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MINUTES JANUARY 13, 2006 City Hall Conference Room Room 1010, City Hall

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT Leslie A. Orticke, President Barbara Romey, Vice President Oreatha W. Ensley Clara Eum Lourdes A. Rivera STAFF Paula Petrotta Veronica Hendrix Calvin Birdsong Monica Ordonez Lisa Chandler Keren Lazarow Deyja Kauffman Carolyn Reed

COMMISSIONERS ABSENT Helen I. Torres Dominique DiPrima


CALL TO ORDER Commission President Leslie Orticke called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF DECEMBER 9, 2005 On motion of Commissioner Romey, seconded by Commissioner Ensley and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved with the following correction: Page 5, Commissioner Rivera reported: Working on Medicare E Medicare D… EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT In addition to the written report Executive Director Paula Petrotta reported: • Invited by the White House to attend the presidential signing of human trafficking bill H.R. 972, Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which reauthorizes a total of over 300 million dollars for human trafficking. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Attorney




• • •

General Alberto Gonzales, Senator Sam Brownback, and New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney were among the attendees Working with Samantha Waterman, Mayor’s Office, on getting some discretionary funding Arranging to meet with the chief deputy for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales The Office of Refugee Resettlement will give the Commission funding for a part-time staff person who will convene coalition meetings


DISCUSSION ON MATTERS FOR COMMISSION ACTION A. Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Proposed Budget for the Commission on the Status of Women – Budget hearing for the Commission with Mr. Fujioka, CAO, on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. Veronica Hendrix reported: • The budget hearing was canceled and rescheduled for Monday, January 30, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. B. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) – The Gender Analysis Survey Action Plan and the formation of the Gender Analysis Advisory Committee Calvin Birdsong reported: • Received the gender analysis survey from the Convention Center and entered the data into a database. Debriefed their senior personnel analyst and another staff person about the challenges and the benefits of the survey • Invited to participate in a training program in New York City that concerns the implementation of CEDAW in local municipalities, January 29-31. The training will be held in conjunction with a United Nations meeting regarding CEDAW • City Council mandated the Commission to convene a gender analysis survey working group that includes the City Attorney’s Office, Personnel Department, and the Chief Legislative Analyst, to help us to review the implementation of the pilot process. The first meeting will be held at noon today. Commissioner Romey will be representing the Commission Commissioner Romey stated that the survey took almost three years to put together. The purpose of the meeting is to accept some constructive changes to the survey. • The Commission has until the end of April to complete the pilot process and to present a work plan to the City Council Personnel Committee for the implementation of the gender analysis survey in all City Departments

C. Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution – Update on implementation of the City’s response to human trafficking – Public outreach, City training, Neighborhood Council training, and community-coalition building Paula Petrotta reported: • Held first training for City employees in December. The feedback indicated that almost all of the over 80 General Managers and their assistants in attendance felt that they had learned a lot about trafficking and felt that the training was instrumental. Councilmember Tony Cardenas spoke as well as representatives for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, LAPD, and Marisa Ugarte, head of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition in San Diego. The Los Angeles Times did an article on the training. Ms. Petrotta is quoted in the article • Looking at doing another training with the coalition partners; about 100 community-based organizations are part of our coalition. The training will probably be held in February • Will be working with a national group to be part of a media campaign on human trafficking connected with Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April


D. Young Women from Adversity to Resiliency Program (YWAR) – Update on YWAR activities and upcoming events – Discussion of the analysis regarding the CAO’s latest report regarding the MOU to accept grant from the Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Monica Ordonez reported: • The MOU to accept the grant in the Personnel Committee was rescheduled to Wednesday, January 19 at 2:00 p.m. When passed, the MOU will be scheduled for the Budget and Finance Committee Ms. Petrotta discussed concerns with the way the City calculates the cost allocation plan as it relates to the way grants are analyzed. • Keren Lazarow has resigned from the YWAR Program.

E. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) human trafficking public outreach campaign – Meeting of coalition partners, December 13, 2005 Previously discussed. F. Status of Domestic Violence in Los Angeles – joint project with the Los Angeles Police Commission to develop a statistical report that would identify domestic violence cases, homicides, and tracking – Update Paula Petrotta reported: • Took the concerns the Commissioners raised back to the Mayor’s office. There has been no response • Thomas Saenz and Gabriel Sandoval are the new Commission liaisons. She asked for a meeting with them to express those concerns but has not received a response G. Upcoming Women of Courage Event, March 2006 – Report on the activities of the Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women Commissioner Romey discussed a report from the Friends on the status of preparations for the upcoming Women of Courage Event in March. The report included menu changes, video pricing, final pricing for chocolate favors, selection of printer, graphic designers for the invitations, and mailing of sponsor letters. After discussion, Commissioner Orticke requested the following: • Veronica Hendrix to call Terri McKinnon, Friends president, and Joella Hopkins, event planner, to inform them that there is funding for the video through Channel 35 • Ms. Petrotta to arrange a meeting in her office with all the interested parties. All Commissioners are invited to attend H. California Alliance To Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force – Nominations for task force appointments (List of nominees and a summary of their backgrounds and sample letters were distributed before the meeting) Commissioner Rivera stated that she received an email from the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST), asking that groups help endorse individuals that they have nominated for the state’s Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force which is mandated under AB22. On motion of Commissioner Rivera seconded by Commissioner Eum and unanimously carried, to support the California Alliance To Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force nominations. I. Commission meeting time – Discussion of possible meeting time change On motion of Commissioner Romey seconded by Commissioner Eum and unanimously carried, to change Commission meeting time to 10:30 a.m.


On motion of Commissioner Rivera seconded by Commissioner Ensley and unanimously carried, to move February Commission meeting to Thursday, February 9 from Friday, February 10. V. REPORT BY COMMISSIONERS AND STAFF IN THE COMMUNITY REGARDING ACTIVITIES PARTICIPATED IN SINCE LAST MEETING Commissioner Rivera reported: • Attended a meeting in San Francisco with funders and community-based organizations that are looking at reviving the human rights movement in the United States. She recommended everyone read the book entitled, “Eyes Off the Prize,” which documents the bifurcation of civil rights and human rights in the United States Commissioner Eum reported: • Busy during holidays seeing clients suffering from depression and post holiday syndrome • Going into private practice, giving seminars, workshops and group sessions. Will be speaking around the country on issues of self esteem and depression in women • She and Veronica Hendrix are planning a seminar for female City employees to inform them about depression and other mental health issues Commissioner Ensley reported: • In December, attended the Southwest Neighborhood Council end-of-the-year celebration. She is a board member • On the strategic planning committee of AGENDA, a grassroots organization, planning for the next 5 years of job creation and training as well as economic development in the community • Attending Land Use Committee meetings in the community. Next Wednesday will attend meeting for the Community Coalition regarding land use and economic development in South Los Angeles • Beginning training classes for community emergency response teams Calvin Birdsong stated that the Department of Aging administers over 250 job training slots for senior citizens, which may be of interest to the Commissioner’s organization. Commissioner Orticke reported: • Attended the United Nations Los Angeles Chapter celebration of their annual United Nations Day, December 10, at the Hollywood Entertainers Museum. Spoke on the program about human trafficking. Julie Heifetz was also in attendance. The December 13 event was promoted • Attended the Citizens Commission on Human Rights opening of a new museum in Hollywood called Psychiatry: an Industry of Death. Displayed were various types of equipment that was used to torture people, including women and children Commissioner Eum invited all to watch movie entitled Frances starring Jessica Lange, the life story of a movie star who was mentally ill and what she endured • • Appeared on the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars Telethon, Saturday night. Involved with women’s organization that gives money to promote scholarships to kids at historically black colleges and universities Celebrated her birthday at the end of December

Commissioner Eum requested a list of the Commissioners’ events so that Commissioners can attend each other’s events.


Commissioner Rivera asked if anyone was interested in Human Rights training such as women’s reproductive healthcare in the human rights framework. Possibly having a women’s forum during the month of June was discussed. V. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND COMMISSIONERS’ COMMENTS None PUBLIC COMMENT None ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.




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