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Retaining Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberty and State Sovereignty Rejection Pending Rejected CCSS Waiting for Reality Rejecting

the Common Core State Standards February 20, 2014 Red---Action, Confidence, Courage, Vitality Blue---Strong and Steadfast Grey---Not yet seeing the light of reality The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Retaining Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberty and State Sovereignty Rejecting the Common Core State Standards The Pending Rejection states are so marked as a result of serious discussion or action taken towards withdrawing from the Common Core State Standards, withdrawing from PARCC or SBAC, delaying implementation of standards or assessments, or not funding the implementation. The discussions or actions considered include public forums, legislative bills, and hearings on state legislative floors in 2012, 2013, or 2014. Alabama SB 190 SB 403 HB 565 HB 254 Arizona SB 1153 SB 1095 HB 2316 SB 1310 Arkansas HR 1007 Colorado SB 14-136 Connecticut SB 53 Florida HB 377 HB 25 Georgia SB 167 SB 203 Idaho

Hearing Illinois HR0543 SR0638 Indiana SB 0193 HB 1427 SB 91 Iowa HF 215 HF 2140 HF 2141 SF 2123 HF 2204 Kansas HB 2289 S Sub for HB2391 HB 2621 Kentucky HF 215 Louisiana SCR 68 Maryland HB 76 SB 408 Michigan HB 4328 HB 4276 Mississippi

SB 2736 HB 1708 SB 514 SB 798 Missouri HB 616 SB 210 New Hampshire HB 1239 HB 1508 HB 1496 New Jersey S2973 A4403 New Mexico SB 296

New York AO7994 S 6267 North Carolina HB 733 HB 718 Ohio HB 237 HB 413 Oklahoma HB 1907 SB 1146 HB 2786 HB 2849 HB 3331 HB 3166 HB 3399 SB 1310 Pennsylvania HB 1551 HB 1552 HB 1553 HB 1555 Rhode Island H 7095 South Carolina SB 300 HB 3943 South Dakota HB 1204

HB 1237 HB 1214 HB 1187 HB 1243 Tennessee SB 2405 HB 1549 HB 1826 HB 1825 HB 1828 HB 2253 HB 1696 HB 2290 Texas HB 462 Utah S.C.R. 13 HB 0342 West Virginia SB 429 HB 4390 Wisconsin SB 619 Wyoming HB 0097 Most of the links provided above are to legislative bills. It is not possible pr ovide links to all of the media coverage, hearings, and public forums addressing issues related to the Common Core State Standards. The links above are only provided to show a state meets the stated criteria and qualifies as a Pending Rejection state. A more complete document containing links to the history and bills can be downloaded at .

MN appears on the map as having rejected the CCSS. MN did not adopt the CCSS for Mathematics. MN and the other states presented in blue are shown on the Common Core State Standards Initiative map as Not Yet Adopted. Visit the Truth in American Education Related Websites page for links to groups actively working to stop the Common Core State Standards implementation and related issues.