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The Eagles Public High School. Rafiq Ahsan Town.

Dera Ghazi Khan

Paper : o!pu"er lass : # Girls Dece!ber Tes" $%&' To"al (ar)s : *%
Q : 1 Tick the right answer . 10
i. The main screen of Microsoft Windows is known is as :
(a) Front top (b) Welcome screen (c) esktop (d)
ii. Time is displa"ed in the :
(a) Q#ick $ccess %a#ncher (b) &tart Men# (c) 'otification area (d)
Task b#ttons
iii. (con gi)es access to !ard disk and other !ardware :
(a) M" doc#ment (b) *ec"cle bin (c) (nternet e+plorer (d) M" comp#ter
i). $llows a #ser to work with m#ltiple programmes :
(a) &tart men# (b) Windows (c) ialog#e bo+ (d) oor
). Taskbar is placed at the ,,,,,of the screen in Windows :
(a) %eft (b) *ight (c) Top (d) -ottom
)i. The Windows programme name is shown on the ,,,,,,,,bar :
(a) Men# (b) Tool (c) Title (d) &tat#s
)ii. $ meaningf#l data is knows as :
(a) .alc#lation (b) (nformation (c) /)al#ation (d) &it#ation
)iii. Mo#se is a ,,,,,,,,,de)ice :
(a) 0#tp#t (b) (np#t (c) &torage (d) .omm#nication
i+. Which of the following is not placed in s"stem #nit :
(a) Motherboard (b) !ard disk (c) *$M (d) 1rinter
+. Which of the following is the e+ample of software:
(a) Monitor (b) 2e"board (c) Microsoft Windows (d)
Q : 5 Fill in the blanks . 10
i. .omp#ter follows ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to perform an" task.
ii. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that "o# p#t into a comp#ter are known as data.
iii. .omp#ter games are e+ample of the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
i). ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,click of the left mo#se b#tton is #sed to select an item.
). Microphone is an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,de)ice.
Q : 6 Write short answers. 10
i. What is comp#ter7
ii. ifferentiate between ata and information7
iii. What are inp#t and o#tp#t de)ices7
i). What is difference between !ardware and &oftware7
). ifference between esktop and &tart men#7
)i. What is difference between File and Folder7
Q : 8 9i)e brief answers to the followings. 50
i. escribe the f#nction of 'otification area7
ii. Write the names of fi)e different parts of Windows7
iii. Write fi)e ad)antages of #sing comp#ter7
i). Write a short note on !ard disk7
The Eagles Public High School. Rafiq Ahsan Town. Dera Ghazi Khan
Paper : English lass : # Annual E+a! $%&, To"al (ar)s : &%%
Q : 1 Tick the right answer . 50
i. We m#st keep o#r world ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
(a) &trong and powerf#l (b) .lean and safe (c) :p;to;date (d)
ii. 1eople who #se dr#gs ha)e ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
(a) &atisfaction (b) $n en<o"ment (c) $ 1roblem (d) 'othing
iii. r#gs change the wa" the brain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
(a) Works (b) :nderstands (c) .o)ers (d) Maintains
i). (f "o# do not st#d" hard= "o# ,,,,,,,,,,, the test.
(a) o not pass (b) Will not pass (c) 1ass
). >o# won?t en<o" "o#r time if "o# ,,,,,,,,,,,.
(a) Will go (b) do not go (c) Will not go
)i. The animals like to li)e in their nat#ral ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
(a) &#rro#ndings (b) !o#ses (c) -#shes (d) 1laces
)ii. The ,,,,,,,,,, has a great liking for potatoes.
(a) 9iraffe (b) Monke" (c) &poonbill
(d) elephant
)iii. The main idea of the lesson @ &eason of the "earA is .
(a) *ain (b) &pring (c) &easons (d)
i+. The librar" is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the departmental store.
(a) 0pposite (b) 0ne block awa" from
(c) $t the back of (d) -etween the s#per market and
+. The 2alash women wear ,,,,,,,,,dress.
(a) *ed (b) White (c) -lack (d) >ellow
Q : 5 .hoose the correct word. B
i. ( co#ld not get a ,,,,,,,, in the b#s. ( &eat = &it )
ii. $ mosC#ito ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
iii. M" mother is cooking rice for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ( &#per = &#pper )
i). &aad ,,,,,,,,,,,,, the ball and scored the goal. ( !it = !eat )
). $ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sails o)er water. ( &heep = &hip )
Q : 6 .hoose two more so#nds in these words. B
Train Thro#g
&chool 'e+t

Q : 8 .on)ert the following paragraph into 1ast tense . 10
Damal and his sister Farah li)e with their father and mother on the hillside of a bea#tif#l )alle". Their
father is a farmer and the famil" li)es in a little farmho#se. 0n the farm= the" ha)e few sheep and cows
and there is also a cornfield.
Q : B Translate into :rd#. ( $n" one). 10
a. This contin#ed for some time and each time the !ol" 1rophet (1.-.:.!) said= @ !e has the right to
protestA. Then the !ol" 1rophet (1.-.:.!) sent him to an $nsari woman and asked him to get his dates
for the meat from her. When he ret#rned with dates= The !ol" 1rophet (1.-.:.!) was sitting with his
companions. !e was m#ch impressed b" the gentleness= forgi)eness and fair dealing of The !ol"
1rophet (1.-.:.!).
b. (f "o# are in a dark or lonel" place waiting for transport then stand where "o# can be seen from road.
on?t pla" with friends while "o# are waiting. &ta" well awa" from the edge of the pa)ement if "o# are
waiting for a )an or b#s= or the edge of the station platform if "o# are going b" train. &ta" well back #ntil
the )an= b#s or train has stopped.
Q : E $nswer the following C#estions. 10
i. What are tra)elling etiC#ettes7
ii. Where is .hitral )alle" sit#ated7
iii. What is the difference between tests and e+ams7
i). What is meant b" @ &portsmanshipA7
). Wh" is present age called the modern age7
)i. What is the main difference between h#man patients and animal patients7
)ii. o "o# feel ner)o#s abo#t tests and e+ams7
Q : F Write an essa" on an" one of the followings . 10
M" -est Friend M" &chool The -ook
Q : G Write a stor" on an" one . 10
Thirst" .row Fo+ and 9rapes
Q : H $pplication for sick lea)e 0* $pplication for fee concession. 10
Q : 10 Translate into /nglish ( $n" fi)e ). 10
' c _ , _ _ _ ' _ o o _ _ _ _ , | _
' c _ o o _ q _ _ x q
The Eagles Public High School. Rafiq Ahsan Town. Dera Ghazi Khan
Paper : Science lass : # Annual E+a! $%&, To"al (ar)s : &%%
Q : 1 Tick the right answer . 80
i. !eart= li)er and ears are e+amples of animal.
(a) 0rgans (b) Tiss#es (c) .ells (d)
0rgan s"stems
ii. The @ 1ower !o#sesA of the cell are.
(a) .hloroplasts (b) Mitochondria (c) 4ac#oles (d) .hromosomes
iii. 1lants make their food in lea)es and it is stored in other parts .
(a) The" ha)e +"lem tiss#es (b) The" ha)e roots
(c) The" ha)e stems (d) The" ha)e phloem tiss#es
i). The control room of o#r bod" is .
(a) !eart (b) &tomach (c) -rain (d) %i)er
). The most sensiti)e part of o#r e"e is :
(a) *etina (b) .ornea (c) 1#pil (d) %ens
)i. !elps to maintain bod" balance:
(a) 0#ter ear (b) (nner ear (c) Middle ear (d)
)ii. $ d#mb b" birth cannot speak. !e also has no :
(a) &ense of to#ch (b) &ense of taste (c) &ense of hearing (d)
&ense of sight
)iii. &tomata opens to allow the plant :
(a) &#gar into (b) &#gar o#t of (c) .arbon dio+ide into (d) %ight into
i+. *espiration takes place in of cells :
(a) .hloroplasts (b) Mitochondria (c) '#cle#s (d) .ell membrane
+. $ pine tree is a :
(a) predator (b) prod#cer (c) .ons#mer
(d) 1arasite
+i. $n abiotic component of the en)ironment is :
(a) $ plant (b) $n animal (c) Water (d) $ micro;
+ii. Which s#bstance is a compo#nd7
(a) .arbon (b) .hlorine (c) &odi#m .hloride (d)
+iii. Which process can be #sed to separate salt from the mi+t#re of salt and water7
(a) Filtration (b) &#blimation (c) .hromatograph" (d)
+i). !ow can "o# see the colo#rs of chemicals present in bright I colo#red chocolate beans7
(a) -" istillation (b) -" &#blimation
(c) -" .hromatograph" (d) -" Filtration
+). #ring their space <o#rne"s =rockets #se :
(a) %iC#id o+"gen (b) %iC#id 'itrogen (c) %iC#id !"drogen (d) %iC#id
+)i. 1ercentage of .05 in air is abo#t :
(a) 0.01 I 0.05 (b) 0.05 I 0.08 (c) 0.06 I 0.08 (d) 0.0E I 0.0G
+)ii. Which gas is considered as life s#pporting7
(a) $rgon (b) 'itrogen (c) !"drogen (d)
+)iii. Which one is #ni)ersal sol)ent7
(a) Milk (b) 1etrol (c) Water (d) .ooking oil
+i+. 1articles settle down in a :
(a) &ol#tion (b) &#spension (c) &ol#te (d) &ol)ent
++. When we come down the stairs = we lose :
(a) 2inetic energ" (b) 1otential energ" (c) &o#nd energ" (d) !eat
Q : 5 $nswer the following short C#estions ($n" fi)e). 50
i. 2inetic energ" ii. 1otential energ" iii. .ells
i). Flower ). Tong#e )i. &ol#te
Q : 6 $nswer an" fo#r C#estions . 80
i. ifference between plant and animal cells.
ii. Write a note on ear.
iii. efine photos"nthesis and difference between photos"nthesis and respiration.
i). What are biotic components7
). /+plain element and its classification.
)i. efine energ" and forms of energ".
The Eagles Public High School. Rafiq Ahsan Town. Dera Ghazi Khan
Paper : o!pu"er lass : # bo-s Annual E+a! $%&, To"al (ar)s : &%%
Q : 1 Tick the right answer . 80
i. The largest network of comp#ter aro#nd the world :
(a) (nternet (b) 'etwork (c) (ntranet (d)
ii. (&1 stands for :
(a) (nternet &er)ice 1ro)ider (b) (nternet &er)ice pro)ide
(c) (nternet &#ppl" 1ackage (d) 'one of these
iii. There are ,,,,,,,,,,t"pes of modems :
(a) Two (b) Three (c) Fo#r (d) Fi)e
i). Which of the following is internet ser)ice pro)ider in 1akistan :
(a) 4odafone (b) 1T.% (c) $irtel (d) 9oogle
). $ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is a collection of related web pages.
(a) Website (b) Web page (c) Web -rowser (d) Web .am
)i. Mo#se is an ,,,,,,,,,, de)ice.
(a) 0#tp#t (b) (np#t (c) &torage (d) (nformation
)ii. Which of the following is not placed in s"stem #nit.
(a) Motherboard (b) !ard disk (c) *am (d) printer
)iii. !ard disk is a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, storage de)ice.
(a) Temporar" (b) 1ermanent (c) 1rimar" (d) 1ortable
i+. Monitor is an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, de)ice.
(a) 1rocessing (b) 0#tp#t (c) &torage (d) (np#t
+. !ardware are the ,,,,,,,,,,,,, parts of comp#ter.
(a) %ogical (b) 1h"sical (c) .oncept#al (d) Technical
+i. Taskbar is placed at the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of the screen in windows.
(a) %eft (b) *ight (c) Top (d) -ottom
+ii. ,,,,,,,,,, is a place where deleted files are stored.
(a) M" .omp#ter (b) M" oc#ments (c) *ec"cle -in (d) esktop
+iii. .#t feat#re is #sed to ,,,,,,,,,,, file 3 folder from one location to another.
(a) .op" (b) &hift (c) elete (d) $rrange
+i). ,,,,,,,,,,, are the ke"s setting for left hand.
(a) $&F (b) QW/* (c) JK.4 (d) F9!
+). M#te b#tton is #sed to ,,,,,,,,,,,,, the )ol#me.
(a) T#rn on (b) (ncrease (c) T#rn off (d) ecrease
+)i. Folders are like ,,,,,,,,,, in which "o# can place files 3 folders.
(a) /n)elops (b) 'otebooks (c) Files (d)
+)ii. ,,,,,,,,, is a software which is #sed to pla" a#dio and )ideo files.
(a) Media pla"er (b) T"ping t#tor (c) Word (d) 1aint
+)iii. 1aint is a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, software.
(a) 9raphics (b) T"ping (c) Word processing (d)
+i+. $ meaningf#l data is known as ,,,,,,,,.
(a) .alc#lation (b) (nformation (c) /)al#ation (d) &it#ation
++. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is an inp#t de)ice #sed to record )oice in a comp#ter.
(a) Microphone (b) &canner (c) igital camera (d) Monitor
Q : 5 efine an" ten terms from the following. 60
i. efine .omp#ter ii. Memor" iii. &canner
i). (nformation ). (nternet )i. Web -rowser
)ii. :*% )iii. Folder i+. Motherboard
+. Window +i. esktop +ii. ata
+iii. &oftware +i). !ard disk +). 1rocessing
Q : 6 Write a note on an" three of the following. 60
i. ifference between hardware and software7
ii. $d)antages of #sing comp#ters.
iii. &tepping in starting windows.
i). Write a note on internet ser)ices.
). Write a note on connecting to the internet.

The Eagles Public High School. Rafiq Ahsan Town. Dera Ghazi Khan
Paper : (a"h lass : # Annual E+a! $%&, To"al (ar)s : &%%
Q : 1 Tick the right answer . 80
i. $ c#boid has the )ertics :
(a) E (b) G (c) 10 (d) 15
ii. The distance from the centre to the s#rface of a sphere is called :
(a) -ase (b) !eight (c) *adi#s (d) 4erte+
iii. 1L of 1000 means :
(a) 1 (b) 10 (c) 100 (d) 1000
i). $ccording to the -0M$& r#le first basic operation is performed :
(a) $ddition (b) i)ision (c) &#btraction (d) M#ltiplication
). $fter simplif"ing = we get :
(a) 1 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d)
(a) 10 (b) (c) (d)
(a) (b) (c) (d)
)iii. The factor of e)er" n#mber is :
(a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 5 (d) 6
i+. The %.M of 5 and 6 is :
(a) 5 (b) E (c) 6 (d) H
+. To represent @ is greater than or eC#al toA we #se the s"mbol :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
+i. The s#m of two whole n#mbers is alwa"s :
(a) $ prime n#mber (b) $n odd n#mber
(c) an e)en n#mber (d) Whole n#mber
+ii. (f = then :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
+iii. The area of a sC#are of side 5cm is :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
+i). $ C#adrilateral with onl" two parallel side is called :
(a) &C#are (b) *ectangle (c) 1arallelogram (d) TrapeMi#m
+). -isection means to di)ide into parts :
(a) Two (b) 0ne (c) Fo#r (d) Three
+)i. The s#m of internal angles in a triangle is alwa"s :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
+)ii. The statement @ M" age is eC#al to the twice of m" brother?s ageA can be written in the form of
eC#ation :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
+)iii. (n = 5 is known as :
(a) -ase (b) .oefficient (c) /+ponent (d) Term
(a) (b) (c) (d)
++. 1rofit or loss is calc#lated as the percentage of the :
(a) .ost price (b) &elling price (c) Marked price
Q : 5 &ol)e the following C#estions . 80
i. (a)
(b) Find the smallest 6 I digit n#mber which is e+actl" di)isible b" 1E.
ii. (a) The s#m of two integers is . 0ne integer is . Find the other .
iii. (a)
(b) What was the total rainfall in a week when it rained on Th#rsda"= on Frida" and
on &#nda"= the rest of the week was dr"7
i). (a) 8B goats can graMe a field in 16 da"s. !ow man" goats will graMe the same field in a da"7
). .onstr#ct the when : (a)
raw the twice of the following angles b" pair of compass. (a) (b)
Q : 6 efine an" fi)e of the following. 50
i. &ingleton set ii. /C#ation iii. %ine segment i). 1arallelogram
). isco#nt )i. 1rime FactoriMation )ii. .omposite n#mber