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International Congress on Security Protocols 2014 [ICSPS2014]

A part of International Congress 2014 by ASDF 19 21 November, 2014 !oli"ay Inn Silom, #ang$o$, %ing"om of &'ailan" &'e International Congress 2014 is a massive attempt by t'e Asso(iation of S(ientists, Developers an" Fa()lties* &'is aims at t'e 'ig'er en" +)ality sele(tion of t'e paper along ,it' a global opport)nity for every resear('er to p)blis'* At a single instan(e, t'ere are almost 44 International Conferen(es 'appening at t'e same ven)e* All t'e parti(ipants ,ill get t'e (ertifi(ate from t'e Committee ,'omever it be if -istener or A)t'or or .oster presenter* &'is (ongress is propose" to 'appen on(e in t,o years* Call for Papers Se()rity /erifi(ation Se()rity an" Design /)lnerability .erforman(e an" Se()rity Soft,are Design Se()rity Se()rity for Noma"i( Co"e Se()rity 0o"eling

Not limite" to t'e above topi(s, b)t ens)re t'at t'ere is no ot'er ma1or areas of Conferen(e ,'i(' is r)nning parallel to t'is* Full Paper Submission A)t'ors s'o)l" s)bmit a paper in 2nglis', (aref)lly ('e($e" for (orre(t grammar an" spelling, a""ressing one or several of t'e (onferen(e areas or topi(s* 2a(' paper s'o)l" (learly in"i(ate t'e nat)re of its te('ni(al3s(ientifi( (ontrib)tion, an" t'e problems, "omains or environments to ,'i(' it is appli(able* 4nly original papers s'o)l" be s)bmitte"* A)t'ors are a"vise" to follo, et'i(al norms regar"ing plagiarism an" self5plagiarism t'oro)g'ly before s)bmitting an" m)st ma$e s)re t'at t'eir s)bmissions "o not s)bstantially overlap ,or$ ,'i(' 'as been p)blis'e" else,'ere or sim)ltaneo)sly s)bmitte" to a 1o)rnal or anot'er (onferen(e ,it' pro(ee"ings* .apers t'at (ontain any form of plagiarism ,ill be re1e(te" ,it'o)t revie,s* A)t'ors (an s)bmit t'eir ,or$ in t'e form of a 6eg)lar .aper, representing (omplete" an" vali"ate" resear(', or as a .osition .aper, portraying a s'ort report of ,or$ in progress or an arg)able opinion abo)t an iss)e "is()ssing i"eas, fa(ts, sit)ations, met'o"s, pro(e")res or res)lts of s(ientifi( resear(' fo()se" on one of t'e (onferen(e topi( areas* All papers m)st be s)bmitte" t'ro)g' t'e online s)bmission platform* After t'e paper s)bmission 'as been s)((essf)lly (omplete", a)t'ors ,ill re(eive an a)tomati( (onfirmation e5mail* C'e($ o)t at 7 'ttp733int(ongress*(om3i(sps20143s)bmissions3 for paper S)bmissions* !ar"5(opy .ro(ee"ings along ,it' )ni+)e IS#N ,ill be provi"e" to all t'e a)t'ors* 4ffline /i"eo .resentation is also open for a((epte" papers* 4ptional 8o)rnal .)bli(ation for 6egistere" A)t'ors of t'e International Congress partnere" ,it' premier 8o)rnals* .osters are also ,el(ome ('e($ at 'ttp733int(ongress*(om3i(sps20143s)bmissions3posters3 Important Dates .aper S)bmission .aper Notifi(ation .aper 6egistration -istener 6egistration Conferen(e #egins 19t' Febr)ary, 2014 #egins 19t' 8)ne, 2014 #egins 1;t' 8)ne, 2014 #egins 19t' Febr)ary, 2014 #egins 19t' November, 2014 2n"s :1st 8)ly, 2014 2n"s 19t' A)g)st, 2014 2n"s :1st A)g)st, 2014 2n"s :0t' September, 2014 2n"s 21st November, 2014

-istener 6egistration is also ,el(ome an" t'e first 100 6egistrants ,ill be given ,it' free a((ommo"ation at t'e Congress /en)e on "o)ble s'aring basis* Also -isteners registere" (an get t'e parti(ipation (ertifi(ate from all t'e 44 International Congress* Conference Chair S ! Cha"ra#arthy$ 8a,a'arlal Ne'r) &e('nologi(al <niversity, In"ia* 2014 int(ongress*(om = int(ongress*(om gmail*(om