The Taxpayer fills-up the Unified Application Form and proceeds to the Business Permits & Licensing Office ( Business Bureau) for the necessary assessment and interview.


Filing of application form and submission of form with complete supporting documents


The Licensing Officer (LO) shall review the application form, conduct interview, verify the information provided by the applicant, assign a corresponding application number and release the form to the taxpayer. It is during this time that the business bureau will enumerate all the regulatory offices (ROs) which must first approve the application made prior to the issuance of the permit. Taxpayer proceeds to seeking the approval/clearance from the ROs as enumerated by the Business Bureau. In all applications, the approval and assessment of fess by the follwoing RO are necessary:  City Environment & Natural Resources Office (CENRO)  Office of the Building Official (CEO/OCBO)  City Health Office (CHO)  City Planning Dev't. Office ( CPDO)  City Treasurer's Office (CTO)
If applicable, approval from the City Tourism Office (CTOO), City Veterinarian's Office (CVO), and other national agencies or offices may also be sought prior to the issuance of the permit. After the necessary approval and assessment of ALL ROs are made, as evidenced by the signatures or issuances made by the authorized representatives of said ROs in the application form, the taxpayer must then return and submit the application form to the Business Bureau.

Licensing Officer Verification Asst. BB Chief EDP Asst.

Regulatory Offices


The LO receives and verifies the approval and assessment made by the ROs and all other supporting documents. The Chief of

After the approval of the Chief. the CTO shall issue the Official Receipt/s (ORs) corresponding to all payments made. Official Receipt Taxpayer 4 Proceed to Bureau of Fire Protection 5 Proceed to Business Bureau Office The BFP then assesses the corresponding fees. The CTO will then issue a Tax Order of Payment which is necessary prior to payment. fees and charges as provided for by law and the ROs. taxpayer must return to the Business Bureau for the issuance of the permit. issues the corresponding receipt and appropriate CERTIFICATION. END OF TRANSACTION Official Receipt Requirements . Thereafter. The Business Bureau Office then receives the application form. The application form is then returned to the taxpayer for the necessary payment to be made at the CTO. RPT Division BTLD Chief Cashier Print-out. The CTO Personnel evaluates and assesses the taxes. collects payment. the permit is then released to the taxpayer with the corresponding Business Plate and other necessary documents. The Taxpayer.3 Proceed to City Treasurer's Office the Business Bureau approves the application form and thereafter the application is then processed for the appropriate encoding in the system and scanning by Business Bureau personnel. ORs issued. with the OR'S and application form. If payment is made. Tax Order of Payment (TOP). must then proceed to the Bureau of Fire Protection for the necessary assessment and payment of fees. . other necessary issuances/documents and then prepares the Permit for the final approval of the Chief of the business bureau.