People of the Philippines vs. Lito Bejic y Antoni G.R. No. 174060, June !, 007 Ponente" J.

#hico$N%&%'io (A#)*" +n Au,ust 00 , %t ni,htti-e, Lito Bejic y Antoni .y -e%ns of fo'ce %n/ violence %n/ t%0in, %/v%nt%,e of his -o'%l %scen/%ncy %n/ influence ove' his 14 ye%'$ol/ /%u,hte' n%-e/ AAA, /i/ then %n/ the'e, 1illfully, unl%1fully, feloniously, h%ve c%'n%l 0no1le/,e of his %fo'e-entione/ /%u,hte' %,%inst he' 1ill. +n his /efense, Bejic -%/e %n %li.i th%t th%t /u'in, the ti-e of the '%pe, he 1%s not livin, 1ith the victi-. 2e s%i/ he left fo' 3&%-i& #ity to loo0 fo' % jo., %n/ then 1ent to 4%',os%tu.i,, 5%-.o%n,% /el *u' .ec%use of his -othe'6s /e%th. 2e s%i/ he h%s no 0no1le/,e of the victi-6s p'e,n%ncy %n/ h%s no i/e% 1hy the victi- 1oul/ %ccuse hi- of '%pe. +n J%nu%'y 004, the R)# 'en/e'e/ % /ecision fin/in, the %ccuse/ ,uilty .eyon/ 'e%son%.le /ou.t of 7u%lifie/ incestuous '%pe, sentencin, hi- to /e%th %n/ o'/e'in, hi- to p%y his /%u,hte' civil in/e-nity in the su- of P7!,000 %n/ -o'%l /%-%,es in the su- of P!0,000, 1ith costs. )he c%se 1%s %uto-%tic%lly '%ise/ to the *up'e-e #ou't fo' 'evie1 .ec%use of the i-position of the pen%lty of /e%th .ut 1%s 'efe''e/ to the #ou't of Appe%ls fo' p'ope' /isposition. +n 4%y 006, the #A %ffi'-e/ the R)#6s /ecision. )he #A %lso inc'e%se/ the %-ount of -o'%l /%-%,es to P7!,000 %n/ o'/e'e/ the %ccuse/ to p%y the victi- the %-ount of P !,000 %s e8e-pl%'y /%-%,es. +**9:*" 1. ;hethe' the R)# e''e/ in not fin/in, %s inc'e/i.le the co-pl%in%nt6s %lle,%tion of h%vin, .een '%pe/ . ;hethe' the R)# e''e/ in not fin/in, %s i-p'o.%.le fo' the %ccuse/$%ppell%nt to h%ve '%pe/ the p'iv%te co-pl%in%nt <. ;hethe' the R)# e''e/ in convictin, the %ccuse/$%ppell%nt of the c'i-e /espite the f%ct th%t his ,uilt 1%s not p'oven .eyon/ 'e%son%.le /ou.t 2:L=" A'ticle 66$A of the Revise/ Pen%l #o/e %s %-en/e/ .y Repu.lic Act No. ><!<, othe'1ise 0no1n %s the Anti$R%pe L%1 of 1??7, i/entifies the %cts constitutin, '%pe, to 1it" AR). 66$A. Rape@ When and How Committed.$ R%pe is co--itte/"

1A By % -%n 1ho h%ve c%'n%l 0no1le/,e of % 1o-%n un/e' %ny of the follo1in, ci'cu-st%nces"

y inse'tin.e. 1oul/ i-pute to he' o1n f%the' % c'i-e so se'ious %s '%pe if 1h%t she cl%i-s is not t'ue. .iti-%te /efenses. even thou. )he . his penis into %nothe' pe'sonCs -outh o' %n%l o'ifice.i %'e le.ject to % pu.%sis of the victi-Cs lone %n/ unco''o..le th%t % .i. 1hile /eni%l %n/ %li. 2ence. 1oul/ concoct % sto'y of /eflo'%tion %t the h%n/s of he' o1n f%the'. %n/ the'e%fte' pe've't he'self . sh%ll co--it %n %ct of se8u%l %ss%ult .o'ic%l testi-ony of the victi-.le testi-onies of AAA %n/ BBB -ust p'ev%il. .%/. 1o-%n.een '%pe/. . %llo1 %n e8%-in%tion of he' p'iv%te p%'ts.e o' is /e-ente/.t%in justice fo' the 1'on.D 6E )he *up'e-e #ou't %lso %//e/ th%t it h%s hel/ in seve'%l c%ses th%t no youn.%.h none of the ci'cu-st%nces -entione/ %. th%t 1hen % 1o-%n.%inst he'. especi%lly of ten/e' %n/ c'e/ence consi/e'in. in thei' -e-o'y %n %ccu'%te %ccount of the -%nne' in 1hich they 1e'e se8u%lly . the victi-Cs testi-ony is c'uci%l in vie1 of the int'insic n%tu'e of the c'i-e in 1hich only t1o pe'sons %'e no'-%lly involve/. s%ys th%t she h%s .use of %utho'ity@ %n/ 4. Fouth %n/ i--%tu'ity %'e . not yet e8pose/ to the 1%ys of the 1o'l/. A By %ny pe'son 1ho. )h'ou.o'%te/ testi-ony p'ovi/e/ it is cle%'.e sc'utini&e/ 1ith e8t'e-e c%ution. un/e' %ny of the ci'cu-st%nces -entione/ in p%'%.y the /esi'e to o.ject.'%v%-en of '%pe is c%'n%l 0no1le/.e o' se8u%l inte'cou'se 1ith % 1o-%n %. the victi-Cs testi-ony -ust .uilt o' innocence of the %ccuse/ in c%ses of '%pe. )he %ccuse/ -%y . su. D 4E +t is % 1ell$settle/ /oct'ine th%t the testi-ony of % chil/$ victi. the e-ph%tic %n/ pl%usi.e p' his /efenses of /eni%l %n/ %li. .D<7E As the %ppell%nt f%ile/ to su. into the . the .y .h fo'ce. especi%lly % -ino'. positive. .enit%l o' %n%l o'ifice of %nothe' pe'son.i'l of ten/e' ye%'s.D <E +n /ete'-inin. .lic t'i%l. co--itte/ %.%inst he' 1ill o' 1ithout he' consent.'%ph 1 he'eof. she s%ys in effect %ll th%t is necess%'y to sho1 th%t '%pe 1%s co--itte/. D 7E +n '%pe c%ses. R%pe victi-s /o not che'ish 0eepin.ove .iven full 1ei.'%ve %.hly i-p'o.e convicte/ on the . th'e%t o' inti-i/%tion@ . %n/ consistent 1ith hu-%n n%tu'e. o' %ny inst'u-ent o' o.%'e %sse'tions the'eof c%nnot ove'co-e the c%te. if she 1%s not -otiv%te/ solely . . +t is hi.hen the offen/e/ p%'ty is un/e' t1elve B1 A ye%'s of %.hen the offen/e/ p%'ty is /ep'ive/ of 'e%son o' othe'1ise unconscious@ <.es of t'uth %n/ since'ity. By -e%ns of f'%u/ulent -%chin%tion o' .

A'ticle 66$B of the Revise/ Pen%l #o/e. %n/ is pe'son%lly 0no1n to .e i-pose/ if the c'i-e of '%pe is co--itte/ 1ith %ny of the follo1in.D40E ) un/e' ei. )he /e%th pen%lty sh%ll %lso .lic Act ins%ne. % h%''o1in. . %s %-en/e/ .$ R%pe un/e' p%'%. .ious en.uilty of 7u%lifie/ '%pe %n/ not just si-ple '%pe. st%tes the ci'cu-st%nces 1hich 7u%lify o' %.e %n/ the offen/e' is % p%'ent.hen the victi.ious voc%tion o' c%llin.'ee.'%v%tin.e e8pecte/ of % 1itness.hen the offen/e' 0no1s th%t he is %fflicte/ 1ith 2u-%n +--uno$=eficiency Hi'us B2+HAGAc7ui'e/ +--une =eficiency *yn/'o-e BA+=*A o' %ny othe' se8u%lly t' % 'eli.e /e%th..e reclusion perpetua to /e%th. the pen%lty sh%ll .e reclusion perpetua to /e%th.efo'e o' %t the ti-e of the co--ission of the c'i-e@ !A .hen . the victih%s .is % chil/ .is un/e' the custo/y of the police o' -ilit%'y %utho'ities o' %ny l%1 enfo'ce-ent o' pen%l institution@ <A .'%v%te the c'i-e of '%pe. Penalties.hen the '%pe is co--itte/ in full vie1 of the spouse.u%'/i%n.hen the victi.y reclusion perpetua. e''o'less 'ecollection of e8pe'ience c%nnot .y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion the'eof. ><!<. ho-ici/e is co--itte/.e punishe/ . o' the co--on$l%1 spouse of the p%'ent of the victi-@ A .uinity@ 4A .le /ise%se %n/ the vi'us o' /ise%se is t'%ns-itte/ to the victi-@ ne8t .viol%te/. p%'ent. ci'cu-st%nces" 1A . .y t1o o' -o'e pe'sons.y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion of the '%pe.e reclusion perpetua to /e%th. 66$B.hen the victi. %'ticle sh%ll .e/ in le.%. viz" AR).heneve' the '%pe is co--itte/ 1ith the use of % /e%/ly 1e%pon o' .'ee of cons%n.hen the '%pe is %tte-pte/ %n/ % ho-ici/e is co--itte/ . .elo1 seven B7A ye%'s ol/@ 6A .y the offen/e' . . %scen/%nt. the pen%lty sh%ll . )he %ppell%nt is .e such .hen .iti-%te 'eli.uinity o' %ffinity 1ithin the thi'/ civil /e. %ny of the chil/'en o' othe' 'el%tives 1ithin the thi'/ civil /e. .G7u%lifyin. %.y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion of the '%pe.hteen B1>A ye%'s of %. . 'el%tive . the pen%lty sh%ll . the pen%lty sh%ll . step$p%'ent.y Repu.y cons%n.'%ph 1 of the p'ece/in.hen the victi..

.e cle%'ly est%.G7u%lifyin. the pen%lty sh%ll . %s in the c%se %t .hen the offen/e' 0ne1 of the p'e. the pen%lty sh%ll .hen the offen/e' 0ne1 of the -ent%l /is%.y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion of the '%pe. ci'cu-st%nces -entione/ in this %'ticle. the pen%lty sh%ll .e %lle.e of his position to f%cilit%te the co--ission of the c'i-e@ >A .y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion the'eof. ci'cu-st%nces -ust .lishe/ %s the co--ission of the c'i-e itself.hen .hen .n%ncy of the offen/e/ p%'ty %t the ti-e of the co--ission of the c'i-e@ %n/ 10A .e reclusion perpetua. %n/Go' physic%l h%n/ic%p of the offen/e/ p%'ty %t the ti-e of the co--ission of the c'i-e. B:-ph%ses supplie/.D44E .hen .'%ph of the ne8t p'ece/in.%'.7A .e reclusion temporal to reclusion perpetua.%n/ he' 'el%tionship 1ith the offen/e' -ust . e-otion%l /iso'/e'.'%v%tin.y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion of the '%pe.y 'e%son o' on the occ%sion of the '%pe. ho-ici/e is Reclusion temporal sh%ll %lso . the victi.e' of the A'-e/ (o'ces of the Philippines o' p%'%$-ilit%'y units the'eof o' the Philippine N%tion%l Police o' %ny l%1 enfo'ce-ent %. .e punishe/ .h%s .eco-e ins%ne.e prision mayor to reclusion perpetua.hen the '%pe is %tte-pte/ %n/ % ho-ici/e is co--itte/ . the victih%s suffe'e/ pe'-%nent physic%l -util%tion o' /is%. 1hen the offen/e' too0 %/v%nt%.A )he 7u%lifyin.e/ in the info'-%tion.ility.e i-pose/ if the '%pe is co--itte/ 1ith %ny of the ten %. .. the pen%lty sh%ll .hen co--itte/ .e reclusion temporal.ility@ ?A . .y %ny -e-.y t1o o' -o'e pe'sons.ency o' pen%l institution. R%pe un/e' p%'%. D4<E An/ in incestuous '%pe. co--itte/. %'ticle sh%ll .y prision mayor. the -ino'ity of the victi.heneve' the '%pe is co--itte/ 1ith the use of % /e%/ly 1e%pon o' .

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