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What arents are !

Great way to stay connected at home. We use the posted files to catch up on work before it is late. Easy to use. I have my kids use it at home so that they can find and study their spelling each week. Love seeing pictures !akes me feel like I can keep up with my child"s progress.

lease Feel Free to )ontact +e ,ith an" -uestions or )omments

$his ,orksho. is a great ,a" to take "our classroom into the technological %uture. $hese changes/ ho,e0er/ still nee' to &e something that &oth interests "ou an' &ene%its "our classroom. 1 ,oul' lo0e to hear an" comments a&out ,hat "ou ,oul' like to see in this class an' ho, ,e can .ro0i'e the &est o.tions %or (234

Wee&l" an' (our )lassroom

$echni*ues an' $ools %or "our )lassroom We&site

Kim Latuszek 989-619-6907

$ake "our classroom into the %uture.

989-619-6907 For Registration

What Will (ou Learn:

Worksho. 6gen'a
art 1; @etting (our We&site in !ha.eLearning a&out outlining an' choosing im.ortant as.ects o% "our site. art A; )reating- Learn a&out the %un'amentals o% the 'i%%erent t".es o% .ages an' ,hat the" can .ro0i'e to "our classroom.

Registration 1n%ormation
5ame 6''ress

(es/ 1 ,ill &e .artici.ating in the lecture/ 7Wee&l" an' (our )lassroom.8


$his is a great ,a" to get "our classroom connecte' an' technologicall" a'0ancing4 (ou ,ill learn ho, to create a ,e&site ,ith;
?logs Files )ontact age We&*uests !tu'ent Work ictures

art B; u&lishing- $aking the 'etails o% "our .age an' making them a %inishe' .ro'uct. art C; Further 6..lications- Learn a&out 'i%%erent ,a"s "ou can use "our site in the classroom.

9o, 'i' "ou hear a&out us:

!chool Frien' 6'0ertisement

)o,orker 2nline


!eet #our Instructor

Kim Latuszek is an assistant at Four )orners +ontessori 6ca'em". !he has &een ,orking ,ith the sta%% %or A "ears to increase an' im.ro0e the technolog" connections %or the stu'ents here. !he is also the enrichment coor'inator an' has .ro0i'e' classes to the stu'ents such as Ke"&oar'ing/ $echnolog" 101/ 1DL +ath an' 6'0ance' $echnolog". !he has &een ,orking to,ar's her +asterEs Fegree in 1nstructional $echnolog". 1n her %ree time she enGo"s rea'ing/ running/ skiing/ an' s.en'ing time ,ith her %amil"/ %rien's an' &o"%rien'.

lease check all that a..l" to "ou; +ontessori $eacher<<< >lementar" $eacher <<< Lo,er >lementar" $eacher <<< 6ssistant=6i'e<<< +i''le !chool $eacher<<< arent <<<

6n' so much more4