ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION AND ASSESSMENT ______________________________________________________________________________ OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION JANUARY 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________

INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. This assignment contains SEVEN (7) questions that are set in the language of the printed module for the course, answer FIVE (5) onl . !. "nswer in E !"#$%& #. $ownload the language %ersion of the '$$#! () * *)(+"'*) concerned from the & V'E for preparation and su(mission of our assignment. )our assignment should (e t ped using 1! point Times New *oman font and 1.+ line spacing. ,. )our assignment should (e (etween 500 ,-./$ "- ! ()'0% )$$'1) )20"3/# ! references. The num(er of words should (e shown at the end of our assignment. +. )ou must su(mit our assignment TO YOUR FACE4TO4FACE TUTOR. )ou are ad%ised to -eep a cop of our su(mitted assignment for personal reference. .. )our assignment must (e su(mitted (etween 05*% / 06*% M'.0% 2014 -. T3*-.#'" 4& Su(mission '7*). 06*% M'.0% 2014 will NOT (e accepted. 7. )our assignment should (e prepared indi%iduall . )ou should not cop another person0s assignment. )ou should also not plagiarise another person0s wor- as our own.

MAR<S DEDUCTION W'. The su(mitted assignment will automaticall undergo a similarit chec-. A $. "ssignments with (-. 3f plagiarism is detected."'+ with others4 >). S0%)()& )ou would (e informed of the assignment mar."'+ with others4 208 deduction from the total mar-s scored.EVALUATION This assignment accounts for 508 of the mar-s for the course mentioned and shall (e assessed (ased on *%) R39. # !. :LAGIARISM. .? would (e gi%en.#0$ -. "ssignments with 31 4 508 -=)."'+ with others4 408 deduction from the total mar-s scored..) *%' 508 -=).('.(efore the 1inal Semester E2amination commences. mar-s would (e deducted as follows4 • • • "ssignments with 10 4 308 -=).).

The destruction of the world0s forests is ine%ita(le as our need for land and food grows.. 17 mar-s each. #.face contact for its main means of communication9 +. 3n our life e2perience.. answer FIVE questions 6N').ASSIGNMENT @UESTION 5ritten assessment (there are se%en questions in this assignment. 5h is communit ser%ice important in toda 0s world9 7. 1.?$B . Each essa must contain appro2imatel +77 words). (ut at the e2pense of personal contact as man people choose to wor. 50 ('. Technolog is ma-ing communication easier in toda 0s world. !. 5hat are some of the disad%antages of tourism9 AT-*'". $o ou agree9 . what is the (est ad%ice ou ha%e e%er recei%ed9 . $o ou agree or disagree9 :se specific reasons and e2amples to support our answer. to. 8hildren learn (est ( o(ser%ing the (eha%ior of adults and cop ing it. 5hat do schools need to do to prepare students for the !1st 8entur 9 $iscuss our opinions. 5hat dangers are there for a societ which depends on computer screens rather than face. Tourism is (ecoming increasingl important as a source of re%enue for man countries (ut its disad%antages should not (e home in front of a computer screen.

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