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Sri Lanka Government is Shaking in its Boots

Tim King Using genocide to eradicate terrorism will turn out to be nothing less than a fiasco for the violent Buddhist government of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, land of media abductions and genocide

(S L!"# - !thnic minorities on this island nation are slaughtered en masse$ %olitical targets of the government are &white vanned& - (abducted b' government forces who terrori(e the %o%ulation with white vans which drive fear in the %o%ulation#$ and even tourists are ra%ed and murdered in this %lace that tends to %lace a nationalist$ twisted form of violent Buddhism in front of an' other human rights. government orchestrated genocide swe%t the Tamil %o%ulation of Sri Lanka in )**+ and brought an end to Sri Lanka,s long running civil war$ at a cost of -*$*** lives$ the UN sa's. Local estimates of those killed %laces the number around ./*$***$ and the' died in the worst$ most unimaginable wa's. The Sri Lanka rm' (SL # o%erated in the de%ths of de%ravit' and it all hinges on a single angle0 that the militar' force created to defend the hel%less Tamil civilian %o%ulation$ the LTT! (Liberation Tigers of Tamil !elam# or Tamil Tigers$ had been designated a &terrorist& grou%. The word &terrorist& is used in Sri Lanka the same wa' it is used in 1alestine. Sri Lanka and 2srael$ both well funded US allies$ use the term to constantl' 3ustif' wanton acts of ra%e and torture$ murder and unlawful im%risonment. ll in the name of &fighting terrorism&. The genocide of Tamils was e4tremel' well documented$ to the %oint that onl' a blithering fool would even attem%t to den' it. Thousands and thousands of %hotos and video frames of SL soldiers abusing Tamils await those willing to search 5oogle 2mages for &Tamil 5enocide&. 6et Sri Lanka,s 1resident$ "a3inda 7a3a%akse$ and his cronies whined and whined$ calling the scientificall' anal'(ed genocide images &fakes&. Sri Lanka accused res%ectable news agencies like Channel 4 in London of waging some vengeful act against the government of Sri Lanka$

which was to an' observer$ nothing less than absurd. Sri Lanka was 8uietl' convicted of the crime of 5enocide in the The 1ermanent 1eo%les9 Tribunal world court$ in :ecember )*.;. Press release:The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka – Session II 7th – 10th December 2013 Bremen, Germany. Now this una%ologetic government is heading to the United Nations <uman 7ights =ommission (UN<=7# at the behest of UN<7= =ommissioner Navi 1illa'. >ne countr' after another has 3oined in the call for Sri Lanka,s accountabilit'$ the hold out countries 7ussia$ =hina and =uba$ hold the torch for these murderers in the Sri Lankan government. The worst %art of it all is the wides%read targeting of media b' the Sri Lankan government. nd wh' should 7ussia or =hina ob3ect? @e are talking about red =hina and the former %la'ground of Stalin. 1eo%le in the east are so unaccustomed to free societ' that the' can,t even begin to com%rehend it. But the Tamils of Sri Lanka understand the conce%t well$ and in s%ite of the traged' this <indu and =hristian ethnic minorit' suffered at the hands of Sri Lanka,s Sinhala Buddhist e4tremist government$ the' ma' see 3ustice$ or some form of 3ustice$ in the end. Inquilab Zindabad (Long live the 7evolution# Tim King *A "arch )*.1lease e4amine the links below for the latest stories$ thanks to Bisvanathan Sivam in "elbourne. TAMIL GUARDIAN Draft resolution is disappointing, Cameron's pledge has not been realised – GTF <> TAMIL GUARDIAN Labour: David Cameron must now deliver on international investigation pledge <> COLOMBO GAZETTE **COMMENTS CAN BE POSTED** U maintains pressure on probe <> THE NATION **COMMENTS CAN BE POSTED** T!" to press #ndia for a strong resolution against $L <> COLOMBO PAGE $ri Lan%a ma&or Tamil part' () as%s "ustralia to be among *ivili+ed *ountries and vote for U! resolution <>

LANKA SRI NEWS Canadian opposition *alled upon stri*t resolution < 20KOlxdacf5Y434e2UMQ2022YmB3ddcdBmU20eC6AAae4eY5B4ca3lOm23> COLOMBO GAZETTE **COMMENTS CAN BE POSTED** ,igi sa's politi*s not important <> DAILY MIRROR SRI LANKA **COMMENTS CAN BE POSTED** (annar mass grave halt temporar': )oli*e <> TAMIL GUARDIAN -uman remains found near (ullivai%%aal <> TAMIL GUARDIAN David Cameron must now deliver on his pledge for international investigation into $ri Lan%a's war *rimes, ".T#CL/ 01 /..1 (CC".T-1 () <> UNITED STATES TAMIL POLITICAL ACTION COUNCIL U$T)"C .eiterates Call for Commission of #n2uir' on $ri Lan%a <> CENTRE FOR POLICY ALTERNATIVES " C3((/!T".1 3! T-/ )./$#D/!T#"L C3((#$$#3! T3 #!4/$T#G"T/ (#$$#!G )/.$3!$ <> SRI LANKA GUARDIAN .a&apa%sa 0us' /5hausting -is Ta*ti*s To )revent " U! .esolution <> BBC NEWS ('anmar's Tamils see% to prote*t their identit' <>