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French style china clock, matching vase, teapot and part set of teaspoons Bakelite valve radio and other retro radio 2 Coalport figurines and other figurine 2 RD figurines

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2 Lladro figurines, boy with dog and girl with flowers 2 Lladro girl figurines Cross section anatomical hand Baby plate and cup, receipt holder and 4 ceramic Russian trinket dishes Selection of crescent floral tea china 2 Oroton handbags Crystal and silver plate condiment set, selection of boxed teaspoon and other boxed spoons Crystal jug and 5 crystal tumblers

52 53

Jewellery box with knives, fan etc Jewellery box with expired currency and costume jewellery Onyx desk stand and tall glass vase Japanese money box with pair of opera glasses and framed bird illustration 4 walking sticks incl brass duck handled walking stick etc Gilt framed mirror and round gilt framed mirror Large etched mirror White framed mirror Betty Eaton, Rooster painting Gilt framed painting 4 framed Turnbull library prints 2 framed prints and framed array of cigarette cards Photo enlarger Compaq computer Panasonic 32 inch TV 22 inch Samsung TV Technics stereo system Gilt framed print of man Selection of picture frames Sharpe 20 inch LCD TV Jaguar vacuum cleaner Basket of carved ornaments including face masks etc Peg Ward framed oil painting 2 framed oil paintings Large framed seascape print and stretched canvas painting of birds and sea Pentium 4 iMac computer Kenwood mixer Older Kenwood mixer Breville juicer Box of car phone and camera

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30 crystal vase, crystal jug and crystal bowl 31 Crystal trinket bowl, small vase, Villeroy & Boch condiment pot and Swarovski candle holder Part set of crystal glasses and matching smaller set Murano glass vase 2 apple ornaments and pair or opera glasses Set of Windsor tea cups and saucers B&G girl figurine Royal Worcester Japanese girl figurine Royal Worcester tree stump figurine with Royal Copenhagen posy vase 2 Goebel figurines and 3 Hummel figurines 3 pce of Belleek china Selection of crystal incl trinket dishes, condiment pot etc Crown Lynn shell form vase Beswick horse figurine Magnifying glass, small set of scales and knitting gauge 3 Nao girl figurines Plate of trinket boxes 47 22 23 24 25 Selection of china incl Wedgwood, Spode condiment pot etc 48 Plate of glass paperweight, thimbles, miniatures plates etc 49 Hammersley lidded pot and 2 posy vases 50 4 pieces china, includes 3 trinket dishes and ornamental bunny 51 44 45 46 32

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60 Crown Lynn jug and other NZ jug, Tameka pot and flower shaker Murray Clayton ceramic vase Rip Curl watch and lighter Selection of watches, costume jewellery etc 2 vintage microscopes Crystal decanter and 8 crystal campaign glasses Crystal bowl and crystal decanter 68 41 42 43 Large crystal vase 69 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Crystal jug and flattened crystal vase Art glass vase, pair of jade vessels, a Swedish glass dish and polar bare themed glass ornament RD figurine and other figurine Blue glass vase, twisted glass vase and fish form glass ornament Dish with various trinkets and ornaments Box of watches, pens and costume jewellery etc Box of pocket watches and pocket knives China figurine of Daniel and the Lions and Grimwades jug Brass jewellery box with perfume bottle Art glass blue bowl 77 78 79 80 81 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 61 62 63 64 65 66 67



Pamela Wolfe, limited edition print Rangitoto with Brides of Paradise and other limited edition print Flowers in a Field by Quentin Roper Framed watercolour landscape and 2 framed oil paintings Box of books Box of books Box of vintage match books Box of vintage match books Box of brass candle sticks, glue pot, shell oil bottle etc Box of pottery pots Box of various glassware Box of crystal bowls, decanters etc

108 109 110 111

Box of large lidded stainless steel pot Box of kitchen pots, coffee mug tree etc Box of cast iron pans and other bake ware 3 boxes of kitchenware incl bread boards, large dishes, orange enamel pots etc Box of part dinnerware Box of brass vases, wood ware etc Box of oriental style china etc Box of vintage linen and 2 framed embroideries Box of books and carved wood ware etc Box of silk scarves gloves etc Box of fancy china incl tea cups and saucers etc Box of copperware wood ware

134 135 136 137 138

6 framed original art works Box of electronics, metal ware etc 2 boxes of crystal and glassware Box of glassware, crystal etc Box of glasses Box of glasses Box of various china incl Carlton ware Box of vintage toy vehicles Box of pewter, brassware etc Box of stoneware coffee set, match boxes etc 2 framed black and white illustrations 2 boxes of oriental wood ware, clock, glue pot etc Box of cast iron frying pan and other kitchenware Box of fancy china, silver plated coffee pot and crystal etc Box of cast iron horse money box and other toys Box of boxed toys, incl Harry Potter and Action Man Box of old soda and beer cans Box of vintage toys, Smurfs etc Box of Charlie Brown and Mickey Mouse Dolls etc Box of McDonalds toys Box of various ornamental and other china 2 boxes of souvenir teaspoons and sewing gear etc Box of ornaments 2 boxes of china and glassware etc 2 boxes of glassware 2 boxes of silver plated ware, dinnerware etc Large set of 3 Wise Men figures (with boxes) 2 framed oil paintings 3 framed oil paintings

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Box of Denby coffee pot, matching jug and other china Box of cabbage form china dish, brassware, trays etc 2 Japanese vases Japanese wooden box with ornaments, pewter tray and lidded container etc 2 metal containers of vintage medical equipment Concertina sewing box with sewing equipment and other sewing box

118 119 120 121 122 123

2 large carved wall masks Box of Denby china and vase Box of crystal bowls, oriental teapot etc Box of Royal Albert tea cups and saucers and floral china ornaments etc Box of vintage postcard albums 152 Quentin Roper limited ed print Taunui Working Days and limited ed Karel Barrows Mission Bay print Box of dolls and car Box of boxed toys 155 Box of toys 2 boxes of various china and glassware and kitchenware Stack of framed prints and watercolours Box of floral china, glassware etc Box of aluminium and stainless steel kitchenware Box of large stainless steel baking dish vintage kitchen scales and hall rug 156 157 148 149 150 151

96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105

124 5 original framed art works 125 Box of books 2 boxes of china, wood ware etc 126 Box of plates, Japanese style lamp base etc Box of Crown Lynn dinnerware etc Box of pottery teapots, bowls plates etc Box of part dinnerware, ornamental plates etc 2 framed Graham Mudge watercolours and other framed watercolour by Kathleen McBeath 12 framed prints and art works etc 133 107 Box of kitchen utensils 127 128 129 130 131 132

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158 159 160 161 162


163 164 165 166

2 Rei Hamon prints and other print Framed oil painting portrait and framed watercolour 3 wooden framed historical photos

190 191 192

Brother copier scanner, 2 DVD players etc Box of German vases, glass vase, Buda etc Oak framed 1930s coat rack with mirror Large veneer burr walnut bookcase Smaller veneer burr walnut bookcase Mahog veneer china cabinet King size mattress Double bed with head boards and base Single bed with head boards and base Single bed with head boards and base Single bed with head boards and base White bookcase

219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229

Set of 4 metal framed chairs and stepping stool Veneer tray stand and 2 card tables 2 pce floral cream lounge suite 4 pce leather salmon lounge suite Burr veneer drinks cabinet Round gilt framed mirror and bevel edged mirror China cabinet Davenport Pair of ceramic umbrella stands, ceramic elephant and lamp Teak 2 tier tea trolley Mahog nest of tables Mahog single drawer occ table 4 vintage prints and illustrations Retro glass top coffee table Modern dining table (non extendable) Repro glass top coffee table Royal Stafford part tea set and other part tea set RD part tea set Repro dining table and 6 chairs Extn dining table with marquetry top and 8 dining chairs Royal Albert part tea set Cauldron china part tea set 2 drawer bed side cabinet French effect wash stand Storage trunk seat with Winnie the Pooh cartoon Embroidered top duet piano stool Brown leather armchair and matching foot stool Modern occ table with single drawer Leather swivel armchair and foot stool Repro green vinyl upholstered armchair

Large tree collage, reproduction framed map and selection of other framed works Framed abstract oil, framed pen and ink and framed abstract bird watercolour Large framed floral watercolour, gilt framed landscape oil, small oil and framed pen and ink Large box of cushions and sheepskins etc

193 194 195



196 197

169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189

198 Wall clock Box of mantel clocks, barometers etc Box of NZ tea china, crystal vase, Temuka stoneware etc Box of bread maker, mixer etc Box of vintage sheet music Box of cameras, view master etc Box of silk Box of masons jardinire, fancy china, glass tazza etc Box of fancy chins, crystal bowl, large platter etc Box of records, books and stamps 208 Box of floor rug and crochet blanket Box of bisque dolls etc Hat box with several vintage items Box of small frames Oak serving tray, 3 metal dishes and vase Framed abstract watercolour, large bird print and two other prints Box of plates, candle sticks etc Box of wine glasses, vase jug etc Box of kitchenware, oversized glass, clock and unused canvas etc Box of coffee makers and other electronics 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207

230 231 232 233

White 3 drawer chest of drawers Chinese style cabinet Oval 2 tier occ table Oak 3 pce bedroom suite 236 2 bookcases 237 Large rimu veneer entertainment unit White painted 4 pce bedroom suite 239 Stained pine what-not 240 Large mahog framed mirror 241 5 tier what-not stand 242 2 pce corner lounge suite (no cushions) Black 3 pce leather lounge suite (as is) Set of 4 out door chairs Pair of wicker conservatory chairs 246 Glass top students desk Plastic outdoor table, glass top coffee table, 2 tier tea trolley, 2 suit cases and pair of plastic stools 3 heaters 247 248 243 244 245 238 234 235


249 250 251 252

2 retro purple and orange armchairs Pair of brown upholstered retro armchairs Wicker and cane conservatory suite incl 4 chairs and glass top table Wrought iron glass top conservatory table and set of 6 chairs Stained pine hall table

276 277 278 279 280 281

Vict button back sofa with matching armchair and footstool Vict dining chair

305 306 307

Small cabinet Modern desk Modern desk

Wooden framed tall backed chair 307a Vintage wooden bound suitcase Pair of vict balloon back dining chairs Antique armchair 2 tier repro occ table Gilt framed marble effect top coffee table Designer chaise longue copy 312 Mahog gate leg table Modern roman style bench seat Rimu coffee table Kenwood microwave F&P fridge freezer F&P washing machine Brass effect desk lamp Sanyo microwave Small Kelvinator fridge freezer Oak writing bureau Mahog oval coffee table Office desk 2 filing cabinets Modern disassembled dining table (as is) 2 panel heaters Single bed Set of skis in bag 2 divan based single beds Queen bed Entertainment cabinet Kauri cupboard door and single dining chair Square pattern floor rug 313 Smaller square pattern floor rug 314 Oriental style floor rug, and green floor rug Small red floor rug and pale floor rug 315 316 317 307b Modern 2 tier coffee table 308 309 310 311 2 brass middle eastern ornaments 3 tier cake stand Magazine rack Oak gate leg table

253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275

282 Oak occ table with bowed sides 2 drawer hall desk and office chair Veneer wall unit 2 pce pine bedroom suite 2 drawer bedside unit and fold out chair 2 black pigeon hole storage units Glass fire screen and disassembled occ table Glass door display cabinet with 3 drawers and bookshelf Wooden side board (no doors) 289 Pair of elephant plant stand and garden pot Pair of stick back dining chairs and other dining chair Wooden outdoor table, 4 chairs and umbrella 293 Small metal framed outdoor table and 2 chairs Dark stained wooden outdoor table and 8 chairs Small 2 door cabinet and sea grass stool Art Deco storage trunk 298 Dismantled treadle based Singer sewing machine 3 Japanese scroll boxes 300 3 Japanese scroll boxes 301 3 Japanese scroll boxes 302 Retro extn dining table and 4 chairs 303 Pair of retro wingback armchairs and matching foot stools 304 299 294 295 296 297 290 291 292 283 284 285 286 287

287a Graduated set of 3 large crystal drop chandeliers 288 Orange based lamp and green lamp Retro teak based lamp

318 319 320 321

Repro brass based lamp 322 Floral china based lamp 323 Marble bases lamp, brass based lamp and other lamp Modern single door display cabinet Modern 4 door display cabinet 326 Modern 6 drawer bookcase 327 Modern 2 door 6 drawer wall unit 328 Oak plant stand and other plant stand Large glass vase and ceramic vase Retro sliding glass door display cabinet 9 drawer mahog knee hole desk Queen Anne style display cabinet 2 large ceramic floor vases Oak sideboard 2 ceramic floor vases 329 330 331 332 324 325