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Editor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.09..Issue.11........15/03/2014

Editorial : PIL !E"#$ PEN"L#% RI&$# 'R (R'N& ) "*L'LI+$ !E"#$ PEN"L#%
"N "PPE"L #' $.E.$o,oura-le PRE+I!EN# '. IN!I" / $'N'0R"*LE
+0PREME 1'0R# '. IN!I"

($% !' (E 2ILL PE'PLE ($' 2ILL PE'PLE #' #ELL PE'PLE #$"# 2ILLIN&
PE'PLE I+ *"! )))
3ust 4o,sider t5e 6ollo7i,g 6a4ts 8erso,s 4o,9i4ted i, rarest o6 rare 4ases t5at
o6 "ssassi,ati,g a 6or:er 8ri:e :i,ister o6 i,dia are 4o::uted to li6e se,te,4e
/ 7it5i, 5ours released -; state go9er,:e,t o6 #a:il Nadu. (5ere as so:e
4o,9i4ts 4o,9i4ted i, 5ei,ous 4ri:es -ut ,ot 5ei,ous or rarest o6 rare li<e PM
Raji9 &a,d5i assassi,atio, 7ere 5a,ged 7it5out alter,ati9es li<e
4o::uti,g t5eir se,ta,4es to li6e ter:.

Poor = tri-al 8eo8le i, 45attisgar5 = ",d5ra Prades5 = 35ar<5a,d / ot5er states
i,6ested 7it5 terroris: / ,a>alis: ?e9e, 7it5out a,; :aterial i,4ri:i,ati,g
e9ide,4es@ are 45arged 7it5 45arges li<e gi9i,g 6ood = 4lot5 / :edi4al aid to
terrorists / ,a>alites= t5ere-; 7agi,g 7ar agai,st t5e ,atio, . #5ose 8oor
tri-als are 8ut -e5i,d -ars a,d tried u,der dra4o,ia, la7s li<e #"!" = P'#" =
M'1" = et4. (5ere as :o9ie star +a,ja; !utt 75o <,o7i,g 6ull; 7ell t5e
i,te,tio,s <e8t deadl; ar:s i, 5is 5ouse . "r:s 7ere gi9e, to 5i: -; :aster
:i,ds o6 Mu:-ai atta4<s. I,itiall; 5e 7as -oo<ed u,der #"!" = t5e, #"!"
45arges 7ere dro88ed a,d a7arded a lesser 8riso, ter: t5a, a4tuall; deser9ed.
.urt5er = 5e is getti,g 8aroles 7ee< a6ter 7ee< 75i45 ot5er ordi,ar; 8riso,ers
are u,a-le to get e9e, o,4e.

1o,sider t5e 4ase o6 *5o8al &as #raged; = t5e 4o:8a,; / to8 :ost o66i4ials 7ere
7ell a7are o6 sa6et; 8ro4edural la8ses i, t5e *5o8al 8la,t = still 4o,ti,ued t5e
o8eratio,s. (5e, t5e a44ide,t 5a88e,ed slaug5teri,g t5ousa,ds / :ai:i,g la<5s
o6 8eo8le = t5e go9er,:e,t 6irst 45arged t5e 5ead o6 t5e 4o:8a,; 7it5 45arges
o6 :a, slaug5ter. "6ter7ards = 5e 7as arrested -ut stealt5il; 6a4ilitated to
es4a8e to 5is 5o:e 4ou,tr; literall; 6lo7, out -; t5e 8oli4e = 45ie6 :i,ister o6
t5e go9er,:e,t. +u-seAue,tl; 45ie6 3usti4e o6 I,dia dro88ed :a, slaug5ter
45arges agai,st 5i: / 6iled le,ie,t 45arges agai,st 5i: :a<i,g t5e 7a; 6or
le,ie,t 8u,is5:e,t i, 6uture ?30!&EMEN# .IBIN&@. 13I -e,e6itted 6ro: it )
Parado>i4all; a6ter retire:e,t = 13I -e4a:e 5ead o6 t5e trust 4o,trolli,g 4rores
o6 ru8ees :o,itori,g t5e re5a-ilitatio, o6 *5o8al gas 9i4ti:s.

In this context it is quite pertinent to note that In India with money power , right
political connections any crime can be done & be scot free . In India Legal system is
for Sale , Judicial orders can be manipulated. The conict in a case may be an
innocent without recourse to right connections & legal aid. So , one cann!t be "##$
sure whether the death conict has actually committed the crime. %rison sentence
can be reersed , if &udgement is found faulty but what if death sentence is carried
out on an innocent person ' J()*+ is not god.

, criminal is not born, but made by social circumstances. -or the crime
scenario in India , eery citi.en of India is indirectly responsible.
/ur present inefficient, corrupt legal system , is wholly dependent on
eidences which a rich criminal can create or destroy at his sweet
will. %olice forcibly ta0e confessions from the accussed , by applying
1rd degree torture methods. Some of the &udges are literally auctioning
2 &udicial orders2 for bribe. )ue to all these reasons one cann3t be
"##$ sure about one criminal3s coniction. In such cases, capital
punishment will be unfair & inhuman. It must be made mandatory, in all
death penalty cases that polygraph, lie detector tests, etc must be
conducted on 2 death conicts 2 , to 0now whether they are innocent or
guilty inspite of hostile eidences. -undamentally, the capital
punishment has failed
as a deterrent.
The people who clamour for continuance of death penalty are 4I,S+),
I56(7,5, 4(T86+9S & 8,5I4,LS. :hy don3t they as0 for death penalty to
policemen, who murder people through 1rd degree torture, in loc0;ups &
fa0e encounters ' why don3t they as0 for death penalty to corrupt
&udges who sells &udicial orders for bribe ' why don3t they as0 for
death penalty to builders who cause building collapses, resulting in
mass murders ' why don3t they as0 for death
penalty to corrupt goernment doctors who refuses to treat poor patient
without bribe, causing the murder of poor patient ' why don3t they as0
for death penalty to industrialist< traders who sell adulterated food
items, spurious drugs< medicines, in turn causing mass murders ' why
don3t they as0 for death penalty to corrupt goernment officials , who
help criminals, industrialists' :hy don3t they as0 for death penalty to
politicians who create communal & other riots, who hae ties with
foreign intelligence agencies, terrorist outfits ' :hy don3t they as0
for death penalty to mole in the %.7./ & the senior officers of
5ational Security 8ouncil who passed on national secrets ' :hy don3t
they as0 for death penalty to public serants , ministers who gae aid
, support to terrorist outfits li0e L.T.T.+ out of goernment of india
coffers , 0illing hundreds of srilan0ans , tamils '
These are the guilty persons , criminals who don3t personally ,
directly murder human beings but cunningly murder hundreds which go
unnoticed by any. -or the person who barbarically murders one human
being you prescribe 8,%IT,L %(5IS67+5T but for those who murder
hundreds you say nothing why ' T6+= :/53T ,S> -/9 IT, 4+8,(S+ 7/ST /-
T6+ %+9S/5S :6/ ,9+ )+7,5)I5* )+,T6 %+5,LT= ,9+ 4I,S+), S+L-IS6 &
4+L/5* T/ /5+ /- T6+ S+8TI/5S /- 89I7I5,LS 7+5TI/5+) ,4/?+. They lac0
)eath penalty is the ultimate . cruel , inhuman and degrading
punishment. It iolates the right to life ,rticle " of uniersal
declaration of human rights. It is irreocable , prone to &udicial
errors and can be inflicted on innocents. It has neer been shown to
deter crime more effectiely than other punishments. In most of the
countries including india , &udicial system is ineffectie ,
inefficient to prosecute impartially both poor & rich criminals. Those
condemned to death penalty mostly come from poor bac0ground who are
unable to afford wise & articulate ,docates who can efficiently argue
their case. ,gainst these poor accussed , the criminal nexus of
police;criminal;bureaucrat builds up fa0e eidences , extracts forced
confessions by 1rd degree torture. 7ost of death conicts world oer
belongs to either poor , T9I4,LS , ),LITS , etnic minorities ,
political dissidents , children , mentally ill. 5o rich & mighty
criminal is eer prosecuted let alone hanged.
The &udicial system which depends on technical facts li0e eidences
lac0s sense to figure out truth out of fa0e eidences , also as &udges
are human beings they are prone to err. ,dd to this corruption in
&udiciary. )eath penalty is irreersible & irreocable. In a mature
democracy li0e (.S., with relatiely efficient &udicial system itself
hundreds of cases of death conicts were found to be wrong , conicts
were found to be innocents upon reiew & were let free. :here as in
india , the accussed lac0s the wherewithal to argue his case in the
first place then how can he arrange for case reiew ' no &udge is god ,
if a hanged person is found to be innocent the &udge doesn3t has the
ability to bring bac0 the hanged person to life , do such &udges hae
right to snatch away lies '
6ereby 6(7,5 9I*6TS :,T863S (rges 6.+ . %9+SI)+5T /- I5)I, & 6/5/(9,4L+
S(%9+7+ 8/(9T /- I5)I, ,
". to stay all death penalties until equitable criminal &ustice system
with respect to aboe mentioned rich & mighty criminals is put into
force .
@. until death penalty is abolished, to ma0e poly graph, lie detector
tests mandatory for all death conicts in a free & fair manner by a
neutral authority , to ascertain whether the conict is really guilty
or innocent of the alleged crime .
1. until death penalty is abolished , to gie a peaceful choice of
death to the death conicts li0e sleeping pill, in&ection, gun shot,
etc instead of medieal & barbaric 2 death by hanging2.
A. finally, to abolish death penalty from statuette boo0s.
J,I 6I5). ?,5)+ 7,T,9,7.
=our3s sincerely,
5agara&a. 7. 9.
8orruption, Immunity, 8ontempt &
9ight to Information
The course of &ustice is often pererted by corruption within the &udiciary and
indeed within the entire system of administration of &ustice. This is
exacerbated by the total lac0 of accountability of the higher &udiciary including
the lac0 of any effectie disciplinary mechanism, the self acquired protection
from een being inestigated for criminal offences, the irtual immunity from
public criticism due to the law of contempt, and finally the immunity from
public scrutiny by another &udicially created insulation from the 9ight to
Information ,ct.
,nti;poor 4ias
The &udicial system is increasingly used by the ruling establishment for pushing
through neo liberal policies by which resources such as land, water and public
spaces left with the poor and being increasingly appropriated by the rich and
the powerful. This elitist and anti poor bias ma0es the &udicial system an
instrument for protecting and furthering the interest of the rich and powerful,
both Indian and foreign. This section will Bwatch! the &udges and expose their
biases and any corrupt and arbitrary practices. They must see that the people
are them and their &udgments carefully.
Judge :atch will contain information < analysis regarding any misconduct by a &udge
as well as anything showing the anti;poor bias of a &udge.
The campaign welcomes well researched information concerning &udges from any
court. 6oweer, we cannot ensure that eery dossier sent will be uploaded on this
site or made public. ,ll submissions must be accompanied by the releant<required
documents that may proide eidence in support of any allegations<obserations
made against any &udge or &udicial officer.
/ne reference document is the 29estatement of ?alues of Judicial Life2 ,a code of
conduct, adopted at a full court meeting of the Supreme 8ourt on 7ay C, "DDC . The
8ampaign does not subscribe to this as a complete document, but a starting point.
To send in information for the Judge :atch section please see the following
document. Judge atch Format E:ord, @# >4F

Judge :atch on Justice ?.9amaswami
!ame of Judge" Justice ?.9amaswami
#ost $eld at %ele&ant 'ime" 8hief Justice of %&6 6igh 8ourt
(urrent Status" 9td. Judge of Supreme 8ourt of India
The first;eer impeachment motion against a S8 &udge, Justice ?. 9amaswami,
was signed by "#G 7%s in "DD". , year later, an inquiry found 9amaswami
Hguilty of willful and gross misuses of officeI H:hile sering as the 8hief
Justice of the %un&ab and 6aryana 6igh 8ourtJ. 9amaswami suried the
impeachment process as %arliament got diided along regional lines, southern
7%s strongly supported him. /nly "DK members of %arliament, less than the
required two;thirds, oted for his ouster.
)dditional documents in support of criti+ue"
,otion of Impeachment - pdf -./ 012
) $istoric non-impeachment -2pdf -34.5 012
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi
If the criti+ue is in respect of a 7udge please pro&ide
a softcopy and*or hardcopy of the 7udgement

Judge :atch on Justice 7adan 7ohan %uchhi
!ame of Judge" Justice 7adan 7ohan %unchhi
%ank" -ormer 8hief Justice of India
(ourt" Supreme 8ourt of India
This charge sheet was prepared by the 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability in
"DDG, when Justice %unchhi was a &udge of the Supreme 8ourt of India. It was
signed by @M 7%s of 9a&ya Sabha. 6oweer, before it could get the signature of
the requisite number of M# 7%s of 9a&ya Sabha, Justice %unchhi was appointed
8hief Justice of India. ,fter this, it became irtually impossible to get the
5otice of 7otion signed by any 7%s. 8onsequently, 5otice of 7otion could not
be presented to the Spea0er. The imp lesson of this exercise was that it is ery
difficult to get the 7%s sign the impeachment motion unless three conditions
are satisfied. -irstly, the charges must be ery seriousN secondly they must be
proable by documentary eidence which is annexed to the 5otice of 7otion
and finally, the charges must hae been gien substantial publicity in the
In the absence of all the three conditions been satisfied, 7%s are afraid and
reluctant to sign a charge sheet against a sitting &udge. It is normally
exceedingly difficult to get documentary eidence to proe charge against
sitting &udge, particularly in the absence of a statutory inestigation by an
agency haing powers of inestigation. 7oreoer, the bul0 of the main stream
media is afraid to publicise charges against the sitting &udge for fear of
contempt. In 9amaswami!s case, the aboe three conditions were satisfied.
)ocumentary eidence was aailable against 9amaswami because of the report
of the ,ccountant *eneral who audited the purchases made by 9amaswami as
8hief Justice of %un&ab and 6aryana 6igh 8ourt. This is why, impeachment of
&udges, howeer corrupt they might be, is not a practical remedy in discipling

)dditional documents in support of criti+ue"
Justice ,.,.#unchhi - !otice of ,otion - pdf -89 012
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi
If the criti+ue is in respect of a 7udge please pro&ide
a softcopy and*or hardcopy of the 7udgement

Judge :atch on Justice ,. S. ,nand
!ame of Judge" Justice ,.S.,nand
%ank" -ormer 8hief Justice of India
(ourt" Supreme 8ourt of India
Serious allegations of corruption and faouritism were raised against Justice
,.S.,nand former 8hief Justice of India pertaining to the period when he was
the Judge and the 8hief Justice of the Jammu and >ashmir 6igh 8ourt.
These unrebutted allegations were supported by alid authentic documents and
were seerely raised at the time when Justice ,nand was the 8hief Justice of
India but nothing was eer done in this regard.
)dditional documents in support of criti+ue"
)llegations aganist J. ).S.)nand - pdf -:5.5 012
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi
If the criti+ue is in respect of a 7udge please pro&ide
a softcopy and*or hardcopy of the 7udgement

Judge :atch on Justice ?i&endra Jain
!ame of Judge" Justice ?i&endra Jain
#ost held at the rele&ant time" Judge at )elhi 6igh 8ourt
(urrrent Status" 8hief Justice of %un&ab and 6aryana 6igh 8ourt
Justice ?i&ender Jain had decided a case of a litigant 6ari 9am who was the
father;in;law of Justice ,run >umar, -ormer Supreme 8ourt Judge and a close
friend of Justice ?i&endra Jain. They personally 0new well enough to hae 6ari
9am!s granddaughter married from his official residence. This is in iolation of
one of the elements of the 8ode of 8onduct or H9estatement of Judicial
?aluesJ, adopted by the -ull court in "DDC which says that no &udge shall hear
and decide a case of his relatie or friend. +en then Justice ?i&endra Jain has
been recommended as 8hief Justice of %un&ab and 6aryana 6igh 8ourt.
, complaint made by Subhash ,garwal against Justice Jain was re&ected with
no formal reasons gien but he was informally told that Justice Jain did not
personally 0now 6ari 9am but since 6ari 9am was the -ather;in;law of Justice
,run >umar, a close friend of Justice Jain, Justice Jain agreed to lend his
residence for the wedding of 6ari 9am!s granddaughter.
The 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability wrote letters to the %resident and
%rime 7inister of India and requested them to get all correspondences made by
the 8omplainant Subhash ,grawal to the Supreme 8ourt in this regard.
)dditional documents in support of criti+ue"
Letters sent by 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
;etter to #resident :3.<.9. - pdf -<.9= 012
;etter to #rime ,inister-2pdf -..3/ 012
Sunday >uardian web news article 3<.::.:9-2pdf -:=3 012
EThe name of Justice ?i&ender Jain, een though clearly mentioned in the tape
has been withheld in this news item though the conersation itself ma0es it
ery clear who the concerned &udge is.F
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi
Judge :atch on Justice ,sho0 >umar
!ame of Judge" Justice ,sho0 >umar
%ank" ,dditional Judge
(ourt" 6igh 8ourt of 8hennai
The case of Judge ,sho0 >umar of 7adras who was formerly a session!s &udge
and has been gien a permanent position in the 8hennai 6igh 8ourt by the
8hief Justice of India in -ebruary @##C is horrifying. :hen the complaints were
leelled against him of corruption, an inquiry report by the Intelligence 4ureau
OI4P gae an een more horrendous report against him. 4ut all the reports were
ignored and he was promoted to the 6igh 8ourt. This happened due to the
political pressure from the 8entral *oernment, as the &udge was close to )7>
goernment Onow ruling party of the StateP and )7> goernment threatened to
withdraw support from the (%, goernment. So it is due to that, that the law
minister as0ed the 8JI to gie extensions and finally made ,sho0 >umar a 6igh
8ourt &udge.

)dditional documents in support of criti+ue"
#etition on the appointment of Justice ).0umar - pdf -5:.. 012
S( order on Justice ).0umar?s case- pdf -8.4 012
)re (JIs following rules in appointment of Judges@-2pdf -..4= 012
Justice )shok 0umar appoinment chalenged- pdf -:9.9 012
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi
If the criti+ue is in respect of a 7udge please pro&ide
a softcopy and*or hardcopy of the 7udgement

Judge :atch on Justice Jagdish 4halla
This is the case where the documentary eidence was aailable to show that the
&udge has purchased the property worth crores in few la0hs in the name of his wife
from well;0nown criminal who hae illegally grabbed the land. There were inquiry
reports of the ,dditional )istrict 7agistrate and Superintendent of %olice which
attested to these facts. 6oweer, despite this documentary eidence being brought to
the notice of the then 8hief Justice of India, he neither ordered an independent
inestigation nor did he allow the 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability to get a
regular -I9 registered, so that a normal police inestigation could hae ta0en place.
This was despite the fact that under the in;house procedure, supposedly adopted by
the Supreme 8ourt of India in "DDD for inestigating charges against the &udges, at
least an in;house committee of &udges could hae formed to inestigate the charges
against Justice 4halla. 6oweer instead of doing that, the then 8hief Justice =.>.
Sabbarwal recommended Justice 4halla to be the 8hief Justice of >erala 6igh 8ourt.
6is appointment as 8hief Justice was stopped only because of the complaint made by
the 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability to the %resident of India, who sent the
matter bac0 to reconsideration to the Supreme 8ourt collegium, which thereafter
could not reiterate its recommendation because of the opposition of one of the
&udges of the collegium, Justice 4.5.,ggarwal. 6oweer, thereafter Justice 4halla has
been transferred as a &udge of 8hattisgarh 6igh 8ourt where he has been appointed as
acting 8hief Justice by the notification of Law 7inistry. This was despite of the
ob&ection of the 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability, that a &udge, who was not
found suitable as 8hief Justice of >erala, cannot be appointed as ,cting 8hief Justice
of another 6igh 8ourt.
The case of Justice 4halla demonstrates the hollowness of the so;called in;house
procedure supposedly adopted by the Supreme 8ourt for inestigating charges against
&udges. It also demonstrates the pernicious impact of the ?eraswami &udgement which
preents any police inestigation against a &udge without the prior permission of the
8hief Justice of India. The brotherhood among the &udges and the fear among &udges
that any criminal inestigation against the sitting &udge would tarnish the image of
Indian Judiciary has let to a situation whereby not a single sitting &udge has been
sub&ected to criminal inestigation in the "C years since the ?eeraswamy &udgement.
Impeachment ,otion and #ress %eleases
#ress %elease on the #roposed Ale&ation of Justice 1halla - pdf -:9.5 012
Impeachment ,otion sent to ;ok Sabha and %a7ya Sabha with eBplanatory
note- pdf -./.< 012
#ress %elease on the ,otion of Impeachmentagainst Justice 1halla - pdf
-/3.< 012

)dditional documents in support
;etter to #resident :3./.98 J1 - pdf -..4/ 012
;etter to (JI 39.=.98 J1 -2pdf -:3 012
;etter for (onsultation to #resident =.3.98 J1 - pdf -..4/ 012
)pplication to register FI% against :.::.9. J1 - pdf -/4.3 012
(omplaint to C.0.Sabarwal :3.8.9. J1 - pdf -3<.: 012
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi

Judge :atch on Justice =.>.Sabharwal
-ormer 8JI, Justice =.>.Sabharwal set in motion the process of sealing of properties in
designated residential areas of )elhi which were being used for commercial purposes.
This sealing went on relentlessly under the continuous superision of 8hief Justice
Sabharwal!s bench, monitored and directed by a 8ourt appointed monitoring
committee. :hen the goernment came up with a new master plan of )elhi @#@"
which allowed mixed use and commercial actiity in many of the areas which were
designated as residential, Justice Sabharwal orders on the sealing continued.
Some of the facts which were not publicly 0nown was that his two sons, 8hetan and
5itin had entered into partnerships with big 7all and 8ommercial complex deelopers
and had become big 8ommercial complex deelopers themseles during that time. It
was clear that these orders were giing direct benefit to his sons! business. 6is orders
are against the principles of natural &ustice, which say that no &udge can hear a case
in which he is personally interested. There was a serious conflict of interest in this
case which renders his orders a nullity. It is in fact arguable that his dealing with this
case in such circumstances inoles an offence under the %reention of 8orruption
,t the same time, it was also found that seeral plots were allotted to the 8ompanies
or relaties of Justice Sabharwal and which needs to be inestigated to see if undue
faour was shown to them and if so whether there was any quid pro quo in terms of
&udicial orders.
The facts thrown up in this case hae ery disturbing implications about the integrity
of our &udiciary in the highest places.
Other Inter&entions
Justice Sabharwal?s 6efence 1ecomes ,urkier" Stifling #ublic ABposure 1y
Dsing (ontempt #owers -#ress %elease- pdf -/: 012
Securing Judicial )ccountability Freedom Of Speech &s. (ontempt 'owards
)n Independent Judicial (ommission by #rashant 1hushan - pdf -/9 012
Shocking )buse of Judicial #owerE $indu editorialE Sep 3/F3998-pdf
Sabharwal on 'rialE 'imes of India - pdf -3< 012
(ontept of JusticeE Outlook online-pdf -<5 012
'ehelka In&estigation
Office of #rofit" ) Stink Cou Should Smell by San7ay 6ubey- pdf -=5 012
Instead of helping shopkeepersF he made his sons rich- pdf -/< 012
Silence ;ies" 'ehelka &iew by Shoma (haudhary- pdf O"1G >4P
Gither Judicial )ccountability@ 'he case of Justice Sabharwal" 6is+uieting factsF
disturbing implicationsG- #ress (onference held on )ug 9=F 3998
%ress 8onference was organised to highlight a grae case of Judicial 7isconduct at the
,pex of the Indian Judiciary. It disclosed how the then 8hief Justice of India who had
spearheaded the sealing drie was mired in serious conflict of interest in as much as
his sons were deeply inoled in the business of shopping malls and commercial
complexes who stood to benefit from this sealing drie. It was addressed by Shri
Shanti 4hushan, former (nion Law 7inister, 7r. 4has0ar 9ao, 8hairman, 8entre for
7edia Studies, and 7r. %rashant 4hushan, adocate, Supreme 8ourt among other. The
%ress 8onference was attended by A# news agencies and G# participants.
#ress %elease - pdf -/9.5 012
Supporting 6ocuments - pdf -3.== ,12
,id-day In&estigation
,id 6ay articles - ;ift kara de -pdf -8/.= 012
It all s+uares up -pdf -<9 012
Shock anger -pdf -:99 012
In7ustice - pdf -:<8 012
>ol ,all $ai - pdf -:.3 012
)ffida&its filed H'ayalH.Vitusha
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability
,ddressL KK Lawyers 8hambers, Supreme 8ourt of India, 5ew )elhi
#ost held at the rele&ant time" 8hief Justice of India, Supreme 8ourt
(urrent Status" 9etd 8hief Justice of India, Supreme 8ourt

Judge :atch on Justice %. ). )ina0aran
-The Supreme 8ourt collegium headed by 8hief Justice > * 4ala0rishnan and including
Justice S.6. >apadia, Justice Tarun 8hatter&ee and Justice 9.?. 9aeendran had
recommended in ,ugust @##D, Justice #.6. 6inakaran, the 8hief Justice of >arnata0a
6igh 8ourt, for eleation to the Supreme 8ourt. The recommendations came along
with the names of four other Judges for eleation to the ,pex court namely, Justice
,> %atnaya0 O8hief Justice of 7adhya %radesh 6igh 8ourtP, Justice Tirath Singh
Tha0ur, O8hief Justice of %un&ab and 6aryana 6igh 8ourtP, Justice SS 5i&&ar O8hief
Justice of 8alcutta 6igh 8ourtP and Justice >S 9adha0rishna O 8hief Justice of *u&arat
6igh 8ourtP. :hile the dec0s were cleared for the eleation of the latter four Judges,
iimmediately after the news of Justice )ina0aran!s proposed appointment became
0nown, a group of highly respected and responsible lawyers from 8hennai called the
-orum for Judicial ,ccountability sent a series of representations to the 8ollegium
and the goernment detailing seeral ery damaging allegations against him. These
included, acquiring more than 1M# acres of agricultural land and encroaching on
another more than hundred acres of public landN acquiring properties benami and far
beyond his 0nown sources of incomeN hearing and deciding cases of his friends etc. ,ll
the allegations were bac0ed by unimpeachable documentary eidence.
Though the 8hief Justice of India, continued to bac0 him, he ordered an inquiry into
the allegation regarding his agricultural land by the )istrict 7agistrate, who
confirmed the allegations including his encroachment of public land. Thereafter
Justice )ina0aran tried to destroy eidence and threatened the reenue officials who
went to stop this destruction of eidence. ,ll this came to be widely reported in the
media. ,n embarrassed %7/ forced a reluctant Law 7inister 7oily to return the
recommendation to the collegium for reconsideration. The collegium did not
withdraw the recommendation, but merely put it on hold. 5o Hin house inquiryJ was
ordered either.
7eanwhile people questioned how )ina0aran could continue as 8hief Justice of
>arnata0a in the light of such serious offences that he had committed. There was also
the demand that -I9s should be registered and the offences that he had committed be
inestigated. The 8hief Justice of India howeer did not gie permission for
registering any -I9 against Justice )ina0aran. This left no option but to initiate
impeachment proceedings against him. The -orum for Judicial ,ccountability
prepared the impeachment motion which was sent to all the political parties by a
campaign for signatures. +entually CM 7%s of the 9a&ya Sabha, belonging to many
political parties except the 8ongress party signed the impeachment motion and
presented it to the ?ice %resident. The motion was soon admitted by the ?ice
%resident forcing Justice )ina0aran to stop discharging &udicial functions.
The procedure laid down by the Judges Inquiry ,ct for proceeding with an
impeachment motion is that the ?ice %resident appoints an enquiry committee
consisting of a sitting &udge of the Supreme 8ourt, a 8hief Justice of a 6igh 8ourt and
a &urist to enquire into the charges against him. /nly if the enquiry committee finds
him guilty does the matter proceed further for a oting in the two houses of
%arliament. The motion for his remoal has to be then passed by a two third ma&ority
in each house. /nly then can he be remoed. Though there is no requirement under
the Judges Inquiry ,ct for the ?ice %resident to consult the 8hief Justice in the choice
of members of the enquiry committee, he consulted the 8hief Justice, who
recommended two &udges of the Supreme 8ourt and two 8hief Justices of the 6igh
8ourt. 4ased on the 8hief Justice!s adice, the ?ice %resident has appointed an
inquiry committee comprising of Justice ?.S. Sirupur0ar of the Supreme 8ourt, 8hief
Justice ,.9. )ae of the ,.%. 6igh 8ourt and Shri %.%. 9ao as the &urist.
The 8ampaign for Judicial ,ccountability and 9eform as well as the -orum for Judicial
,ccountability hae howeer written to the ?.%. pointing out that Justice Sirupur0ar
has not only been a close friend and colleague of Justice )ina0aran, but he has also
pre&udged the issue, telling seeral responsible lawyers that he 0nows Justice
)ina0aran well and that he is an independently wealthy and honourable man.
7oreoer, Shri %.%. 9ao had been formally consulted by Justice )ina0aran on how he
should deal with these charges and that he had adised him on the matter. In these
circumstances, they would not be seen to be impartial and therefore should not sit as
&udges on this inquiry committee to aoid damage to the credibility of the inquiry and
further controersy. 6oweer till the date of writing they hae not yet recused
%epresentations by the Forum for Judicial )ccountability to the (ollegium
%epresentation : against ,r.Justice #.6.6inakaranF (hief JusticeF 0arnataka
$igh (ourt - amassing of huge assetsF corruption and serious
irregularities.- pdf
%epresentation 3F Further particulars with supporting materials regarding
,r. Justice #.6.6inakaranF (hief Justice of 0arnataka- pdf
%epresentation =F 6etails of more ac+uisitions by Justice #.6.6inakaran-pdf
%epresentation /F 6etails of more ac+uisitions and improper 7udicial
conduct of Justice #.6.6inakaran.- pdf
,otion for Impeachement of Justice 6inakaran
The notice of motion for presenting an address to the %resident of India for the
remoal of Justice )ina0aran, 8hief Justice of the >aranata0a 6igh 8ourt, under
,rticle @"C read with ,rticle "@AOAP of 8onstitution of India for his arious acts of
misbehaior, including dishonest &udicial orders, irregular and dishonest
administratie actions, etc, along with an explanatory note on the motion for
impeachement. pdf
#ress Statement against Sur&ery of India probe into Justice 6inakaran
#ress Statement issued by the Forum for Judicial )ccountability against the Sur&ey
of India spot probe into the allegations of land encroachment by the 0arnataka
(hief JusticeF #.6. 6inakaranF to be conducted on 6ecember =9th 3994 as
reported in a newspaper.
'he Forum calls upon the (entral >o&ernment to recall the three member team
deputed by the Sur&ey of India immediately and to await the outcome of the
en+uiry under the impeachment proceedings. ...statement page : statement page
(J)% letter to the Vice #resident regarding the en+uiry committee in the Justice
6inakaran impeachment
The 8ampaign for Judicial ,ccountability and 9eform has sent a letter to Shri 6amid
,nsari, ?ice %resident of India, regarding the 1 member enquiry committee appointed
to enquire into the motion for remoal of Jusitce %.). )ina0aran. The letter brings to
Shri ,nsari3s notice that Justice Sirupur0ar!s friendship with Justice )ina0aran,
coupled with his pre&udgement of the matter, places him in a position where if he
inquires into this matter, &ustice will not be seen to be done. The same would be the
case with Shri %.%. 9ao who has been formally consulted in the matter by Justice
)ina0aran. The letter further requests that these facts be placed before Justice
Sirupur0ar and Shri %.%. 9ao and they be as0ed whether they would li0e to recuse
themseles from the inquiry committee, to aoid any further controersy in the
matter. psdf
ABtraordinary situations call for eBtraordinary measures -Justice 6 C
Shylendra 0umar pdf
'he 6inakaran Imbroglio" )ppointments and (omplaints against Judges - ,r.
#rashant 1hushan pdf
6etails of indi&idual * organisation writing criti+ue"
5ameL 8ampaign for Judicial ,ccountability and 9eform
,ddressL K<K Jungpura 4 ObasementP, 7athura 9oad, 5ew )elhiL ""##"A
#ost held at the rele&ant time" 8hief Justice, >arnata0a 6igh 8ourt
(urrent Status" 8hief Justice, >aranata0a 6igh 8ourt

Judge :atch on Justice -.I.9ebello
!ame of Judge" Justice -. I. 9ebello
#ost $eld at %ele&ant 'ime" 8hief Justice of ,llahabad 6igh 8ourt
(urrent Status" 8hief Justice, ,llahabad 6igh 8ourt
Justice 9ebello, son after &oining as the 8hief &ustice of ,llahabad 6igh 8ourt
met 7s 7ayawati, 8hief 7inister of (ttar %radesh. 6e, then issued
administratie orders to change the classification of the case related to 7s
7ayawati3s inolement in Ta& 8orridor3s case. ,s a result, the case, which was
part heard by a different bench was transfered to a completely new bench.
This was allegedly done to benefit 7s 7ayawati.
)dditional documents in support of criti+ue"
(J)%?s complaint against Justice %ebello- pdf

It is
important to 0eep the &udiciary in the puriew of scrutiny. This section will proide
arious sub&ects to get &udiciary accountable to common person.
7a0ing reference to the >. ?eeraswamy!s 8ase Shri Shanti 4hushan obsered that all
&udges should declare their assets Q it should be done with prideR :hy raise issues of
self;respect' 6e said only those who hae something to hide will be reluctant to
disclose their assetsR Imore
; S.#.>upta ; pdf O".K 74P
, seen Judges 4ench of Supreme 8ourt extensiely considered the issues of
Independence of Judiciary in relation to the appointment and transfer of Judges, the
issue of appointment of the ,dditional Judges of the 6igh 8ourt, the issue of the
priilege of the *oernment against disclosure of State documents and the scope of
&udicial reiew of the powers exercised by the %resident.
:hile deciding the issue of the locus standi of the petitioning lawyers who had
challenged the 8ircular of the Law 7inister and short;term extensions of ,dditional
Judges on ground of attac0 on the independence of the &udiciary, Justice %.5.
4hagwati while upholding their right to do so held that where the effected persons
are really helpless, the Supreme 8ourt will not insist on a regular writ petition to be
filed by the public spirited indiidual espousing their cause. The 8ourt will readily
respond een to a letter addressed by said indiidual espousing the public cause.
, bunch of cases were decided together in the present case which were raised in two
batches of writ petitions filed in different 6igh 8ourts which were transferred under
,rticle "1D;, to the Supreme 8ourt since they raised common issues of great
constitutional importance. /ne writ was also filed in the Supreme 8ourt. Seeral more
related issues were raised and discussed during the hearing. +ach of the Judges
deliered a separate &udgment.
; Supreme (ourt )d&ocates-on-%ecord )ssociation Vs. Dnion of India
; pdf OACM >4P
This case directed to constitute a 4ench of nine Judges to examine the two questions
referred therein, namely, the position of the 8hief Justice of India with reference to
primacy, and &usticiability of fixation of Judge strength.
,rticle "@A OAP of Indian 8onsitutionL , Judge of the Supreme 8ourt shall not be
remoed from his office except by an order of the %resident passed after an address
by each 6ouse of %arliament supported by a ma&ority of the total membership of that
6ouse and by a ma&ority of not less than two;thirds of the members of that 6ouse
present and oting has been presented to the %resident in the same session for such
remoal on the ground of proed misbehaiour or incapacity.
; Justice V. %amaswamy ; pdf OKA >4P
The first;eer impeachment motion against a S8 &udge, Justice ?. 9amaswami, was
signed by "#G 7%s in "DD". , year later, an inquiry found 9amaswami Hguilty of willful
and gross misuses of officeI H:hile sering as the 8hief Justice of the %un&ab and
6aryana 6igh 8ourtJ. 9amaswami suried the impeachment process as %arliament
got diided along regional lines, southern 7%s strongly supported him. /nly "DK
members of %arliament, less than the required two;thirds, oted for his ouster.
) $istoric !on-impeachement ; pdf O@D.M >4P
; Justice ,.,. #unchi ; pdf OC# >4P
This charge sheet was prepared by the 8ommittee on Judicial ,ccountability in "DDG,
when Justice %unchhi was a &udge of the Supreme 8ourt of India. It was signed by @M
7%s of 9a&ya Sabha. 6oweer, before it could get the signature of the requisite
number of M# 7%s of 9a&ya Sabha, Justice %unchhi was appointed 8hief Justice of
India. ,fter this, it became irtually impossible to get the 5otice of 7otion signed by
any 7%s. 8onsequently, 5otice of 7otion could not be presented to the Spea0er. The
imp lesson of this exercise was that it is ery difficult to get the 7%s sign the
impeachment motion unless three conditions are satisfied. -irstly, the charges must
be ery seriousN secondly they must be proable by documentary eidence which is
annexed to the 5otice of 7otion and finally, the charges must hae been gien
substantial publicity in the media.
In the absence of all the three conditions been satisfied, 7%s are afraid and reluctant
to sign a charge sheet against a sitting &udge. It is normally exceedingly difficult to
get documentary eidence to proe charge against sitting &udge, particularly in the
absence of a statutory inestigation by an agency haing powers of inestigation.
7oreoer, the bul0 of the main stream media is afraid to publicise charges against the
sitting &udge for fear of contempt. In 9amaswami!s case, the aboe three conditions
were satisfied. )ocumentary eidence was aailable against 9amaswami because of
the report of the ,ccountant *eneral who audited the purchases made by 9amaswami
as 8hief Justice of %un&ab and 6aryana 6igh 8ourt. This is why, impeachment of
&udges, howeer corrupt they might be, is not a practical remedy in discipling them.
- Justice ).S. )nand - pdf -:5.5 012
Serious allegations of corruption and faouritism were raised against Justice
,.S.,nand former 8hief Justice of India pertaining to the period when he was the
Judge and the 8hief Justice of the Jammu and >ashmir 6igh 8ourt.
9ead more
; )
conflict between law and morality ; pdf O"# >4P
; (ont
empt of court" 7udgement by Justice )ri7it #asayat ;pdf O@K.M >4P ; (ontempt of
court" 7udgement by Justice %a&eendran ; pdf O@A." >4P ; Judges in their own
cause" (ontempt of court by #rashant 1hushan;pdf O"D.@ >4P ; (ontempt of court"
need for a second look by J.,arkandey 0at7u ; pdf O"@.M >4P ; Standing (ommittee
report on (ontempt ; pdf OMG.A >4P ; )ffida&its of )rundhati %oy pdf -3/.3 012 and
,edha #atkar on contempt pdf O"C.# >4P
9ight to Information and
; %ight
to Information )nd 'he Judiciary 1y #rashant 1hushan ; pdf OC@ >4P
Inestigations against
; Justice 0. Veeraswamy ; pdf O"CC >4P
Justice >.?eeraswamy the then 8hief Justice of 7adras 6igh 8ourt was charged for
possession of assets disproportionate to his 0nown sources of income and a case was
filed against him by the 84I under the %reention of 8orruption ,ct. The 6igh 8ourt of
7adras dismissed his %etition for quashing of the 8ase against him and referred the
matter to the Supreme 8ourt for deciding certain questions of law. The Supreme
8ourt while deciding the case against the delinquent Judge laid down strict guidelines
to protect the independence of Judiciary according to which no -.I.9. can be
registered against a Judge or 8hief Justice of the 6igh 8ourt, or a Judge of the
Supreme 8ourt without the sanction of the 8hief Justice of India in the matter. It was
held that the Supreme 8ourt is not a court of limited &urisdiction of only dispute
settling, and that the court has been a law ma0er and it is the courts responsibility
and duty to apply the existing law in a form more conducie to the independence of
the &udiciary. It was also said that any complaint against a Judge and its inestigation
by the 84I, if gien publicity will hae a far reaching impact on the &udge and the
litigant public therefore there is need of a &udicious use of ta0ing action under the
%reention of 8orruption ,ct.
- Judicial )ccountability O% Illusion - 'he !ational Judicial (ouncil 1ill by #rashant
1hushan ; pdf OG.G1 >4P
- Judicial )ccountability by #rashant 1hushan ; pdf OD.K" >4P
- ,echanisms of Judicial )ccountability by Justice J.S.Verma ; pdf O"".@ >4P

current &udicial system needs to be cleared of procedural complexities and hurdles to
ma0e it accessible for the common citi.ens. It must be strengthened to delier &ustice
quic0ly, efficiently and honestly. This section contains lin0s and updates on arious
laws and policies Oexisting and proposedP and an analysis of the same.
,ccess of %oor and )elays in Justice
:ho do these delays and bac0logs impact the most' 6ow do they impact access to
&ustice' In case of the criminal cases, the poor people are the most affected. 7ore
than C#$ of persons inside &ails who are held on suspicion of haing committed a
crime are not able to pay the bail amount, which is ery high. They are inside the
&ails for months and years, as they cannot afford a lawyer. Imore
Values and )ttitude towards the poor
,fter independence, the concept of social &ustice was introduced and the
labour law deeloped more as a &udgment law. There were arious laws but
with the interention of &udiciary, the labour law was moing in a progressie
direction. The issues concerning the labour matters such as wage, minimum
wage, fair wage, employment security, social security, etc. were initiated,
right from the +xpress 5ewspaper!s case.Imore
Drban #oor
/ne broad category of urban poor is the slum dwellers liing in unorgani.ed
housing sector, haing occupation of street endors, ric0shaw pullers, etc. This
is the section, which has suffered the maximum onslaught of &udicial decision
in the recent past. Imore
%ural #oor
This debate is quite crucial, which is reminiscent of what happened with
&udiciary during the period when India was trying to abolish Samindari system
and introduce land reforms. :hile reflecting on the &udiciary and its impact on
the rural poor, the most popular analysis is the class analysis but one should
not confine to it alone, one should also consider caste analysis. :e must also
remember the indigenous people. Imore
#ublic Interest ;itigation
It is important to discuss about the reasons for deeloping a tool li0e %ublic
Interest Litigation and how it has transformed recently. :hile
&udiciary one must not forget about the executie inactions of last ten years
and the recent laws passed by the legislature. It is necessary to substantiate by
two examples, one is aquaculture case which permitted the multinational
corporations to hae their aquaculture actiities at the cost of the traditional
fishermen. Imore

Is 1$IE. 30+#I1E '. IN!I" a-o9e L"( )))
5tt8s:// =

;aw student seBually harassed by eB-Supreme (ourt 7udge" case is not uni+ueF
but speaking out is nearly impossible

supreme-court-is-common F

HANG RAPIST CORRUPT JUDGES!o"#alit/ha!g$apist$co%pt$&%#ges

Nothing but the truth
By Indira Jaising
A midst the rising din of the demand for death penalty for rapists comes the news that three
judges of the Karnataka High Court have been involved in what has come to be described as a
'sex scandal' on the outskirts of Mysore at a place called oost esorts!
"ur attention is now directed to those who dispense justice rather than those who knock at the
doors of justice! #n both cases$ we are talking about the use and abuse of women % those who
are victims of sexual abuse$ and those who are used as sexual objects$ willingly or unwillingly!
After the reports in local newspapers that three high court judges were found with women at a
resort$ there was the usual crop of denials! Although the Mysore police were called in to settle a
brawl$ on being told that the persons in &uestion were judges they said that they heard no evil
and saw no evil!
And everyone thought the matter ended there!
Attempts to get the names of the judges or of the women in &uestion drew a blank! 'he bar
association also drew a blank as most people said$ ()on't &uote me* but*(
"n +ovember ,-$ the .angalore edition of 'he 'imes of #ndia published a front/page story
giving the names and photographs of the three judges and confirming that the #ntelligence
.ureau had done an investigation and come to the conclusion that the incident had indeed
occurred! 'here were still no details of the incident$ though it was stated that the report has been
given to the chief justice of #ndia!
'here were reports on the same day that the Karnataka High Court chief justice had sought the
transfer of the three judges to 0atna$ 1ammu and Kashmir and 2uwahati! Apparently$ the chief
justice has agreed to this re&uest and the transfer orders have been issued!
'hen came the news that the chief justice of #ndia has set up a committee of in&uiry under the
'in/house' procedure consisting of the chief justice of the Andhra 0radesh High Court$ the chief
justice of the Madras High Court and the chief justice of the 0atna High Court!
'here were still no details in the press about the actual incident and the entire episode continued
to be referred to as a 'sex scandal'!
3hat is interesting about these reports is not what they reveal$ but what they conceal! #t is a
conspiracy of silence! #f the information is now available to the chief justice of #ndia$ why is it
not being made public4 )o we$ the public$ not have the right to information4 #ronically$ the
morning newspapers brought the news that the 5reedom of #nformation Act has been passed!
3hat are the legitimate limits of the right to freedom of information and the re&uirement of
keeping information a secret4 'his episode would make an interesting case study!
3hat exactly is at stake here4 'here is much that should concern the nation about the incident!
'his is not a case about the private morality of the judges$ be that as it may$ but about the abuse
of office that they hold! 3hat has not been made known is that the three women in &uestion are
women lawyers practising in their courts!
3hat is at stake here is the pollution of the stream of justice at its very source! 'here must be
countless cases in which these women appeared before these very judges day in and day out of
their routine practice! Can one honestly say that in such a situation justice is being done (without
fear or favour(4 1udges swear on oath of allegiance to (bear true faith( to the Constitution and do
justice (without fear or favour(! How well have these judges honoured this oath4
3hat is at stake here is the cynical use of women as sexual commodities! 'he usual justifications
have already begun making the rounds! #f the women have not complained$ what objection can
anyone else have$ it is asked! 3hat is lost sight of is the fact that the judges are in a position of
dominance vis/6/vis the women$ in a position to do favours that pertain to their office!
3hat is at stake here is the cynical use of public office$ the seat of justice$ for personal petty
gain! #t is irrelevant whether the women consented or not! 'he usual blame game will now begin
% blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator7 the usual loose talk about the character of the
woman in &uestion7 the usual attempt to cover up by diverting attention from the actual incident
to the motives of those who brought the incident to light!
3hat is at stake here is the perception of women as sexual commodities by those who are
responsible for sitting in judgment over cases brought for and on behalf of women!
'he issues at stake here concern one half of #ndians! 3ith what faith can #ndian women approach
the courts demanding the right to e&uality$ the right to be free from sexual harassment or rape
and the right to live with dignity$ if the persecution of judges who sit in judgment over them is
#n the circumstances$ the suggested solution is worse than the offence % to transfer them to
0atna$ 2uwahati and 1ammu and Kashmir! 3hy these particular cities4 Are they not an integral
part of the country$ or are they mere islands within the country that are considered 'punishment
postings' where people are sent a la 'crossing Kala 0ani' of the old days4 'o the credit of the
2uwahati .ar Association$ it protested against the proposed transfer!
'he only decent thing to do is for the chief justice of #ndia to disclose full details of the incident
so that rumour/mongering comes to an end! 'his would be in the best interest of the judiciary
As things stand$ the rumours are making the rounds that there were more than three judges
involved$ that the women were professional call girls$ many of which are baseless! 3e$ the
people$ have the right to know! 'he conspiracy of silence must be broken!
'he judges in &uestion must neither be assigned any judicial functions pending an in&uiry nor be
transferred to sit in judgment over others! 'wo of the judges are stated to be additional judges!
'hey must not be confirmed! #f there is prima facie evidence against the one remaining judge$ the
chief justice must recommend his impeachment!
#t is time for all concerned bar associations$ bar councils and other male/dominated bodies of
legal professionals to act and ensure that there is no cover/up! 'here is little point in showing
sympathy to women in judgments and in seminar rooms$ or in recommending the death penalty
for rape if we cannot deal with the men who dispense justice!
'here are contempt of court petitions pending in the Karnataka High Court against some of the
publications for disclosing details of the incident! Civil society and women's organisations must
demand that justice is now done when it comes to the judges themselves!
'he law of contempt can offer no solution to the crisis of credibility in the judiciary that this
incident has thrown up! "ne positive aspect of the incident is that it is only after the chief justice
of the high court issued a public notice inviting information that he received 8- representations$
which led to the discovery of the truth!
9et the truth now be made public!

Judge accused of molesting 2 rape survivors in UP

A sitting judicial magistrate sexually assaulted them

:0; 'wo rape victims claim that a sitting judicial magistrate sexually assaulted them! 'he girls
alleged that when they went to the magistrate<s chamber to give their statement$ he allegedly
made them strip and molested them!
"ne of the girls is a minor and the police have filed a complaint! 'he girls also claimed that the
judge threatened them to not speak of the incident to anyone!
9awyers and the general public in 2onda launched a protest against the judge!

JU!" #"NIN! $B#%"N" #&# '$ ($&"N

)uc*no+ 'a*ing cognisance of the allegation against a civil Judge ,junior division- of
Budaun court that he sent obscene #&#es to a +oman lecturer. the /egistrar !eneral of
Allahabad 0igh %ourt today sought a report from the district judge into the matter1
'he civil judge of !unnor sub2division court of Budaun 3 Pramod 4umar !ang+ar3
accused of sending obscene #&#es from his cellphone to a +oman lecturer of %lassic
%ollege of )a+. Bareilly1 A lecturer of the same college. 5ive* !upta. +as named in the
lodged by the victim +hile !ang+ar7s name surfaced in the primary investigation1
/egistrar !eneral inesh !upta said. 8'he district judge of Budaun has been as*ed to
send a detailed report into the allegations1 Appropriate action +ould be ta*en on the basis
of the report19
istrict Judge #uresh 4umar #rivastava said. 8I have as*ed the Bareilly district police to
send a report about the matter1 'he report on the basis of the police in:uiry +ould be sent
to the Allahabad 0igh %ourt /egistrar !eneral19
8I am not a+are about the matter. as the Bareilly police did not intimate me before
the probe against the civil judge1 'hey should have informed me +hen they had received
any such complaint.9 the judge added1
&ean+hile. Bareilly %$ II /aj 4umar. +ho is investigating the case. today recorded the
statement of the victim1 8I have collected the call details of the cellphone used for sending
the #&#es. but I have yet to get the address of the person +ho is subscriber of the #I&
card.9 he said1
8'he probe is on to verify if the accused in the case +ere present on the location recorded
in the call details +hen the #&#es +ere sent1 'he details of the findings of the
investigation +ould be sent to the Budaun district court to see* the direction.9 the %$
As*ed if the investigation +as earlier conducted into the matter. /aj 4umar said. 8'he #P
,%rime- had initiated probe into the matter. but I am not a+are if the investigation had
reached to any conclusion19
'he +oman lecturer had lodged an 6I/ at the &ahila police station on 'hursday alleging
she had received obscene #&#es on her cellphone involving her colleague 5ive* !upta1
'he preliminary in:uiry into the case by the police yesterday had found that the mobile
phone used in the crime belongs to the civil judge1

)o*ayu*ta; % demanded sex from +ido+

In the midst of a national outrage over former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore molesting a teenager,
the Karnataka Lokayukta on Saturday made a startling revelation that the state government was
shielding a top ureau!rat who had demanded se"ual favours from a young widow#
9okayukta 1ustice =antosh Hegde disclosed that the official concerned$ who was the deputy
commissioner of one of the districts when he demanded sex from the widow in return for
discharging his duties as public servant$ has since been promoted to a senior position!
1ustice Hegde$ in the course of an interaction with journalists at the )eccan Herald office
=aturday afternoon$ said the unnamed widow had dared the deputy commissioner and
approached the 9okayukta<s office with a complaint against the officer!
"n examination of the complaint$ the 9okayukta had found sufficient grounds to recommend to
the state government the suspension and prosecution of the )C concerned! 'he
recommendation was subse&uently considered by the concerned department head as well as
the chief secretary and both endorsed it!
.ut$ according to 1ustice Hegde$ no action was initiated against the )C as the same official who
had endorsed the recommendation subse&uently found no basis for initiating departmental action
against him! #nstead$ the official cleared the )C<s name for promotion in the super/scale!
0resently$ the official holds a senior position in the government!
'he widow$ in her late 8-s$ had approached the )C with a representation to sort out some
problems! .ut she was shocked when the )C demanded sex!
1ustice Hegde did not identify the official in &uestion or the complainant! +or did he offer to
the district where the official was serving as deputy commissioner! .ut the incident has
happened sometime in the course of last three years as 1ustice Hegde took over as the
9okayukta in mid/8-->!

<2year jail term for =dirty7 judge

$amily !ourt %udge Ramrao Gangaram &hise attempted to get se"ual favours from a housewife
5amily court judge amrao 2angaram .hise<s attempts to extract sexual favours$ in addition to a
bribe$ from a housewife$ Alka 2aikwad % who had sought an increase in her monthly
maintenance allowance from her estranged husband$ in ?@@A % proved costly to him!
0ronouncing him guilty on both counts$ the special court hearing anti/corruption bureau BAC.C
matters sentenced him to three years rigorous imprisonment and a collective fine of sDD$ ---$
on Monday!
According to the 5# in the case registered against .hise by the AC.$ =uryakant 2aikwad had
filed for divorce from his wife$ Alka$ before the .andra family court! Alka$ a housewife$ in turn$
filed a petition seeking mutual cohabitation with her husband! 'he then family court judge$
Khadakkar$ directed the husband to pay her an interim maintenance allowance of sAD- per
=ubse&uently$ in 1anuary ?@@A$ Alka filed another application before the same family court Bnow
presided over by .hiseC seeking to increase the monthly maintenance amount to s,$D--! E"n
"ctober 8A$ ?@@A$ .hise issued an interim order$ increasing the maintenance allowance to
s8$--- to be paid by =uryakan to his estranged wife till the disposal of the case! #mmediately
after issuing the order$ .hise asked Alka to meet him and gave her his residential telephone
number$ asking her to call him when the court hours ended! He told her that he would ask her
husband to pay her a lump sum of s8 lakh in addition to the monthly maintenance$ provided she
called him up$F the 5# states!
3hen she called up the judge at A pm the same day$ .hise told her that she would have to pay
him a sum of s8$--- in addition to granting his sexual favours if she wanted an order in her
favour! He also directed her to meet him at the Haji Ali bus stop with the bribe amount the
following evening!
EAlka approached the AC.$ which sought permission from the Chief 1ustice of the .ombay
Court before laying a trap on the first class judicial magistrate B.hiseC! 'he HC while granting
permission designated a court official to bear witness to the events leading to the trap! Alka$
under video camera surveillance of AC. sleuths$ along with the court official and other women
witnesses met .hise at G!,- pm at the Haji Ali bus stop! .hise took hold of Alka<s wrist and
she protested$ repeated his demands$F the 5# states!
Alka was then taken to a nearby hotel$ =harda$ where the judge accepted the bribe amount! .ut
before he could do anything else$ AC. sleuths swooped in and arrested him!

/ajasthan judge is indicted for see*ing sexual favours

Chief 1ustice of #ndia 2 . 0attanaik retires tonight and he doesn<t have much to write home
on the unprecedented drive he launched to enforce judicial accountability!
After the 00=C scam fiasco$ reported in 'he #ndian Hxpress today$ comes the case of the
ajasthan judge who has been indicted in a sex scandal and yet has escaped action%pending
another in&uiry!
"n )ecember ?I$ a three/judge committee set up by 0attanaik confirmed the JJinvolvement<< of
1ustice Arun Madan of the ajasthan High Court in a proposition to a woman doctor to have sex
with him in exchange for a judicial favour!
'he committee$ headed by the Chief 1ustice of the 0unjab and Haryana High Court 1ustice . K
oy$ submitted its report to 0attanaik$ indicting Madan on a complaint made from 1odhpur by
woman concerned$ =unita Malviya!
.ut 0attanaik has not announced any action against Madan! 3hen contacted by 'he #ndian
Hxpress$ 0attanaik confirmed that the committee had indicted Madan and his JJbad reputation<<
seeking sexual favours in return for judicial ones!
However$ 0attanaik said that no action was being taken since the committee had also mentioned
allegations of corruption against Madan! And so he had ordered a further in&uiry by the same
committee into the corruption charges!
3hen asked what he did with the indictment of Madan in the sex scandal$ 0attanaik said$ JJ'hat
is on hold because # could not have taken piecemeal action against him*!# am praying to 2od
that the final report will give some tangible material to take action!<<
Highly placed sources told 'he #ndian Hxpress that when the committee recorded statements last
week in 1odhpur of about ,- persons over four days$ it also came to know of several allegations
of corruption against Madan and another judge of the same high court! 'he committee put these
on record as well!
0attanaik said that when he summoned Madan to +ew )elhi last week$ he did not raise the sex
scandal issue and instead limited himself to saying that he was ordering a further in&uiry into
corruption allegations!
#n effect$ 0attanaik has now passed the ajasthan buck to his successor 1ustice K + Khare!
'he gist of Malviya<s complaint is that Madan made a sexual proposition to her in "ctober
through a deputy registrar of the high court$ 2ovind Kalwani$ who said that the judge would help
her$ in turn$ get out of a criminal case booked against her!
3ith this$ 0attanaik<s much/touted in/house judicial accountability seems to have hit a wall! 'he
first committee<s report into the 00=C scam exonerated one judge despite evidence and let two
others off with a mere slap on the wrist! 'he third committee is now busy probing the
of judges in the Mysore sex scam!

'en reasons +hy criminals in *ha*i get a+ay
=iddharth Karadarajan

.ehind every man like =!0!=! athore who abuses his authority stand the generals and
footsoldiers who help and support him! 3e need to take them all down!
=!0!=! athore$ the criminal former top cop of Haryana$ may appear alone today but we must
never forget that he was able to get away with the sexual molestation of a young child and the
illegal harassment of her family for ?@ years because he had hundreds of men who supported
him in his effort to evade justice!
'he fact that these men L fellow police officers$ bureaucrats$ politicians$ lawyers$ judges$ school
administrators L were willing to bend the system to accommodate a man accused of molesting a
minor speaks volumes for the moral impoverishment of our establishment and country! )ecent
societies shun those involved in sexual offences against children! Hven criminals jailed for
Mordinary' crimes like murder treat those serving time for molesting children as beyond the pale!
.ut in #ndia$ men like athore have their uses for their masters$ so the system circles its wagons
and protects them!
'he C.#'s appeal may lead to the enhancement of athore's sentence and perhaps even the
slapping of abetment to suicide charges$ since his young victim killed herself to put an end to the
criminal intimidation her family was being subjected to by athore and his men! .ut the
rot which the case has exposed will not be remedied unless sustained public pressure is put on
0rime Minister Manmohan =ingh and :nion Home Minister 0! Chidambaram$ two men who
it in their power to push for simple remedies in the way the #ndian law enforcement and justice
delivery system works!
5irst$ abolish the need for official$ i!e! political sanction to prosecute bureaucrats$ policemen and
security forces personnel when they are accused of committing crimes! 'he original intent
this built/in stay/out/of/jail card was to protect state functionaries from acts done in the course of
discharging their duties in good faith! =omewhere along the line$ this has come to mean
protecting our custodians of law and order when they murder innocent civilians Beg! the
0anchalthan case in Kashmir where the trial of army men indicted by the C.# for murdering five
villagers in 8--- still cannot take place because the Central government will not grant
permissionC$ or assault or molest women and children! +o civilised$ democratic society grants
such impunity! #t is disgusting to see former officials and bureaucrats from Haryana saying how
they had wanted athore prosecuted but were prevented from doing so because of pressure!
=uch officials should either be made formally to testify in a criminal case against the politicians
who so pressured them or they should themselves be hauled up for perverting the course of
=econd$ stop talking about how making the police and army answerable to the law will somehow
demoralise their morale! )oes anybody care about the morale of ordinary citiNens any more4 "r
the morale of upright police and army officers$ who do not think it is right for their colleagues to
able to get away with criminal acts4
'hird$ bring an end to the cosy relationship between the police and politicians! athore was
protected by four chief ministers of Haryana! He served them and they served him by ensuring
his unfettered rise! #t is absurd that the #ndian 0olice is still governed by a colonial/era Act dating
back to ?G>?! A number of commissions have made recommendations for reforming the police
over the years7 but no government or political party wants to give up its ability to use and misuse
the police for their own benefit
5ourth$ ensure that police officers who abuse their authority and engage in mala fide
prosecutions are dismissed from service and sentenced to jail for a long period of time! Mr!
Chidambaram should use the considerable resources at his command to find out who were the
policemen involved in filing ?? bogus cases against the teenaged brother of the young girl
athore molested! He should then make sure criminal proceedings are initiated against all of
them! 'he message must go out to every policeman in the country; #f you abuse the law at the
behest of a superior$ you will suffer legal conse&uences!
5ifth$ ensure that criminal charges against law enforcement personnel are fast/tracked as a
matter of routine so that a powerful defendant is not able to use his position to delay proceedings
the way athore did for years on end! 'he destruction or disappearance of material evidence in
such cases must be treated as a grave offence with strict criminal liability imposed on the
individual responsible for breaking the chain of custody!
=ixth$ empower the +ational Human ights Commission with teeth so that police departments
and state governments cannot brush aside their orders as happened in the athore case! 'his
would also re&uire appointing to the +HC women and men who have a proven record of
defending human rights in their professional life$ something that is done today only in the
'he attitude of the Manmohan =ingh government to this commission and others like the +ational
Commission for 3omen B+C3C and +ational Commission for Minorities is shocking!
are not filled for months on end!
=eventh$ ensure the early enactment of pending legislation broadening the ambit of sexual
crimes$ including sexual crimes against children! .etween rape$ defined as forced penetrative
sex$ and the vague$ Kictorian/era crime of Moutraging the modesty of a woman'$ the #ndian 0enal
Code recognises no other form of sexual violence! As a result$ all forms of sexual molestation
and assault short of rape attract fairly lenient punishment$ of the kind athore got! #n his case$ the
judge did not even hand down the maximum sentence$ citing concerns for the criminal's age!
=adly$ he did not take into account the age of the victim and neither does the #0C$ which fails to
distinguish between Moutraging the modesty' of an adult woman and a young child!
A draft law changing these provisions and bringing #ndia into line with the rest of the modern
world has been pending with the +C3 and 9aw Ministry for years! 0erhaps the government may
now be shamed into pushing it through 0arliament at the earliest!
Highth$ take steps to introduce a system of protection of witnesses and complainants! 'he fate
that the family of athore's young victim had to endure is testament to the fact that people who
seek justice in #ndia do so at their own peril!
+inth$ ensure that robust interrogation techni&ues like narco/analysis$ which are routinely used
against other alleged criminals$ are also employed against police officers accused of crimes!
'enth$ the media and the higher judiciary must also turn the light inward and ask themselves
whether they were also derelict in their duty! 'he athore case did not attract the kind of
media attention it deserved$ nor do other cases involving serving police officers accused of
crimes against women$ workers$ peasants and minorities! As for the upper courts$ their record is
too patchy to inspire confidence! #t was$ after all$ the high court which chose to disregard the
C.#'s re&uest for including abetment to suicide charges!
Keywords; =iddharth Karadarajan$ =!0!=! athore$ criminals$ khaki$ former )20 of
Haryana$ custodians$ sexual violence$ +HC

Porbandar judge accused of do+ry harassment

A complaint has been filed against )istrict and =essions judge of 0orbandar for allegedly
harassing his daughter/in/law for dowry$ police said here on =unday!
)arshana )ave$ a native of Amreli$ has filed a complaint against her husband Kinnar$ father/
and district judge Arvind )ave$ mother/in/law 0ratibha and brother/in/law 0rashant$ the
police added!
)arshana married Kinnar two years ago! Her complaint says that she was harassed from the
beginning$ and was even beaten up by the husband and in/laws$ who were demanding s ?-
lakh as dowry!
=he has also alleged that she was thrown out of the house a few months back$ and her husband
is now seeking divorce$ the police said!
Amreli =uperintendent of 0olice H Muliyana confirmed to have received the complaint against
the judge and others! He said that action will be taken after verifying the complaint!
'his is the second complaint related to dowry harassment filed against a judge in the state in the
recent past!
Harlier$ a woman had filed a complaint against additional sessions judge of 1etpur after her
daughter and the judge's wife committed suicide!

!urgaon judge to also face do+ry harassment charge

2urgaon's Chief 1udicial Magistrate avneet 2arg$ booked for the murder of his wife$ will also
face dowry harassment charge$ police here said Monday!
0olice have issued notices to the C1M's father K!K! 2arg and mother achna 2arg$ who have
also been named in the dowry harassment case!
'he C1M's father reached here Monday morning from Haryana's 0anchkula town and contacted
police$ who wanted to &uestion him!
(3e had called C1M's parents!!!K!K! 2arg was &uestioned by special investigation team B=#'C$(
2urgaon 0olice Commissioner Alok Mittal said!
Mittal said on the basis of written complaint filed by the parents of the C1M's wife 2eetanjali$
penal sections of dowry harassment and extra/marital affair were included in the 5# lodged
against the C1M =aturday!
2eetanjali$ 8I$ bore three bullet wounds / on her chin$ chest and stomach / but no bullets were
found in her body that was recovered here 'hursday! 'he C1M's licensed firearm was found near
the body$ police said!
Mittal said two bullets were seiNed from the scene of crime and would be sent for ballistic
examination Monday$ a day after ballistic experts examined the crime spot!
('he =#' =unday &uestioned two women relatives of avneet 2arg for hours at his government
allotted house here in the "fficers Colony$( said Mittal!
(3e have asked C1M to produce supporting evidences to prove his statement$( he said!
'he C1M allegedly said that his driver and domestic help may throw some light on his wife's
1udge 2arg's in/laws alleged that two cars were provided to the accused on his and his family's
demand! s!8 lakh were also delivered to him at the time of the admission of his daughters in
school in May!
2eetanjali's brother 0radeep Aggarwal =aturday lodged a first information report against 2arg
and his parents$ accusing them of murder!
(avneet and 2eetanjali got married in +ovember 8--A! Hverything was fine for a few years but
the attitude of avneet and his parents towards 2eetanjali started changing after she delivered
two baby girls Bnow aged around four and a half and three yearsC$( Aggarwal said in his
He demanded a probe by the Central .ureau of #nvestigation BC.#C into his sister's murder!

There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It
supercedes all other courts.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Salary of Chief Justice of India Rupees 100000 per month & salary of supreme
court judge Rupees 90000 per month plus 5 star heritage bungalo ! 5 star air "
train tra#el ! 5 star health care facility ! etc all at ta$ payers e$pense

%unger &eaths 'alnutrition &eaths (o#erty )arning *ess than Rupees +, per

%onest %ard Child *aborers )arning *ess /han Rupees +, per day
Corrupt &ishonest Criminal (ublic Ser#ants )arning 'ore than Rupees 5000 per
day 'urderers of Justice

Ill0gotten -ealth of Corrupt (ublic Ser#ants

'urderers of Justice Shame to 1ou

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A Z of Manipulation of Indian Legal System
|||p.||WWW.scr|od.cor|doc|18757520o|A-Z-ol-|ar|pu|a||or-ol-lrd|a-lega|-3ys|er ,
|||p.||WWW.scr|od.cor|doc|173854541|C||el-Jus||ce-ol-lrd|a-A-Cr|r|ra| ,


sexual harassment: Intern moves SC for inquiry against Justie S!atanter "umar

#e! $elhi: A lorrer |aW |r|err, W|o |as rade sexua| |arassrer| a||ega||ors aga|rs| Jus||ce 3Wa|ar|er
Kurar, |oday roved ||e 3uprere Cour| see||rg |rqu|ry aga|rs| ||e re||red judge.
A oerc| |eaded oy C||el Jus||ce l 3a||as|var, oelore W|or ||e ra||er Was rer||ored lor urger|
|ear|rg, agreed |o |a|e up ||e case or Jaruary 15.
T|e |r|err, |r ||e pe||||or, c|a||erged ||e apex cour|'s 0eceroer 5, 2013 lu|| cour| reso|u||or |r W||c| ||
Was dec|ded ||a| ro corp|a|r| aga|rs| ||s re||red judges W||| oe er|er|a|red.

T|e pe||||orer a|so suor|||ed ||a| a proper lorur oe cors|||u|ed |o corduc| |rqu|ry |r suc| cases ard |er
corp|a|r| oe a|so |oo|ed |r|o oy ||e apex cour| |||e || Was dore |r ||e case ol sexua| |arassrer|
a||ega||ors aga|rs| Jus||ce (re|d) A K 0argu|y.
T|e |r|err |as rade Jus||ce Kurar, 3ecre|ary 0erera| ol ||e 3uprere Cour| ard ur|or ol lrd|a par||es |r
||e case.
3|e suor|||ed ||a| Jus||ce Kurar Was a s||||rg judge a| ||e ||re ol ||e a||eged |rc|der| ard ||e apex cour|
rus| |oo| |r|o ||e corp|a|r| as per v|s|a|a gu|de||res.
Jus||ce Kurar, W|o |s currer||y |ead|rg ||e Na||ora| 0reer Tr|oura|, |as descr|oed ||e a||ega||ors as
|rcredu|ous ard la|se ard sore ||rd ol corsp|racy.

I% onfirms Mysore &oost &esort sex sandal

T|e lr|e|||gerce 8ureau |as prov|ded ||e Cer|re W||| a de|a||ed accour| ol ||e escapade
|rvo|v|rg ||ree Karra|a|a l|g| Cour| judges or Noveroer 3 |r a resor| or ||e ou|s||r|s ol
|ysore, ||g||y p|aced sources |o|d T|e T|res ol lrd|a or lr|day.
Accord|rg |o a ser|or oll|c|a|, `|os| ol ||e |rlorra||or soug|| |as ro| or|y corl|rred ||e verac||y
ol ||e |rc|der| ou| ||e goverrrer| |as crossc|ec|ed || W||| aro||er po||ce agercy. 8o|| ||e
repor|s ra|c|.'
T|e |rc|der| Was W|de|y repor|ed |r ||e red|a. w|a| |as surpr|sed ||e Cer|re |s ||e `dogged
relusa|' ol ||e Karra|a|a po||ce |o corl|rr ||e |rc|der|. `|ysore lo||ce Corr|ss|orer C.
C|ardrase||ar l|rs| der|ed ||a| ||e |rc|der| ever |oo| p|ace. 0r|y W|er a puo||c ro||ce Was
|ssued ||roug| ||e ||g| cour| reg|s|rar see||rg |rlorra||or or ||e |ysore scarda|, d|d ||e lac|s
core ou| |r ||e oper. luo||c pro|es| |e|ped a |o|,' says ||e source.
w|a| |rarsp|red a| ||e resor|, says ||e source, `carro| oe expec|ed lror aryore |r c|v|| soc|e|y,
|eave a|ore persors sWorr |o up|o|d|rg ||e |aW'. Accord|rg |o ||r, `T|e l8 repor| cors|s|s ol
urrer||orao|e lac|s ard a|so ra|es || arp|y c|ear ||a| ||e |ysore |rc|der| |s ro| ||e l|rs| ||re
suc| |||rgs |ave |appered. Car aryore expec| up|o|ders ol ||e |aW |o p|c| a l|g|| W||| peop|e
W|o corp|a|red |o ||e po||ce W|er caug|| |r a corpror|s|rg pos|||or?'
lr a re|a|ed deve|oprer|, Karra|a|a l|g| Cour| C||el Jus||ce N.K. Ja|r |as Wr|||er |o C||el
Jus||ce ol lrd|a Jus||ce 0.8. la||ara|| as||rg ||a| ||ree judges oe |rarslerred. Ja|r |as proposed
||a| Jus||ce N.3. veerao|adra|a| oe |rarslerred |o ||e la|ra l|g| Cour|, Jus||ce
C|ardrase||ara|a| |o Jarru & Kas|r|r ard Jus||ce v. 0opa|a 0oWda |o ||e 0au|a|| l|g|
w|||e Ja|r |s urders|ood ro| |o |ave g|ver ary reasors, ||g||y p|aced sources say ||e proposa|
lor |rarslers |s ||r|ed |o ||e |ysore |rc|der|.
loWever, ||e source says ||a| roW ||e goverrrer| |s Worr|ed aoou| ||e appropr|a|e `rered|a|
reasures'. lr suc| cases, |rarslerr|rg a judge |o a rero|e ||g| cour| doesr'| a|Ways Wor|. le
says, `8ar assoc|a||ors ard ||e peop|e ol ror||eas|err s|a|es Were up |r arrs W|er sore
judges ol ||e lurjao ard laryara ||g| cour|s Were |rarslerred ||ere. we expec| s|r||ar pro|es|s
|l ||e CJl accep|s Jus||ce Ja|r's proposa| |o |rarsler ||e ||ree judges ol ||e Karra|a|a l|g|
T|e 8ar Courc|| ol lrd|a or lr|day, W|||e express|rg ||s argu|s| a| ||e Karra|a|a |rc|der|, ca||ed
lor `lo||oW-up ac||or'.
`ur|ess prorp| ard appropr|a|e ac||or |s |a|er, || W||| erode ||e la||| ol puo||c |r ||e or|y
|rs|||u||or cors|dered |o oe ||e oas||or ol our l|g|||rg la||| |r derocracy,' || sa|d |r a s|a|erer|.
T|e 8Cl |as `|arer|ed' |rac||or |r |||s case oy `||e ||g|er jud|c|ary ard ||e goverrrer|'.

bead rore. l8 corl|rrs |ysore sex scarda| - T|e T|res ol lrd|a
sexscarda||ar||c|es|oW||xzz187l|vldu ,

bead lu|| de|a||s |r ||e a||ac|rer|
u0Z0l|00g ,
u0Z0l|00g ,

'anel names former India Supreme Court (udge )anguly in sex harassment allegation

3|oc|ed, s|a||ered oy a||ega||ors. lorrer 3uprere Cour| judge 0argu|y
NeW 0e|||. A ||ree-reroer pare| ||a| prooed ||e c|arge ol sexua| |arassrer| ol a yourg |aWyer oy a
3uprere Cour| judge |as suor|||ed ||s repor|, |der||ly|rg ||e judge as A K 0argu|y, cour| sources sa|d or
T|e repor| Was suor|||ed or T|ursday al|er ||e corr|||ee ol ||ree judges re| s|x ||res. T||s |s ||e l|rs|
||re ar a||eged perpe|ra|or |as oeer rared.
T|e repor|, suor|||ed |o C||el Jus||ce l 3a||as|var, a|so carr|es ||e s|a|erer|s ol ||e v|c||r, W|o |r|erred
|r ||e 3uprere Cour|, ard ||a| ol ||e roW-re||red Jus||ce 0argu|y, ||e sources sa|d.
T|e gradua|e ol Ko||a|a-oased Na||ora| ur|vers||y ol Jud|c|a| 3c|erces (NuJ3) |ad a||eged sexua|
|arassrer| oy 0argu|y W|||e |r|err|rg lor ||r |r 0eceroer 2012.
T|e corr|||ee, W||c| |e|d s|x s||||rgs or Noveroer 13, 19, 21, 2o, ard 27, suor|||ed ||s repor| |o C||el
Jus||ce 3a||as|var or Noveroer 28.
T|e v|c||r appeared oelore ||e corr|||ee or Noveroer 19 ard Was expec|ed |o appear aga|r or
Noveroer 21 ou| c|ose |o s|ay aWay.
3|e l|rs| rer||ored ||e |rc|der| |r a o|og lor Jourra| ol lrd|ar laW ard 3oc|e|y or Noveroer o ard |a|er
|o|d ||e sare |r ar |r|erv|eW W||| lega||y lrd|a Weos||e.
T|e v|c||r, W|o |s Wor||rg W||| Na|ura| Jus||ce. laWyers lor Corrur|||es ard Frv|rorrer|, sa|d s|e |eard
||a| ||ere Were ||ree o||er g|r|s oes|des |er W|o Were sexua||y |arassed oy ||e sare judge.
3|e a|so c|a|red |o |ave |roW|edge ol lour rore g|r|s W|o Were a||eged|y |arassed oy o||er judges |r
||e|r c|aroers.
0ery|rg ary sexua| |arassrer|, 0argu|y or lr|day sa|d |e Was `s|oc|ed ard s|a||ered' oy ||e c|arges
aga|rs| ||r.
`l ar dery|rg every|||rg. l |ave |o|d ||e corr|||ee ||a| a|| ||e a||ega||ors |eve||ed oy ||e |r|err are Wrorg.
l dor'| |roW |oW suc| a||ega||ors |ave oeer |eve||ed aga|rs| re,' |e sa|d.
`l ar a v|c||r ol s||ua||ors,' |e |o|d |e|ev|s|or c|arre|s.
`l ar ro| as|ared ol ary|||rg,' |e sa|d |r rep|y |o a ques||or regard|rg ||e a||eged ep|sode W||c| care
ou| |r puo||c al|er ||e v|c||r spo|e aoou| || |r ||e |ega| por|a| ear||er |||s ror||.
le sa|d ||e c|arges aga|rs| ||r Were |o|a||y Wrorg. T|e g|r| |ad ro| ra|sed ary sexua| |arassrer| |ssue
W||| ||r, |e sa|d, add|rg ||a| |e |ad ro| dore ary p|ys|ca| |arr |o |er.
T|e lorrer judge sa|d ||e |r|err Wor|ed W||| ||r ||oug| s|e Was ro| oll|c|a||y a||oca|ed |o ||r. 3|e care
|r ||e p|ace ol aro||er |r|err W|o |ad gore aoroad al|er rarr|age. `l rever pu| up a pos|er. 3|e care or
|er oWr.'
le sa|d ||e g|r| |ad core |o ||s |ouse or a ruroer ol occas|ors |r correc||or W||| Wor|.

*hen a Judge +imself Commits Crime , *hen a '-LIC. +imself ro/s , Murders 01

lr ||e rape case ol |s.N|ro|aya corr|||ed |as| year |r NeW 0e||| , a|| ||e accussed Were lror
|oWer r|dd|e c|ass oac|grourd. 3o , ||e W|o|e soc|e|y , red|a , po||ce ra|sed vo|ced aga|rs| ||er ard ||e
gu|||y Were r|g|||y prosecu|ed.
8u| |a|e ||e recer| case ol 3uprere Cour| Judges accussed ol sexua| ollerces |r. A . 3. 0AN0ul , |r.
3wATlANTFb Ku|Ab or 00l 3l3 ba||ore |rvo|ved |r buc|||a case or sore sore ||r|s|ers ,
|lAs , |ls, ||e red|a , soc|e|y , po||ce & lrosecu||rg judges are o|ased |oWards ||e accussed.
8ecause ||e accussed are r|c| & r|g||y , oe|org |o ru||rg e|||e c|ass.

Are not the la!s 2 it3s enforements fair , equita/le , (ust and same for one 2 all 4
5he pu/li servants 2 the government must /e role models in la! a/iding ats , for others to
emulate 2 follo!1 if a student ma6es a mista6e it is exusa/le 2 an /e orreted /y the teaher1 if
the teaher himself ma6es a mista6e , all his students !ill do the same mista6e1 if a thief steals , he
an /e aught , legally punished 2 reformed 1 if a polie himself ommits rime , many thieves go
sot7free under his patronage1 even if a polie , pu/li servant ommits a rime , he an /e legally
proseuted 2 (ustie an /e sought /y the aggrieved1

(ust thin6 , if a (udge himself that too apex ourt of the land itself ommits rime 7 violations of &5I
At , onstitutional rights 2 human rights of pu/li and o/struts the pu/li from performing their
onstitutional fundamental duties , !hat happens 4

it gives a /ooster dose to the rih 2 mighty , those in po!er , riminals in pu/li servie to ommit
more rimes1 that is exatly !hat is happening in india1 the eduated pu/li must raise to the
oasion 2 peaefully , demoratially must oppose this riminali8ation of (udiiary , pu/li
servie1 then alone , !e an /uild a &AM &AJ9A -: MA+A5MA )A#$+I;S $&.AM1

l |ave s|oWr |r ||e lo||oW|rg a||ac|rer| |oW jus||ce |s ooug|| , purc|ased , rar|pu|a|ed |r lN0lA
W||| ac|ua| cases. Jus| see ||e recer| exarp|es ol suprere cour| judges |rvo|ved |r sexua|
assau|| case & b003T besor| |ysore 3ex scarda| |rvo|v|rg judges , |l ary ord|rary le||oW |ad
corr|||ed ||e sare cr|res |e Wou|d |ave oeer |au|ed over ||e coa| l|re. Jus| |a|e aro||er recer|
exarp|e ol lr|sorer |ov|e ac|or sarjay du|| , TA0A prov|s|ors Were d||u|ed oy ||e judge |o lavour ||r
ard roW |e |s ge|||rg paro|e Wee| al|er Wee| W|||e ||e ord|rary corv|c|s rever ge| a s|rg|e paro|e
||roug|| ||e|r ser|erce. w|a| 8r||||ar| Judges , W|a| or||||ar| po||ce s|rj|.

'arties question parole for San(ay

A dotor !ho examined the ator3s !ife said she has /een diagnosed !ith a tumor in the liver and a
suspeted heart ailment1
0ppos|||or par||es |r |a|aras||ra |ave accused ||e 3|a|e goverrrer| ol prelerer||a| |rea|rer| |r grar||rg
a ore-ror|| paro|e |o 8o||yWood ac|or ard 1993 |uroa| o|as|s corv|c| 3arjay 0u||. T|e ac|or Was
grar|ed paro|e or lr|day or ||e grourds ||a| ||s W|le |aarya|a Was urWe|| ard reeded |o urdergo
T||s |s ||e secord ||re |r ||ree ror||s ||a| ||e ac|or W|o |s ||e oro||er ol Corgress |l lr|ya 0u||
|as oeer grar|ed |eave lror ||e eraWada ja||. |r. 0u|| |as oeer serv|rg ||e rera|r|rg per|od ol ||s |Wo-
year ser|erce ||ere s|rce |ay 2013. lr 0c|ooer, |e go| a ror||'s |eave or grourds ol ||| |ea|||. loWever,
||e sare ror||, ||e paro|e app||ca||or ol aro||er 1993 |uroa| o|as|s corv|c| Za|our|ssa Kaz| Was |urred
doWr. 3|e |ad as|ed lor |eave |o v|s|| |er a|||rg ro||er. 0r 3a|urday rorr|rg, a group ol ac||v|s|s lror ||e
bepuo||car lar|y ol lrd|a s|aged a pro|es| ou|s|de ||e ja||. `T||s |s a o|a|ar| r|suse ol poWer oy ||e
|a|aras||ra goverrrer|. l| |s c|ear ||a| 3arjay 0u|| |s ge|||rg prelerer||a| |rea|rer|,' sa|d |aroj 0a||Wad,
ar bll ac||v|s| ard 3arg|ars| 3ar||| vo|ur|eer.
lr |uroa|, 8Jl |eader 0op|ra|| |urde derarded ||e order oe reversed. `loW car 3arjay 0u|| oe g|ver
paro|e al|er suc| a s|or| gap? T|e paro|e s|ou|d oe carce||ed ard ||ere s|ou|d oe ac||or aga|rs| ||e
oll|cer W|o c|eared ||,' |e sa|d.
|r. |urde sa|d ||e au||or|||es reeded |o c|ec| |l |r. 0u||'s W|le Was geru|re|y urWe||. loWever,
|aarya|a 0u||'s doc|or Ajay C|aug|u|e lror ||e 0|ooa| losp||a| |o|d T|e l|rdu ||a| a |urour |ad oeer
de|ec|ed |r |er ||ver.


Corruption in Indian Judiciary :

TWo lorrer Judges accuse lorrer CJl 8a|a|r|s|rar ol l|x|rg ard corrup||or

corrup||or#.uq2Wq9brxe4 ,

<Corruption Is &ampant In 5he Lo!er Courts3
lorrer c||el jus||ce ol lrd|a or corrup||or |r jud|c|ary

Yet another case of judicial corruption was exposed last month when the Andhra Pradesh High Court
suspended additional special judge for CBI cases T. Pattabhi ama ao following allegations of corruption.
Charged on the basis of a complaint filed b! the CBI" the special judge had allegedl! ta#en a bribe of s $
crore to grant bail to former %arnata#a minister &ali 'anardhana edd! in the illegal mining case. The
(igilance wing of the high court found the allegation to hold merit. )ormer chief justice of India =1#1
"hare told Chandrani %aner(eethat such incidents are now rampant. *xcerpts+
Are /ri/es for /ail endemi no!4
T|ere |s ro douo| aoou| ||. l| |s rarpar|. Corrup||or |r ||e |oWer cour|s |s ro secre|. 3ore||res, |r ||e ||g|
cour| as We||, cases ol corrup||or |ave surlaced, ou| |r ry exper|erce W|||e l Was |r ||e 3uprere Cour|, l
|ave ro| W||ressed ary|||rg s|r||ar.
In the lo!er ourts, it3s alleged that everything omes for a prie1 &ates are fixed for qui6 divore,
/ail and other favoura/le verdits1
Cases |r ||e red|a g|are, cors|ar||y scru||r|sed, are d|llerer|. 0||erW|se || |s very d|ll|cu|| lor ||e corror
rar. T|ere are |uge ||re gaps oe|Weer |ear|rgs. ears are sper| |o ge| ar order lror ||e |oWer cour|s.
3o, || |s d|ll|cu||.
Su/ordinate ourts funtion under the supervision of high ourts1
Should the higher ourts /e aounta/le4
T|e respec||ve ||g| cour|s |ave so ruc| ol Wor| ||a| ror||or|rg d|s|r|c| cour|s |s jus| par| ol ||e rou||re.
l|g| cour|s |ave |rspec||rg judges W|o are respors|o|e lor ror||or|rg d|s|r|c| cour|s. T|ey go W||| a |o| ol
oard oaaja ard |ave |urc| W|||e or |rspec||or. lrspec||rg judges are preser|ed W||| a rosy p|c|ure ard
||er ||ey l||e a repor|. NoW, ||e grea|er proo|er |s ||a| ||ey are overourdered W||| Wor|. Cases are |r
add|||or |o adr|r|s|ra||ve Wor|, oes|des o||er rarda|ory oll|c|a| Wor|. As a resu||, ||e |rspec||rg judges ol
||e ||g| cour|s |ave ro ||re |o lo||oW up. we reed ded|ca|ed s|all |o ror||or ||e d|s|r|c| cour|s.
*hat 6ind of monitoring is needed4
A |ear ol ||ree serv|rg judges s|ou|d oe lorred. T|ese judges s|ou|d ded|ca|ed|y ror||or ||e d|s|r|c|
judges. T|e|r judgerer|s s|ou|d oe ara|ysed ard ques||ored. T|e|r a||erdarce ard Wor| s|ou|d oe
scru||r|sed. 3oreore s|ou|d ques||or ||er aoou| ||e|r perlorrarce. l lee| do|rg ||a| W||| pu| |r sore

>Judges are only
human, li6e us1
5hey ome from
the same soiety1
-ur soiety is all
a/out qui6
suesses1 Short
uts are ta6en1
.ven /y the

9ou mean to say !or6 overload and pendeny of ases have themselves /eome a fator in
es, |o a |arge ex|er|. T|e ||g| cour| judges are overourdered ard ||ey |ave ro ||re. T|ey a|Ways |rlorr
||e d|s|r|c| cour| au||or|||es oelore ||e v|s||s. l| causes a s||ua||or W|ere ||e rea| proo|er rever cores |o
||e surlace. A ded|ca|ed corr|||ee ol judges W||| |e|p, ou| We are s|or| ol peop|e. To ry |roW|edge, We
|ave 13.2 judges lor 10 |a|| peop|e. ll requ|red |o, We use excess s|rerg|| |r a par||cu|ar s||ua||or, ou|
||ere |s ro perrarer| arrargerer|. we Wor| or ar ad-|oc oas|s ard so ||ere are proo|ers.
*ould a fe! suspensions ontrol orruption in the lo!er ourts4
T|ey W||| cer|a|r|y corvey a ressage. w|er l Was serv|rg, l d|d |a|e cer|a|r reasures W||c| ser| ||e
ressage across ||e cour|ry ||a| ary c|arge ol corrup||or W||| oe prooed. las| ac||ors ard dec|s|ors or
c|arges |eve||ed aga|rs| judges a|Ways Wor| as de|errer|.
*hat is the role of the inspeting (udges in ontrolling orruption4
T|ey s|ou|d corduc| sudder c|ec|s, a|Ways urarrourced, ard a|so lo||oW up or ary corp|a|r| reg|s|ered
|r ||e d|s|r|c| cour|s. loWever, |o ac|ua||se |||s, We |ave |o |ave a sull|c|er| ruroer ol good judges. T|e
ror||or|rg W||| ||er oe ellec||ve ard resu||-or|er|ed.
*hat is the mehanism to 6eep the lo!er ourts free from orruption4
A ded|ca|ed corr|||ee ol judges ||a| W||| or|y ror||or |oWer cour|s. lurc|ua|||y, |r|egr||y ard cour| orders
every|||rg s|ou|d oe urder ||e |ers. 3uc| accour|ao||||y W||| ersure ||e r|g|| ||rd ol order |s de||vered |r
every pe||||or.
Is onsumerism responsi/le for fostering orruption in lo!er ourts4
Judges are or|y peop|e, |||e us. T|ey core lror ||e sare soc|e|y. 3oc|e|y |s a|| aoou| |a||rg s|or| cu|s.
3oc|e|y |s aoou| qu|c| successes. 3o, s|or| cu|s are |a|er ard ||e judges are ro d|llerer|.

Supreme Court !ants orrupt (udges thro!n out
bead rore a|. |||p.|||rd|a|oday.|r|oday.|r|s|ory|corrup||or-|r-jud|c|ary--sc-War|s-corrup|-judges-||roWr-

lr a s|rorg ressage aga|rs| corrup||or |r ||e suoord|ra|e jud|c|ary, ||e 3uprere Cour| or Tuesday
ooserved |rcorr|g|o|e judges W|o Were or|rg|rg ||e er||re jud|c|ary |o d|srepu|e s|ou|d oe ||roWr ou|.
A |arge sec||or ol suoord|ra|e judges |s or|rg|rg d|srepu|e |o ||e er||re jud|c|ary. we |ave |o |ear ol
judges |a||rg rorey ard car do ro|||rg ou| |arg our |eads |r s|are, a oerc| corpr|s|rg Jus||ces
|ar|ardey Ka|ju ard 0yar 3ud|a ||sra sa|d.
lrcorr|g|o|e judges s|ou|d oe ||roWr ou|, ||e oerc| sa|d, W|||e dea||rg W||| a cor|erp| pe||||or aga|rs| ar
add|||ora| d|s|r|c| judge (A0J).
A0J Arc|ara 3|r|a, W|o repea|ed|y p|eaded lor rercy, |ad s|ayed ||e opera||or ol a 3uprere Cour| order
or ||e ev|c||or ol a |erar| lror a pr|re proper|y |r Corraug|| l|ace.
T|e ( A0J's) order |s quas|ed as ra|a l|de ard vo|d, ||e oerc| sa|d, W|||e d|rec||rg ||e 0e||| l|g| Cour|
|o see| ar exp|ara||or lror |er.
T|e oerc| d|rec|ed ||e c||el jus||ce ol ||e lC |o corduc| ar |rqu|ry |r|o ||e ra||er ard |a|e suc| ac||or as
|e deered l||.
w||| 3|r|a's course| Jayar| 8|us|ar c|a|r|rg |er ac||or Was ro| ra|a l|de, Jus||ce Ka|ju, W|o |r|||a||y
p|arred |o susperd |er W||| |rred|a|e ellec|, as|ed. 3|e sa| over ||e |ead ol ||e 3uprere Cour|. ou
War| us ro| |o susperd |er? 3|e |ad ro ous|ress |o |ear ||e ra||er. lrs|ead s|e superseded ard
overru|ed us, |e sa|d.
8|us|ar, ||ereal|er, |r|ed |o |a|e ||e cour| ||roug| sore docurer|s |o s|oW |er ac||or Was ro| |o|a||y
urjus||l|ed, ou| ||e cour| Was ro| |rc||red |o cors|der suc| p|eas.
0rce s|e care |o |roW ol ||e 3uprere Cour| order, a|| |||s Was |rre|evar| ard s|e s|ou|d ro| |ave
|ouc|ed ||e ra||er, Jus||ce Ka|ju sa|d.
we |ave |o |ear ol judges |a||rg rorey. A ressage |as |o go. we W||| ro| |o|era|e |||s, ||e oerc| sa|d.
A| ore po|r|, ||e oerc| re||oWed doWr W|er 3|r|a p|eaded lor rercy W||| lo|ded |ards. larare pas o||
d|| |a| (We a|so |ear|s |oo), Jus||ce Ka|ju sa|d.
w||| ||e oerc| dec|d|rg |o |e| |er oll W||| a Wr|||er apo|ogy, ||e course| lor ||e |ard|ord, 0us|yar| 0ave,
opposed ary |er|ercy lor ||e judge. le| |er g|ve ar exp|ara||or |o ||e ||g| cour| c||el jus||ce. l oe||eve
||ere |s a ||s|ory oe||rd |||s. T|e jud|c|ary ge|s a oad |rage oecause ol judges |||e ||ese, 0ave sa|d.
0ppos|rg |er|ercy, |e sa|d. ll || Was cor|erp| oy soreore lror ||e execu||ve, |e Wou|d |ave oeer ser|
|o ja|| lor |||s. T|e oerc|, ||ereal|er, |oo| a |oug| s|ard ard relerred ||e ra||er |o ||e lC c||el jus||ce
al|er |o|d|rg |r c|ear |errs ||a| |er ac||or Was |a|r|ed W||| ra|a l|de |r|er||ors.
bead rore a|. |||p.|||rd|a|oday.|r|oday.|r|s|ory|corrup||or-|r-jud|c|ary--sc-War|s-corrup|-judges-||roWr-

India: Contempti/le (ustie

T|e spa|e ol scars |rvo|v|rg sore reroers ol ||e lrd|ar ||g|er jud|c|ary |r corrup||or, or|oery, sex,
repo||sr ard aouse ol poWer |as aga|r draWr a||er||or |o ||e |org overdue reed lor relorr ol ||e jud|c|a|
sys|er. T|e |rage ol ||e jud|c|ary ard ||s cred|o||||y are per|aps a| ar a||-||re |oW. T|e proo|er ol
corrup||or cores or |op ol ||e proo|er ol jud|c|a| |rer||a ard ||e pro||o|||ve|y expers|ve ra|ure ol ||e
process ol secur|rg jus||ce. T||s |as ellec||ve|y ersured ||a| ||e jud|c|a| sys|er carro| de||ver jus||ce |o ||e
ord|rary c|||zer. A|| |||s su||s ||e ru||rg es|ao||s|rer| jus| l|re, s|rce ||ose W|o |ave ||e poWer ol lorce or
rorey do ro| reed ||e cour|s |o ge| jus||ce. l| |s ||e poor ard ||e oppressed, ||e corror peop|e W|o
reed a proper|y Wor||rg sys|er lor ||e adr|r|s|ra||or ol jus||ce. T||s |s a|so W|y ||ose W|o |ave ||e poWer
|o relorr ||e sys|er |ave la||ed |o do so desp||e |roW|rg ||e proo|ers ard ||e so|u||ors. l| |as oecore
c|ear ||a| jud|c|a| relorrs W||| or|y core W|er ||e gerera| puo||c, W|o are ||e corsurers ol jus||ce, pu|
|oge||er a s|rorg ard poWerlu| roverer| or |||s |ssue.
T|ere are eroug| |rd|ca||ors ||a| corrup||or |r ||e ||g|er jud|c|ary |as reac|ed uraccep|ao|e |eve|s. lor
|rs|arce, |r |arc| |||s year, Jus||ce 3|ar|| |u||erjee ol ||e 0e||| l|g| Cour| |ad |o |erder ||s
res|gra||or, lo||oW|rg W||c| |e Was arres|ed oy ||e Cer|ra| 8ureau ol lrves||ga||or urder sec||ors ol ||e
Ar||-corrup||or Ac|, 1988 ard sec||ors ol ||e Cr|r|ra| lrocedure Code lor cr|r|ra| corsp|racy. barpar|
corrup||or, W||c| |as s|ead||y urderr|red ||e cred|o||||y ol ard popu|ar la||| |r ||e jud|c|a| rec|ar|sr, Was
c|ear|y |o oe expec|ed |r a s||ua||or W|ere ||e ||g|er jud|c|ary erjoys erorrous poWers W|||ou|
loWer sars accour|ao||||y |rev||ao|y oreeds corrup||or ard aouse. Cors|der ||e s||ua||or. 0rce appo|r|ed,
a judge ol a ||g| cour| (||e ||g|es| jud|c|a| rec|ar|sr |r ||e s|a|es) or ||e 3uprere Cour|, carro| oe
|ouc|ed excep| oy a corp||ca|ed procedure ol |rpeac|rer|. As per ||e cors|||u||ora| prov|s|ors, a judge
ol a ||g| cour| or ||e 3uprere Cour| car or|y oe reroved oy |rpeac|rer| al|er 100 reroers ol ||e lo|
3ao|a (||e |oWer |ouse) or 50 reroers ol ||e bajya 3ao|a (||e upper |ouse) rove ||e spea|er, W|o
ray reler ||e c|arges |o a corr|||ee ol judges W|ose verd|c| |s pu| up oelore oo|| ||e |ouses ol
lar||arer|. T|e judge car or|y oe reroved |l a |Wo |||rd-rajor||y ol reroers preser| ard vo||rg approve
||e verd|c| ol ||e corr|||ee.
Today |rpeac|rer| rera|rs ||e or|y op||or s|rce ||e jud|c|a| sys|er |as |rsu|a|ed ||se|l lror cr|r|ra|
|rves||ga||or ||roug| a 3uprere Cour| ru||rg. T||s |appered |r 1991 |r a case ar|s|rg lror ||e d|scovery
ol |uge quar||||es ol rorey |r ||e res|derce ol Jus||ce K veerasWary, ||er C||el Jus||ce ol ||e |adras
l|g| Cour|. w|er ||e Cer|ra| 8ureau ol lrves||ga||or prosecu|ed lor corrup||or, ||e 3uprere Cour| ru|ed
||a| ro l|rs| lrlorra||or bepor| car oe reg|s|ered aga|rs| a judge, ror a cr|r|ra| |rves||ga||or oe |r||a|ed,
W|||ou| pr|or corser| ol ||e C||el Jus||ce ol ||e 3uprere Cour|. T||s ellec||ve|y exc|uded ||e ||g|er
jud|c|ary lror ||e ord|rary |aWs ol ||e |ard, s|rce ||ere |s ro poss|o|e c|rcurs|arce urder W||c| ar
|rves||ga||rg agercy car approac| ||e C||el Jus||ce lor corser| |o |rves||ga|e a judge W|||ou| ary corcre|e
ev|derce aga|rs| ||r. T||s |s ||e reasor W|y ro judge |as ever oeer suojec|ed |o a cr|r|ra| |rves||ga||or
al|er ||e veerasWar| judgrer|. lr ||e rearW|||e, arred W||| |||s |ega| |rrur||y jud|c|a| corrup||or |as
cor||rued |o l|our|s|.
T||s |rrur||y |s douo|y re|rlorced oy ||e lac| ||a| ||e procedure lor |rpeac|rer| ol judges |s ro| or|y
curoersore, || |s a|so er|rer||y suscep||o|e |o po||||ca| |r|erlererce. T|e ex|s||rg sys|er ol |rpeac|rer|
Was lourd |o oe prac||ca||y urWor|ao|e |r ||e v barasWary case, W|ere ||e judge surv|ved |r oll|ce
desp||e oe|rg lourd gu|||y or severa| ser|ous c|arges ol corrup||or oy a s|a|u|ory corr|||ee ol ||ree le||oW
judges. T||s Was oecause reroers ol ||e Corgress, ||er |r poWer dur|rg ||e pr|re r|r|s|ers||p ol lv
Naras|r|a bao, aos|a|red lror vo||rg due |o a W||p |ssued oy ||e par|y |eaders||p W|er ||e |rpeac|rer|
ro||or Was pu| |o vo|e |r lar||arer| |r |ay 1993. lr ||a| par||cu|ar case, |oWever, || Was a| |eas| poss|o|e
|o |r|||a|e ||e process, oecause ||e c|arges aga|rs| ||e judge dea|| W||| |rregu|ar|||es |r purc|ases rade |r
||s oll|c|a| capac||y. T|ese purc|ases Were aud||ed oy ||e Accour|ar| 0erera| ard || Was |r ||a| process
||a| ||e ev|derce ol corrup||or care ou|. As a resu||, || Was poss|o|e |o lrare c|arges lor ||s |rpeac|rer|
ard |ave ||e re|evar| procedura| ro||ors s|gred oy 100 reroers ol lar||arer|. lr rorra| cases ol
jud|c|a| corrup||or |oWever, || |s d|ll|cu|| |o produce ev|derce ol ||e judge's corrup||or |r ||e aoserce ol
oll|c|a| |rves||ga||or. T|us, || |s ro| poss|o|e |o ever |r|||a|e ||e process ol |rpeac|rer|, |e| a|ore carry ore
||roug| |o ||e o|||er erd.
Judges3 sellout
Apar| lror erjoy|rg |rrur||y lror rerova| ard |rves||ga||or, ||e ||g|er jud|c|ary lur||er erjoys v|r|ua||y
ur||r||ed poWers ol pur|s||rg peop|e lor cor|erp| ol cour|. Ary persor ra||rg ary a||ega||or ol corrup||or
aga|rs| a s||||rg judge car oe c|arged ard pur|s|ed lor cor|erp|, ever |l |e |s |r a pos|||or |o suos|ar||a|e
||e c|arge. T|e cor|erp| proceed|rgs are so o|ased |r lavour ol ||e jud|c|a| sys|er ||a| ||e very judge
aga|rs| W|or ||e a||ega||or ol corrup||or |as oeer rade car prosecu|e ||e c|arge lor cor|erp|. T|e
judge car ever s|| |r judgrer| or ||s or |er oWr cause, ard car ac|ua||y reluse |o perr|| ||e a||eged
cor|error |o |ead ev|derce |o prove ||e c|arge. T||s |s suc| a vas| ard urc|ec|ed poWer ||a| || car eas||y
oe ard |as oeer r|sused oy ||e jud|c|ary.
T|e excess|ve poWer ||a| ||e jud|c|ary W|e|ds |r respec| ol cor|erp| |s |r rea|||y a Way ol s||e|d|rg ||se|l
lror |eg|||ra|e cr|||c|sr ever W|er suc| cr|||c|sr does ro| o||erW|se prejud|ce or oos|ruc| ||e
adr|r|s|ra||or ol jus||ce. T|e ex|s|erce ol |||s aro||rary poWer |s urdouo|ed|y ore ol ||e ra|r reasors W|y
puo||c exposure ol jud|c|a| corrup||or |as oeer leW ard lar oe|Weer ard ever rou||re cr|||c|sr ol ||e
jud|c|ary |s ru|ed.
8eyord ||e ra||er ol puo||c scru||ry, ||e lrd|ar jud|c|ary |as oeer s|ead||y |rcreas|rg ||s o||er poWers over
||e years, add|rg vas| ard aro||rary au||or||y os|ers|o|y lor erlorc|rg ||e lurdarer|a| r|g||s ol c|||zers.
loWever, ||ese poWers are usua||y exerc|sed |r ||e |r|eres|s ol ||e ru||rg es|ao||s|rer|. |ore ard rore
|rs|arces are oe|rg W||ressed W|ere, oy jud|c|a| l|a|, ||e cors|||u||ora| rarda|e |s l|ou|ed ard ever ||e
lurdarer|a| r|g||s ol ||oer|y, equa|||y ard r|g|| |o Wor| are rerdered ruga|ory W|er ord|rary c|||zers are
p|||ed aga|rs| ||e s|a|e ard poWerlu| sec||ors ol soc|e|y. T||s |s |oW, lor |rs|arce, |r ||e |r|eres| ol c|ear|rg
up 0e|||'s a|r oy reduc|rg ||e |eve|s ol po||u||or, ||e 3uprere Cour| ordered ||e c|osure ard re|oca||or ol
severa| sra|| |rdus|r|es |r ||e c||y, |ead|rg |o ||e |oss ol ||ve|||ood lor severa| ||ousard Wor|ers.
As || |s, ||e s|a|e |as a |org record ol erac||rg ar||-derocra||c ard dracor|ar |aWs. No| or|y |ave ||e
cour|s usua||y pu| ||e|r sea| ol approva| or ||ese |aWs, ou| ||ey |ave sarc||l|ed ac||or |a|er urder ||er,
suc| as ||e d|sr|ssa| ol erp|oyees er-rasse lror |rdus|r|a| joos. T|e jud|c|ary |as a|so recer||y oeer
p|ay|rg a |ead|rg ro|e |r up|o|d|rg ||e se||ou| ol puo||c er|erpr|ses oy d|s|rves|rer|s carr|ed ou| urder ||e
cover ol g|ooa||sa||or. la|e|y, || |as p|ayed a re|rograde ro|e |r curo|rg ||e r|g||s ol Wor|ers |o pro|es| ard
go or s|r||e, erdors|rg severa| ar||derocra||c reasures |o res|r|c| ||e|r r|g||s. |earW|||e, ||e pro||lera||or
ol puo||c |r|eres| ||||ga||ors |as ercouraged urres|ra|red jud|c|a| ac||v|sr. T|oug| jud|c|a| ac||v|sr ||roug|
puo||c |r|eres| ||||ga||ors car oe a |ea|||y c|ec| or ar execu||ve W||c| |as la||ed ard oecore corrup|, ||
car oecore a rerace |r ||e |ards ol a corrup| ard uraccour|ao|e jud|c|ary.
T|e proo|ers W||| ||e ||g|er jud|c|ary, |oWever, oeg|r W||| ||e process ol appo|r|rer| ||se|l. u||e apar|
lror ||e lac| ||a| ||e re||od ol se|ec||or ol judges ||se|l |s delec||ve, ||e er||re process |s |ep| urder a
c|oa| ol secrecy. T|us, oelore ar appo|r|rer| |s ac|ua||y rade, ||e gerera| puo||c does ro| |ave ary |dea
aoou| W|o are oe|rg cors|dered lor ||e pos|. |ary persors W|ose |r|egr||y Was |roWr |o oe suspec| ard
||ose W|o |ad oeer lourd gu|||y ol proless|ora| r|scorduc| dur|rg ||e|r |ega| career |ave core |o oe
appo|r|ed |o ||g| oll|ce ||roug| |||s secre||ve sys|er. T|e se|ec||or process |as urdergore sore c|arge
over ||e years, ou| || |as ro| reduced ||e spa|e ol urdes|rao|e ard pos|||ve|y |arrlu| appo|r|rer|s. w|||e
ear||er ||e se|ec||or Was rade oy ||e goverrrer| ||se|l (al|er corsu||a||ors W||| ||e C||el Jus||ce), roW, oy
a process ol jud|c|a| |r|erpre|a||or, ||e poWer |as oeer |rarslerred |o a co||eg|ur ol ||ree |o l|ve judges ol
||e 3uprere Cour|. T||s |as raraged |o reduce ||e goverrrer|'s roropo|y over appo|r|rer|s, ou| ||e
sys|er |as ro| c|arge s|gr|l|car||y. T|e pa|rorage sys|er |as s|rp|y oecore rore lra|erra|, s|rce ser|or
judges ol ||e 3uprere Cour| roW W|e|d ||e poWer ol appo|r|rer| ol ||e|r jur|or co||eagues. T|e prool |s |r
||e resu||s, ard ||ere |as ro| oeer a ro||ceao|e d|llererce |r ||e qua|||y ol appo|r|rer|s.
#ational ommission
lr ar a||erp| |o |ac||e ||e proo|er re|a||rg |o appo|r|rer|s ard accour|ao||||y ol judges, ||e Corr|||ee or
Jud|c|a| Accour|ao||||y (C0JA), cors|s||rg ol reroers ol ||e |ega| proless|or, a|ros| a decade ago
lorWarded a de|a||ed proposa| lor a ||g|-poWered, lu||-||re ard |rdeperder| Na||ora| Jud|c|a| Corr|ss|or
(NJC). T||s corr|ss|or Wou|d ra|e appo|r|rer|s as a|so |ave d|sc|p||rary poWers over judges ol ||e
||g|er jud|c|ary. T|e corr|ss|or Wou|d a|so oe respors|o|e lor appo|r|rer|s |o var|ous corr|ss|ors ard
quas|-jud|c|a| ood|es. T|e NJC Wou|d corpr|se a ror|ree eac| ol ||e 3uprere Cour|, ||e c||el jus||ces ol
||e ||g| cour|s, ||e cer|ra| cao|re|, ||e oppos|||or |r lar||arer|, ard ||e oar. l| Wou|d a|so |ave ar
|rves||ga||ve rac||rery ol ||s oWr |o |rqu|re |r|o corp|a|r|s aga|rs| reroers ol ||e jud|c|ary. |eroers ol
||e NJC Wou|d |ave ||e sare s|a|us as ||a| ol 3uprere Cour| judges ard a guarar|eed |erure ol l|ve
years, al|er W||c| ||ey Wou|d oe |re||g|o|e lor ary o||er s|r||ar pos|.
T||s proposa| Wou|d |ave oroug|| |rarsparercy |r|o ||e sys|er ol appo|r|rer| ol judges. 8u| ever ||oug|
rear|y every po||||ca| par|y |rc|uded ||e proposa| |r ||s e|ec||or rar|les|o, ||e Na||ora| Jud|c|a| Corr|ss|or
|s ye| |o oecore rea|||y. T|e reasors are ro| lar |o see|. 8u| roW, al|er ||e spa|e ol ||g||y puo||c|sed
jud|c|a| scarda|s, par||cu|ar|y ||e 3|ar|| |u||erjee case, ||e goverrrer| |as core up W||| a proposa| |o
cors|||u|e a soreW|a| |rurca|ed NJC. T||s corr|ss|or |s |o oe a par|-||re oody ol ||ree ser|or s||||rg
judges ol ||e 3uprere Cour|, ||e |aW r|r|s|er ard a ror|ree ol ||e pr|re r|r|s|er. T||s NJC W||| ro| |ave
||e poWer ol rerova| ol judges ard ||e preser| |rprac||cao|e sys|er ol |rpeac|rer| W||| cor||rue. T|e
goverrrer|'s proposa| W||| rere|y |rs|||u||ora||se ||e sys|er ol s|ar|rg ||e spo||s ol appo|r|rer| oe|Weer
||e goverrrer| ard ||e ser|or reroers ol ||e jud|c|ary.
3|rce urder ||e c|rcurs|arces ||e jud|c|ary carro| oe expec|ed |o relorr ||se|l, ard s|rce ||e ra|r po||||ca|
par||es |ave rereged or ||e|r e|ec|ora| corr||rer| as expressed |r ||e|r rar|les|os, or|y a s|rorg puo||c
carpa|gr car prov|de ||e |rpe|us |o pu| |r p|ace ar |rdeperder| ard respors|o|e oody lor ||e
appo|r|rer| ard rerova| ol judges. lopu|ar pressure |s ||e or|y lorce ||a| car ge| ||e 1991 veerasary
judgrer| overru|ed, W|e||er |eg|s|a||ve|y or jud|c|a||y, |o ersure ||a| judges car oe |rves||ga|ed |||e ary
o||er c|ass ol c|||zers. C|v|c roo|||sa||or |s recessary |o lorce c|arge |r ||e cor|erp| |aW so as |o ersure
||a| c|||zers carro| oe prosecu|ed lor ra||rg a||ega||ors aga|rs| judges, ur|ess ||ey |ave dore so
rec||ess|y or |r oad la|||. T|e |aW rus| oe c|arged so ||a| judges carro| s|| |r judgerer| ol ||e|r oWr
cor|erp| cases. ll ||e jud|c|a| rec|ar|sr |as |o oe rescued lror ||s oWr |rl|rr|||es, c|||zers ard c|v||
soc|e|y |r lrd|a rus| pu| |oge||er a s|rorg roverer| |o lorce accour|ao||||y |r ||e jud|c|ary.

.ditorial : +ang &apist Judges to Lamp 'osts 7 J@$).S 2 S.A@AL C&IM.S

At the outset , !e express our !hole hearted respets to the honest fe! pu/li servants
in pu/li servie inluding (udiiary 2 'olie1 +o!ever, the orrupt in pu/li servie don3t deserve
respet as individuals as they are parasites in our legal system1 Still !e respet the
hairs they oupy /ut not the orrupt individuals1
All the follo!ing artiles B issues , past ases of sexual assaults on !omen /y (udges Chushed up 4D
, !hole artiles pu/lished in the !e/lin6s mentioned
/elo! forms part of this appeal1 5he term >J@$).? mentioned throught inludes all pu/li
servants disharging (udiial funtions right from talu6 magistrates , quasi7(udiial
offiers to Chief Justie of India1
Indian Legal B Judiial System is manipulated at various stages 2 is for sale1 It is a S+AM.1
5he persons !ho raise their voie see6ing (ustie are silened in many !ays1 5he
riminal nexus has already attempted to silene me in many !ays 1 If anything unto!ard
happens to me or to my family mem/ers , my dependents , +onoura/le Chief Justie of
India together !ith (urisditional polie offier !ill /e responsi/le for it1
+ere/y, !e do one again offer our onditional servies to the honoura/le supreme ourt
of India 2 other government authorities, in apprehending riminals inluding orrupt
(udges 2 polie1 +ere!ith , !e one again appeal to the honoura/le supreme ourt of
India , to onsider this as a 'IL Appeal in pu/li interest1
Consider the ases of sexual assault /y J@$).S , '-LIC. on !omen 1 5he J@$).S
have legal immunity !ith respet to their offiial duties, offiial ations /ut not their
individual ations amounting to C&IM.S1
5he pu/li servants 2 the government must /e role models in la! a/iding ats , for others
to emulate 2 follo!1 if a student ma6es a mista6e it is exusa/le 2 an /e orreted /y
the teaher1 if the teaher himself ma6es a mista6e , all his students !ill do the same
mista6e1 if a thief steals , he an /e aught , legally punished 2 reformed 1 if a polie
himself ommits rime , many thieves go sot7 free under his patronage1 even if a polie ,
pu/li servant ommits a rime , he an /e legally proseuted 2 (ustie an /e sought /y
the aggrieved1 (ust thin6 , if a (udge himself that too of apex ourt of the land itself
ommits rime 7 violations of &5I At , onstitutional rights 2 human rights of pu/li and
o/struts the pu/li from performing their onstitutional fundamental duties , !hat
happens 4 it gives a /ooster dose to the rih 2 mighty , those in po!er , riminals in
pu/li servie to ommitt more rimes1 that is exatly !hat is happenning in india1 the
eduated pu/li must raise to the oassion 2 peaefully , demoratially must oppose
this riminalisation of (udiiary , pu/li servie1 then alone , !e an /uild a &AM &AJ9A -:
MA+A5MA )A#$+I;S $&.AM1

+ere/y , !e request the honoura/le ourt to reopen all hushed up old ases of sexual assault
involving (udges and to punish the guilty (udges1

&ttp:''ite()oo)*e(co+'ite'oe"oice,or-utice'c&ie,.-utice.a!o"e.*a/ 0

Shinde proteted /usinessman lose to $a!ood, alleges former home seretary &" Singh

- lega| |ar|pu|a||or | |a|c| l|x|rg oy ur|or lore ||r|s|er

lorrer ur|or |ore secre|ary b.K. 3|rg| or |orday a||eged ||a| ur|or lore ||r|s|er 3us||||urar
3||rde |ad s||e|ded a |op ous|ressrar c|ose |o 0aWood lora||r.
le c|a|red 0e||| lo||ce Was s|opped oy 3||rde lror ques||or|rg a |uroa|-oased ous|ressrar, W|o |s
sa|d |o |ave sore ||rd ol ||r|s W||| 0aWood lora||r, |r correc||or W||| ||e oe|||rg |r lrd|ar lrer|er
league, a T-20 cr|c|e||rg |ourrarer|.
3|rg|, roW a 8Jl reroer, a|so sa|d ||a| ||ere Was ro assurarce g|ver oy ||e u3 or 0aWood lora||r. le
sa|d ||a| a ree||rg ol ||e u3 ard lore ||r|s|ry oll|c|a|s |oo| p|ace ou| ||ere Was ro assurarce oy ||e u3.
Far||er, 3||rde |ad sa|d ||a| jo|r| ellor|s W||| ||e u3 Were oe|rg rade |o rao lrd|a's ros| War|ed |error|s|
0aWood lora||r.
As per our |rlorra||or, 0aWood |s |r la||s|ar. w|er l Wer| |o Arer|ca |as| year |o d|scuss |r|ard secur||y,
l re| ||e A||orrey 0erera| W|o |oo|s al|er ||e l8l. l |a||ed |o ||r ard We dec|ded ||a| We W||| pass
W|a|ever |rlorra||or We |ave or 0aWood arorgs| eac| o||er. we dec|ded We W||| ra|e jo|r| ellor|s,
3||rde sa|d W|er as|ed aoou| ||e W|ereaoou|s ol 0aWood W|o |s War|ed |r a ruroer ol cases oy lrd|ar
agerc|es |rc|ud|rg ||e 1993 |uroa| o|as|s.
3|rg| a|so a||eged ||a| 3||rde |ad regu|ar|y |r|erlered |r 0e||| lo||ce's lurc||or|rg.
lr ||s |r|erv|eW |o Tv c|arre|s, 3|rg| used ||e s|ou|der ol lorrer 0e||| lo||ce Corr|ss|orer Neeraj
Kurar |o l|re a| 3||rde c|a|r|rg ||a| s||ps used |o reac| 0e||| lo||ce c||el qu||e ol|er as||rg aoou| pos||rg
sore peop|e as 3|a||or louse 0ll|cers.
T|ese Were ro| a leW pos||rgs ou| |r |arge ruroer ol po||ce s|a||ors, |e |o|d ||e c|arre|s.
l dor'| |roW W|e||er rorey used |o exc|arge |ards ou| 0e||| lo||ce Corr|ss|orer |o|d re ||a|
rurerous s||ps used |o core lror ||s res|derce... you dor'| ra|e |arge ruroer ol recorrerda||ors... ||e
pos||rgs as 3l0's |as a v|g||arce arg|e |o ||, |e sa|d.
3|rg| |ad ear||er c|a|red ||ere Were quarre|s oe|Weer ||r ard 3||rde.
w|er 3||rde Was as|ed |o respord |o repor|ed rerar|s oy 3|rg| |r ar |r|erv|eW, |e sa|d, 0re reeds |o
rur adr|r|s|ra||or very We|| ard |l aryoody la||s |o do ||s du|y, l ar oourd |o |a|e ac||or aga|rs| ||r |r ||e
capac||y as lore ||r|s|er.
3|rg|, dur|rg ||s red|a |r|erv|eW, |ad c|a|red ||a| |e |ad rary quarre|s W||| 3||rde over var|ous |ssues
ard a|so a||eged ||a| Corgress-|ed ulA goverrrer| Was c|ue|ess aoou| goverrarce ard ||a| ||s
r|r|s|ers Were s|eeped |r corrup||or.
lr W|a| Was seer as a sruo |o 3|rg|, Ar|| 0osWar| Was a|so rared as ||s successor Wee|s oelore ||e
erd ol ||e |rcuroer|'s superarrua||or.
3|rg| Was a|so cr|||c|sed lor ro| ra||rg ary a||erp| |o |rlorr ||e lar||y ol Alza| 0uru, ||e dea|| roW
corv|c| |r lar||arer| a||ac| case, W|o Was |arged or leoruary r|re |as| year.
bead rore a|. |||p.|||rd|a|oday.|r|oday.|r|s|ory|s||rde-pro|ec|ed-ous|ressrar-c|ose-|o-daWood-a||eges-

%a7i& )ssasination I Dnanswered +uestions
%a7i& >andhi assasination I lea&es many unanswered +uestions I Dnsol&ed puJJles.
For whom did %a7i& >andhi got assisinated @ Sudhangan raised &arious +uestions
which didnKt get answers till 3994. $ere are those +uestions that are unanswered"
:2 On 3: -,ay-:44: %a7i& gandhi started from 6elhi for election campaign and
reached (hennai through the route Orissa and )ndra #radesh. $ow did he
accepted that midnight meeting at Sriperambuthur which was not in the agenda of
'amil!adu (ongress committe. @
32 Is there any plan made somewhere to bring %a7i& >andhi to Sriperambathur
some how @
=2 'he Security official ,r O.#.Sagar was there with %a7i& >andhi when he
campaigned at 1hubaneshwar and Vishakapattinam. 1ut he didnt come to chennai
along with %a7i&. hy @
/2 1ulgarian tele&ision 7ournalists came along with %a7i& during his &isits to record
his campaigns. 'hey were with %a7i& in Orissa and )ndha #redesh but didnt come
for the neBt meeting. 'hey stayed in a luBary hotel at Vishakapatinam along with
their special flight pilot. In that case why did they came @
52 hen %a7i& was about to startF there was a problem in the flight. So he went
back to circuit house from the airport. )fter the problem in flight got fiBedF the
chief minister of )ndha #radesh ,r.Vi7aya1haskar %eddy informed %a7i& to get
back to airport and %a7i& went to airport. 6uring this time the two 1ulgerian
7ournalists took the security official Sagar along in their car and arri&ed at airport
late. So the security official could not go along with %a7i& gandhi. hy did such an
eBperienced security official was made not to tra&el with %a7i& @
.2 'he security official of %a7i& at chennai #.(.>upta was waiting at chennai
airport for %a7i&. #.(.>upts is suppose to get the gun from Sagar who was
eBpected along with %a7i&. Since Sagar has not come along with %a7i&F #.(.>upta
was made to go with %a7i& without gun. Is there any intenton behind this @
82 hen %a7i& started from ,eenambakkamF two ladies claiming as 7ournalists got
inside his car at %ama&aram. 6id their identities &erified @ hy did the special
in&estigation branch didnt en+uire on them @
<2 ho are the 1ulgarian 7ournalists @ here did they went @
42 ho are those two lady 7ournalists @ here did they went @
:92 'hose two lady 7ournalists inter&iewed %a7i& >andhi. 1ut 'amil!adu political
party peopleF 'ha. #andiyan and ,aragatham (handrasekar were telling they didnt
know what %a7i& spoke with the 7ournalists. hat are the hiding @
::2 Just one hour before his murderF %a7i& told it was (I) that killed the pakistan
president Lia-ul-$a+. hy shoud he tell that @ hat made him to tell that @ 6id he
know if there is some plan like that against him @
:32 July-:44: I 'he central home minister S.#.(hawan made a statement that
apart from ;''A there are other international organiJations and powerful eBternal
forces in&ol&ed in the background of %a7i&Ks murder. ho are they referred here @
:=2 hy didnKt the special in&estination branch en+uire on the abo&e home
ministerKs statement @
:/2 6uring the gulf war India helped fueling DS aircrafts. %a7i& gandhi seriously
condemmed this help which was done by primie minister ,r (handrasekar during
that time. hy didnt the special in&estigation branch en+uire on (I)Ks hands on
this murderF as DS was not happy with %a7i& for the abo&e reason @
:52 #alestinian !ational )uthority presidentF ,r. Casser )rafat informed to the
indian prime minister during the time ,r .(handrasekar that M%a7i& >andhiKs life is
under threatK. From where did )rafat got this information @ ho is threatening
%a7i& @ hy did special in&estigation branch didnt en+uire on this @
:.2 )rafat could ha&e got this information if the assasination was planned at
western Aurope or middle eastern countries. hy is this not probed @
:82 ,aragatham (handrasekar came to attend that meeting with %a7i& >andhi. $er
daughterF ;atha #riyakumar came with her husband and ad&ocate ,ahendran from
)rakonam. 1ut it was unknown from where did her son ;alith (handrasekar and
his wife Vinothini came from. 'hough it is known that Vinothini is daughter of
Jaya&arthane from Sri ;ankaF they didnKt en+uire on her. Infact they didnt
en+uire their family who was there at the meeting. why @
:<2 Si&arasanKs mother and VinothiniKs father are sinhalas from Sri ;anka who
were present at the incident. It is possible that they were sent by Sri ;ankan
president #remadasa as messangers. #remadasa is not happy with %a7i& on sending
the Indian peace keeping force -I#0F2 to Sri ;anka. hy was the in&estigation not
done in that angle @ - )lso we should note here a Sinhala Sri ;ankan army person
hit %a7i& >andhi with a gun during his &isit to Sri ;anka 2
:42 1oth ;''A and Sri ;anka hate %a7i& gandhi as he is the reaon for sending
Indian peace keeping force -I#0F2 to Sri ;anka. )d&ocate ,r (handrasekar
challenged special in&estigation branch thatF if they could pro&e Vinothini and her
family are innocent then those who did the crime will accept it on their own. 1ut
the special in&estination didnt accept his challence and not en+uired those who is
related on this. why @
392 0amini 6isanayakaF )thulath ,uthaliF ickramasinghe are prominant
politicians in Sri ;anka. hen all those people are murdered president #remadasa
was pointed. hy didKt the in&estigation didnt happen in this angle @
3:2 hy dont Si&arasanF 6hanu and Subha did this murder due to pressure from
eBternal forces. Just because they are 'amils from yarlpanamF did the
in&estigators linked them with ;''A and closed the case @
332 hat is the strong e&idence that links ;''A and its head #rabhakaran to
%a7i&Ks assasination case. @
3=2 hat is the proof that Sri&arasan spoke to #rabhakaran thro a radio. hy is
this not an assumption @
3/2 It is &ery much possible that politicians within the congress could ha&e
considered %a7i& >andhi is blocking their de&elopment within the party and could
ha&e hired some group to assasinate %a7i&. 'his moti&ation cannot be denied.
352 Various international business people specifically those selling weapons would
ha&e been in contact with %a7i& as a prime minister. 'hey could ha&e hired the
assasinators to do this murder. 6id in&estigators probed this @
3.2 hat if Sri ;anka did thisF thinking India might send the Indian peace keeping
force again to their country and didnt like a strong leader emerging from India @
382 (I) always had interest in erradicating leaders in all third world countries. 6id
the same kind of interest got applied on %a7i& @
3<2 %a7i& >andhi is the only leader who pre&ents the other prominant political
party in India 1J# to get into power. It is possible that the indian parties like 1J#
and %SS could ha&e used the M$indu fa&ourableK ;''A and Sri ;ankan tamils to do
this assasination.
342 hen other ma7or (ongress party members in 'amilnadu like VaJhapaadi and
,oopanar didnt take interest in getting %a7i& to this meetingF ,aragatham
(handrasekar tra&eled to 6elhi and forced %a7i& to come for this meeting at
Sriperambuthur. Is that without her knowledge she become one reason for %a7i&Ks
murder @
=9 2 ho is #ottu )maan @ Is there a person like that @ ;''A says there was a
senior person by name )maan who died war and the only person there is #ottu.
$ow did the special in&estigation branch stamped someone who is not ali&e as
second criminal in this case @
=:2 'here are many parallels between the murder of #admanabha and that of
%a7i& >andhi. #admanabhaKs murder was in&estigaed by 'amil!adu +ueue branch
police and %a7i& >andhiKs murder was in&estigated by special in&estigation branch.
1oth the in&estigators are telling the murder was planned at CarlpanamF Sri ;anka.
Si&araasan was identified as the prime criminal in both the #admanabhaKs case as
well as %a7i&K case. #rabhakaran was considered criminal in %a7i&Ks assasination
case bur was not in #admanabhaKs case. $ow come @ It shows adding
#rabhakaranKs name came out of political decision rather than that came out from
in&estigations. It is clearly an effort taken by special in&estigation branch to to
gi&e life to their case intentionally.
=32 ) famous Sri ;ankan tamil poet 0asi. )nandan met %a7i& at the airport. hat
message did he got from #rabhakaran to %a7i& gandhi @ If #rabhakaran seeked
%a7i&Ks help in the freedom struggle of 'amil Aelam through 0asi )nandanF why
would #rabhakaran murder %a7i& >andhi @
==2 #rabhakaran knows it is from India and 'amil!adu that he can get support and
sympathy. 6id #rabhakaran done such a foollish acti&ity by killing %a7i&F to loose
all the support of Indians and also get the organiJation banned @
=/2 ;atha 0annan stopped %a7i& and read a poetry for him. 'hat enabled 6hanuF a
suside bomber standing neBt to herF to burst the bomb. hy is her name is not
included in the criminals list @ 6hanu used only ;atha kannan to get inside. hen
$ari1abu who got killed in the blast got included in the criminalKs list why not
;atha 0annan @ hy is special in&estigation branch showing softness towards
congress members @
=52 1efore getting to Sri#ambuthurF %a7i& spoke at two roadside gatherings.
VaJhapaadi %amamurthyF the 'amil!adu congress leader was with him in those
two places. 1ut at Sri #erambuthur meeting he was standing &ery far from %a7i&.
hy so @
=.2 ,any innocent people and security personnels died along with %a7i& >andhi.
1ut nothing happened to any of the congress party members not e&en minor
in7ury. $ow @
=82 It was belie&ed that ;atha 0umar who brought Si&arasanF 6hanu and Subha to
Sri#erambuthur. She took them specifically to ladies section and told ;atha
0annan to take care of them. 1ut ;atha 0umarKs name is not in the criminalKs list.
hy @
=<2 $ow can we say #rabhakaran is in&ol&ed 7ust based on an old photograph of
Si&arasan with #rabhakaran @
=42 hy is it not possible that Si&arasanF 6hanu and Subha are eBpelled from ;''A
and they ha&e been hired by westernF AuropeanF ,iddle Aast or India as
professional assasinators.
/92 %anganathan confessed that it was based on re+uest by ,argret )l&a that he
ga&e his house at 1angalore for rent to Si&arasan. 6id they en+uired how far this is
true @
/:2 Is there any in&estigation done on in&ol&ement of (handra SwamiF
Subramanyam Swamy F (handrasekar and arms business person 0asoki in this
murder @
/32 hat kind of benifit ;''A get by murdering %a7i& >andhi @ 6id super powers
like DS helped them by arms through (I) @
/=2 hy do we need (1I & Special In&estigation branch which find few people they
prefer to get the reports @
Dnless all these confusions are clarifiedF the real culprit will be hiding behind
some powerful forces.
(ontinue reading at !" %a7i& )ssasination I Dnanswered +uestions N
!ow#ublic !ews (o&erage http"***world*ra7i&-assasination-
#eople at the helm are protecting %a7i& murder accusedK
Former (entral 1ureau of In&estigationKs former chief in&estigating officer 0
%agothaman has claimed in a recently published book P (onspiracy to kill %a7i&"
From (1I files I that a lot of facts pertaining to the former prime ministerKs
assassination were either suppressedF or were studiously ignored.
%agothamam writes that there were attempts made to protect the ;iberation
'igers of 'amil Aelam from being called the conspirators behind %a7i&Ks killing. In
this inter&iew with rediff.comKs Vicky !an7appaF %agothaman speaks about the
conspiracy and the hurdles that were faced in a probe in which many aspects were
hushed up.
$ow has your book been recei&ed@
'hat is too early to tell. It is 7ust outF but is under debate. ;et us wait and watch.
Cou write that 6ra&ida ,unetra 0aJhagam chief , 0arunanidhiKs Q Images R
scheduled public meeting in Sriperumbudur on ,ay 3:F :44:F the day %a7i& was
killedF was abruptly cancelled.
0arunanidhi was to address a meeting at .SO clock that e&eningF two hours before
%a7i&Ks meeting. 'he police had made all arrangements. 'hen there was a
telegram from the )nna )ri&alyam postal office 7urisdiction that the meeting was
I probed the sender of that telegram. I was told to ask 0arunanidhi about the
same. $owe&erF I could not in&estigate him directly. ;aterF I was told by my
superiors that the matter was being looked intoF and I should remain +uiet.
I was also told that it was a director general of policeF %angaswamyF who had
ad&ised that the meeting be cancelled. $owe&erF when I looked at the
%angaswamy affida&itF it read that he had ordered as much police force as possible
in &iew of this meeting.
I also attended the Jain commission in+uiry in which 0arunanidhi was eBamined.
$e had said then that it was the then go&ernorF 1hishma !arayan SinghF who had
told him to cancel the meeting. ;ook at the contradictions.
ho according to you was the one who ad&ised cancellation of the 0arunanidhi
#robably it was ,arumalarchi 6ra&ida ,unetra 0aJhagam leader Vaiko who
telephoned and sought cancellation of the meeting. 'he telephone records
needed to be eBaminedF but it was ne&er done.
hy do you think Vaiko tried to stop 0arunanidhi@
)fter %a7i&Ks assassinationF many 6,0 workers were attackedF their offices burnt.
If 0arunanidhi had gone thereF he would ha&e been in trouble and there would
ha&e been an onslaught. $enceF they were trying to protect him.
6oes this mean e&en 0arunanidhi was part of the plot@
!oF that is not what I meant. 0arunanidhi is not a killer. $e wanted a democratic
solution to the problem and this was ne&er liked by slain ;''A Q Images R chief
Cou accuse Vaiko of ha&ing a hand in this entire issue.
Vaiko was the one who spoke &ehemently against the Indo-Jaffna accord. Vaiko
said at that time he was first an ;''AF then a 'amilian and then an Indian. )t the
time of the accordF #rabhakaran was brought down to !ew 6elhi Q Images R and
was put up at the $otel )shoka.
Vaiko sought to meet himF but he was not allowed to do so. $e con&ersed with
#rabhakaran on the intercomF during which the latter told himF T)nnaF this %a7i&
has betrayed me. I feel like committing suicide as he is sealing my fate. 1ut I
cannot kill myself as I need to fight for my people.U
Vaiko wrote a book later in which he mentions that #rabakaran had thought of
committing suicide.
'ell us moreF sirH
hen Vaiko had gone to Sri ;anka Q Images RF we had secured a &ideotape titled
Inside a 'igerKs (a&e which has him on tape. 'here he spoke e&erything that was
anti-%a7i&. It appeared that he was more against %a7i& than #rabakaran himself.
'his was also a point noted during our in&estigation.
'hen there is also a meeting in which Vaiko says that %a7i& wonKt go back ali&e
from 'amil !adu. $eF howe&erF retracted that statement. 6uring the
in&estigationF we +uestioned one (hinna who is on death row.
$e said that in one of the hideoutsF Si&arasan -the prime accused in the
assassination2 held talks with one Srini&as )yya and said that after the successful
completion of the missionF they should ensure that Vaiko becomes the chief
minister of 'amil !adu.
hy was the e&idence not used then@
'his is a +uestion that I ha&e been asking. e had so much e&idenceF but
surprisingly Vaiko was roped in as prosecution witness number 359 in the 'errorist
and 6isrupti&e )cti&ities court.
6uring the trialF he denied speaking all of which was on &ideo with #rabhakaran.
'he &ideo was played out. $e claimed that it was him in the &ideo but the &oice
was not his. It was sent for eBamination and the &oice too was confirmedF but till
date there is no per7ury case against him.
Cou ha&e alleged that e&en the Intelligence 1ureau and the %esearch and )nalysis
ing tried to co&er up ;''AKs role@
)fter the assassinationF (handrashekharF the then prime ministerF con&ened a
meeting in which e&en Janata #arty president Subramanian Swamy -then minister
of commerce and industry2 was present. 'he then I1 chiefF ,0 !arayananF and
%) bossF >S 1a7paiF were also present.
Swamy said that it was ob&ious that the ;''A was responsible. 1a7pai retorted that
it was not the ;''A. 'he meeting was ad7ourned. ,eanwhileF the (1I director had
gone to (olombo for the in&estigation.
'hey were called back and rushed to 6elhi for the meeting. 6uring the meetingF it
was again asked why a trip was made to (olombo and did that mean it was
preconcei&ed that it was the ;''A which was behind the assassination.
1a7pai once again opposed this. $e e&en +uoted one 0ittu to be his source. 0ittuF
incidentallyF was #rabhakaranKs right hand man. )n ;''A man could ne&er ha&e
been a %) mole and e&en 6r Swamy had termed this as absurd.
hat are your allegations against !arayanan@
) &ideo taken at the meeting on that ill-fated day in which there were images of
6hanu was ne&er made a&ailable to the (1I. 'he assassination team was waiting
for nearly two hours in a sterile area. 'he original &ideo reached !arayanan.
'he go&ernment had decided to conduct an in&estigation in this regard and this
case was registered with the Special In&estigating 'eam and the (1I. $owe&erF it
was buried. ,y +uestion isF why no action has been taken for suppressing
It was being said that 6hanu had barged into the meetingF but this &ideo clearly
shows that they were waiting for a long time. e probed this case risking our own
li&es and it does upset me that people sitting at the helm of affairs are protecting
the accused.
6o you think the loopholes will be rectified now@
;et us see.


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