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With English Translation

Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jay


Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai


Sai naam jyothi kalash, hey jag ka aadhaar |

chintan jyothi punj ka, kariyen baarambaar ||1||

The Name of Sai is the Light on which the whole Universe is dependent on.

Think or meditate on the Brightest Light, continuously/ constantly.

Sothe jagte Sai kah, aate jaate naam |

man hi man se Sai ko, Shath Shath kare pranaam ||2||

In the Sleep and in wake state, the name of Sai is always resident.

Mentally (or in the mind), let us bow down to Sai, hundreds of times.

Sukhdaa hein shubha kripa, shakti shanti swaroop |

hein satya anand mayi, Sai Kripa anup ||3||

The Blessed Grace is giver of health, The sources of Strength, alcove of calm,

Vehicle of truth, bestower of bliss, Unique descent is Grace of Sai.

Sai Ram is the incarnation of Supreme Grace. He is inherently and essentially a provider of real peace,
happiness and well being.
An inexhaustible (endless) fountainhead of unparalleled grace, love and benevolence, knowing Him grants
us strength, wisdom, bliss and peace.

'Roop-Swaroop': While the form (roop) of ornaments may be a necklace, bangle or earrings, their
element(swaroop) is gold.

Similarly, the visible form of sugar is granules, cubes or powder, yet its essence is sweetness, that is,

sugar is inherently sweet in every form. ..

Dev danuj nar naag pashu, pakshi keet patang|

sab mein Sai samaan hein, Sai sabhi ke sang||4||

Sai is present in God, Demons, Reptiles, animals, and Birds.

Sai exists in everything, Sai exists with everything.

Sai naam vah naav hein, vus par ho asvaar |

bhale hi dustar hein badaa, karta bhavsagar paar ||5||

Sai's Name is the boat that would carry us to the other bank –

No matter how big the ocean of sorrow and misery is, His name will carry us across it.

Mantramay hi maaniye, Sai Ram bhaghvaan |

devalay hein Sai ka, Sai shabd gun khaan ||6||

Believe in the miraculous! Lord Sai-Ram !

Sacred Temple too of Sai, Is full of virtues, this Word Sai-Ram.[modified from 1]

Believe in the miraculous – Lord Sai Ram

This Word SaiRam is Sacred temple of Sai, and is full of virtues

Know it without any doubt that your Lord- Sai Ram is inherent in Sai Ram-Mantra and abides therein

as the origin, source and unfathomable (that cannot be measured) reservoir of all the virtues. ...

Sai naam aaraadhiye, bheetar bhar ye bhaav |

dev daya avatharan ka, dhaar chouguna chaav ||7||

With deep devotion and faith within, Meditate upon the Name Sai,

And with a child-like trust await the Descent of Grace of Lord. .

Sai shabd ko dhyaayiye, mantr taarak maan |

swashakti sattaa jag kare, vupari chakr ko yaan ||8||

Repeat, reflect on Name, Sai, This sacred word protects from sin,

Awakens vital force lying asleep, Takes it to the higher chakras within. .

Jeevan virathaa beeth gaya, kiya na saadhan ek |

kripa ho mere Sai ki, mile gnyaan vivek ||9||

This life has been wasted, not even doing one Sadhana.
May our Sai's grace descend and help us attain Gyan(Wisdom) and

Vivek (Knowledge to Discriminate between untruth and the Absolute Truth)

Baba ne ati kripa kini, mohe deeyo chaaho samjhaayi |

ahankaar ko chodo bhaayi, jo tum chaaho bhalaayi ||10||

Baba has showered lots of grace –by making me understand that o brother!

if you wish your welfare Let go of Pride(ego).

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

~~ Vandanaa ~~
Sweekaar karo meri vandanaa, shirdi ke kartaar|
Sai tujhe paramaatman, mangal shiv shubhkaar||

Please accept my Salutations, oh Shirdi's Administrator.

Sai,Thou art giver of good, Happiness and all concord. .

'Vandanaa': Salutation; 'Mangal': Benediction; 'Shiv': Happiness, Peace

'Shubh': Auspicious.

Haath jodkar hein khadaa, sevak tere dwaar |

kartaa nish din vandanaa, Sai karo sweekaar ||

with folded hands, your servants are standing at your door -

Saluting you day and night, Sai, Please accept (us/our salutations)

Charanon par mastak kiye, vinay bhakti ke saath |

namaskaar mera tujhe, hove jag ke naath ||

With our head at Your feet, with obedience and devotion

Salutations to you, Oh, Ruler of the Universe.

Sai naam jap vandanaa, yahi saadhanaa yog |

jag jhoothaa aur jagath ke, mithyaa hein sab bhog ||

Chanting Sai's nam and saluting – is the way to Sadhana (Spiritual Practice or Discipline)

All this Universe and senses associated with this world - worldly things are all fake.

Namo namo hey Sai prabhu, tum ho jag ke naath |

sabke paalanhaar tum, charan navaavun maath ||

Hail, Hail oh Lord Sai - You are the ruler of this World.
You are the protector of All – I bow at HOLY FEET

Donon kar ko jodh kar, mastak ghutne take |

tujh ko ho pranaam mama, shath shath koti anek ||

I clasp my hands, bend and bow, I let my knees to ground,

Accept my salutations, Lord, Many million times I bow. .

Tan se seva Sai ki, man se sumiran naam |

dhan se dhruti dhaarnaa, karma karo nishkaam ||

With this Body, service is done to Sai, With Mind, I keep chanting/thinking His name.

With wealth, make a firm decision and wipe out your Karma.

Bhakti bhaav shubh bhaavanaa, man me bhar bharpoor |

shradhdha se tujh ko namoon, mere Sai hajoor ||

With deep devotion, aspirations (sacred thoughts/feelings), With heart over-flowing with love,

With reverence I bow to Thee Lord Sai - my Lord of Love. . .

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

~~ Shri Sai Mahima ~~

Shri Sai Ram param satya, prakaash roop,

parama paavana Shirdi nivaashi, parama gnyaan aanand

swaroop, pragnyaa pradaataa, satchidananda swaroop,

parama purush yogiraaj, dayaalu devaadhideva hein,

unko baar baar, namaskaar, namaskaar, namaskaar |

Lord Sai Ram is Supreme Truth, Light of Lights

Supreme Purity, Resident of Shirdi, Supreme Wisdom, Greatest Joy

Supreme Being, Lord of Ascetics, Most Merciful, God of gods.

Salutations unto Him, again and again, Salutations unto Him.

~~ Shri Sai Vani ~~

Namo Namo paavana Sai, Namo Namo kripaala Gosai |

Sai Amrit padha paavana vani, Sai naam dhun sudha samaani ||1||

Hail Hail oh Purest form, Sai. Hail Hail oh Merciful Lord of Senses
The Word--Sai - is the holiest Name, Sweeter than nectar is singing of Name

Namo Namo santhana pratipaalaa, Namo Namo Shri Sai dayaala |

parama sathya hein parama vignyaan, jyothi swaroop Sai bhaghvaan ||2||

Hail Hail, Oh Protector of Progeny, Hail Hail, Oh Merciful Lord Sri Sai

The Highest Truth, Deepest Insight, The Lord Sai is Brightest Light ;

Namo Namo Sai avinaashi, Namo Namo ghat-ghat ke vaasi |

Sai dhwani hei naam uchcharan, Sai Ram sukhasidhdhi kaaran ||3||

Hail Hail, Oh Sai, the Everlasting , Hail Hail, Oh Resider of Each and Every Heart

The music of Sai is the Utterance of His name, Sai Ram is The Spring of Peace, the Fountain of Charm ; .
[modified from 2]

Namo Namo Shri aatma raama, Namo Namo prabhu pooran kaama |

Amritvani amrit Sai Ram, Sai Ram mrud mangala dhaam ||4||

Hail Hail Oh, Atma Ram(consciousness of his ownself), Hail Hail Oh Lord Perfect Conqueror of Sense

The Eternal Breath, The Sweetest Psalm, Home of Blesings and Bliss, --Sai Ram. .[modified from 2]

Sai naam mantra jap jaap, Sai naam mete trayi taap |

Saidhuni mein lage samaadhi, mite sab aadhi vyaadhi vupaadhi ||5||

Recite the Holy Mantra, the name of Sai. Sai's name will destroy pain/adversity

In the Sai Dhuni, let it rest -thus purging self of the fear, care, sin, disease and trouble ; [modified from
2] /

In the name of sai, my wholeself immersed in Him

Sai jaap hei sarala samaadhi, hare sab aadhi vyaadhi vupaadhi |

rudhdhi sidhdhi aur nava nidhaan, daata Sai hei sab sukh khaan ||6||

Reciting "Sai" – It is the easiest Way to go within, To Purge the self of fear, care, sin, disease and
trouble /

disease and struggle; Of power and plenty, in full measure, Sai is giver of Joy's treasure. .

'Sai-Jaap'(Reciting "Sai") is simple and uncomplicated, easy to practice and cures all ills

and troubles - physical, mental and spiritual. 'Sai-Jaap' leads to success, strength,

affluence and intuitive powers (spiritual and extra-sensory). .

Sai Sai Shri Sai Hari, mukti vairaagya ka yog |

Sai Sai Shri Sai jap, daata amrit bhogh ||7||

Sai Sai Oh Sai Hari, The yoga or practice for Salvation and Dispassion

Sai Sai Reciting "Sai", Giver of eternal divinity. .

The holy Sai-Naam unites the human soul with Sai-bestowing Salvation and Dispassion.

So, recite Sai Sai to attain the nectar of divinity! ...35.

Jal thal vaayu tej aakaash, Sai se paaven sab prakaash |

jal aur prithvi Sai ki maayaa, anthaheen anthariksha banaayaa ||8||

The Water, Land, Air, Fire and the Sky – Sai makes them all so pure and so bright

Water and Earth are Maya of Sai (Illusions of Sai) – Created the Infinite Anthariksha(That between
Heaven and Earth)

Nethi nethi kah veda bakhaane, bhed Sai ka koyi na jaane |

Sai naam hei sab ras saar, Sai naam jag thaaran haar ||9||

“Neti Neti” means “that which cannot be described” or “neither this nor that”.

The Vedas call God in terms of negatives: “neti neti”. Lord Sai is not living in the sense humans live, nor is
he dead.

Was Baba a Hindu or a Muslim, nobody knows; and so on.

We can never truly define God in words.

All we can do is say, it isn't this, but also, it isn't that either".

Sai-Naam(Name of Sai) alone is beauty of beauties; Sai's Name saves the world

Sai naam ke bharo bhandaar, Sai naam ka sadvyavahaar |

yihaan naam ki karo kamaayi, vuhaa na hoy koyi kathinaayi ||10||

Fill your treasury with the Treasure of Sai's name. Good Activities in the Name of Sai

Earn the grace with Sai's name – There will be no misery or Difficulties

Jholi Sai naam se bhariye, sanchith Sai naam dhan kariye |

jude naam ka jab dhan maal, Sai Kripa le anth sambhaal ||11||

Fill your bag with Sai's Name, Gather the treasure of Name there-in

When you bead the necklace with the treasure of His name, The end of life is safe in His Hands

Sai Sai padh shakti jagaave, Sai Sai dhun jabhi ramaave |

Sai naam jab jage abhang, chetan bhaav jage sukh sang ||12||

As name Sai - Sai is sung, re sung, Sai's great power within's sprung.

When rings the Name without a break, Does calmly consciousness awake

Bhaavanaa bhakti bhare bhajaneek, bhajte Sai naam ramaneek |

bhajte bhakt bhaav bharpoor, bhrama bhaya bhedabaava se door ||13||

When a devotee sings with divine feelings and devotion - Faith filled, without envy and
Sai Sai sugunee jan gaate, swar sangeeth se Sai rijhaathe |

keertana kathaa karte vidwaan, saar sarasa sanga saadhanavaan ||14||

Men of nobility and rectitude (moral uprightness) please Sai through devotional and soulful hymns sung in
His glory.

The scholars and the knowledgeable persons expound His glory and the devotees

go ecstatic in idolizing and highlighting the sweet essence and significance of the holy 'Sai Naam'. ...

Kaama krodha aur lobha ye, theen paap ke mool |

naam kulhaadi haath le, kar inko nirmool ||15||

Sense Gratification/Lust, Anger and Greed – are the three sources of Sins

Take the Name (Sai's name) and destroy them without any trace

Sai naam hei sab sukh khaan, anth kare sab ka kalyaan |

jeevan Sai se preeti karanaa, maranaa man se Sai na bisaranaa ||16||

Sai's Name is all in all and bestows all treasure and inner joy, at the end, Sai naam leads to moksha

Love towards Sai in entire life, killing all desires and never forgetting Sai naam

Sai bhajan bina jeevan jeenaa, aathon pahar halaahal peena |

bheethar Sai ka roop samaave, mastak par pratimaa chaa jaave ||17||

Leading a life without singing the glory of Sai (Sai Bhajan) – is like having the dreadliest Poison (Halaahal)
with your own hands

When your heart is filled with the glorious form of Sai, then your forehead shall bear the image of Sai

Jab jab dhyaan Sai ka aave, roma roma pulakit ho jaave |

Sai Kripa sooraj ka ugnaa, hriday Sai pankaj khilnaa ||18||

Whenever thoughts of Sai arise, it is so thrilling(Hair-raising)

Sai's grace is like rising of Sun, Heart of Sai blooms like the Lotus

Sai naam muktaa mani, raakho sooth piroy |

paap thaap na rahe, aatma darshan hoy ||19||

Mani means jewel. Just as a jewel is capable of removing poverty, so is the name of Sri Sai is capable of

freeing you from the worldly miseries, poverty, or difficulties, of cyclic existence and of solitary peace.

Create a thread of Sai Naam Jewels. No Sin or Misery will stay, as soon as the Soul has the Vision (of Sai)

Satya moolak hei rachana saari, sarva satya prabhu Sai pasaari |

beeja se taru makadee se taar, huvaa thyon Sai jag se vistaar ||20||
All things created are real and true, The one pervades them through and through;

From seed a tree, from spider thread, From Sai this world, thus is spread.

Sai ka roop hriday mein dhaaro, antaraman se Sai pukaaro |

apne bhagat ki sunkar ter, kabhi na Sai lagaate der ||21||

Carry Sai's form in your heart, call Sai from the deepest feelings (soul)

Hearing your call, Sai never delays responding

Dheer veer man rahith vikaar, tan se man se kar upakaar |

sadaa hi Sai naam gun gaave, jeevan mukt amar pada paave ||22||

The spiritually strong and courageous heart, put away your mental turbulence (disturbances) - Serve

with your body and your mind(soul). Always chant Sai's name and sing His praise, the soul will be
liberated & will reach eternity.

Sai bina sab neeras swaad, jyon ho swar bina raag vishaad |

Sai bina naheen saje singaar, Sai naam hei sab ras saar ||23||

(Without Sai, everything tastes tasteless)- Without the name insipid are pleasures, As music jars without

Decorations, riches, vanity of vanities, donot shine without Sai – Sai's name alone is beauty of beauties.

Sai pitaa Sai hi maataa, Sai bandhu Sai hi bhraataa |

Sai jan jan ke man ranjan, Sai sab dukh dard vibhanjan ||24||

Sai is father, Sai is Mother, Sai is relative and Sai is brother

Sai is the delight of every person's heart – Sai is the reliever from all sorrows and pains.

Sai naam deepak bina, jan man mein andher |

isi liye he mama man, naam sumaala pher ||25||

Without the light of the lamp of Sai's name, there will be darkness in minds

That is why inside of minds, count the beads of the garland of Names

Japate Sai naam mahaa maalaa, lagtaa narak dwaar pe taala |

rakho Sai par ek vishwaas, sab taj karo Sai ki aas ||26||

By chanting the great garland of Sai's name, the doors to Hell will remain closed

Keep your trust tied onto Sai, Surrender all your desires to Sai

Jab jab chade Sai ka rang, man mein chchaye prem vumang |

japate Sai Sai jap paath, jalte karmabandha yathaa kaath ||27||
Whenever Sai's thoughts rise, waves of love ripple in my heart

Recite, repeat, Ram-Ram each day,The cords of Karma shall burn as hay.

Sai naam sudha ras saagar, Sai naam gnyaan gun aagar |

Sai jaap ravi tej samaan, mahaa moh tam hare agyaan ||28||

Of ambrosial waters(Eternal Nectar) Sai's name is ocean - Of wisdom virtue, Sai's Name is fountain ;

Sai-Jap(Chanting Sai's name) is like the light of sun, Dispels deep darkness, blind passions

Sai naam dhun anahad naad, naam jape man ho vismaad |

Sai naam mukti ka daataa, brahmadhaam vah khudh pahunchaata ||29||

The sound of Sai's name is the cosmic Sound (Anahad Naad) – The mind that chants the name becomes

Sai's name is the benefactor of salvation - It takes you safely to heavenly abode (BrahmaDhaam)

Haath se kariye Sai ka kaar, pag se chaliye Sai ke dwaar |

mukh se Sai sumiran kariye, chita sadaa chintan mein dhariye ||30||

Do the service to Sai with your hands, Reach the Door of Sai with your feet

Recall(Contemplate/think) about Sai with your mouth, always bear in your thoughts and mind

Kaanon se yash Sai ka suniyen, Sai dhaam ka maarg chuniye |

Sai naam pada amritvani, Sai naam dhun sudha samaani ||31||

Hear Sai's fame/glory with your ears, Choose the path to Sai's Abode

The Word--Sai - is the holiest Name, Sweeter than nectar is singing of Name

Aap japo auron ko japaavo, Sai dhuni ko milkar gaavo |

Sai naam ka sunkar gaana, man alamast bane diwaana ||32||

You should chant and inspire others to chant, Sing the song of Sai together with everyone

Hearing the songs with the name of Sai, the mind is excited with joy

Pal pal uthe Sai tarang, chade naam ka gudhaa rang |

Sai Kripa hei uchchatar yoga, Sai Kripa hei shubha sanyog ||33||

Every second the waves of Sai rise, wherever the name of Sai is cast all over

Sai's grace is the Highest Yoga(union of human soul with Supreme being) – Sai's grace is the Divine union

Sai Kripa sab saadhan marma, Sai Kripa sayama satya dharma |

Sai naam man me basaana, supath Sai Kripa ka paana ||34||

Sai's grace is the means to all types of healing (mind, body or soul).
Only with Sai’s Grace can one control his desires and follow the path of “Satya Dharma”.

Satya Dharma is the true dharma as laid down in the Sastra-s, namely the nivrtti dharma that is

practiced by pious men without any expectation of benefit. /

Sai's grace is the only source of peace and satya, dharma and love of Shayam. /

With Sai naam all outworld practices vanishes, with Sai's grace you attain self control, and all pious

Place the Sai's name in your mind – It is easy to obtain the grace of Sai.

Mana mein Sai dhun jab phire, Sai Kripa tab hi avatare |

rahoon mein Sai mein ho kar leen, jaise jal mein ho meen adeen ||35||

When Sai's music(Songs of Sai) is always ringing in your mind, then Sai's grace descends on you

I should sublime in Sai, just as Fish stays in water without distinction

Sai naam ko simariye, Sai Sai ek taar |

parama paath paavana parama, karataa bhav se paar ||36||

Always Contemplate on Sai's name, And again, and again, and again

Most sanctifying is Name, [modified from 4], will carry us across the Ocean of misery and sorrow

Sai Kripa bharpoor mein paavun, parama prabhu ko bheetar laavun |

Sai hi Sai Sai kah meet, Sai se kar le saanchi preet ||37||

I should avail the grace of Sai completely, I should bring the Supreme Lord inside me

Keep Chanting Sai’s name always and start loving Him Truly / My heart says Sai Sai, Love Sai whole-

Sai hi Sai ka darshan kariye, man bheetar ik aanand bhariye |

Sai ki jab mil jaaye bhikshaa, phir man mein koyi rahe na ichchaa ||38||

Take the Darshan of Sai – Fill your mind with Happiness and joy

When you receive Sai’s grace/alms, your mind will become free from Desires

Jab jab man ka taar hilegaa, tab tab Sai ka pyaar milegaa |

mitegee jag se aani jaani, jeevan mukt hoy yah praani ||39||

Every time, the faith (thread tied to your mind) is shaken, you will receive the love of Sai

The entry and exit to this world (Birth and death) is vanquished. And Salvation is obtained

Shirdi ke hein Sai hari, theen lok ke naath |

Baba hamaare paavana prabhu, sadaa ke sangee saath ||40||

Sai hari belongs to Shirdi, He is the ruler of the 3 worlds

Our Baba is the Lord of Purity or Divinity, Always remains with all of us
Saidhuni jab pakade jor, kheenche Sai prabhu apni ore |

mandir mandir basti basti, chaa jaaye Sainaam ki masti ||41||

When you hold onto Sai's name/songs very firmly, Our Lord Sai pulls us towards His side.

In each temple and in each house/street, Sai's name will spread its joy and happiness

Amritroop Sai gun gaan, amrit kathan Sai vyaakhyaan |

amrit vachan Sai ki charchaa, sudhaa sama geet Sai ki archaa ||42||

The songs sung in His praise are Sweet, For Him the voices raised are sweet (Sweet are the explanations
given with respect to Sai),

The words are sweet said in devotion (Sweet are words uttered in His discussion), Like nectar is Shri-
Ram's adoration.[ modified from 2],

Shubha rasanaa vahi kahaave, Sai Ram jahaan naam suhaave |

shubha karma hei naam kamaayi, Sai Ram parama sukhadaayi ||43||

The tongue that tells the Name-SaiRam, Is most melodious, full of charm ;

Gather within the wealth of Name, Giver of highest joy is Name.[ modified from 2]

Blessed is the tongue that forever remembers 'Sai-Ram'. Indeed, the only significant wealth and

righteous deed worth performing consists in constant and sustained recitation of 'Sai-Ram'.

This surely bestows lasting inner happiness. [modified from 2]

Jab jee chaahe darshan paayiye, jai jai kaar Sai ki gaayiye |

Sai naam ki dhuni lagaayiye, sahaj hi bhavsaagar tar jaayiye ||44||

Whenever you desire, you can have the Darshan of Sai, Sing the Glory of Sai

Sing the Name of Sai, and Cross the ocean of Misery and Sorrow easily.

Baba ko jo bhaje nirantar, har dam dhyaan lagaave |

Baba mein mil jaaye anth mein, janam saphal ho jaave ||45||

The One who sings the Glory of Baba eternally, with utmost concentration

He becomes one with Baba, and your life triumphs ( The reason behind being born as human being

is to strive hard to get deliverance from Birth and death – this is achieved )

Dhanya dhanya Shri Sai ujaagar, dhanya dhanya karunaa ke saagar |

Sai naam mud mangalakaari, vighna hare sab paathak haari ||46||

Thanks to thee, the enlightened Sri Sai - Thanks to thee, the ocean of kindness.

The Name Sai-Ram brings bliss within, Removes all ills and saves from sin; [modified from 2]
Dhanya dhanya Shri Sai hamaare, dhanya dhanya bhaktan rakhavaare |

Sai naam shubha shakuna mahaan, swasti shanti shivakar kalyaan ||47||

Thanks to thee, Our Lord Sai; Thanks to thee, the Protector of devotees.

The Name Sai-Ram is most auspicious, Welcome, peaceful, good and gracious. [modified from 2]

Dhanya dhanya sab jag ke swaami, dhanya dhanya Shri Sai namaami |

Sai Sai mana mukha se gaana, maano madhur manorath paanaa ||48||

Thanks to thee, the Lord of Universe; Thanks to thee, I bow to Lord Sai.

Then sing Sai Sai with heart and mind, You'll surely achieve, what you wish to find.[ modified from 2]

Sai naam jo jana mana laave, uus mein shubha sabhi bas jaave |

jahaan ho Sai naam dhun naad, vahaan se bhage vishama vishaad ||49||

Who seats Name of Sai within his mind, To him comes blessings of all kind ;

The notes of name vibrates wherever, All woes and ills disappear therever.[ modified from 2]

Sai naam mana tapt bujhaave, sudha ras seench shanti le aave |

Sai Sai japiye kar bhaav, suvidha suvidhi bane banaav ||50||

For restless mind – the Name "Sai" is balm, 'Tis sweet as honey, brings peace and calm;

Repeat Sai-Sai, with zeal repeat; With ease, in time, your needs He'll meet. [ modified from 2]

Chal kapat aur khote hein, theen narak ke dwaar |

jhooth karam ko chodh ke karo satya vyavahaar ||51||

Treachery, cheating are all false and bad, and lead to hell

Shun all the sins and do the good to all

Japa tapa teertha gnyaan dhyaan, sab mil naahin Sai samaan |

sarva vyaapak Sai gnyaataa, mana vaanchit praani phalpaathaa ||52||

"Singing his glory", " Doing penance", "Visiting Holy places", "Adhering to Path of knowledge",

"Meditating" - All this together will not equal Our Sai.

Sai's knowledge pervades everywhere - a desireless person gets the real benefit (nirvana).

Jahaan jagat mein aavo jaavo, Sai sumir Sai ko gaavo |

Sai sabhee mein ek samaan, sab roop ko Sai ka jaan ||53||

Wherever you arrive in this universe and leave, Think about Sai and Sing His glory

Sai is present equally in all; Sai exists in all Forms

Mein aur mera kuch nahin apna, Sai ka naam satya jag sapna |
itna jaan lehu sab koy, Sai ko bhaje Sai ka hoy ||54||

"I" and "Mine" - Nothing is Mine, Only Sai’s name is a True & Real Dream

Everyone should know this that whoever worships Sai & remembers Sai becomes one with Sai.

Aise mana jab hove leen, jal mein pyaasi rahe na meen |

chith chadhe ek rang anoop, chetan ho jaaye Sai swarrop ||55||

If your mind is enthralled so - just like a fish which is in water, can never stay thirsty

Your intelligence will be tainted with a unique tint - your consciousness will realize the beautiful form of

Jismein Sai naam shubha jaage, uus ke paap taap sab bhaage |

mana se Sai naam jo uchchaare, uus ke bhaagen bhrama bhaya saare ||56||

When blessed Name "Sai" awakes within, The mind is purged of pride and sin ;

Whoever in joy chants name and sings, His doubts and fears at once take wings. [modified from 2]

Sukh-dukh teri dhen hei, sukh-dukh mein thoo aap |

roma-roma mein hei Sai, thoo hi rahyo vyaap ||57||

Happiness and Sorrow are bestowed by You; In happiness and sorrow, You are with us

In each and every strand of hair, Sai exists - You should pervade everywhere

Jai-Jai Sai Satchidanand, murali manohar paramaanand |

paarabrahma parameshwar govinda, nirmala paavan jyoth akhandaa ||58||

Hail Hail - Oh Sai Sat-Chit-Anand (Existence, Knowledge and Bliss), the enchanting flute player (Sri
Krishna), Supreme Bliss

Parabrahma (the one non-dual & infinite divinity), Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, the immaculate and very pure
light that glows eternally.

Ekai ne sab khel rachaaya, jo deekho vo sab hei maayaa |

eko ek ek bhaghvaan, do ko thoo hi maayaa jaan ||59||

He is the director of this drama, Whatever you see is just an illusion(Maya)

Adwaita, (non-duality) is Bhaghvaan, realize that Dwaita(duality) is illusion(Maya)

Baahar bharam bhoolei sansaar, andar preetam Sai apaar |

ja ko aap chaahe bhaghvanth, so hi jaane Sai anant ||60||

Forget the outward world, outward illusion and fill your inside with Love of Sai

The one who is dear to Lord Sai – knows infinite love of Sri Sai /

Forget the outward world, outward illusion and fill your inward self

Whom the god bestow His love, he alone will be near the Sai
Jis mein bas jaay Sai sunaam, hove vah jan poornakaam |

chith mei Sai naam jo simare, nishchay bhav saagar se tare ||61||

In whom the sacred name is nested, In him Sai is manifested ;

When Name Sai appears in mind, One swims ashore from sea of fears.[ modified from 2]

The one who has the Name of Sai residing within, His life becomes complete

The one who contemplates on Sai's Name in his mind, Will surely cross the ocean of sufferings and misery

Sai simaran hove sahaayi, Sai simaran hei sukhadaayi |

Sai simaran sab se oonchaa, Sai shakti sukh gnyaan samoochaa ||62||

Repeat Sai (Think of Sai), He helps, does heal, Giver of health, wealth and happiness;

Repeat Sai (Think of Sai), highest of all, Giver of peace, wisdom and all. [modified from 2]

sukha daata aapad haran, Sai gareeb nivaaj |

apne bachchon ke Sai, sabhi sudhaare kaaj ||63||

The Giver of bliss (health, wealth and happiness), The protector from dangers, caretaker of poor

We are all children of Sai – He takes care of everything / Sai takes care of all affairs or issues of His

maataa pitaa baandhav suta daaraa, dhan jan saajan sakhaa pyaaraa |

anta kaal de sake na sahaaraa, Sai naam tera taaran haaraa ||64||

Mother, Father, Relations, Son, Wife, Wealth, Power, Husband, Friend dear as life;

At death, no one will help or provide company; the name of Sai alone will save at the End. [modified from

aapan ko na maan shareer tab thoo jaane par ki peed |

ghat mein Baba ko pahachaan, karan karaavan vaalaa jaan ||65||

when you donot relate yourself to this body, only then you will not feel the pain

Identify Baba within your heart - Realize that He is the doer and the cause of causes. /

One must not think his own body as everything, only then one can feel the trouble of another person

Think baba within yourself - as the doer of everything

antaryaami ja ko jaan, ghat se dekho aathon yaam |

simaran Sai naam hei sangee, sakhaa snehi suhrud shubha angee ||66||

Realize that He is omnipotent - See Him with eyes of your Heart at every moment /

Realize that He is omnipotent; realize Him through the eight doors of body

Thinking of Sai's name is your companion - friend, one who is willing to help you anytime, your confidante
yug yug ka hei Sai sahelaa, Sai bhakt naheen rahe akelaa |

baadhaa badee vishama jab aave, vair virodh vighna badh jaave ||67||

For years and years, there is the company of Sai - Sai's devotees are never left alone

When the sorrow and miseries are overwhelming - when hatred, enemity, obstacles keep growing

Sai naam japiye sukh daataa, sachchaa saathee jo hithkar traataa |

poonji Sai naam ki paayiye, paathey saath naam le jaayiye ||68||

In Name - Sai seek rest abide, Comforter, companion, well-wisher, true guide.

O Pilgrim, on life's journey so long, Take treasure of Name - Sai - along. [modified from 2]

Sai jaap kahee oonchee karanee, baadhaa vighna bahu dukh haranee |

Sai naam mahaa mantra japanaa, hei suvrath nem tapa tapanaa ||69||

Sai-jap (Chanting Sai's Name) the noblest of all acts, Overcomes sufferings, removes defects;

Recite Sai--the holiest name, And walk the way of self-restrain. [modified from 2]

Baba se kar saachee preet, yah hi bhagat janom ki reeth |

thoo tho hei Baba ka anga, jaise saagar beech tarang ||70||

Love Baba with a True heart / Love Baba Whole-heartedly, that is the custom of devotees

You are a part of Baba like a wave in the ocean.

True Love towards Baba is the custom of Devotees.

Your Body(physical form) is Baba’s like a wave in the ocean.

deen dukhi ke saamne, jiskaa jhuktaa sheesh |

jeevan bhar miltaa uuse, Baba ka aasheesh ||71||

The one whose head bows in front of the weak and distressed

All his life, He will be bestowed with the blessings of Baba

lene vaale haath do, Sai ke sou dwaar |

ek dwaar ko pooj le, ho jaayegaa paar ||72||

Extend your hands towards Him (the only, who is the real giver) there are hundreds doors (ways) to Sai

Worship one door (way) – the only, who is the real giver will cross you (across the ocean of misery and

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

~~ NAMAN ~~
jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara |

jaya jaya Sai Puroshaaya namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara ||

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - the Purifier; Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

jaya jaya Sai Shankaraaya namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara |

jaya jaya Sai Raamaaya namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara ||

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva; Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Rama( or the enchanting Lord); Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of

jaya jaya Sai Maadhavaaya namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara |

jaya jaya Sai Hanumathe namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara ||

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Krishna (or youthful, vernal, like fresh spring);

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Hanuman; Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

jaya jaya Sai Akaala Purushaaya namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara |

jaya jaya Sai Naathaaya namah, jaya jaya Sai Parameshwara ||

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - the one beyond the time (who is not bound by time);

Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

Hail Hail, Oh Lord or the Master Sai; Hail Hail, Oh Sai - Lord Shiva( or Absolute Lord of Lords);

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

~~ Dhun ~~
jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare, Sai Raama hare Sai Raama hare |

jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare, jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare ||

Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai; Hail O Sai, Lord Rama - Hail O Sai, Lord Rama

Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai; Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai;

jaya Sai jape uuske paap kate, bhavsaagar ko vo paar kare |

jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare, jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare ||

Glory to the Lord Sai - The one who praises His Glory - His sins are removed;

He crosses the ocean of miseries and sins.

Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai; Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai;

jo dhyaan dhare Sai darshan kare, Sai uske saare kashta hare |

jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare, jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare ||

The one who meditated on Sai - has His vision or Sees Sai; Sai solves all his problems/difficulties.

Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai; Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai;

Sai rang rage Sai preet jage, Sai charano par jo maathaa dhare |

jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare, jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare ||

Sai brings colour to his life - Sai's love swells inside ; for the one who has his Head at the feet of Sai. /

When one is fully engrossed in sai’s name- Sai's love awakens the soul ;

the one who has taken a shelter of the lotus feet of Sai, Sai looks after him all the way.

/ One who dwells with in Sai, he became ultimately Sai incarnate

Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai; Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai;

jo sharan pade Sai rakshaa kare, Sai vuske sab bhandaar bhare |

jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare, jaya Sai hare jaya Sai hare ||

The one who seeks refuge at Sai's feet; Sai fills his treasury (with health, wealth and happiness)

Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai; Glory to the Lord Sai - Glory to the Lord Sai;

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

~~ Mangalamaya Praarthana ~~
sarveshaam swasti bhavatu, sarveshaam shaanthirbhavathu |

sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu, sarveshaam poorna bhavatu ||

Auspiciousness (swasti) be unto all; peace (shanti) be unto all;

fullness (poornam) be unto all; prosperity (mangalam) be unto all. [5]

sarve bhavanthu sukhinam, sarve santhu niraamayaahm |

sarve bhadraani pashyantu, maa kashchid dukhabhaag bhaveth ||

May all be happy! (sukhinah)

May all be free from disabilities! (niraamayaah)

May all look (pashyantu) to the good of others!

May none suffer from sorrow! (duhkha) [5]

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

~~ Sai Amrithvani Bhajans ~~

Bhajan 1:

sadaa sadaa Sai pitaa mana mein karo nivaas

sachche hriday se karoon tumse yaha ardaas

kaaran karathaa aap ho sab kuch tumhaari daat,

Sai bharose mein rahoon tum hi ho pitumaat ||sadaa|| 1

Forever Our Father Sai, Please reside in our mind/heart.

With a true heart, I am requesting you this.

You are The Cause of causes and the Doer - Everything has been bestowed by You

I exist with the trust of Sai - you are the mother and father.

vishyon me mein leen hoon paapon ka naheen anth,

Phir bhi teraa teraa hoon raakh liyo bhagavanth

raakh liyo he raakhan haare Sai gareeb nivaaj,

tujh bina tere baal ka koun samvaare kaaj ||sadaa|| 2

I am lost in the wordly matters - There is no end to my sins

Yet I am all Yours - Please Protect me , Oh Lord.

Please Protect us, oh Protector - Oh Sai, the caretaker of Poor

If not for You, who else will take care of your child.

dayaa karo dayaa karo dayaa karo mere Sai,

tujh bina meraa koun hei Baba is jag maahi

mein to kuch bhi hoon nahi sab kuch tum ho naath,

bachchon ke sarvaswa tum Sai sadaa raho mere saath ||sadaa|| 3

Have Mercy - Have Mercy - Have Mercy, Oh My Sai

But for you, whom else do I have - This entire world is an illusion.

I am absolutely nothing - You are everything, Oh Lord,

You are everything for these children - Please remain with us always.

Bhajan 2:

Baba tere charanoo ki Sai tere char anon ki

agar dhool jo mil jaaye sach kahthaa hoon

bas apnee thakdeer badal jaaye |

soonte hei teri rahamat din raat barastee hei,

is dayaa ke saagar se ek boond jo mil jaaye | ||Baba||

Baba, Of your feet - Sai, Of your Feet

If we get atleast the dust - I am speaking the truth

Our entire destiny will be changed. (Sai, If we can get the dust of your feet, I am speaking the truth - our
destiny will just be changed)

We hear of your Mercy - It(your mercy) pours day and night

Can we please get a drop or two from this ocean of mercy.

yah mana badaa chanchal hey isey kaisey mein samajhaavun,

jitnaa isey samajhaavun utnaa hi machal jaaye | ||Baba||

This mind is so fluctuating/unpredictable - How do I explain it to this Mind (how do I make sense to my

The more I try to make it(my mind) understand (The more I try to make my mind more stable) - It just
fluctuates that much.

najaron se giraanaa na chaahe jo sajaa denaa,

najaron se jo gir jaaye mushkil vah sambhal paaye | ||Baba||

Never Let us stoop down from your eyes - You may punish us as you wish

Once we stoop down in front of your eyes, we can never raise and gather ourselves.

bas ek tamannaa hei tum saamne ho mere,

tum saamne ho mere, meraa dum hi nikal jaaye | ||Baba||

I just have one desire - You should be in front of me

You should be in front of me - I should breathe my last (I should breathe my last in front of You)

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

Bhajan 3:

mujhe tumne maalik bahut kuch diyaa hei,

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei |

jho miltee na gar dee huyi daat teree,

tho kyaa thee jamaane me aukaat meree

tumhi ne tho jeene ke kaabil kiyaa hei

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei | ||mujhe|| 1

Oh Master(Lord), You have given me lots and lots

Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

If your gracious blessing would not have been there,

What would have been my condition in this world (Did I ever have a standing in this world)?
Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

mujhe hei sahaaraa teree bandagee ka,

yahi hei gujaaraa meree jindagee ka

yah bandaa tere hi sahaare jiyaa hei,

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei |

milaa mujhko sab kuch badaulat tumhaari,

meraa kuch naheen sab hei daulat tumhaari

uuse kyaa kamee jo teraa ho liyaa hi,

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei | ||mujhe|| 2

Your worship is my support/ help

This is how I lead my life

This servant is living purely by your support/help

Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

I got everything - By your grace

Nothing is mine - Everything is your wealth

What can be lacking for one who has become yours

Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

meraa hi naheen too sabhi ka hei data,

sabhi ko sabhi kuch detaa dilaataa,

teraa hi diyaa sab ne khaayaa piyaa hein,

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei |

kiyaa kuch na maine sharmasaar hoon mein,

teri rahmato ka karjdaar hoon mein,

diyaa kuch naheen bas liyaa hei liyaa hai

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei | ||mujhe|| 3

You are not just my Giver - You are the Giver for everyone

For everyone, your are the one who gives everything and who brings about or bestows everything

It is just all yours, which we are eating and drinking (relishing and enjoying)

Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

I did not do anything - I am ashamed of myself

I owe you for all your grace and mercy

I have never given anything - Just taken everything

Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

kare aas ummeed phir bhi biyogee,

jo ab tak hei rahamat vah aage bhi hogee |

bujhe na kabhi pyaar ka jo diyaa hei,

teraa shukriyaa hei, teraa shukriyaa hei | ||mujhe|| 4

All desires and their fullfilment with fruitless aspirations, come through his

grace and for such a desireless person those gracious blessing of Sai will continuously happen

Thanks to thee - Thanks to thee

~~ Aarati ~~
Aarati Sai Baba | Saukhyadatara Jiva | Charanarajatali

Dyava dasa visava | bhakta visava ||Aarati||

Oh Sai Baba, we wave lights before You, the bestower of happiness to the Jivas.

Give us - Your servants and devotees rest under the dust of Your feet. [6]

Jaluniya ananga | Svasvarupi rahe danga Mumukshu janaam daavi |

Nija dola Sriranga | Dola Sriranga ||Aarati|| 1

Burning (destroying) desire, You remain absorbed in Your Self and show the Lord (God) to the aspirants.

Jayaa mani jaisa bhava | Tayaa taisa anubhava | Davisi dayaghanaa |

Aisi tujhi hi bhava | tujhi he bhava | ||Aarati|| 2

As one feels intently, You give him experiences or realizations accordingly.

Oh kind-hearted, Your power is such! [6]

Tumache naama dhyaataa| Hare Sansruthi vyatha Agaadha Tava karani |

Marga daavisi anaathaa | daavisi anaathaa | ||Aarati|| 3

Meditation on Your name removes our fear of the samsar.

Your method of work is really unfathomable as You always help the poor and helpless. [6]

Kaliyugi Avataara | Saguna Brahma saachaara |

Avatirna jhaalasi | Swaami Datta Digambara | Datta Digamma | ||Aarati|| 4

In this Kali age, You - the all-pervasive Datta, have really incarnated as Saguna Brahma. [6]

Aathaa Divasaa Guruvaari.| Bhakta kariti vaari |

Prabhupada Pahaavayaa | Bhava Bhaya nivaari | bhaya nivaari | ||Aarati|| 5

Ward off the fear of samsar of the devotees who come to You

every Thursday so as to enable them to see the feet of the Lord. [6]
Maajhaa nija dravya thevaa | Thava charanaraja sevaa | Maagane hechi aathaa |

Tumhaan devaadhidevaa | devaadhidevaa | ||Aarati|| 6

Oh! God of Gods, I pray that let my treasure be the service of Your feet. [6]

Ichchita Dina chaatak | Nirmala toya nijasukha | Paajaaven Maadhavaa Yaa |

Saambhaala aapuli bhaaka, aapuli bhaaka| ||Aarati|| 7

Feed Madhav and (you should utter your name here) with happiness as

the cloud feeds the Chatak bird with pure water and thus keep up Your Word. Amen ! [6]

Aarati Sai Baba | Saukhyadatara Jiva | ||Aarati||

~~ Pada ~~
Sai rahama najar karanaa, bachchon ka paalan karanaa |

jaanaa tumane jagatpsaaraa, sabahi jhooth jamaanaa | ||Sai|| 1

Sai, look at us mercifully, and take care of your children. Sai, look at us mercifully, and take care of your

You know this mundane world, this world full of illusion. You know this mundane world, this world full of
illusion. [7]

mein andhaa hoon bandaa aapkaa, mujhko prabhu dikhalaanaa | ||Sai|| 2

I am blind and ignorant devotee of yours, give me God’s vision.

I am blind and ignorant devotee of yours, give me God’s vision.[7]

Daasaganu kahe abb kyaa boloon, thak gayee meri rasanaa | ||Sai|| 3

Das Ganu says : What shall I say now? My tongue fails me: Das Ganu says : What shall I say now?

My tongue fails me [7]

~~ Pada ~~
rahama najar karo, abb more Sai,

tum bina naheen mujhe maa baap bhaayi |

mein andhaa hoon bandaa tumhaaraa |

mein naa jaanoon, allah ilaahi | ||rahama|| 1

Look at me mercifully, O my Sai, without you I have no one – no mother, no father, no brother.

I am blind and ignorant devotee of yours:

I know nothing , I know nothing of God or the rites.

Look at me mercifully ….[7]

khaali jamaanaa meine gamaayaa,

saathee aakhir ka kiyaa na koyi | ||rahama|| 2

I have wasted my whole life,

and made no lasting friend for the final journey.

Look at me mercifully …..[7]

apane mashid ka jhaadoo ganoo hei |

maalik hamaare, tum Baba Sai | ||rahama|| 3

I, Ganu, am the broom of your mosque

And you, Baba Sai, you are our Lord.

Look at me mercifully……..[7]

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===

Bhajan 4:

Sai ram hare Sai ram hare ||Sai Ram||

Dukhiyon ke dukh dhoor kare

Sai dukhiyon ke dukh dhoor kare

Jai Jai Sai ram hare ||Jai Jai||

Hail Oh Sai Ram, Hail Oh Sai Ram

Please drive away the sorrow of the bereaved

Oh Sai, Please drive away the sorrow of the bereaved

Glory to Sai Ram.

Jab chaaron tharaf andhyaaraa ho

Aasha ka dhoor kinaaraa ho

Jab koyi na kevan haaraa ho

Phir tu hi vedaa paar kare || Jai Jai ||

When the darkness envelops all the four sides

The banks of Hope are too far away

There is noone to take us across

Then You are the one who takes us across (the ocean of miseries and sorrows)

Tu chaahe tho sab kuch karde

Vish ko bhi amrith kardhe

Pooran kardhe us ki aasha

Jo bhi teraa dhyaan dhara || Jai Jai ||

If You wish, You can do everything -

You can convert the poison into nectar

Please fulfill all the wishes, of those

Who meditates on You or thinks of You.

===Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ===