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Alberto Gonzales

DearRepresentative Frank: When the Attorney Generalflaunts the law and lies to Congress, your decisiveaction is needed. The Constitution's checksand balances that protectus from abuseof power only work if the Congress exercises appropriate oversightover the workings of the government. And you cannotexercise oversight you allow the nation'sseniorlaw enforcement if official to lie to you abouthis own actionsor to coverup violationsof law by others. Impeachment is the only appropriate actionto restorethe authority of Congress to reassure public that and the the law is paramount. Takeonly the two mostrecentexamples: ' In tle caseof the dismissed prosecutors, fits Gonzales's of selective amnesia makeit clear that he deliberatelylied to Congress a feeble attemptto mask a clear and in unmistakablepattern of improper political influence with prosecutorialdecisionmaking. A false claim not to rememberis just as much a lie as a conscious misrepresentation a fact oneremembers of well. Instances phonyforgefulnessseem of to aboundthroughoutGonzales's testimony,but his claim to have no memoryof the November Justice Department meetingat which he authorized attorney the firings after twice secretly delegating authorityto political staffers leaves gapingin incredulity. us ' In Februuy 2006,Gonzales trro Congressional told panels that therehad "not beenany seriousdisagreement about the program" of warrantless wiretaps. We have since learned that his testimonywas false. FormerDeputy Attorney General JamesComey told the Senate JudiciaryCommittee that he had refusedto certifu the legality of the program.Gonzales, eavesdropping thenthe SolicitorGeneral, tried to go over Comey's head by rushing to the hospital and appealingdirectly to Attorney GeneralJohn Ashcroft, who lay semi-conscious an intensive care unit recoveringfrom gall in bladdersurgery.Ashcroft rebuffedGonzales accordingto Comey'stestimony. How can Gonzales claim with a straightface that therewas no "ssrious disagreansnt"when the White HouseCounselwas personallyrebuffedby the Attorney Generaland his deputy concerninga secretprogram allegedly essential national security but of to dubious constitutional validity? Lying to Congressis a felony - actually three felonies: perjury, false statements and obstmctionof justice. This issuegoeswell beyondpolicy disagreements Gonzales with on his controversial interpretations constitutional of liberties. Congress, a co-equal as branchof government, must be respected when it makeslegitimateinquiriesinto the activitiesof any administration.For you consciously wear blindersin the face of the Auorney General's to lies would be an abandonment your own constitrtionalresponsibilities. of The American people deserveto learn the truth under the disinfeaing sunlight that an impeachment proceeding would bring. We urgeyou to join in that effort.

W: R

Sincerely, . -.-F