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Philippine Literature Midterm Examination I. Read the following sentences. Identify what word is being described in each number.

Choose your answer from the box.

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Deity Censored Realm Ecstasy Fashioned Reproach Desolate Fatal Chaotic Delirium Bereft Outgrow Ravish Vibrant Abode Ethereal Divest Fickle
_____1. It is full of liveliness or energy. _____2. It is a state of extreme excitement.
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_____3. It is a house or other place where somebody lives. _____4. It is somebody or something that suppresses or controls something that may offend or harm others. _____5. It is completely disordered and out of control. _____6. It is to change so that old ideas, interests or ways of behaving are lost in favor of new ones.
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_____7. It refers to god or goddess _____8. It refers to being inconsistent and indecisive. _____9. It refers to sky or celestial sphere. _____10. It is a feeling of intense delight. _____11. It is a country ruled by a monarch. _____12. It is to take something away, especially power or status.
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II. Identify the following _____1. It is a Panay-Visayan myth. _____2. It is a complete and self-contained piece of writing in verse that is set out in lines of a set length and uses rhythm, imagery, and often rhymes to achieve its effect. _____3. It is the collection of poetry written by Angela Manalang Gloria.
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_____4. They are traditional tales of a tribe, race or nation which involve the supernatural to explain natural phenomena or suggest a religious or moral truth. _____5. It is the art or skill of writing poems. _____6. He is the pillar of the sky. _____7. She is the matriarch of Filipino womenpoets writing in the English language.
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_____8. It is one of the easiest kinds of poems to write because it doesn't require either rhythm or rhyme. _____9. It gives soul to a simple narration of experience by adding more depth. _____10. It stirs the emotions and stimulates the mind through metrical rhythm, musical lines, sense impression and language.
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III. Give the following A. Dimensions of Poetry to communicate experience (4) B. Reading the Poem (9) 1-6 (a-c) C. Kinds of Imagery 1-7 D.Two types of Connotation

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IV. Categorize the following words as positive, neutral, or negative. If you are not sure, look the word up in a dictionary. The first one is done for you as an example. 1. house, dump, home 2. exotic, foreign, strange 3. babble, talk, chat 4. dinner, feast, slop 5. fragrance, stench, smell
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6. venerable, old, decrepit 7. sound, tune, noise 8. beast, animal, pet

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Positive Home

Neutral house

Negative dump

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