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Creating Human Capital with Americas Youth Presented By Tri-County Parent Action Committee February 10, 2014

History of Common Core

1992 Mark Tucker, President of the National Center for Education and the Economy (NCEE) wrote his friend Hillary Clinton a letter urging the Clintons to pass sweeping education reform including National Standards and National Testing using the slogan high standards. 1994 Dear Hillary letter became the basis for 1994s School-to-Work Opportunities Act, Goals 2000 Act and Improving Americas School Act of 2004 (Clintons ESA reauthorization).

1996 Achieve, Inc. was formed by the nations governors and corporate leaders and NCEE (Mark Tucker) at the 96 Education Summit in Palisades, NY. Main goal- to benchmark education standards and assessments in order to make the 1994 reforms lasting.
1999 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives Achieve, Inc. a grant to support comprehensive benchmarking and review of academic standards and assessments between states. 1997 2004 Barack Obama is member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district

2004- November Bill Gates (Microsoft) signs an agreement with the UN stating he will influence education on a global level. (Gates stated, Microsoft supports the objectives of UNESCO as stipulated in UNESCOs Constitution.)

2007 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a large Chicago education reform initiative during Arne Duncans tenure as CEO of Chicago schools called Turnaround. Chicagos Democratically-Led Elementary Schools Far Out-Perform Chicagos Turnaround Schools 2008 - Duncans name circulated through the non-profits and Gates-backed organizations President Obama picks Duncan as Secretary of Education. Upon his appointment, Duncan began staffing DOE offices with employees from Gates Broad Foundation and a wide range of other associations funded by Gates and Broad. 2008 November, Bill and Melinda gathered about 100 prominent figures in education at their home and introduced a plan: Performance-based teacher pay, data collection, national standards and tests, and school turnaround (firing the staff of a low-performing school and hiring a new one, replacing the school with a charter, or shutting down the school and sending the students elsewhere). 2008 Achieve, Inc., The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) produced Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring Students Receive a WorldClass Education. Called for Washington to implement tiered incentives to push states to adopt common core standards. 2009 Work begins on the development of the Common Core State Standards; Achieve partners with the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers on the Initiative and a number of Achieve staff and consultants serve on the writing and review teams.

Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) is a set of national K-12 educational standards focusing on English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics. Common Core Initiative was developed by two Washington D.C. trade based organizations- The National Governors Association (NGA) and Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). They worked with a progressive non-profit organization, Achieve Inc. to develop the standards and released their vision in a report called Benchmarking for Success. This effort was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Members of the NGA and CCSSO a private organizations where members pay dues- are not accountable to any outside group, organization, or the public.)

CCSS Disclaimer: NGA Center and CCSSO assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from use of the information contained herein, or from use of the information obtained at linked sites, or in any respect for the content of such information. NGA Center and CCSSO are not responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, reliance on, or performance of such information, as well as for any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of any record. You also acknowledge that NGA Center and CCSSO are not liable for the defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of other third parties, subscribers, members or other users of the message boards and that the risk of injury from the foregoing rests entirely with each user.

The Broad Foundation wrote in its 2009/2010 report- The election of President Barack Obama and the appointment of Arne Duncan, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, as the U.S. Secretary of Education, marked the pinnacle of hope for our work in education reform. In many ways, we feel the stars have finally aligned. With an agenda that echoes our decade of investments charter schools, performance pay for teachers, accountability, expanded learning time, and national standards the Obama administration is poised to cultivate and bring to fruition the seeds we and other reformers have planted.
2009 Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan creates Race to the Top backed by $4.3 billion dollars of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) funds for four categories that include: Adopting Common Core State Standards (CCSS), turning around lowest-achieving schools, improving teacher/principal effectiveness, fully implementing a statewide longitudinal data system. (No public hearings Congressional or otherwise were ever held on RttT or any of the separate initiatives, just an extension of Gates/Broad agenda now made policy without field testing or research.) 2009 Gates Foundation gives Council of Chief State School Officers nearly 71 million dollars to increase leadership capacity of chiefs by focusing on standards and assessments, data systems.

Phase 1- states had to commit to adopting the standards even though the standards were not completed or released for viewing. Agreeing to commit meant states would: 1. replace their current standards, 2. change assessments, 3. teacher TLE and school A-F accountability, 4. and build a state longitudinal data collection base. 40 states plus Washington D.C. signed the agreement. Phase I Race to the Top grant winners- Delaware and Tennessee. 2010- Phase II- required applicants to show proof of steps taken to comply with requirements. Deadline for compliance June 1, 2010. June 2, 2010 NGA releases final draft of K-12 CCSS. State were given an extension until August 2, 2010 to show evidence they had adopted CCSS. (6 more states signed the agreement.) Phase II winners announced August 24, 2010: D.C., Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Rhode Island.

2009- The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus) provided a shiny carrot ($4.35 billion) for education. Department of Education under the direction of Arne Duncan announced a contest called Race to the Top. It was conducted in two phases:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions to develop, promote, and advertise the Common Core State Standards Initiative. A new round of funding was recently released to increase the level of advertisement and promotions in states. This was done, due to a growing resistance to the implementation of CCSS.

In an interview, Bill Gates stated it will take 10 years before we know the results of our current educational reform movement.

Brian Hunt, representative for Oklahomas Gates funded, Stand for the Children- Do you really believe that type of local control can be assumed responsibly by communities like Hugo and Sallisaw?

2010- Okla., under the leadership of Gov. Brad Henry, signed on to Race to the Top. In March, two months after states were required to commit, NGA and CCSSO released a draft of the standards. If states applied for funding by signing the agreement, they were committed to CCSS whether the state received funds or not. States either signed on to the standards through their Department of Education or their governor. This means the standards were not reviewed, analyzed or voted on by state legislators, school districts, teachers or parents. This is called EDUCATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

KEY MESSAGING TERMS USED TO PROMOTE COMMON CORE: a. b. c. d. MESSAGING THE PEOPLE WITH THE MESSAGE WILL HELP THEM TO EVENTUALLY BELIEVE THE MESSAGENPO funding leads to organizations parroting the research of other nonprofits which explains the Common Core language. e. f. g. h. i. Rigorous and relevant State-led Fewer and deeper Clear and consistent expectations Unpacking Local decision-making College and career ready World class Benchmarked for success

Common Core State Standards

Oklahoma students and teachers used what was called PASS objectives to guide instruction for students over the past 15+ years. These objectives were compiled and modified by Oklahoma teachers for Oklahoma students. While using PASS, teachers met on a regular basis to improve objectives. Common Core State Standards were written without the input of Oklahoma teachers. CCSS were written by Achieve, Inc. (a company funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), ACT, the College Board, the National Association of State Boards of Education, and the State Higher Ed. Executive Officers. The committee met in secret and members had to sign an oath stating they would not discuss information pertaining to the development of the standards. Dr. James Milgram, mathematician for the CC validation committee would not sign off on the standards. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, ELA validation committee member also refused to sign off on the standards.

The state of Oklahoma can add only 15% to the CCSS. Additions to the original standards cannot be used in testing.
Oklahomas Department of Education changed the name of CCSS to Oklahoma Academic Standards when citizens began voicing concerns.

CCSS/OAS ask students to perform some tasks not developmentally appropriate for their age groupespecially in the lower grades. PASS writing requirements- narrative, research, letters, etc. CCSS/OAS requires 4th grade students to focus on opinion and persuasive writings using emotionally charged language. This type of writing calls on the brains prefrontal cortex (where fear, anger, and aggression emotions resides). This age group has not fully developed this part of the brain. CCSS/OAS force students to perform tasks they are not emotionally ready to do. PASS math division requirements- dividing facts 24/3=8, short word problems, division with 1 digit remainders using the basic method. CCSS/OAS requires 4th grade students to divide 6 different ways in a short amount of time.

Example of CCSS 2-digit Multiplication:

High-Stakes Testing
Student testing will now be used to evaluate teachers performance on TLE-Teacher Leader Effectiveness evaluations. Teachers who have students who do not perform well will be subject to low evaluations and possible dismissal. Many factors, not under a teachers control, influence a students ability to test.

Student testing will be used to evaluate a schools A-F Report Card grade. Schools receiving a poor A-F score can be restructured by OSDE or closed.
PASS testing has previously been at end of school year with district testing beginning of year, mid-year, and end of year. States currently under full implementation of CCSS testing guidelines have seen an alarming trend. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mary Calamia of Stony Brook, New York testified at the Suffolk County Education Forum hosted by the New York State Assembly Minority Education Committee. She revealed an increase in self-mutilation and other behaviors, particularly among honor students, since Common Core implementation. Psychotherapists have reported an increase (200%-300%) in referrals for elementary age students due to testing anxiety, refusal to go to school, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, panic attacks, self-mutilations, etc.

Oklahoma (CCSS/OAS) has signed a $35 million contract with Measured Progress to develop testing. Measured Progress suggests the following testing schedule. Pretest beginning of year Benchmark testing every 5-9 weeks Interim testing each semester Summative test at end of year Testing sessions last 90 minutes for up to five days Tests will be performed online Testing company will constantly monitor student during testing Additional tools being developed for monitoring use are cameras, wrist monitors, seat monitors, etc. that will constantly measure your childs emotional state during testing

Data Collection and Sharing

Previously, data was only collected in the aggregate form (that means class by class, or school by school information was all that was shared). 2008- First amendment to the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) changed the definition of "school officials (34CFR-99.31).

2010- In October the first ever Education Datapalooza highlighted innovators and entrepreneurs who are using freely available data to build products, services, and apps with the potential to advance educational achievement. 2011- Amendments authored solely by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan allowed the release of student records for nonacademic purposes that undermined parental consent provisions.

The U.S. Department of Education awarded the state of Oklahoma with a $5 million Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Grant in FY2012.

Collecting enormous amounts of data on students is NOT needed to properly educate children.

Oklahomas State Longitudinal Database uses the National Education Data Model which contains 430+ separate fields on each individual child. Everything your child does can be tracked (academic, performance and emotional state during testing, medical history, disciplinary records, religious affiliation, bus stop locations and times, etc., etc., etc.).

Example of Data Sets:

2010- In October the first ever Education Datapalooza highlighted innovators and entrepreneurs who are using freely available data to build products, services, and apps with the potential to advance educational achievement.
2013- Education Datapalooza: Unleashing the Power of Open Data to Help Students, Parents, Teachers (and Big Business) The gathering was a chance to celebrate new products, services, and appsall built with freely available data from the government and other sources.

In 2014, America's leaders, policy makers, and hedge-fund managers sold our children, our teachers, and our schools to the highest bidder. Childhood ended, Curiosity died, Imagination died, Difference became a crime, Art, music, and joy left all school buildings, The cause of death was Race To The Top and the Common Core

Community Action
Do your own research by looking at both sides of the issue. Groups fighting Common Core have formed all across our nation. Twenty of the states who signed on to implement CC have legislation to either repeal or pause implementation. All states adopting CC are experiencing some level of push-back. Oklahoma has 15+ groups fighting against CC . Tri-County Parent Action Committee is a local organization made up of individuals from Choctaw, McCurtain, and Pushmataha counties. Talk to friends, family, and neighbors. Get the information out. Get people informed. Contact your elected officials. Ask them to support legislation allowing educational freedom, by stopping the Common Core Initiative, which includes standards, excessive testing, data collection, and loss of local and parental decision making/control. (SUPPORT: HB 2786- Rep. Jadine Nollan, HB 2849- Rep. Dan Fisher, SB 1146- Sen. Eddie Fields, SB 1310- Establishing Curricular Standards Task Force, HB 3331- Ex. Speaker of House T.W. Shannon, HB 3166- Rep. Gus Blackwell, HB 3399Rep. Jason Nelson, HB 1384-The Parents Rights Bill by Rep. Kern)


CANDIDATES FOR GOVERNOR: Mary Fallin (R) Incumbent Joe Dorman (D) - State Rep. & Ex-State Legislative Aide- Anti Common Core

CANDIDATES FOR STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION: Janet Barresi (R) Incumbent Joy Hofmeister (R) - Ex-State Board of Education Member, Businesswoman & ExTeacher John Cox (D)- School Superintendent & Educator Freda Deskin (D)- Charter School CEO, Ex-School Superintendent & ExUniversity Dean Jack Herron (D)- Ex-Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction & Retired School Administrator Ivan Holmes (D)- Ex-State Democratic Chair & Retired College Professor


Documentary Scheduled for Release in 2014

Dr. Evertt Piper, OK Wesleyan University president Mother, Kristal Picolet

Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan David Coleman

Ethan Young

Mother, Karen Lamoreaux

Amanda Teagarden Tulsa parent Truth in American Education Restore Oklahoma Public Education

Prayer Please pray for our U.S. citizens and elected officials to have open eyes, changed hearts, and stop the restriction of our traditional American freedoms, which includes the freedom of parents to make decisions regarding their childs education. Let all thing be done for Gods glory. Amen.
Tri-County Parent Action Committee