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January 2014 To Whom It May Concern: During my time at Sierra Nevada College, I had the opportunity to take a number

of classes from Donna Axton. Donna has a great passion for education, as well as her students, both of which come through in every class I took from her. From my multitude of experiences with Donna I highly support her application for full professor. Donna taught the more clinical based classes (i.e. clinical/counseling, abnormal, art therapy, et cetera), which have been invaluable to me since graduating last May. It is in great part due to Donnas classes, as well as her supervision and support of my senior project, I was able to obtain a position in the mental health field upon graduating. I currently work as a counselor for adults with mental illness in crisis. Although I had minimal experience when I started this position, I was able to demonstrate a basic understanding of an array of therapeutic techniques and adequate knowledge of clinical operations, thanks to many of the classes I took from Donna. My employer was also impressed with my senior project, which Donna not only supervised but helped me develop, based around obtaining mental health services for the college. Donna is a true asset to the school in not only the psychology department, but the music department as well. By working in the two departments, Donna understands and applies a cross disciplinary approach to the liberal arts in someway to all of her classes. Donna is a wonderful educator who shows compassion and understanding to her students, and a strong passion for the material she covers. Donna works hard to ensure her students are receiving a solid education that will assist them in the future. Sincerely, Anza Jarschke Sierra Nevada College Class of 2013 Valedictorian

20 January 2014 Sierra Nevada College c/o Donna Axton Music and Humanities Department 999 Tahoe Blvd. Incline Village, NV 89451 RE: LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FOR DONNA AXTON To Whom It May Concern: Please accept my recommendation of Donna Axton for the position she seeks at Sierra Nevada College. As an alumnus (Bachelor of Music, 1999) of SNC, allow me to share how Donna affected and affects my life in both professional as well as personal pursuits. Her care and dedication know no bounds. My successes come in large part because of Donna Axton. The world seems to run on metrics; perhaps now more than ever. Regardless of the artistry and creativity we foster (thankfully still a core principle of SNC), measureable results speak louder than words. Good fruit offers compelling reasons to act. Therefore, I shall not only adorn this letter with flowery words and references to the greatness and capabilities of Donna. First, allow me to offer an abbreviated list of concrete achievements in my life because of her influence and edification: Since graduation: Education: o Doctoral Candidate in musicology at the Royal College of Music, London o Master of Music, vocal performance o Bachelor of Music, voicemagna cum laude, valedictory nominee o First college graduate in family Business: o Successful career in finance, accounting, and tax o Voice teacher and business owner: ran private studio with 50+ students o Active performer of classical and contemporary music Humanitarian: work with orphaned children in Mozambique and Thailand as an educator and music & art therapist. Donna never doubts a person or groups ability to achieve great things. Through optimism, exposure, and keen discernment, she gently spurs us on. When insecurities strike and hope wanes, she delivers a kind word and redirects us back to truth. Grace, patience, room to explore and fail, challenge, honesty, tolerance; these are tools she regularly employs. Her methods are creative and tailored to the individual needs of the audience. The passion Donna has for a topic incites charismatic response from students and staff alike. Axton reference, 2
220-238 Goldhawk Road W12 9PL, London United Kingdom +44 784 544 5974

She embodies the idea of going good and doing well. Yes, we can and will succeed, and she encourages those in her care to do it in a manner that helps the world: to give more than we take, to help to others as we have been helped. Donna said to me, music is your language. I would like to thank her for teaching me to speak the language, and for never letting me forget my calling and responsibility: to teach it to others. In closing, please award Ms. Axton the position of professor. A more deserving, hard-working, and dedicated person you will not find. Should you have questions or comments, you may contact me via e-mail or telephone. With all best wishes, Tamara Thompson-Brock

220-238 Goldhawk Road W12 9PL, London United Kingdom +44 784 544 5974

Leah Katz Murray 333 Magnolia Street Half Moon Bay, California 94019 650-504-6465 January 26, 2014 Sierra Nevada College Faculty and Administration, It is my honor to recommend Donna Axton for a full professor position at Sierra Nevada College. I attended SNC from 2005-2008, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Psychology. During my three undergraduate years, I took numerous classes from Donna, including Human Development, Counseling and Clinical Psychology, History of Rock and Roll, and Music and Mythology. I also completed Abnormal Psychology and Clinical Methodologies as independent study courses with Donna. In addition, I sang in the SNC community choir every semester. It was not by coincidence or luck that I enrolled in Donnas courses. Every semester, I arranged my schedule so that I could sign up for as many as possible. I wanted to make the most out of my time at SNC, and Donna has an incredible ability to create challenging courses that are rich in content, while maintaining an ever-present element of warmth and humanness. She pours so much of herself into her teaching, provoking thought, and inspiring students to think beyond the classroom. I went on to earn my Masters in Elementary Teaching from SNC between 2009 and 2011. During the Masters program, Donna remained a mentor to me. When tasked with creating a panel for my thesis defense, she was an immediate choice, as she had played such a monumental role in the journey that lead to my achievement of both degrees. Today, I am living out my dream as a fourth grade teacher at Farallone View Elementary School in Montara, California. As an educator, I frequently pull from the knowledge and skills I gained from Donnas courses, especially Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling and Clinical Psychology, and Clinical Methodologies. I even keep my textbooks and notes from her courses on hand in my classroom. The skills I gained through Donnas teaching have been invaluable in my career, as I am frequently on the front line of cases involving behavioral issues, child development, bullying, family conflict, and child welfare. Donna introduced me to a variety of different psychological theories, philosophies, and methods, challenging me to think critically in order to apply them appropriately to a wide range of situations. On top of it all, Donna has taught me to approach all individuals and cases with warmth, genuineness and respect, three qualities that she unconditionally shows each and every one of her students. So much of who I am today as a teacher and person, has been significantly influenced by Donna. In my life, she has not only been a professor, but a mentor and role model. It is with the highest esteem that I recommend Donna Axton for a full professor position at Sierra Nevada College. Sincerely,

Leah Katz Murray Fourth Grade Teacher Farallone View Elementary School

February 8, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: I am honored to offer, without qualification, this letter of recommendation for Donna Axton. I have known Donna since 2002 when I first began my studies at Sierra Nevada College. Whenever I meet up with other SNC graduates the conversation regularly turns to Donna and the impact she has made on us. This is particularly impressive considering the diversity of fields these we all belong tofrom corporate finance to elementary education. Donnas gifts are not limited to one particular field, which makes her a fantastic liberal arts professor. Donna taught me an assortment of things at SNC, ranging from the modern implications of classical Greek literature, to the history and formation of contemporary psychology. I dont have to go into how incredible each of her courses are for the reader, as I am sure her 18 years at SNC speak for themselves. I do however wish to share how her scholarship has influenced me. After SNC I worked in the business sector for several years for Redbox. During that time, I used the skills and techniques Donna imparted to me through her psychology courses. Troublesome employees and clients became my specialty and the executive management noticed. I was branded a rising star and given multiple promotions. These skills were again called upon when I decided to leave the business world entirely and join the non-profit sector, serving as a counselor for both GLBTQ youth and abused women and children. Donnas depth of scholarship continued to serve me as I pursued my Masters degree in Myth Studies with a concentration in Depth Psychology. I was pleasantly surprised by how encompassing my understanding of psychology was compared to my classmates--students that had degrees in the field from Harvard and Yale. Donnas inclusive, respectful attitude towards the diverse field(s) of Psychology continues to inform and inspire me. I owe much to her; I am now a Ph.D. candidate and writing my dissertation. One more thing: Donna brings music to SNC. This is no small thing. Our understanding of the world deepens because of this. Donna took us to symphonies. She introduced us to Ray Charles! She gifted us the melancholic notes of Beethoven and the elegant crescendos of Wagner. We are more cultured because of Donna. These are the gifts that keep on giving; the gifts that we graduates talk about over 10 years later. Feel free to reach out to me with any specific questions you may have regarding Donna. SNC is lucky to have her. Most Sincerely, Daniel Gurska Mobile: 612-306-2833

4thMarch,2014 SierraNevadaCollege 999TahoeBoulevard InclineVillage,NV89451 Phone:(775)8311314


DearSir/Madam, ItiswithgreatpleasurethatI,GyemboGyeltshen,recommendtheappointmentof ProfessorDonnaAxtontothepostofafulltimeprofessoratSierraNevadaCollege,Departmentof HumanitiesandSocialSciences,andMusic. WhilepursuingmydegreeinEnvironmentalScienceandEcologyinSierraNevadaCollegein2011,Inot onlyobtainedgreateducationinthefieldofSciencebutalso,inthefieldofMusicaswell.Beingan enthusiastmusicstudentmyself,IcouldnthaveaskedforabettersupervisorthanProfessorAxton. AlongwithmanyotherInternationalstudents,Ienjoyedbothherteachingstyleandherpassionfor music.ThoughEnglishwasntourfirstlanguage,wereceivedutmostsupportfromProfessorAxtonin understandingandexcellinginourmusicskills. NothavingaformaleducationinMusicbeforejoiningSierraNevadaCollege,ProfessorAxtonshelpand supportenabledmetobetterunderstandsubjectslikeMusicTheoryandMusicAppreciation,and developmypassionformusic. Shetookmuchcareandensuredhelptoeachandeverystudentinunderstandingtheclassmaterial. Alongwithherclasses,ProfessorAxtonhasalwayskeptaverycloserelationshipwithhercurrentand formerstudents(noviceorprofessionals)byhavingthemtakepartinoneofmanyofhermusicalshows, bigorsmall.ItoohadthegreatpleasureofplayingalongwithProfessorAxtonandtheSierraNevada Choirin2009. IamverygratefulforallthesupportandguidancethatProfessorAxtonhadgivenme.Sheishighly worthyforthispromotiontothepostoffulltimeprofessorandIwishherallthesuccessandexpressmy fullsupport.ItshallnotonlyhelpallthenewstudentsbutalsoupholdthenameofSierraNevada Collegeinthefieldofmusic.



GyemboGyeltshen Phone:+97517962969

Gayle M Blazer
12555 Creek Crest Dr. Reno, NV 89511 775-742-7286

It is with great honor and pleasure to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Donna Axton. I was a student at Sierra Nevada College from 1995 - 1998. During that time most of my major course work was done with Donna. As a student of Donnas, I can tell you she instills the qualities of such greatness that students want to perform and do well. Even after graduating, when I began my own teaching career, she continued to mentor and inspire me, even to this day she continues to inspire me. What I most admire about Donna is her ability to stimulate students and add personality to the course material. Students feel the energy and optimism radiating from her teaching style. We all try to strive to achieve our best. In universities, the efforts of a professor can make all the difference in helping students. As a full professor, I can assure you that will continue to happen. I can't think of anyone more deserving than Donna Axton. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you. Sincerely, Gayle M Blazer 775-742-7286