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Are the library computing and email facilities available to the students out side and normal working hours and holidays? Does the Institution have a department library in addition to a central library. What is the daily average number of students using the central library? What is daily average number of students using the departmental library? What us the number of books in core subject areas and what are the facilities in the form of CD ROM. Is the library a part of a national or an international network, with access to remotely available information? How many titles were added during the last academic year exclusively for (A) Under Graduate (B). Faculty research needs. Is there a separate Xeroxing service for student and faculty available with in the library premises. Is the library automation systems in place? How many reference courses or other continue education programs have been attended by the library staff during the last academic year. Is there a qualify librarian as per AICTE norms.

Note before accreditation. 1. Journals for last 3 years. 2. Indest program 3. Sonet program 4. Sonet CDs 5. Journal CDS 6. Books for last 3 Years. 7. Subject wise Titles 8. Gate Register both digital and main 9. IEEE journals subscription. 10. Books Purchase orders. 11. Journal purchase orders.