Gloria Hernandez gloria@meyersstanley.

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Mis queridos amigos por fabor ayudenme a collecten firmas de todos los que apoyan las licensias de manejar para el Estado de Florida agan copias ponganlas en los Negocios, Restaurantes , Iglecias casa por casa no se les olvide los pulgueros, Necesitamos 25,000 firmas o mas Ayudenme , Attentamente Gloria Hernandez 106 South 2nd Street Immokalee.Florida 34142 Telefono (239) 253 5628
Victor Valdes Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 3:11 PM To: Gloria Hernandez Subject: Re: FRIDAY 7AM / Immigrant families protest Obama's Speech in Miami Gloria espero que con las de Ingles sea suficiente. Dame una llamada si puedes al 239-601-7745

Victor A. Valdes Valdes Civil & Human Rigths Foundation, INC. "Agarrando el Toro por los Cuernos TV" Lulac National Civil Rights Commissioner Lulac Council #7115 President Lulac Fl. Man of the Year 2007 & 2013 Office 239-417-5998 Cell 239-601-7745 Victor mandame un flyer para firmar uno en ingles I otro espanol as soon as you can

Natalia Jaramillo Immigrant families protest Obama's Speech in Miami
PRESS ADVISORY: Friday, March 7th at 7AM Contact: Jose Machado (786) 553 8583, Natalia Jaramillo (786) 317-3524 Immigrant rights leaders protest outside President Obama’s speech in Miami to demand he stop deporting our families WHAT: Students and undocumented families to protest during President Obama's speech in Miami WHERE: Coral Reef Senior High School, 10101 SW 152nd Avenue Miami, FL 33157

WHEN: Friday, March 7th (Protest will begin at 7:00 p.m.) VISUALS: More than twenty people, will chant, hold banners, and carry pens for the President MIAMI, FL - On Friday morning, members of Students Working for Equal Rights, WeCount!, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Homestead Equal Rights for All, and DREAMers’ Moms, will gather on this day of President Obama’s speech to protest the terrible pain that he continue s to inflict on our communities as we approach the 2,000,000 deportation mark under his presidency. “We are here to make it clear that we will no longer live under the cloud of fear created by President Obama; we have lived in fear of his administration's Deportation Machine that tears apart our families and has plunged millions of people further into the shadows for far too long,” said Jonathan Fried, member of WeCount! Today we call on the President to use his executive authority to stop deporting our families and to grant protective status to the millions of families that live each day wondering whether they will make it home to dinner to see their children after a day’s work. Juan Francisco Guerrido, the undocumented father of a minor child who suffers from a heart condition, should be able to hug his child. However, President Obama’s administration has him in deportation proceedings at the Krome Detention Center. We will no longer sit idly while the President and Congressional inaction by both parties splits families apart. We flatly reject the notion that they cannot do anything to bring relief during this humanitarian crisis. Today we call not only on the President, but also Democrats and Republicans, to stand up and denounce the actions of our President and demand that he stop deporting our families and grant relief to those who qualify for the bills they crafted and expressed to support. ### President Obama should know that wherever he goes around the country, our families will be there and we will not stop until he uses his pen for administrative relief to our families.

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