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OCS 4.1 Rules Summary ZOC In supply, combat mode attack-capable units have ZOC.

Retreat into attack-capable enemy ZOC causes all units (even those already there) to become DG. If already DG, lose 1 step in stack. Terrain and friendly units do not negate enemy ZOC. Truck MP must stop or conduct an overrun. Free to depart ZOC. Friendly units negate ZOC. Block supply line (friendly negate). Block rail cap. Block railroad trace (negate). Block rail repair. Block aircraft refit (negate). Block port trace (negate). Block port cap. Cannot enter Reserve Mode if adjacent to ZOC. Cannot enter Strat Mode or enter ZOC in Strategic Mode. 10 RE is max per hex. Trucks, wagons, air units & markers no effect. Enforce stacking at end of all phases. Exception: reinforcement phase. Order of stacking 1. Active Air 2. Hedgehog, Mode Markers, HQ, Combat Units 3. Supplies, Trucks/Wagons 4. Airbases, Inactive Air, Rail Units/markers. Change Mode in Movement Phase before expending movement points. Only Move Mode can use rail/air transport. Reserve Mode units move MA in movement phase - no attack, overrun or barrage until released. Release reserves at beginning of Reaction or Exploitation Phases. Full MP in Exploitation, MP in Reaction. Reserve units DGd, lose Reserve Mode. Defending reserve lose reserve if any combat result from overrun or combat. No regular combat at end of Reaction Phase. Defend at if attacked. Cannot be in reserve in hedgehog. Strat Mode units must be in Move Mode. Double MP. Cannot move adjacent to enemy attackcapable unit or enter Strategic Mode in attack ZOC. No effect if attack ZOC moves adjacent. Defend with combat and AR of zero. Artillery in Strat Mode no barrage. Keep Strat Mode if DG. Dont have to use roads. HQs cannot draw/throw or use engineers. Must use trace supply, not on-map. Exploitation Mode awarded by combat result. Use marker. No exploitation from overrun or nonregular Combat Phase. Remove in clean up phase. MP in Exploitation Mode. DG - no exploit. No exploit if attacking from 3 or two non-adjacent hexes. Disorganized Mode - place after 1. DG result from combat/barrage, 2. units retreat two or more hexes 3. retreat adjacent to attack-capable unit. All units in hex DG, HQ special functions not affected. Effects: 1. combat/barrage strength halved in attack/defense 2. no overrun 3. MP halved 4. AR reduced by 1. Engineer/RR/HQ units can still perform special functions in combat mode. DG units retreat adjacent to attack unit lose 1 step per stack. Can change from Move to Combat Mode and vice versa. Cannot change to Strat Mode. Remove in Friendly Cleanup Phase. All overruning units must start stacked and be in Move, Combat or Exploitation Mode. Movement cost to enter enemy hex must be <= 3. Expend 3 MPs. Overrun combat = regular combat except different surprise dice. If defender retreats or destroyed, attacker must enter hex. Can continue to move/overrun if sufficient MPs, even if enemy not destroyed nor retreats. Cannot use road costs. If overruning units retreat, movement ends. Non attack units can tag along but contribute nothing. Regular combat occurs in Combat and Exploitation Phases. Barrage occurs during Combat, Reaction and Exploitation Phases. Air Barrage occurs anytime during Movement Phase [Hip Shoots] or Naval/Air end Move Ph. Only one barrage per Ph per target hex (not Hip). Only use single type of barraging unit: air or artillery or naval. Air barrage within 10 hex of AB +1 shift. A single or multi-step division counts as 3RE or less if less than 3RE. Sequence: 1. Identify defending hex & attacking units. 2. Both expend supply. 3. Both determine AR units. 4. Determine terrain and initial odds. 5. Determine AR differential and -1 for Hogs. 6. Determine surprise. 7. Roll DR, modify AR and Hog value. 8. Attacker applies result first. Defender chooses the best hex-side or his hex to determine special modifiers. Each side first step loss comes from chosen AR unit. If either side destroyed, the other is exempted from its option, but can choose to execute it if necessary. To obtain exploitation you must take the full result. All units must take one loss before any unit takes two. Units missing half or more of their steps their combat strength (but prefer proportional option). Attacker must take his option before defender. Defender ignores option if attacker retreats/cannot take his full option. Players retreat their own units. Stacks can split up. Zero MP units go to Move Mode to retreat. If attacker retreats, defender cannot advance. To avoid loss doesnt have to be locally to rear.


Modes Fractions: round only when all calculations done. ie. 15 v 6 = 3:1 Never round MA.


Combat Heavy AT = Hogs, Yellow, Red with tank symbol, AT, AA Light AT = Red without tank sym Heavy AT v Heavy AT = 1.5


OCS 4.1 Rules Summary Supply & Trucks Supply dumps and trucks cannot be attacked, unless stacked with enemy units. Enter the hex with attack-capable unit in a phase allowing movement. Roll on the appropriate table. Captured trucks can move on the phase they are captured. Trucks do not contribute to defense, cannot be used as step losses or retreats. Extenders flip and move to any hex in draw range in trace supply. Each HQ defends with 5 combat Mode, 1 in move Mode. AR = 0. If retreat, go to Move Mode. Engineers and HQs can do bridging, detrainable and construction. Not RR, Ass Eng, Para Eng. Bridging effective when adjacent in combat mode. Treat major river as minor river, minor river as no effect. No movement if performing construction; within two hexes of HQ/Eng; one hex only; construction immediately available to use. One RE one SP. One SP loaded/unloaded trucks one SP. Units with leg MP of 1-6 count as half their RE value. Battalions are RE. Repl and company sized are RE. Reduce multi-step division size by one for each loss. No fuel requirements. Transport their own size in SPs. Split or combine in move phase. Trucks have no mode. Move only in Movement Phase. Trucks load/unloading costs 10% MPs. Load any hex; unload only with combat units, in port, AB or existing dump. Cannot unload onto map. Only same division can use their supply. Can be in Reserve Mode, can retreat. Regular trucks can replace lost organic trucks. Can withhold supply. Each rail capacity = 1 SP. Can move any distance within controlled rail net. No enemy units adjacent. Friendly units do not negate. Half rail cost if all multi-track. Double cost once if thru any trainbusting zones. Rail move in Movement Phase only. Must entrain, move, detrain in the one phase. Entrain/detrain in village, city or HQ hex. To entrain, units must have MP left. SPs cannot have moved prior to entraining. No further MP after detraining except RR units which can repair after detraining. RR units can entrain/detrain in any hex. Conversion: RR units can use rail movement and then full MA or convert up to 4 hexes in Move Ph. Can move/fire in same turn. Cannot barrage in Reserve or Strat Mode. Combat/Move Mode defense = 1 each unit. Move Mode or Strat Mode only. RE stacking. Repls have one step. Eq Repl no air transport. Must be supplied to move. Rebuilding: Stack with unit, within two hexes HQ, not adjacent to enemy attack unit. During Reinforcement Phase remove Repl units and replace steps. 1 Eq can replace 2 air unit steps or 1 truck but can only replace destroyed trucks. Can overstack on placement (not air). Nearest available hex if enemy blocked. Can arrive in ZOC. Can arrive by rail. Place air units at any supplied airbase. Organic trucks arrive loaded. Scenario-listed units and HQ units have engineer capabilities. ie. Bridging: adjacent to river in Combat Mode. Effect gone when HQ/engineer moves away. Construction: Must be within 2 hexes to build/improve airfields or hogs, repair ports. 2 SP/hog level. 1RE combat unit same hex for hog Reinforcement Ph, units must be identical both sides of counter, no Low/Ex/DG, same hex if two multi-step units, swop with dead pile if multi-formation. Indep unit can consol with multi-unit. Each AB level allows refit of two AC. AB level = flak level. 2T x level can be unloaded or all AC capacity if AC becomes inactive. 1T to refit AB. Build costs 1 SP per level. Missions: Interceptions, Fighter Sweep, Barrage, Hip Shoot, Trainbusting, Air Transport/Drop, Base Transfer. Mission sequence: Declare mission, Move AC from AB to target, Resolve air combat, Resolve interception, Resolve flak, Resolve mission Abort means return to any base in range. Abort over friendly base must land there. Can voluntarily abort all but one AC. Fighter remains active after successful interception, or base transfer at normal range. Move max of four AC from different ABs on any one mission. Flak against barrage, hip and trainbusting or air transport/drop if in Patrol Zone. Fighters project Patrol Zone within 10 hexes of its base hex. Increases Flak Rating of Zone hexes. Enemy air stopping in Zone subject to Interception by one fighter. If Interceptor wins, return to base and remain active. Lift one fighter from AB and place on enemy AB. Resolve air combat. No limit on repeat sweeps. Single AC, requires attack-capable spotter.

HQs Engineers

Transport Equivalents Trucks/Wagons

Organic Trucks Rail Transport

Artillery Replacements

Reinforcements Engineering

Consolidation & Exchange Airbases Air Power

Air Movement

Flak Interception

Fighter Sweep Hip Shoot

OCS 4.1 Rules Summary Trainbusting Air Transport/Drop Air-Air Combat Zone = target and surrounding hexes. Target hex only for leg. Costs +1 MP to enter and doubles rail cost. Remove in enemy Cleanup Ph. Occurs any friendly Move, Reaction or Exploit Ph. Leg MA 10 or less. Can move MA before, after or both. Drop: Move Ph, drop plan two turns before listing exact hex. Drop and no more move. In trace supply that turn. Procedure: a) Both layout all AC in full view. Voluntary aborts. b) Attacker selects one nonparenthesized AC then defender selects any AC. c) Roll two dice. Add attacker rating, subtract defender and compare modified DR with table. Roll loss dr. Repeat b) and c) until one side alone in hex or neither has active fighters left. Trace to detrainable hex, HQ, extender or supply source. Valid route goes from source to HQ to extender to unit. Cost if no trace supply: 1T for 2REs. If no trace or on-board supply expended then roll for attrition. Multi-unit Divs must all trace thru same route else one part is free, each other part pays 1T for 2REs. Extenders can join HQ and Rail, unconnected rail, HQ and supply source, Rail and supply source. Flipping from extender to SP transport (and vice versa) costs half MP. Out of supply: lose ZOC, attack/defend strength if combat supply, else no attack and defend at strength. Breakout if a) path of any length to other friendly units in trace supply free of enemy units and negated ZOC and b) within 15 hexes straight line of friendly combat units. First turn out of trace supply ignore a) and b), +1 DRM success and transport points eligible. 1-4 fail, 5-6 succeed, return 5 or 6 turns later. Valid route from SPs: 5 truck MP +1 hex adjacent to unit or 5 truck MP +1 hex adjacent HQ and HQ throw range +1 hex adjacent to unit. Cost 1T/step for Attacker. [1T/2 step brigades in DAK] Cost 2T if > RE, else 1T for Defender. Barrage cost: per combat table No supply/not enough supply - unit in question cannot attack. Defender halved. Internals - only for combat supply. Two levels, low and exhausted. If exhausted, no attack, defend at one half. Recovery a priority over on-map trace supply. Cost 2T per unit or RE per level. Cannot use internals for barrage, trace supply or fuel. Internals can only be used if SPs not available units can defend using no supply. Tracked/truck units need fuel to move except advance/retreat after combat. Trucks need no supply. Cost: 1 SP per multi-Div with track/truck units (until Friendly Clean Up Phase) or 1T per track/truck unit (current phase only). Also 1 SP per HQ for all non-Div track/truck units in range. Weather Determination First Player Determination 1st Player, Player Turn Aircraft Refit Phase Reinforcement Phase Movement Phase Breakout, Movement/Overrun/Mode Change/Rail/Sea, RR repair, Destroy dumps/facilities/hogs, Build airbases/hogs, Air/Naval Barrage (no Arty) Supply Phase - Trace supply Reaction Phase Reserve movement, Destroy dumps, Barrage Combat Phase Arty Barrage, Combat Exploitation Phase Movement, Destroy dumps, Barrage, Combat Clean Up Phase - Remove DG, exploitation, enemy trainbusting. Flip/remove fuel markers. 2nd Player, Player Turn

Trace Supply (Supply Phase)

Combat Supply

Fuel Supply (move non-leg) Sequence of Play