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Presentation : Malay Folk Beliefs Essay : The Negative Effects of Bomoh Beliefs on The Malay Community

Introduction In Malay community life is not complete without the bomoh, especially in traditional and rural communities. These bomoh is able to invoke the help of the spiritual world, and the latter who is more of a medicine man, is actually shaman who can connect with the spirit. The bomoh is often consulted, not only by the sick, but by those who wish to ensure a successful future, such as traders or politicians, the bomohs are actually on the periphery of the village life. The negatives effects of bomoh beliefs on the malay community are can oppose the Islamic doctrine, influence or encourage people to behave negatively and can cause people not to trust their abilities or talent. Body Paragraph 1 Using a bomoh is against prescribed (halal) Islamic doctrine and it is forbidden (haram) to use bomoh for Islamic. An ordinary Malay is generally aware of the distinction between what is approved by Islamic teachings and what belongs to the realm of folk beliefs. Similarly, people is aware of the distinction between traditional or folk medicine as represented by the bomoh and modern western medicine as represented by the doctors, dressers, hospitals, travelling clinics and rural government midwives. Believing in bomoh means believing in spiritual power of darkness rather than power of Islam Quran (holy book) to treat people who are haunted by bad spirits (hantu). Malay people support to have daily prayer (mendirikan sembahyang). The bomoh beliefs are nonsensical superstitions beliefs

(kepercayaan karut) for Islam. It is wrong to believe that the spirits are able to harm or to do good to humans, and to believe so is to follow the deceptions of Satan rather than the Will of God. Religious leaders of the Malay community, however, take a firm stand against any kind of Shamanistic practice. The imam (a person who is important in matters pertaining to religion) stated the case as follow: Religious leaders have to be opposed to this sort of thing, as it is against the law, against the teachings of the Quran. Disease is sent by God, and only God can actually cure it. Medicine may be helpful in easing pain and relieving symptoms; but the invocation of spirits is against Gods will. Body Paragraph 2 Without realizing it, the malay bomoh beliefs can influence or encourage people to do something that is more towards to negative purpose such as perform sabotages. A person who feels jealous or unhappy of other successful people may use bomoh to commit sabotages. Their life become more wrong because of belief in bomoh is based on their desire to harm people using bad spirits. But at the same time they also harm themselves. This superstitions beliefs usually their mind and emotional was controlled and influenced by this belief such as a common case thats always happen at village when a new person do not intend to ogle them, to them (think) the person does not like (emotional) or are not satisfied with them so they will jampi (black magic spell) them so the person will suddenly sick. A common jampi was abdominal pain for several days. Another example a case at Singapore, grave dust was scattered by a Boyanese man around the grounds of the shop to pollute and imbue the shop that was belong to a 49 year old lady a very successful business woman with evil spirit. Then, the woman was noted that her business has been much poorer ever since she became ill. The women feel that the food was stuck in her throat, she was only then able to take soups with difficulty. However, during medical checkups, no fever was documented. Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy (OGD), Computer tomography (CT) of the neck and thorax, biochemical, hematological and microbiological tests, autoimmune markers

was unremarkable. Mostly people will choose bomoh to sabotages because they know it is the efficiency and best way to harm people and there is no evidence or proof could be arrested and charged but their forgot about the sin (dosa) is in their own account. Body Paragraph 3 It is believed that bomohs may fulfil people wishes or needs. Nowadays, people who believe in bomoh will use them to achieve something without using their own efforts and do reject modern technology in their life. For example, they want the bomoh to help them get a job promotion, a contract they have tendered for, the love of a woman or man, and other worldly desires. They speed up their dream with bomoh help. For example, many women nowadays use susuk (one of the bomoh skill) to do beauty enhancement for their career thats need good looking characteristic. Bomohs use the Quran, spirits of dead people,

bones of humans, and so on, to "pray" for help. The Malays swear by the power of the bomoh rather than do their Hajat prayer to get their wishes fulfilled. Bomoh work with spiritual powers, they move on the edge of evil. Believe that they are dangerous because at the end they can have a negative influence on a person. Fortune-tellers and numerologists have to be very careful because they have a tendency to catch one of our ideas and focus us and our routing on it. They can cut us off from many other opportunities in our lives. Moreover, with bomoh help to obtain the wish and dream would not bring any happiness to them and at the end their life will come on deathbed in a painfully lingering manner. Conclusion People should believe in the almighty God and should turn to GOD for guidance. They must know that when Malay belief in bomoh and use bomoh will be looked down or despised by people around that know will about the Islamic rule. Malay community must know that Islamic, or the powers of Islamic, is treated as something magical or mystical, and who better to call upon the magic of the Quran or the verses of the Quran than the black magic man, the bomoh. The Malays believe that these religious people have a closeness to God

due their ulama status and how better to reach God than through these people (bomoh). The religious authorities and the ulamas should give lecturer and speak it out to help this people who are against the Islamic rule. Malay community should believe in themselves rather than believe in bomoh abilities. Using their own effort to achieve something will be more happiness and meaningful in life. Lastly, dont easily think or suspect bad and hurt other people because who know someday we need them help so we should be kind to other people. It is important in our life.