!ari+a!ion Of "rban $ ace/ 'i,e &a(is

;. .Chicana1o Ar!i(ism: >udy ?aca8s &igi!al 7or, -i!h 4ou!h of Color/ by Chela $ando(al and <uissela #a!orre $igns from !he @ear!: California Chicano 'urals. 9di!ed by 9(a $ erling Coc,crof! and @olly ?arne!! $anche+ !he $ocial and %ublic Ar! Resource Cen!er and "ni(ersi!y of Ae- 'e)ico %ress 166= $i5ueiros @is #ife and 7or,s by %hilli $!ein. :n!erna!ional %ublishers Ae- 4or, 166; 'a ing !he Terrain The Ae- <enre %ublic Ar!* ?ay %ress* $ea!!le* 7ashing!on* by $u+anne #acy The <if!: The 9ro!ic #ife of %ro er!y by #e-is @yde

Benice: A Con!es!ed ?ohemia in #os Angeles by Andre- &eener* "ni(ersi!y of Chicago %ress* 2C12. ?o!anical #os Angeles: #a!ino %o ular Religious Ar! in !he Ci!y of Angels by %a!ric, Ar!hur %ol,. "C#A Fo-ler 'useum of Cul!ural @is!ory 2CC;.

ADD6#6!5AL -$AD657 L6S# !5 MU-AL6SM



S675S :-!M #<$ <$A-#= CAL6:!-56A C<6CA5! MU-ALS edi!ed by 9(a Coc,crof! -i!h a fore-ord by >udi!h F. ?aca ublished by !he $OC:A# AA& %"?#:C ART R9$O"RC9 C9AT9R. by !he "ni(ersi!y Of Ae- 'e)ico %ress 166=


#!8A-D A P$!PL$S A-#= #<$ C!5#$MP!-A-% MU-AL M!0$M$5# ?y 9(a Coc,crof! And >ohn 7eber

1C. S6>U$6-!S <6S L6:$ A5D 8!-9S by %hili $!ein :n!erna!ional ublishers Ae- 4or, 166; 1D. MAPP657 #<$ #$--A65 5$8 7$5-$ PU)L6C A-# 9di!ed by $u+anne #acy. 166D ECha !er by >udi!h F. ?acaF 1G. SP6-6# P!L$S A5D :L%657 P67S ?y 9rica &oss 166D Cha !er on !he 'urals of <uadalu e.


799H One: >une 2;* 2C1; AT "C#A
Class 6ntroduction

#ntroduction $ Sites of Pu%lic &emory' &urals and (ther Sacred Sites in )os An*eles
&iscussion of !he Re5uiremen!s for !he class* self3in!roduc!ions and in!eres! in !he !o ic.


6ntroduction to SPA-C #our / Art3 Community and Social ;ustice2 Lecture on Los #res 7randes and their ?or@ in the United States


Communi!y Cul!ural &e(elo men! I #os Tres <randes


Mappin" the #errain: 9di!ed by $u+anne #acy Cha !ers =*;*G*J Reading due by
Week Two.

799H T-o: >uly 1* 2C1; Off $i!e Class: 'ee! a! 9l %ueblo de #os Angeles* 12D %aseo &e #a %la+a* #os Angeles CA 6CC12.
#!P6C S6#$ 06S6#:

City of )os An*eles +istoric Core , Broad-ay &urals
8al@in" #our of $l Pueblo de Los An"eles <istoric State Par@ and )road?ay Murals2 Meet at $l Pueblo de Los An"eles2 9)amine !he founding and his!ory of #os Angeles and i!s memoriali+a!ion in ublic s aces including !he Kanja 'adre A5ueduc!* Ol(era $!ree!* %ico @ouse* %la+a Church* Chinese Ca!acombs* The de or!a!ion si!e of !he Re a!ria!ion Ac!* and !he America Tro ical :n!er re!i(e Cen!er. D!85#!85 )-!AD8A% A -al,ing !our of !he @is!oric Core of &o-n!o-n #os Angeles !ha! e)amines murals and o!her sacred si!es such as: Bic!or Clo!hing Com any 'urals by 9as! #os $!ree!ca ers Hen! T-i!chell* Fran, Romero* !he ?radbury ?uilding0 %o e of ?road-ay mural by 9lloy Torres* ?iddy 'ason %ar,* former si!e of Calle de la 9!ernidad mural* ?road-ay ?o!anica* The 'illion &ollar Thea!er* and <rand Cen!ral 'ar,e!.


./amine the Foundin* of )os An*eles at the (ld Pue%lo,


the Si0ueiros inter"reti1e center, the e1olution of the Calle de .ternidad into Broad-ay. R9A&:A<$: .$i5ueiros and Three 9arly 'urals in #os Angeles/ by $hifra <oldman. .For!ress #os Angeles: The 'ili!ari+a!ion of "rban $ ace/ by 'i,e &a(is .$i5ueiros: @is #ife and 7or,s/ by %hili $!ein* Cha !ers =* D and 6.

799H Three: >uly L* 2C1; Off $i!e Class: 'ee! a! !he Great Wall of Los Angeles: 126CC O)nard $!* Ban Auys CA 6CC;1 #!P6C
S6#$ 06S6#

'e!hods of Communi!y Cul!ural &e(elo men!: <rea! 7all of #os Angeles and !he $an Fernando Balley
#he 7reat 8all of Los An"eles Mural one of #os Angeles8 !rue cul!ural landmar,s and one of !he coun!ry8s mos! res ec!ed and larges! monumen!s !o in!er3racial harmony* !he <rea! 7all is !he signa!ure -or, of $%ARC0 a landmar, ic!orial re resen!a!ion of !he his!ory of e!hnic eo les of California from rehis!oric !imes !o !he 16DC8s* concei(ed by $%ARC8$ ar!is!ic direc!or and founder >udi!h F. ?aca. ?egun in 16J; and com le!ed o(er fi(e summers* !he <rea! 7all em loyed o(er ;CC you!h and !heir families from di(erse social and economic bac,grounds -or,ing -i!h ar!is!s* oral his!orians* e!hnologis!s* scholars* and hundreds of communi!y members. 7e -ill (isi! The Great Wall of Los Angeles

and examine both the methodologies for the production of the monument and its historical content.
-$AD657 7reat 8all of Los An"eles 8al@in" #our 7uide
Additional Articles #)A


!G"#$"T %& '($ ) R$A'!"G R$ *+" $ ,+R $l *($-L+.-R+A'WA/ 799H Four: >uly 1D* 2C1; Off3$i!e Class: 'ee! a!: 'iguel Con!reras #earning Com le): =22 #ucas A(e* #os Angeles 6CC1J


2he 3i*ital &ural' Community .n*a*ement 2hrou*h 3i*ital 2echnolo*y and the Pico 4nion56oreato-n nei*h%orhoods
Digital Murals | Community Engagement through Technology: “Gente del Maiz” at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, “Migration of the Golden People” at CARECEN, “Seeing through thers E!es” and “"in! Ripples of #ope” at R$%



S6#$ 06S6#

Tour digi!ally3hand rendered murals by >udy ?aca and $%ARC including Gente del #ai0 a! !he 'iguel Con!reras #earning Com le)0 #igration of the Golden *eople a! CAR9C9A0 Tiny Ripples of 1ope I eeing Through +thers $yes a! Rober! F. Hennedy Communi!y $chools. 9)amine communi!y engaged rocess !hrough digi!al ar! collabora!ions. &iscussion of 'ural Ordinance* !he fu!ure of muralism and reser(a!ion* and !he ossibili!y of digi!al mural edagogy.
.Chicana1o Ar!i(ism: >udy ?aca8s &igi!al 7or, -i!h 4ou!h of Color/ by Chela $ando(al and <uissela #a!orre



!G"#$"T %2 '($ ) R$A'!"G R$ *+" $ ,+R T1$ GR$AT WALL +, L+ A"G$L$ . A" ,$R"A"'+ 3ALL$/

799H Fi(e: >uly 22* 2C1; A! "C#A@$%ARC &igi!al 'ural #ab

GLD Benice ?l(d* Benice CA. 6C261
#!P6C 0enice Murals

:!CUS S6#$ 06S6#: -$AD657S:

7%A To 'urals of Benice. :ndi(idual %ro er!ies of 'urals Benice 'urals $elec!ed Cha !ers of Benice: A Con!es!ed ?ohemia in #os Angeles by Andre- &eener* T?A

A !G"#$"T %4 '($ ) R$A'!"G R$ *+" $ ,+R *!5+ ("!+".6+R$AT+W" and '!G!TAL #(RAL 5+##("!T/ $"GAG$#$"T T1R+(G1 '!G!TAL T$51"+L+G/ 799H $i): >uly 26* 2C1; A! "C#A@$%ARC &igi!al 'ural #ab

GLD Benice ?l(d* Benice CA. 6C261
#!P6C Coarse -e1ie? Discussion


!G"#$"T %7 '($ ) R$A'!"G R$ *+" $ ,+R 3$"!5$ #(RAL :n3Class %resen!a!ions 1 Final Re or!s

:65AL DU$:

Final Pro7ect' Students may choose a creati1e "ro7ect or a 8$10 "a*e "a"er on a su%7ect addressed durin* the course. 9our creati1e "ro7ect can %e a 20 minute "resentation to the class on any site of "u%lic memory or sacred site studied durin* the


course. 9ou may -or in "airs or indi1idually to ma e a 1isual "resentation of your selected site. #f you choose to "re"are an indi1idual 8$10 "a*e "a"er, your format should %e' &)A, dou%le$s"aced 12"t. font, 2imes :e- !oman, 1 inch mar*ins. Pa"ers must %e su%mitted %y the end of class.


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