CLOUD 9 RaNch CLUB, Inc.

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Revised 7/1/2009

July 18, 2009 Dear Owners, The recreational facilities and campground amenities here at Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., are designed for the enjoyment, convenience and entertainment of Ranch Owners and their guests. As with any social organization, rules are necessary and designed to safeguard the individual rights of each Owner. A description of our facilities is also included so each of you may attain the maximum enjoyment and use of all Cloud 9 Ranch has to offer. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to establish these rules and set applicable fees as necessary. A current Fee Schedule may be obtained at various locations on the Ranch or visit our official website and print a copy ( In an effort to produce a more concise and readable product, this Rulebook has been redesigned with that in mind. Whether you are a new Owner, or have been here since Cloud 9 Ranch was established, we recommend your taking the time to read through this REVISED (7/1/2009)* set of rules and directives. Thank you, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc.

*Any Rule Book revisions prior to this date are replaced and no longer in effect.

SECTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. PAGE 4 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 13 14 15 17 17 18 18 18 18 19 19 19 19 20 Who may camp on Cloud 9 Ranch …………………………….. Registration Procedures ………………………………......... 5 Campground Occupancy Information…………………………….. General Campground Rules & Etiquette ……………………….. Amenities/Facilities ………………………………................... Horses/Stables ……………………………….............................. Fishing ……………………………….......................................... Hunting/Firearms ………………………………........................... Hiking/Cave Exploring ……………………………….................... Speed Limits/Vehicular Safety ………………………………........ Pets ………………………………............................................. Use of Motorized Off-Road Vehicles .………………………….… Storage Compounds ………………………………..................... Fire Protection ……………………………….............................. Protection of Stream Beds ………………………………............. Parking (Clubhouse, Restaurant, Trading Post)……………… Mail (Outgoing and Incoming) ………………………………....... Interference with Quiet Enjoyment …………………………….. 18 19. Extended Use of Camping Facilities …………………………….. 20. Alcohol/Smoking………………………………………………………… 21. Other Miscellaneous Rules ………………………………............ 21. Rule Changes and Modifications ……………………………….... 22. Violation of Rules ………………………………......................... Addendum ………………………………………………………………………. Contact Information …………………………………………………………. 21



WHO MAY CAMP AT CLOUD 9 RANCH. A. Owner in good standing listed on a Deed to an undivided interest in Cloud 9 Ranch. B. Associate (no entry fee) defined as an individual NOT LISTED ON OWNER’S DEED but declared by Owner as a spouse, significant other, and/or unmarried children 21years of age and under residing with at least one (1) Owner. Declaration of Associate Owner(s) must be filed in the Ranch Office on an annual basis (prior to first visit each year). Exception: Owner does not have to declare spouse and/or child(ren) each year.

Effective April 1, 2009, the following Non-Owner Guest definitions and length of visit limitations are: C. Immediate Family defined as certain relatives (not designated as an Associate defined above): Son or daughter (step included) & spouse (if married)** Grandchildren (step included)** Parents (step included) Grandparents (step included) Limited to seven (7) days maximum stay per visit with three (3) non-consecutive visits per calendar year and subject to a weekly flat fee per person per visit. D. Guest defined as all other non-owners not listed above. Limited to seven (7) days maximum stay per visit with two (2) non-consecutive visits per calendar year and subject to the applicable per-day per person guest fee. The following regulations apply: E. Guest Fee: See Current Fee Schedule. **No weekly or daily fee will be charged for immediate family (as defined) or guests (as defined) who are under the age of 18 years. All guests 18 years of age and over will be charged the applicable fee. EXEMPTION: Upon Owner’s request, an exemption to the current guest fee will be implemented at the Gatehouse for guests who visit Ranch Owners for a short period of time (not to exceed 3 hours in a 7-day period). Guest is required to pay guest fee when sigining in. Upon guest exiting the Ranch within the 3-hour limitation from the time of arrival, guest fee will be refunded. No ATV registrations are allowed for guests using this exemption. Each visit under this exemption will count toward the limitations of guest visits for the calendar year (See Section1.C & D). F. Notification: Owner is required to give notification to the Gatehouse at least 24 hours in advance of all Guest arrivals. (Addition to present rule) Owner is not allowed to reserve a pad for a guest prior to arrival (See Section 3.H.) Upon arrival of a guest, owner must be present and state what type of guest non-owners are and length of stay. (See definitions and limitations in above). G. Pad Limitations for Non-Owner Guests: Defined as any Guest age 18 and over occupying a separate pad location than Owner. Owner limited to one pad at a time for guest occupancy (unless approved in writing by Ranch Management). Owner is allowed twelve (12) pad Guests per year with each guest allowed two (2) non-consecutive visits per calendar year. H. EXCLUSION: On the 3 to 5 days before and after Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor -4-

Day holiday weekends (designated by Ranch Manager for each holiday) Owner is allowed only one (1) pad location (no guest pads). During the designated holiday dates, Owner may have a maximum twelve (12) persons (of any age) on personal pad. I. Special Consideration: FOR SPECIAL WAIVERS IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES (grandchildren under 18 years of age residing in grandparents RV who wish to extend their stay beyond limitations in Paragraph C, family reunions, large gatherings, retreats, need for caretaker, etc.), OWNER IS REQUIRED TO PRESENT IN WRITING A DOCUMENTED REQUEST TO RANCH MANAGER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED EVENT, REQUESTING CONSIDERATION FOR ANY EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE GUEST PRIVILEGES. UPON APPROVAL, RANCH MANAGER WILL GRANT AN EXCEPTION IN WRITING TO OWNER. (Addition to present rule) Sponsoring Owner/Associate must be registered on the Ranch and present at the Gatehouse for registration of a Non-Owner. Owner must remain registered and on the Ranch at all times a Non-Owner guest is on the Ranch (No Exceptions). Owner must state what type of guest non-owner is and length of non-owner’s stay (See definitions and limitations in Section 1.) J. Rental Limitations: Section 3-I. For immediate family/guest limitations on rental units, see

NOTICE OWNER/ASSOCIATE IS REQUIRED TO BE REGISTERED AND ON THE RANCH AT ALL TIMES A GUEST IS REGISTERED. All persons on the Ranch complex must abide by the rules set forth herein and/or posted. Owner is responsible for all warnings, fines and/or suspensions of any Associate or Guest. All violations will remain in Owner’s membership file for a period of twenty-four (24) months from date of violation. 2. REGISTRATION PROCEDURES. A Gatehouse located at the entrance to the Ranch complex is staffed 24 hours a day. To insure accurate records and security purposes, reporting all arrivals/departures at the Gatehouse is required in the following manner: OWNER/ASSOCIATE CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Step 1: For all persons age 18 or over in vehicle, present ownership ID# and/or valid Driver License/picture ID upon arrival at the Gatehouse. All fees must be current. Gatehouse staff does not have the authority to adjust an account balance and is required to collect outstanding fees on Owner accounts. Owner must pay amount stated; if disputed, contact Ranch Office for clarification and refund. Upon payment of outstanding fees and proper identification, Owner will be registered and admitted to Ranch complex. Step 2: It is Owner’s responsibility to verify campground and pad location to Gatehouse within two (2) hours of arrival at pad location. * If renting a Ranch unit, Gatehouse will advise where rental unit is located. Proceed to your assigned rental location. * If RV is pulled from the compound by a hauler, verify with Gatehouse where RV is located. * If pulling your own RV, proceed to a campground and choose a pad location. If assistance in locating a campsite is needed, notify Gatehouse and request Ranger assistance. If relocating to other campsites during a stay, Owner is required to notify Gatehouse of -5-

any changes in pad location within 2 hours. Step 3: When exiting the Ranch, all Owners/Guests must stop and advise Gatehouse attendant on duty if (a) checking out, (b) on an applicable leave, or (c ) returning to the Ranch that day. If checking out, Owner must complete check-out card and return it to the attendant. NON-OWNER CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Step 1: Owner is required to notify Gatehouse 24 hours in advance of any Non-Owner’s expected arrival. This includes Non-Owners arriving with Owner. Sponsoring Owner/Associate must be registered on the Ranch and present at the Gatehouse for registration of a Non-Owner. Owner must remain registered and on the Ranch at all times a Non-Owner guest is on the Ranch (No Exceptions). Owner must state what type of guest non-owner is and length of non-owner’s stay (See definitions and limitations in Section 1.) Step 2: All persons age 18 and over must present a valid Driver License or picture ID to Gatehouse attendant. Step 3: Non-Owner fees are assessed and payable at registration. Any unpaid guest fees accrued by a guest over the amount assessed at registration will be charged to Owner’s account. Step 4: All Non-owners must follow Ranch rules in the same manner as an Owner, including stopping at the Gatehouse when entering and exiting the Ranch complex. 3. CAMPSITE OCCUPANCY INFORMATION. The entire Ranch complex and property (6,358 acres) is designed for use by Owners for camping and outdoor recreational activities, with the exception of certain restricted areas used for management and maintenance of the Ranch’s buildings, assets and amenities. Full hook-ups are available in six separate campgrounds: Lonesome Pine, Fogey Hollow, Melody Lane, and Powder Mill; Wilder I & II is considered one campground; Hill Country & Annex is considered one campground. Lonesome Pine is equipped with all 50 amp electrical service, while the other campgrounds are mainly 30 amp electrical service with a few 50 amp boxes in each campground. Rangers and Camphosts will assist if special needs are required for a pad location. Owners have no limitation as to the duration of any stay on the Ranch. However, there are limitations as to the length of stay on a pad location. The following is a list of general information concerning campsite occupancy regulations: A. 30 Day Pad Occupancy: Most pad locations in each campground are specified as 30 day pads. Owner is required to vacate and move all equipment every thirty (30) days to a different campground, regardless of the number of memberships owned, and may not return to the previous campground for a period of four days. Owner may not occupy the same pad location between October 1st and the 3rd Monday of September the following year. The only exception involves vacating a pad and leaving the Ranch for a minimum of 96 hours (checking out). Owner may then return to a previous pad location during the time specified above. The maximum leave time is seventy-two (72) hours, unless approved in writing by Ranch Management. B. Extended Usage Campsites (60 Day Pad Occupancy): In an effort to enable an Owner to leave their RV on a pad location when checked out and off the Ranch longer than the 72-hour leave limitation, the Ranch has established 53 pad locations for extended usage (listed below). There is no limitation to the number of days an RV parked on these pad locations may be left unattended. On the 60th day of occupancy, however, Owner must make arrangements for the RV to be moved regardless of the number memberships owned. Owner exercising the right to leave an RV unoccupied on an extended usage pad, agrees to the following: -6-

*No extended leave between 5 days before and 5 days after any of the three summer holiday weekends. *An additional usage fee of $2.00 per day will be assessed after the initial 72 hours after check-out. Extended usage pads have bright orange paint markings on the electrical box. The number of 60 Day pads and their pad number in the following campgrounds are: * FOGEY HOLLOW (13): Pad # 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 38, 39, 40 * LONESOME PINE (14): Pad # 9, 11, 13, 34, 36, 42, 49, 51, 65, 66, 67, 155, 156, 158 * HILL COUNTRY (12): Pad # 13, 33, 61, 64, 68, 76, 84, 93, 117, 119, 120, 121, 122 * POWDER MILL (14): Pad # 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72 C. Winter No-Move Occupancy: Owners who choose to stay on the Ranch and occupy a pad location throughout the winter months (from October 1st through April 15th of the following year) may occupy a pad in one of the two campgrounds designated for winter use, Hill Country or Powder Mill. If an Owner occupies a pad location in either of these two campgrounds on October 1st and has not exceeded their 30 day usage of that pad, they may remain on that pad until April 15th of the following year, or at a time designated by Ranch Management. A maximum 20-day leave rule applies to all Winter No-Move pads. D. Only one (1) RV unit may occupy a pad campsite. Rear wheels of the unit must be on the concrete pad and unit must be in the same direction as the pad unless approved in writing by Ranch Management. Spot RV, tent and vehicles in a manner that does not interfere with adjoining pad locations or pose safety concerns in the campground. Transportation vehicles and one (1) flatbed trailer are permitted on a campsite (no enclosed cargo trailers). Occupancy at any pad location/campsite is limited to a maximum of twelve (12) persons unless stated otherwise herein (See Rental limitations, Section I below). E. An RV unit removed from a compound may not be placed on a pad more than 12 hours prior to occupancy by an Owner and must be returned to a compound the day Owner checks out, unless approved in writing by Ranch Management. F. Tent Camping. Tents are allowed on all 30-day pads, as well as any of the primitive areas.

G. Once RV is parked on a pad, Owner/Associates is required to occupy RV for a minimum of 24 hours before taking leave. Leave from a 30-day pad may then be taken for a period not to exceed 72 hours (no limit on length of leave on 60-day pads – Section 3(B)). All leave starts at Midnight on the day you leave. Penalty: Violation of any part of this Rule will result in a $25 per day penalty fee assessed against Owner for each day or part of a day Owner does not occupy or is late returning from a scheduled leave. H. Reserving Pad Locations: Campsites are on a first-come, first-serve basis and reserving of a pad for an unregistered Owner is prohibited. However, if a registered Owner on a pad locates an unoccupied campsite and desires to move to that campsite, a chair may be placed on the concrete pad for a maximum of two (2) hours for the specific purpose of providing Owner time to move to that pad location. This option is restricted for use by an Owner already registered on a pad location wishing to move to another location ONLY . I. Rental Unit Restrictions: When Immediate Family guest(s) come in a group (maximum of four (4) adults age 18 and over), and occupy a Ranch rental unit, the Immediate Family flat fee per person (18 and over) will be assessed, plus the normal rental fee for the rental unit. Limit of stay will be seven (7) days. -7-

4. CAMPGROUND RULES AND ETIQUETTE. For enforcement and clarification of any rules for campground etiquette and behavior, contact Camphost or Ranch Ranger for further information. A. Notify Camphost and/or Rangers immediately of any problems with water, electrical or sewage hook-ups. B. Sanitation System Hook-up: Sewer hookup must be sealed with sewer rings, donuts or a screw-in sealing device. Sewer hose must not extend down in the sewer pipe to avoid blockage of the flow from upstream RVs. All RV and campsite sewer connections must be capped before units are moved. C. Stage Stop (restroom/bathhouse) facilities are located in all campgrounds. Handicap accessible facilities are located in Lonesome Pine and Wilder campgrounds. Notify a Camphost or Ranger of any Stage Stop needing attention. D. Dispose of all trash/garbage/broken glass in dumpster receptacles provided at the entrance of campgrounds. Recycle bins for aluminum cans are located next to each dumpster in campgrounds. E. Do not cut, destroy or damage trees, shrubs, or pollute any streams, ponds, or other natural features in campgrounds. F. Fires: Grills and off/ground burn pits with small, contained fires are permitted at all campsites. On-ground campfires are restricted to authorized fire rings ONLY. All fires must be attended at all times by an adult (18/over). Completely extinguish any fire before leaving it and do not dispose of hot coals in paper or plastic containers. Immediately notify Camphost or Ranger of any unauthorized fires or dangerous burning practices. BURN BAN ORDERS MAY BE IN EFFECT DURING EXTREMELY DRY PERIODS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF RANCH MANAGEMENT. G. Effective April 30, 2009, a mat not to exceed 9’ x 12’ (108 square feet) may be placed at the entry door of your RV unit. H. Permanent fixtures erected at a campsite are prohibited. I. Clotheslines are permitted if attached to a RV unit/tent (only). J. Follow all rules pertaining to pets (See Section #11). K. Quiet hours in all campgrounds from 12:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m., including weekends and holidays. L. Keep campsite free of unsightly accumulations, leaving it clean and natural for the next camper. M. ALL TRAFFIC restricted to 10 MPH in ALL campgrounds (See Section 10 for other speed limits). N. Driving across or parking on other pads/campsites, underground water and electrical lines in all campgrounds is strictly prohibited. Most lines are located behind and between campsites with the exception of several drive-thru pads located in Lonesome Pine campground (Pads #57 through #64; and #107 through #120) marked with yellow paint on electrical post. O. Common Area of the Perimeter Campsites: Common areas are intended to be used by all Owners. In the areas behind pads where authorized firerings are located, tents, hammocks, screen -8-

rooms, or any other items that restrict usage by other Owners is strictly prohibited. P. Vandalism: Anyone caught performing random acts of vandalism, at the discretion of Ranch Management, responsible Owner shall be assessed the cost of repair of damages, plus that amount again as a fine placed upon those causing damage to Ranch property. Report immediately to a Ranger any suspected vandalism or defacement of buildings or property. 5. AMENITIES/FACILITIES. The Ranch offers a variety of amenities/facilities for Owners, Associates and guests. The Ranch’s weekly newsletter (9-Lines) posts hours of operation for all facilities and weekly activities on the Ranch. The 9Lines is available from your Camphost, Gatehouse or Ranch Office. Most facilities have POSTED RULES that may change from time-to-time. Please read them often when at the facilities. The following is an overview of many of the Ranch’s amenities/facilities: Outdoor family activities free of charge to Owners and guests around the main complex at the Ranch: Miniature Golf Horseshoe Pitching Shuffleboard Playgrounds Tennis Courts Basketball Courts Volleyball Tether Ball Softball See 9 Lines for scheduled activities, or try them out on your own. Check with Rangers Station for further information on any of the activities or to check out equipment. ADULT CLUBHOUSE: The Clubhouse offers pool tables, card tables, fireplace, Wi-Fi internet access, satellite TV, mini-kitchen, book exchange, puzzles and board games, and other amenities available, including both ladies and men, as well as a handicap accessible restroom (unisex). The Ranch office window and a smoking room is accessible in the Clubhouse. Use of the Clubhouse is limited to persons 18 years of age and over. Children under 18 are allowed for Ranch approved activities and special events and tours. PATIO ROOM (adjoining Clubhouse): Children 12 and under are allowed in the Patio Room daily between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., except when reserved or scheduled for Adult Ranch activities (Bingo every Saturday evening for age 16 and over during summer season). Parents must accompany children at all times and are responsible for cleaning up when leaving. Children should enter and leave through the Patio Room doors only. Owners may reserve the Patio Room for a special event by contacting the Ranch Office. PRE-TEEN CENTER: Located and accessible through an outside entrance on the ground level behind the Restaurant/Trading Post, is supervised throughout summer season and designated for the use by children between ages 6-12. Children under the age 6, must be accompanied by an adult (or responsible teenage babysitter approved by the Pre-Teen Supervisor). The Pre-Teen Center is also used as a storm shelter where you may bring pets when necessary. T-TOP: Covered open-air pavilion designed for social events with picnic tables and bathrooms on site. Contact Ranch office for information or reservations. ADULT POOL: Located beside Restaurant. Restricted use for Owners/Associates/Guests 18 years of age and over. No attendant on duty at any time. See posted rules at facility. BIG TOP (YOUTH) RECREATION CENTER: This multi-purpose fully fenced facility offers the following:  Family Pool: Open to all registered Owners/Associates and non-owner guests of all ages (Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult). Pool attendant on duty when pool is open. See posted rules at facility.  Batting Cages Snack Bar Picnic area -9-

 Vending machines


PRIMITIVE SWIMMING AREAS: Natural streams run through some campgrounds and other areas of the Ranch. Swimming in the streams are done at your own risk and allowed only during daylight hours.  Popular recommended swimming areas are Fogey crossing in Fogey Hollow campground and Spring Falls area on Sheriff Hollow Road.  Swimmers and floaters should respect and not interfere with anyone fishing along the stream.  Swimming, floating on inner tubes or other floatation devices is prohibited from the Gene Bean Crossing (across from the Craft House at Wilder II campground) upstream as this area is designated for fishing only. PAVILION: Located directly north and behind the Ranch Clubhouse. Provides a variety of recreational activities, a snack bar serving ice cream, pizza, subs, drinks and other snack foods. Both indoor and outdoor seating and family movies are shown evenings on a regular basis during summer season. RESTAURANT: Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner during summer season. See 9 Lines for daily specials, menus and hours of operation. Proper attire required; no wet bathing suits and infants must have clothing over diapers in dining area. TRADING POST: Groceries, drinks, alcoholic beverages, plus a wide selection of C9R souvenirs, ATV riding equipment, RV supplies, movie rentals, hot snack foods and sandwiches. See 9 Lines for hours of operation. Same proper attire as restaurant applies. CHAPEL: Located next to the T-Top, Sunday morning services year round. Chapel chimes can be heard throughout the Ranch complex every Sunday morning. The basement is used as a storm shelter when necessary. Contact Ranch Office for further information. WORKOUT ROOM: Located behind the Ranger Station, has basic workout equipment. Use of this facility is limited to persons 18 years of age and over unless accompanied by an adult. Keys for entry are kept at Security Station. LAUNDRY & GAS STATION: Our air-conditioned laundry facility at Cloud 9 Ranch offers basic washers and dryers and internet WiFi is accessible at this location. At the same location the gas station offers unleaded gasoline, oil, and propane tank refills. Air is available (no repair or tire service available). See 9 Lines for hours of operation. Basic rules are posted at each facility. Do not use this area as a drive-thru. SECURITY: Every effort is made to enhance your leisure time at Cloud 9 Ranch making it worry-free from the standpoint of your personal safety and the safety of your personal property. Our Ranch Rangers are on duty 24 hours a day patrolling the Ranch complex, making regular rounds in all campgrounds and supervising compounds. A Security Station is located next to the Clubhouse. If a Ranger is not available, notify the Gatehouse if you need assistance at any time. FIRST RESPONDERS: The Ranch provides immediate medical assistance in case of an accident or medical emergency. Trained and certified First Responders are on call 24 hours a day. If an emergency situation occurs, call (417) 284-7321, give your location and state the emergency, if possible. First Responders and Camphost will be dispatched immediately to your location. Camphost will assist with traffic and direct the First Responder team to your location. CAR WASH: Located adjacent to the Security Station, a basic covered car wash is available for vehicles, ATVs and campers. Washing vehicles/RV at a campsite is allowed as long as Owner uses common courtesy toward their neighbor. - 10 -

STAR VALLEY SCHOOLHOUSE: An historical treasure located across from Lonesome Pine campground. See 9 Lines or a Schoolhouse Committee member for tour information during summer season. PET CEMETERY: A short distance from Hill Country Campground is our pet cemetery available to all Owners for the burial of their beloved pets. For directions and use of this area, contact the Ranch Office for more information. HORSEBACK RIDING, FISHING, HUNTING/FIREARMS, CAVE EXPLORING rules are covered in Sections 6 through 9 below. 6. HORSES AND STABLES. The Ranch owns trail horses for both novice and experienced riders. The Stable, managed by a Head Wrangler and his staff, offers regularly scheduled guided horseback trail rides during the summer season (weather permitting). Owners may board their own horses in the Ranch Stables. The following trail ride and boarding rules apply: HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDES: A. All Owners and guests wanting a trail ride experience must sign up and purchase a ticket at the Trading Post. The number of riders is limited for each ride. One (1) hour and two (2) hour rides are offered, depending on the number of riders who purchase tickets. Tickets must be purchased the day before for the first ride of the next day. For rides beginning later in the day, tickets must be purchased no later than 1 hour before the scheduled ride time (See current Fee Schedule). B. Children must be at least 8 years of age to ride and able to ride alone (riding double is not permitted). Each person riding must have a Release of Liability Form on file at the time of purchase of ticket at Trading Post. A Parent or legal guardian must sign Release of Liability if rider is under the age of 18. C. Check the annual fee schedule for the applicable current fee. Refund of a riding fee must be approved at the Trading Post by Head Wrangler. D. All riders are required to ride on supervised trail rides. No one is permitted to ride ranch horses without a Wrangler on duty, for any reason. E. For rider’s protection, all are required to wear ankle length pants and fully enclosed shoes (no clogs/sandals), as trails are in primitive areas and the terrain and vegetation along the route is basically as it would be anywhere in a dense forest. Children 12 and under are required to wear a riding helmet furnished by the Stables. Rider may bring and use their own helmet, providing it meets the approval of the Wrangler on duty. F. G. Riders must be at the stable one-half (½) hour before a scheduled ride. H. The use of all alcohol and smoking products are strictly prohibited on horse trails and must be left at the stables. OWNER HORSES: A. Prior to arrival at the Ranch, you must call the Head Wrangler and verify availability of space for your horse(s). A daily fee is charged for each horse (See current Fee Schedule) B. All horses permitted on the Ranch must have proof of the State required Negative Coggins Test (within the last year) and current rabies vaccination. C. Horseback riding is strictly prohibited in any of the campgrounds. Upon arrival, the Head Wrangler will assign a stall where horse(s) are kept, and provide the rules on where - 11 -

you can ride, etc. D. Ranch is not responsible for any horse left at the Stables by an Owner. Horse Owner must be checked in and staying on the Ranch, be responsible for providing feed, caring for and liable for their horse(s). E. Owner stock trailers must be parked in an area designated by Head Wrangler. 7. FISHING. Fishing in ponds and the stream is permitted on the Ranch, except where posted. Fishing permits are required and issued subject to observance of the rules of Cloud 9 Ranch and the Missouri Wildlife Code. Game Wardens and Ranch Rangers have the authority to enforce all of these rules. Owners and guests may purchase fishing permits, (see current Fee Schedule for types and fees). Owner must accompany guest when purchase is made. Day guests may be issued one (1) 7-day guest Fishing Permit per year. A permit issued on the Ranch is valid for fishing on Ranch property only. A complete set of fishing rules will be furnished at the time fishing permit is purchased. The following rules apply for fishing on the Ranch: A. All Owners and guests may purchase fishing permits at the Gatehouse (see current Fee Schedule for type of permits available and applicable fees). Annual Permit is valid from the date of purchase through December 31st of each calendar year. All fishing permits are non-transferable and must be worn so as to be visible from the rear at all times. B. Every person over the age of 5, must purchase a fishing permit for Rainbow Trout or any other species in the stream waters of Cloud 9 Ranch, including the area from 25 yards east of Fogey Hollow crossing easterly throughout Spring Creek, including Wilder Spring and Cold Cave Spring. Children 5 and under fishing in the streams must be accompanied by an adult with a valid fishing permit. C. THE LIMIT ON RAINBOW TROUT IS FIVE (5) PER DAY PER PERSON. No more than five (5) trout are allowed on a stringer or creel at a time. Trout possession rule is ten fish (10) per permit holder at any time or twenty fish (20) per family, whichever is smaller. D. Cleaning, gutting or scaling fish in a stream is prohibited. Clean fish at your campsite and place remains in a sealed plastic bag and dispose in campground dumpsters. E. Wading for fishing purposes is permitted from Spring Creek down to the property line and up to the handicapped dock at Wilder I Campground. Wading at Wilder Springs from 25 yards below handicapped dock upstream is prohibited. No fishing within 25 yards upstream or 25 yards downstream of the Fogey Hollow tubes swimming area. Floaters and fisherman are asked to respect each other’s activity. F. A handicap fishing dock is located in Wilder I campground. The dock is intended for the purpose of fishing for persons using wheelchairs and/or persons physically unable to fish from the rock banks. G. Chumming (feeding) of fish to assist catching is prohibited. H. Deliberate snagging or foul hooking of trout like any unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly prohibited. Fishermen are limited to the use of one (1) pole with one (1) lure or hook. One person may assist another with netting a fish. I. All day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from the Saturday preceding Memorial Day until the Tuesday following Labor Day, fishing will be reserved for children 12 years of age and under at the Kid’s Fishing Hole (aka Fogey Mud Hole). Adults may accompany children at this site, but not allowed to fish during these days. At other times of the year, fishing is allowed at this site for all ages. J. Children 12 and under may fish in the ponds of Cloud 9 Ranch. They must secure and wear a - 12 -

"Ponds Only” permit while fishing in the ponds. There is no charge for this permit and it is available at the Gatehouse. K. Fishing will be closed in the stocked areas of the stream from the time of stocking until the next morning (stocking is normally performed on Friday mornings). (See 9Lines for stocking dates.) L. Night fishing is strictly prohibited and frog gigging activities are not allowed in the streams after legal fishing hours. Legal seasonal hours for Rainbow Trout fishing are as follows: March 6:30am April 6:00am May 6:00am June 6:00am July 6:00 am August 6:30am Sept. 7:00am Oct. 7:00am Nov/Feb 8:00am 6:00pm 6:30pm 8:15pm 8:30pm 8:30pm 8:00pm 7:15pm 6:30pm 5:00pm

M. CATCH AND RELEASE PROGRAM: STOCKED AREA: ONLY ARTIFICIAL LURES AND FLIES WITH BARBLESS HOOKS MAY BE USED (NO NATURAL or SCENTED BAIT ALLOWED). Catch and release is allowed EXCEPT 25 yards down and 25 yards upstream from Fogey Hollow Crossing (NO FISHING allowed in this area, at any time). Stringers are not allowed and all fish must be released (no exceptions). NON-STOCKED AREA: 25 yards down from Fogey Hollow to the property line, fisherman may keep one (1) fish below the tubes per day as long as it exceeds eighteen (18) inches in length. This allows for keeping a “Trophy Fish”. All other Catch and Release rules apply. N. FISHING VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES: For each occurrence, Violator will have their case reviewed by a three (3) member panel consisting of one (1) member of the Board of Directors, one (1) member of the Ranch’s Conservation Committee and one (1) Owner from the general membership. Owners may appear in person or via phone. $50. PENALTIES: (1) Loss of privileges; (2) Confiscation of Game; OR (3) A fine not to exceed

Owner IS RESPONSIBLE for violation by any sponsored non-owner associate/guest(s). 8. HUNTING and FIREARMS. A Missouri State Hunting Permit IS REQUIRED AND MUST BE PRESENTED to obtain a Ranch hunting permit. One (1) permit covers all game. All Missouri Game Laws will be observed, including road hunting. Hunting seasons on the Ranch conform with dates set by the Missouri Department of Conversation. Regulations/penalties pertaining to hunting on the Ranch are as follows: A. No hunting within 150 yards on either side of the Cloud 9 Ranch Drive. B. No hunting within 150 yards of any Ranch facility and/or as outlined in BLUE on the Ranch map. C. Deer Hunting is confined to specific areas as outlined on the Ranch map. MAPS AVAILABLE AT GATEHOUSE AND OTHER POSTED LOCATIONS D. BOW HUNTING: A seven (7) acre triangle North of KK Hwy is designated as a bow hunting area only. - 13 -

E. FIREARMS: Firearms are not permitted as posted. ALL WEAPONS (GUNS & BOWS) MUST BE UNLOADED AND ENCASED WHILE BEING TRANSPORTED (INCLUDING ON ATVs) IN IMPROVED AREAS OF THE RANCH. SIDE ARMS SHALL NOT BE WORN IN CAMPGROUNDS OR OTHER RANCH COMPLEX FACILITIES. The use of rifles (including .22 calibers) for any hunting are limited to the Rifle Deer Hunting area shown on the Ranch Map. F. Sponsoring Owner may have one (1) hunting guest per calendar year. (Owner must be registered and on the Ranch). G. Vehicles used for hunting must have a Ranch issued vehicle tag hanging on the rear view mirror. H. All persons hunting outside the gated area must check in and out with the Gatehouse for each hunt, giving name, license number and make of vehicle. I. All game MUST be reported at the Gatehouse as soon as possible. J. Portable deer stands may be erected providing they do not deface trees. Each stand must have the Owner’s name, interest number and date of set-up clearly shown and securely attached to the stand. Stand MUST be removed after deer hunting season. Permanent stands or other hunting apparatus is prohibited. K. If Ranch Management is called on to kill a wounded animal, it will be turned over to the Missouri Dept. of Conservation for disposal to a needy family, or, with the Conservation Dept’s approval, frozen for a wild game feed on the Ranch. L. Hunting hours are restricted to one-half (½) hour before sunrise and one-half (½) hour after sunset. Night hunting is NOT ALLOWED except for a scheduled hunt approved in writing by the Ranch Manager. M. Spotlight hunting at night is prohibited per State of Missouri Conservation laws. N. RIFLE RANGE: A rifle range is provided on the Ranch for Owners and guests. All use of the Rifle Range must be signed in at the Gatehouse and signed out in like manner. Rifle Range rules are strictly enforced. For further information and explanation of rules concerning the use of the rifle range, contact Gatehouse. O. HUNTING VIOLATIONS AND PENALITIES: For each occurrence, Violator will have their case reviewed by a three (3) panel consisting of one (1) member of the Board of Directors, one (1) member of the Ranch’s Conservation Committee and one (1) Owner from the general Ownership. Owners will either appear in person or via phone. PENALTIES: (1) Loss of privileges; (2) Confiscation of Game; OR (3) A fine not to exceed $50. Owner IS RESPONSIBLE for violation by any sponsored associate/guest(s).

9. HIKING AND CAVE EXPLORING. All Owners and guests have the privilege of hiking and cave exploring on the Ranch. Under penalty of law, The Missouri Cave Resources Act, Section 578.210 protects the Ranch’s caves and reads, in part: “A person … shall not willfully or knowingly break off, crack, carve upon, write or otherwise mark upon, or in any manner destroy, mutilate, injure, deface, remove, displace, mar or harm the surfaces of any cave or any natural material therein …”. Ranch maps show the location of most of the caves. Ranch Management highly recommends hikers and cave explorers go in pairs or groups and notifying someone as to where you are going and when you expect to return. If camping alone, notify a Ranger or Camphost of any hiking/cave exploring plans. 10. SPEED LIMITS/VEHICULAR SAFETY. Please use extreme caution when driving on the Ranch, including the trails. Stay alert for walkers and hikers, bicycles and horses along the main - 14 -

roads and the winding trails. In case of an accident, immediately notify a Camphost, Ranger or gatehouse attendant giving location and nature of incident. Driving across or on any marked horse trail is strictly prohibited. Crossing of the stream in anything but a 4-wheel drive vehicle is not recommended. A fee for towing any stalled vehicle from a stream will be assessed to Owner. Speeding violations will result in Owner being assessed a warning, fines, and/or suspensions. Speed limits are posted throughout the Ranch Complex and are enforced. In cases where speed limits are not apparent, the following will apply. The following speed limits are posted and enforced: MAXIMUM SPEED LIMITS CLOUD 9 DRIVE UP TO GATEHOUSE -------------------------------------- 35 MPH PAVED ROADS IN MAIN COMPLEX ---------------------------------------- 25 MPH GRAVEL ROADS (NOT campgrounds) -------------------------------------- 20 MPH FROM GAS STATION/BIG TOP/CHAPEL (during summer season) ----15 MPH TRAILS (depending on terrain) -------------------------------------------20 MPH ALL CAMPGROUND ROADS -------------------------------------------------- 10 MPH Speeding violation penalties are set out in Section 12 (L) below. Passing of vehicles is prohibited unless the slower vehicle has pulled to the side of the road and has stopped. 11. PETS. The Ranch is pet-friendly for responsible pet owners. All Owners are responsible for their pet’s actions. The following rules concerning pets on the Ranch are: A. No pets are allowed to run loose or at large except in the unimproved areas. All pets must be on a 10ft. leash or in an approved pet carrier in the improved areas of the Ranch, including caves and swimming areas of the stream. The leash must be held by someone or secured to a stake or other item capable of securing the pet. B. Pets on a leash must never be left outside unattended. C. Pets are not permitted inside Ranch buildings, pools or food areas except for service animals approved by the Ranch Manager. D. Pet owners must respect and observe privacy of other campers and restrain pets from being a nuisance to other campers, especially barking dogs in a campground. E. Owners are responsible for “cleaning up” after their pets and making every effort to take them away from all campsites when walking pets. Pet owner must pick up, bag and properly dispose of all waste. F. Pets are allowed in 17 ft. Ranch rental units ONLY. All pets in rental units must be registered and a nominal pet fee will apply (See current Fee Schedule). For any nonregistered pet in a rental unit, Owner will be assessed a $25.00 fine. If a person rents a larger unit and violates this pet policy, Owner will be charged 3 additional days rental fees necessary to “detoxify” the rental unit. G. PET VIOLATION PENALTIES: (1) First Offense: (Written warning). If a violator receives a written warning for a pet rule violation, the violator is required to sign the citation. Refusal to sign the citation will automatically cause the violator (responsible Owner) to receive a pet suspension, subject to review by the Ranch Manager. (2) Second Offense: Fine not to exceed $10 - Refusal to pay the second offense fine will - 15 -

automatically cause the violator (responsible Owner) to receive a pet suspension, subject to review by the Ranch Manager. (3) Third Offense: Fine not to exceed $25 - Refusal to pay the third offense will automatically cause the violator (responsible Owner) to receive a pet suspension, subject to review by the Ranch Manager. (4) Fourth Offense: Suspension of any pets on the Ranch under the violator’s (responsible Owner) interest number for up to twelve (12) months. (5) If the nature of the offense is a serious violation, at the discretion of the Ranch Manager the Third and Fourth Offense may be invoked simultaneously. 12. USE OF MOTORIZED OFF-ROAD UNITS. This section refers to all terrain vehicles, golf carts, mini-bikes, dirt bikes and motorcycles. The term “ATV” shall mean and refer to any commercially manufactured four/six-wheel vehicles designed primarily for off-road or recreational purposes. ATV does not include dune buggies or any homemade/kit vehicles. Ranch Management shall have absolute discretion in determining whether or not any unit qualifies as an ATV. Ranch Management reserves the right to refuse issue of registration and/or a Ranch license plate to any unit(s) deemed unfit or inappropriate for use on the Ranch property. OFF-ROAD VEHICLE REGISTRATION PROCEDURES: A. Registration of all off-road units will require proof of ownership. Proof of ownership is defined as one (1) of the following: Certificate of title; current proof of insurance card; current state department of conservation certificate of registration from the state of registration; or a notarized Bill of Sale. B. Any units not verified as belonging to Owner (non-registered or guest units) are required to pay a daily fee (See current Fee Schedule). Non-registered units will be issued a temporary plate showing interest number and expiration date. C. Ranger Station staff will apply the registration sticker in an approved location. D. Numbers on all Ranch license plates must be a minimum of 3” in height and plate displayed on the rear of the unit, if possible, or in a location readily visible to others (Gatehouse has 3” numbers for a nominal fee for your convenience). E. Any unit operated without a valid registration after signing onto the Ranch (other than under conditions listed below) shall be refused registration for ninety (90) days and the owner thereof shall be fined Fifty ($50) Dollars and ATV privileges for all additional units shall be revoked for ninety (90) days. After arrival at the Ranch, unregistered vehicles may only be driven from the campsite or storage compound to the point of registration. In the event the violator is a ranch guest, the guest shall be escorted from the Ranch property and the Owner who sponsored the guest shall have all ATV privileges suspended for ninety (90) days. Reminder: Owner is required at the Gatehouse for guest check-in and required to remain on Ranch at all times a guest is registered. All appropriate fees must be paid prior to proceeding through the gate and onto the Ranch complex. F. A nominal fee will be charged to re-issue registration stickers to Owners on replacement vehicles. Owner must provide proof of purchase of original sticker and return a sufficient portion of the damaged/transferred sticker showing the original sticker number, otherwise a full fee will be charged for a re-issue. OPERATION REQUIREMENTS: - 16 -

G. Effective April 30, 2009, all off-road units, including motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, minibikes and dirt bikes, are required to be equipped with a spark arrestor. Failure to have a spark arrestor as required will result in the following penalties: First Offense: Second Offense: Third Offense: Fourth Offense: $25.00 fine $35.00 fine Sixty (60) day suspension of all riding privileges of any motorized off-road unit registered to Owner. ONE (1) YEAR SUSPENSION of all Riding privileges of any motorized off-road unit on the Ranch.

H. ADULTS:  LIMIT OF TWO (2) PERSONS ONLY ARE ALLOWED ON AN ATV. Operator must have a valid driver's license to carry a passenger.  Six-wheelers are allowed to have three (3) persons, one (1) operating the ATV and two (2) in the back.  An operator less than sixteen (16) cannot carry a passenger. The exception is children 13-15 may carry a parent or guardian (only) as a passenger on Golf carts & ATV’s  Maximum of three (3) people are allowed per seat on a golf cart as long as the operator is sixteen (16) years of age or older with a valid drivers license and all occupants are seated.  No passengers are allowed to ride in any wagon, trailer, cart, etc., attached or pulled by any ATV. I. YOUTH: The minimum age is thirteen (13) for operating ATV's on the Ranch roads . Youth 13-16 operating an ATV are not permitted to have passengers, unless the passenger is 18 years of age and has a valid driver’s license. Youth between the ages of 10 - 12 have riding privileges on the Ranch roads with the following restrictions:  A bright colored plate with the member number on it so that the rider is immediately identified as a youth rider that is to be accompanied by a parent with the same membership number.  A photo of the youth rider so the Ranch can make a youth ID. Parents must bring with them while riding. The information on the ID would be name, membership number and age of the child. Available upon request.  ATV not to exceed a limit of 250cc  Must wear a DOT helmet.  Youth must ride between two ATVs with a parent/grandparent driving each; or if there are only 2 ATV’s one parent/grandparent must ride in front and must have a rearview mirror on the ATV to watch the youth.  Must follow the current ATV rules and all ATVs must display Ranch registration sticker.  Ranch requires a pre-signed waiver by parent/legal guardian on all youth riders between the ages of 10-12.  PENALTY: Any youth between the ages of 10-12 caught riding without his/her adult Owner as described herein, will lose all Ranch ATV privileges until 13 years of age. J. CHILDREN: Children below the age of 10 and under may ride in front or back of a parent or other authorized person who is age 16 or over and has a valid driver's license. Children riding in front of the operator must not operate the ATV. Children 9 and over must ride in back of the ATV operator. K. TRACK RIDING: To afford parents the opportunity to teach ATV riding skills and safety, - 17 -

children are allowed to operate an ATV in the designated track area behind Compound 3&4 with adult supervision. Children 12 years of age and under are required to wear a DOT helmet at all times when operating an ATV on the Ranch. L. VIOLATIONS: Owner IS RESPONSIBLE for violations of Associate(s)/guest(s). The following vehicular violations will result in penalties assessed to Owner as outlined below: Speeding Reckless Driving (spinning wheels, etc.) Underage Driving More than the allowed passengers Riding in hayfields, horse trails (or other restricted areas) Driving across campsites Blazing new trails Riding after dark without lights Illegal passing Side-by-side riding No license plate and/or registration sticker Intoxication Destruction of streambeds PENALTIES: First Offense: (Verbal/written warning). Violator must sign citation or Owner will receive driving suspension, subject to review by Ranch Manager. Second Offense: Ten Dollar ($10.00) fine. Refusal of Owner to pay fine will result in driving suspension, subject to review by Ranch Manager. Third Offense: Twenty-five ($25.00) fine. Refusal of Owner to pay fine will result in driving suspension, subject to review of Ranch Manager. Fourth Offense: Owner’s suspension of all driving privileges of all vehicles under Owner’s registration for up to twelve (12) months. NOTICE: If the nature of any vehicular offense is of an extreme serious or dangerous nature, Ranch Manager may invoke Fourth Offense at any time. Any suspension over thirty (30) days may be appealed to the Board of Directors. 13. STORAGE COMPOUNDS. The Ranch has three types of storage areas, Locked Compounds, Open storage and Temporary storage. The areas are lighted and patrolled regularly by Ranch Rangers. An Owner is limited to three (3) combined spaces in all storage areas on the Ranch, regardless of the number of memberships owned by any owner. All RV/Trailer/ATV items in storage must have the last four digits of Owner’s membership number visible from the front in numerals at least 2“ in height. If it becomes necessary for the Ranch to tow a vehicle to any storage area, for any reason, a fee will be assessed to Owner. The Ranch assumes no liability for damage done to any vehicle being stored or removed from storage. LOCKED COMPOUNDS:  A Ranger is required to accompany anyone inside the locked compounds. Every effort is made to assure the security of the locked compounds, however the Ranch assumes NO responsibility for any stored items  A nominal fee is charged to gain access to a locked compound for both storage/retrieving an item. Trailers or other types of equipment hauling multiple items will be assessed as one item. Items being towed by another vehicle will be assessed as an individual item. Compound Tickets may be purchased at the Gatehouse. - 18 -

 The Ranger will determine the space available according to size and type of unit.  Ranch management reserves the right to refuse storage of any vehicle, equipment, or other items that in its opinion could cause a hazard or considered unsightly or unacceptable for locked compound space.  Items left in Locked compounds must be removed within three (3) years. For items not removed within a three (3) year period, a $1.00 per day storage fee will be assessed prior to January 1, 2007 and $3.00 per day thereafter. OPEN STORAGE:  Located adjacent to Locked Compound 1, an Owner may place one (1) item in Open storage when registered and present on the Ranch.  All items in the Open storage must be movable with inflatable tires. TEMPORARY STORAGE/OVERFLOW AREAS:  Located adjacent to Locked Compound 1 and the Powder Mill Campground below pad locations, this is unfenced and unprotected areas Owners may use when registered and present on the Ranch for cars, boats, trailers, and other vehicles.  Selected area must be kept neat with no unsightly accumulations and unobstructed driving lanes. 14. FIRE PROTECTION. Fires are a year round threat to the natural beauty of the Ranch. Campsite fire rules are located in Section #4-F above and also apply to any other campfires on the Ranch. In primitive areas where no authorized campfire rings are available, small campfires are permitted ONLY in well-constructed rings of large rocks or in approved portable fire device. All fires must be supervised by an adult 18 years of age and over at all times. BURN BAN ORDERS MAY BE IN EFFECT DURING EXTREMELY DRY PERIODS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF RANCH MANAGEMENT. 15. PROTECTION OF STREAM BEDS. Streams and springs throughout the Ranch are governed by the Missouri Conversation Department. Destruction of streambeds is a federal offense and enforceable by the United States of America and the State of Missouri laws. Considering the laws pertaining to protection of streambeds, the following violations are strictly enforced: Littering streams with cans, bottles, waste or garbage; Building rock dams or impede the natural flow of water; Polluting water with soaps/detergents/chemicals (including, but not limited to, washing of vehicles, ATVs, clothes, dishes or cooking utensils in the streams or ponds); Joy-riding in the stream, defined as any riding that is not a continued motion in an approximate straight line to the other bank, going back and forth in a short period of time, traveling up or down the stream in areas not specifically marked for as an approved crossings or for similar actions (vehicles must be in a single file when crossing a stream in a manner not to create a wake). Specific Joy-Riding Penalty: A $50.00 fine and one year ATV suspension will be assessed against Owner and anyone violating the Joy-Riding Rule as state above (Owner responsible for associates/guests). 16. PARKING (CLUBHOUSE/RESTAURANT/TRADING POST AREA). There are four parking areas around the Clubhouse. Vehicles may not remain parked in these areas over five (5) days without written approval of Ranch Manager.  A handicapped only parking area is located on the north side of the Clubhouse.  General parking is available between Clubhouse and Security Office and a larger parking lot across the road from the Clubhouse.  Parking for Restaurant and Trading Post is in front of the Trading Post.  Golfcart/ATV designated parking slots are available in all areas listed above. - 19 -

17. MAIL SERVICE (INCOMING AND OUTGOING). Owners may have mail forwarded to the Ranch by using your name c/o Cloud 9 Ranch Club, P. O. Box 110, Caulfield, MO 65626. Mail may be picked up daily at The Trading Post after 11:00 a.m. Outgoing mail must be delivered to the Ranch Office by 10:00 a.m. each day. Mailboxes may be available in the Clubhouse. Contact Ranch Office for further information and availability. If you leave the Ranch and are expecting mail at a later date, it is necessary to go to the Ranch Office Window and leave a forwarding address. First class mail can be held for 5 days. Third and Fourth Class mail cannot be held over two weeks. Please make arrangements with another Owner to pick up your mail after this time. Package delivery address is West Highway 160, Caulfield, MO. 18. INTERFERENCE WITH QUIET ENJOYMENT: Interference with the quiet enjoyment of other owners and/or guests is strictly prohibited. Any person who engages in a course of conduct that is threatening, offensive or harassing with one or more owners and/or guests, violator shall be subject to discipline, including restriction of privileges or suspension from the Ranch. This rule also applies to interference by an Owner and/or guests with any duties of the employees of the Ranch. Owners are responsible for the actions of their associates/guests. 19. EXTENDED USE OF CAMPING FACILITIES: During the peak season and holiday weekends a rule commonly known as “first in-first out rule,” may be put into effect. At the discretion of Ranch Management, Owners staying on the Ranch for extended periods of time may be required to move from an improved campgrounds to a primitive (semi-improved) area. This will allow those Owners who are here less frequently, and for shorter periods of time, to receive their fair share of the use of the facilities. 20. ALCOHOL/SMOKING: Missouri statutes set age limits for use of alcohol and smoking products. We adhere to those laws and have the responsibility to report anyone who violates the laws of the State of Missouri while on the Ranch. A. ALCOHOL: Moderate use of alcoholic beverages by persons 21 and over is acceptable on the Ranch, except where posted as prohibited. Transportation of alcohol on the Ranch must be done by persons age 21 and over. Alcohol at all locations on the Ranch, including campsites and vehicles, must be secured to prevent accessibility by persons under 21 years of age. B. TOBACCO PRODUCTS: Smoking is prohibited in all Ranch buildings and other designated areas where it may cause a danger to others. Please observe and obey all No Smoking signs on the Ranch. Underage purchasing of tobacco products and smoking is prohibited on the Ranch. Keeping in mind that we strive to keep the Ranch a family oriented campground, as well as allowing all Owners and their guests to feel at home, moderation is the key to establish boundaries acceptable to all Owners. 21. MISCELLANEOUS RULES: For the preservation of the Ranch complex and health and safety of its Owners: A. Operation of bicycles, mini-bikes, skateboards, motorcycles, and ATVs on lawns and/or sidewalks is prohibited. B. Digging, removal, mutilation or destruction of grass, plants, trees, or shrubs is prohibited. C. Littering campsites, campgrounds, roadways, trails and cave areas is prohibited. D. Carrying firearms (concealed or the use thereof on the Ranch is strictly prohibited, except as described in Section #8 above. E. Use of Open Common Areas located throughout the campgrounds is limited to social gatherings. The use of these areas is not intended for an individual to use for camping, therefore, it is prohibited to use any Common Area for camping purposes, including tents, screen rooms - 20 -

or awnings unless for one-day use ONLY for social events. Any other use of Common Areas must be approved in writing by Ranch Management. Parking for social events must be on shoulder of road by Common Area used. 22. RULE CHANGES AND MODIFICATION: These rules may be changed from time-to-time by the Board of Directors, as may be necessary or convenient to discharge the duties and responsibilities imposed on it by the articles, bylaws and restrictions. No rule may be adopted which is inconsistent with the articles, bylaws and restrictions of Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., and/or laws of the State of Missouri. All such rule changes shall be in effect until the next annual meeting where they shall be approved, amended or rescinded by a vote of the membership. 23. VIOLATION OF RULES: Any act or omission whereby any of these rules is violated in whole or part by a voting Owner can result in such voting Owner being assessed for the cost of correcting such violation. In addition, his/her rights and privileges as an owner of the Ranch and a Owner of Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc. may be suspended. However, no suspension for a violation hereof shall be effective for more than 30 day without a hearing before a committee designated by the Board of Directors of Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc. For purposes of this provision, a violation of these rules by an associate Owner or guest shall be deemed to be a violation by the voting Owner from whom such associate Owner derives his associate membership in or the voting Owner who invited such guest.

- 21 -

ADDENDUM Rule changes approved by the Board of Directors from the date of the last annual meeting until the next annual meeting will be published on the Ranch’s official website and may be mailed to Owners upon request. Upon receipt of any such Rule Change, Addition or Deletion, please staple to this page for your records until receipt of the next revised Rule Book.

- 22 -

Ranch Office Address: Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., P.O. Box 50, Caulfield, MO 65626 Telephone: (417) 284-7321 Official Ranch Website: Greg Watts, Ranch Manager Email Address:

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday GATEHOUSE: During office hours call (417) 284-7321 and ask for Gatehouse. After office hours and on weekends, all calls go directly to Gatehouse. CAMPHOST: If Camphost is not in the campground, call Gatehouse and request your Camphost be notified to contact you, giving your name and pad location. RANGER: Call (417) 284-7321 to request a Ranger, giving the reason for your request, your name, and pad location. OTHER: Most facilities on the Ranch may be contacted by calling (417) 284-7321 requesting the facility you wish to contact. BOARD OF DIRECTORS (June 2008 - June 2009): Contact Ranch Office for contact information on all board members. Gene Muenks, President (first term ends 2011) James Phillips, Vice-President (first term ends 2010)

Marie Pilkinton, Secretary (first term ends 2012)
Larry Armstrong, Treasurer (second term ends 2012) Matt Maher, Board Member (first term ends 2010) Don Scott, Board member (first term ends 2010) Herbert Wyman, Board member (second term ends 2011) IN CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY call (417) 284-7321, give your location and request First Responders. STORM SHELTERS: Rangers will notify all campgrounds when weather warrants it necessary for storm shelter use. Storm shelter designations on the Ranch are as follows: Pre-Teen Center - ground floor behind Restaurant/Trading Post (Pets are allowed in this shelter). Cloud 9 Chapel Basement - Entry is on right side driveway to basement. This Booklet has been prepared by the Rules Committee of Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc. and approved at the Board Meeting held July 18, 2009, and it replaces all other Rule Book Revisions prior to that date. Any questions or comments concerning the contents thereof should be directed to: Rules Committee Chairman at Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc. This Rule Book and contact information is always available at the Ranch Office.

- 23 -

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