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Learning Assessment Strategies Field Study

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WORK ME ON Name of FS Student: Course: Resource Teacher: Schoo!: Your Too!s As you observe a class, note down your significant observation of the performance-based activity in the classroom. Then, make a checklist of the tasks, please use the Activity Forms provided for you. For your proposed plan for process-oriented assessment, it is recommended that you use the format that you agreed in your Assessment-2 class. Please remember that the rubrics are part and parcel of your assessment plan. O"SER#$T%ON NOTES ame of the !chool "bserved# !chool Address# $ate of %isit# &rade' (ear )evel# !ub*ect Area# !ub*ect +atter# $escribe in bullets the performance-based activity you observe. Year and Section: Signature:

,ased on your observation, make a checklist of the important things you wish to consider in your performance-based assessment plan. Please use -+y .hecklist/ for this purpose. MY C&ECK'%ST

After making your process-oriented assessment plan on a separate paper using your agreed format, write down a few notes about your plan. Please use the sheet below. NOTES ON MY *ROCESS+OR%ENTE, $SSESSMENT *'$N ame of !chool# !chool Address# &rade'(ear )evel# !ection# !ub*ect Area# !ub*ect +atter# 0hat are the best features of my process-oriented performance assessment design1

0hat specific conditions are necessary for a successful use of my process-oriented performance assessment design1

0hat basic points should the user of this design consider1

Prepared by# 2222222222222222222222222222222222222 !ignature of F! !tudent over Printed ame

"rgani3e your process-oriented performance assessment plan in a !how Portfolio with the following suggested entries# )earning "b*ectives &eneral Performance Task )earning 4pisodes 5described in terms of students6 specific learning tasks' activities7 Assessment Tasks 5described in terms of acceptable standards of learning behavior7 8ubrics for Assessing )earning

Your $na!-sis $o you think your originally designed process-oriented performance assessment can appropriately assess the teacher6s learning ob*ective1 0hy1' 0hy not1

0hy do teachers need to give attention to the students6 process-oriented tasks1 0hy do you need to assess them1

9n what conditions can the process-oriented performance assessment be used more appropriately1

Your Ref!ections 0rite your personal reflections of thoughts and feelings about your personal strategies for making your efforts successful in this part of your F!.