Douglas A.


PO Box 6603 Lincoln, NE 68506 March 7, 2014

Bureau of Energy Resources, Room 4843 Attn: Keystone XL Public Comments U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520 Re: TransCanada permit application for the Keystone XL pipeline Dear Secretary Kerry and President Obama,

I have written fifteen letters on fifteen different issues relating to the assumptions and methodology embedded in the EnSys WORLD model, as well as the lack of transparency and the subtle subterfuge and obfuscation in specific sections of the FSEIS. Now, I would like to make a final simple statement, one that I have been writing to you and Mr. Rex Tillerson, CEO and Chairman, ExxonMobil. I have done so in letters addressed jointly to Barack Obama and Rex Tillerson with cc to John Kerry, mostly, but sometimes addressed to just one of you at a time -- I have bound the 350+ letters addressed to Rex Tillerson and 170 letters addressed to President Obama in nicely packages volumes and mailed them to them Messrs. Kerry and Podesta The message is consistent, and it has taken a variety of manifestations, but it is simple: "We must abandon our reliance on the burning carbon-based fuels, we are poisoning the planet." Those are not my original words. Those are the words of Dr. George Woodwell, founder of Woods Hole. I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Woodwell on May 15, 2009, at a Climate Leader reunion in Nashville, hosted by Al Gore (I am one of the first 1,000 people trained to present Mr. Gore’s slide show, which was the basis for the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth”). Dr. Woodwell was one of the keynotes, and I had an opportunity to speak with him briefly. I remember those words as clearly as if it was 5 minutes ago. Specifically, at this time, I want to wrap up my commenting effort with a simple plea: There is too much downside risk from the Keystone XL pipeline -- or any pipeline for that matter -- which outweighs any upside benefit. The benefits are questionable at best, but the downsides are disastrous. I have told Rex Tillerson and both of you in my hundreds of letters over and over, not to venture where there is any possibility for Murphy's Law to make us regret having taken a specific course of action.

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In this current case now under discussion, we cannot justify building the Keystone XL pipeline -- if the worst happens, IT WILL RUIN SOMEBODY'S DAY ... forever. Please shift your way of thinking to apply this simple rule to all things energy. If there is a risk that somebody's day will be ruined by a spill, explosion, leak, derailment, toxic plume, polluted stream, destroyed livelihood, tainted food or water source … don't go there. “All of the above” does not cut it for me. We need to begin retiring the refineries and replacing the refineries with renewables. We need to stop feeding their demands We need to engage the industrial captains -- Rex TIllerson and his colleagues -- to collaborate on a unified plan. A plan that commits to making Tyrannosaurus Rex-finery extinct within 2-3 decades. Like Seymour in "Little Shop of Horrors" who demands "Feeeeed meeee" we need to eliminate the demand for feedstock, which is quietly dictating our every decision with regard to crude oil and diluted bitumen. The only benefit derived from the Keystone XL would be to feed the Tyrannosaurus Rexfineries in the Gulf Coast. FSEIS refers to Tyrannosaurus Rex-finery as "U.S. consumers." That is a strange way to refer to a complex demanding machine, one that is not human, one that never sleeps. There is no benefit derived for true U.S. consumers of the human kind. Keystone XL has no redeeming value. Keystone XL contributes NOTHING to the National Interest. Deny Keystone XL. I implore you to use this opportunity to launch a moral discussion around all pipelines and rail methods of delivering tarsands of any sort and any source (Canada and U.S.) to market. Leave the tarsands in the ground. Begin dismantling the fossil fuel infrastructure

Sincerely yours, Doug Grandt


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