the winners were chosen )rom )i*e nominees in each category.##.laced in our a'ility to deli*er and . 'an s% !e not only ta e . I am delighted to share with you that HDFC Ban has won the Business !orld Best Ban Award "#$#% &he award was won in the large 'an category..ort and trust you ha*e . one that has a 'alance sheet si(e o) rs% $.ers. who were shortlisted )rom amongst -. Aditya +uri Managing Director% .Managing Director's Message Dear*ide the 'est o) ser*ices to ma e us what we are today% !ith 'est wishes.### crore and a'o*e% Sur*eyed 'y +rice !ater House Coo.ride in this achie*ement 'ut are truly grate)ul to the su.

you can choose to in*est in either o) the two in*estments o.years% Ma6imum age at maturity is 9.tion 31 &his o.or the highest NA2 recorded daily during the )irst .aying term is o) )i*e years and .any 0imited .rotection to your )amily when needed the most along with an in*estment o.lans.lan that . the return o) li)e.tion% Features3 0e*el o) +rotection 31 /ou can choose any sum assured*ides *alua'le )inancial .tion will ena'le you to in*est in any o) the )i*e non1 guaranteed )und:s.remiums% .remium .### and there is no limit on ma6imum . years )rom the launch o) the Highest NA2 4uarantee Fund% Free Asset Allocation 5.resents HDFC S0 Crest. so that when you rea.remium's% +remium's are to 'e .remium is -#.% +remium +aying and +olicy &erm31 &he .lan.remium% 7egular +remium's31 Minimum .Any uncertainty should not a))ect your .tion )or certainty o) highest NA2 along with a guarantee on returns.le 'etween $#6 annual .years% Highest NA2 4uarantee Fund 31 &his )und guarantees that the 4uaranteed NA2 a.lica'le at maturity o) your contract will 'e the higher o) 7s% $. 'e it li)e or o) mar ets% /ou want to secure ha...remium and "#6 annual .iness )or yoursel) and your lo*ed ones% HDFC Standard 0i)e Insurance Com.aid annually only.tions3 Highest NA2 4uarantee Fund or Free Asset Allocation 5. a*aila'le under this strategy 'y switching or redirecting your )uture . an insurance1cum1in*estment . they are on crests not on lows% In this .olicy temr is o) $# years% Age 0imit 31 the minimum age entry is $8 years and ma6imum entry is -.

lan can 'e ta en 'y )illing a short medical =uestionnaire.orate agent o) HDFC Standard 0i)e Insurance Com.tion% Bene)it o) minimum guaranteed NA2 o) $.tion selected% &his . or your total )und *alue to your )amily% +lease re)er to . HDFC Standard 0i)e Insurance Com.tions3 Highest NA2 4uarantee Fund or Free Asset Allocation 5.7s% At maturity% 5n*ides *alua'le . o) the Income &a6 .roduct 'rochure )or details% &his .roduct 'rochure )or details% &a6 'ene)its are o))ered under section >#C and $#:$#D. you will recei*e the )und *alue as .rotection to your )amily in case you are not around% In case o) your un)ortunate demise during the . $?9$% @ 5nly i) the highest NA2 4uarantee Fund is selected% DICSC0AIM<7 Insurance +lans are .ro*ided on 'ehal) o) HDFC Standard 0i)e Insurance Com.olicy term.any 0td% HDFC 'an is a cor. which may not re=uire you to go )or medicals% Kindly re)er to the .artial the in*estment o.lan .AD2AN&A4<S Choice o) two In*estment 5.ay the amount higher o) your sum assured :less .any 0imited will .any 0td% Insurance is the su'Aect matter o) the solicitation% &erms and condition a.

It makes you feel special at every step pampering you !ith services that others can only dream a"out.. HDFC Bank's Imperia Programme is the royal decree that enhances the exclusivity that you are accustomed to. Imperia goes "eyond the o"vious rises a"ove the expected so that the !hole !orld can see that even today the grandeur and magnificence of royalty is alive and !ell WE WELCOME YOU TO A WORLD LIKE NO OTHER….!! .

.toc! 61change of "ndia Limited) The an!As *merican Depositor% .>?DR Depositories (in respect of the #an!As *merican Depositor% .ed share capital of the an! is Rs) . shares of Times an!) ."C Co E.toc! 61change (CD.cheduled Commercial an! in -anuar% &''.6) under the s%m#ol AHD A and the an!As ?lo#al Depositor% Receipts (?DRs) are listed on Lu1em#ourg .) PROMOTER HDFC is "ndia’s premier housing finance compan% and en/o%s an impecca#le trac! record in "ndia as well as in international mar!ets) .: crore) The paid<up capital as on said date is Rs) (=($89$''$=&:>< ((=$(8$9'$'=& e3uit% shares of Rs) &:>< each)) The HDFC ?roup holds 98)(: @ of the an!As e3uit% and a#out &0)(0 @ of the e3uit% is held #% the *D.ector an!s) *s per the scheme of amalgamation approved #% the shareholders of #oth #an!s and the Reserve an! of "ndia$ shareholders of Times an! received & share of HDFC an! for ever% .hares (*D.e of the com#ined entit% would #e over Rs) &$=8$::: crore) The amalgamation added significant value to HDFC an! in terms of increased #ranch networ!$ geographic reach$ and customer #ase$ and a #igger pool of s!illed manpower) "n a milestone transaction in the "ndian #an!ing industr%$ Times an! Limited (another new private sector #an! promoted #% ennett$ Coleman F Co) > Times ?roup) was merged with HDFC an! Ltd)$ effective Fe#ruar% 9=$ 9:::) This was the first merger of two private #an!s in the Cew ?eneration 7rivate .) are listed on the Cew Dor! .)0.F9::9) AMALGAMATION OF TIMES BANK & CENTURION BANK OF PUNJAB WITH HDFC BANK 5n +a% 98$ 9::B$ the amalgamation of Centurion an! of 7un/a# with HDFC an! was formall% approved #% Reserve an! of "ndia to complete the statutor% and regulator% approval process) *s per the scheme of amalgamation$ shareholders of C o7 received & share of HDFC an! for ever% 9' shares of C o7) The merged entit% will have a strong deposit #ase of around Rs) &$99$::: crore and net advances of around Rs) B'$::: crore) The #alance sheet si.) and ?lo#al Depositor% Receipts (?DR) "ssues)) 9')80 @ of the e3uit% is held #% Foreign "nstitutional "nvestors (F""s) and the an! has ($:B$900 shareholders) The shares are listed on the om#a% .BACKGROUND The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive an ‘in principle’ approval from the Reserve an! of "ndia (R ") to set up a #an! in the private sector$ as part of R "’s li#eralisation of the "ndian an!ing "ndustr% in &''() The #an! was incorporated in *ugust &''( in the name of ‘HDFC an! Limited’$ with its registered office in +um#ai$ "ndia) HDFC an! commenced operations as a .toc! 61change under ".toc! 61change Limited and The Cational .hares (*D.ince its inception in &'00$ the Corporation has maintained a consistent and health% growth in its operations to remain the mar!et leader in mortgages) "ts outstanding loan portfolio covers well over a million dwelling units) HDFC has developed significant e1pertise in retail mortgage loans to different mar!et segments and also has a large corporate client #ase for its housing related credit facilities) 2ith its e1perience in the financial mar!ets$ strong mar!et reputation$ large shareholder #ase and uni3ue consumer franchise$ HDFC was ideall% positioned to promote a #an! in the "ndian environment) BUSINESS FOCUS HDFC an!’s mission is to #e a 2orld Class "ndian an!) The o#/ective is to #uild sound customer franchises across distinct #usinesses so as to #e the preferred provider of #an!ing services for target retail and wholesale customer segments$ and to achieve health% growth in profita#ilit%$ consistent with the #an!’s ris! appetite) The #an! is committed to maintain the highest level of ethical standards$ professional integrit%$ corporate governance and regulator% compliance) HDFC an!’s #usiness philosoph% is #ased on four core values4 5perational 61cellence$ Customer Focus$ 7roduct Leadership and 7eople) CAPITAL STRUCTURE *s on 8&st Decem#er$ 9:&: the authori.(:(&.

enior e1ecutives representing HDFC are also on the oard) . %ears) /oining HDFC an! in &''($ he was heading Citi#an!’s operations in +ala%sia) efore The an!’s oard of Directors comprises of eminent individuals with a wealth of e1perience in pu#lic polic%$ administration$ industr% and commercial #an!ing) . officer$ +r) Gasudev has had an illustrious career in the civil services and has held several !e% positions in "ndia and overseas$ including Finance .6 > .enior #an!ing professionals with su#stantial e1perience in "ndia and a#road$ head various #usinesses and functions and report to the +anaging Director) ?iven the professional e1pertise of the management team and the overall focus on recruiting and retaining the #est talent in the industr%$ the #an! #elieves that its people are a significant competitive strength) TECHNOLOGY HDFC an! operates in a highl% automated environment in terms of information technolog% and communication s%stems) *ll the #an!’s #ranches have online connectivit%$ which ena#les the #an! to offer speed% funds transfer facilities to its customers) +ulti<#ranch access is also provided to retail customers through the #ranch networ! and *utomated Teller +achines (*T+s)) The an! has made su#stantial efforts and investments in ac3uiring the #est technolog% availa#le internationall%$ to #uild the infrastructure for a world class #an!) "n terms of core #an!ing software$ the Corporate an!ing #usiness is supported #% Fle1cu#e$ while the Retail an!ing #usiness #% Finware$ #oth from i<fle1 .ecretar%$ ?overnment of "ndia$ 61ecutive Director$ 2orld an! and ?overnment nominee on the oards of man% companies in the financial sector) The an!’s +anaging Director$ +r) *dit%a 7uri$ has #een a professional #an!er for over 9.olutions Ltd) The s%stems are open$ scalea#le and we#<ena#led) The an! has prioritised its engagement in technolog% and the internet as one of its !e% goals and has alread% made significant progress in we#<ena#ling its core #usinesses) "n each of its #usinesses$ the an! has succeeded in leveraging its mar!et position$ e1pertise and technolog% to create a competitive advantage and #uild mar!et share) BUSINESS PROFILE .&9& *T+s across "ndia) HDFC an!’s *T+ networ! can #e accessed #% all domestic and international Gisa > +asterCard$ Gisa 6lectron > +aestro$ 7lus > Cirrus and *merican 61press Credit > Charge cardholders) MANAGEMENT +r) C)+) Gasudev has #een appointed as the Chairman of the an! with effect from =th -ul% 9:&: su#/ect to the approval of the shareholders) +r) Gasudev has #een a Director of the an! since 5cto#er 9::=) * retired "*.6 have a strong and active mem#er #ase) The an! also has a networ! of .DISTRIBUTION NETWORK HDFC an! is head3uartered in +um#ai) *s on Decem#er 8&$ 9:&:$ the an! has a networ! of &0B: #ranches in B88 cities across "ndia) *ll #ranches are lin!ed on an online real<time #asis) Customers in over B:: locations are also serviced through Telephone an!ing) The an!’s e1pansion plans ta!e into account the need to have a presence in all ma/or industrial and commercial centres$ where its corporate customers are located$ as well as the need to #uild a strong retail customer #ase for #oth deposits and loan products) eing a clearing > settlement #an! to various leading stoc! e1changes$ the an! has #ranches in centres where the C.

HDFC an! caters to a wide range of #an!ing services covering commercial and investment #an!ing on the wholesale side and transactional > #ranch #an!ing on the retail side) The #an! has three !e% #usiness segments4 a) Wholesale Ban !n" The an!’s target mar!et is primaril% large$ #lue<chip manufacturing companies in the "ndian corporate sector and to a lesser e1tent$ small F mid<si.ervices programs have #een designed !eeping in mind needs of customers who see! distinct financial solutions$ information and advice on various investment avenues) The an! also has a wide arra% of retail loan products including *uto Loans$ Loans against mar!eta#le securities$ 7ersonal Loans and Loans for Two<wheelers) "t is also a leading provider of Depositor% 7articipant (D7) services for retail customers$ providing customers the facilit% to hold their investments in electronic form) HDFC an! was the first #an! in "ndia to launch an "nternational De#it Card in association with G".) terminals for de#it > credit cards acceptance at merchant esta#lishments) The an! is well positioned as a leader in various net #ased 9C opportunities including a wide range of internet #an!ing services for Fi1ed Deposits$ Loans$ ill 7a%ments$ etc) .@ of its deposits in government securities) The Treasur% #usiness is responsi#le for managing the returns and mar!et ris! on this investment portfolio) c) Re&a!l Ban !n" The o#/ective of the Retail an! is to provide its target mar!et customers a full range of financial products and #an!ing services$ giving the customer a one<stop window for all his>her #an!ing re3uirements) The products are #ac!ed #% world<class service and delivered to customers through the growing #ranch networ!$ as well as through alternative deliver% channels li!e *T+s$ 7hone an!ing$ Cet an!ing and +o#ile an!ing) The HDFC an! 7referred program for high net worth individuals$ the HDFC an! 7lus and the "nvestment *dvisor% .ed corporates and agri<#ased #usinesses) For these customers$ the an! provides a wide range of commercial and transactional #an!ing services$ including wor!ing capital finance$ trade services$ transactional services$ cash management$ etc) The #an! is also a leading provider of structured solutions$ which com#ine cash management services with vendor and distri#utor finance for facilitating superior suppl% chain management for its corporate customers) ased on its superior product deliver% > service levels and strong customer orientation$ the an! has made significant inroads into the #an!ing consortia of a num#er of leading "ndian corporates including multinationals$ companies from the domestic #usiness houses and prime pu#lic sector companies) "t is recognised as a leading provider of cash management and transactional #an!ing solutions to corporate customers$ mutual funds$ stoc! e1change mem#ers and #an!s) #) T#eas$#% 2ithin this #usiness$ the #an! has three main product areas < Foreign 61change and Derivatives$ Local Currenc% +one% +ar!et F De#t .* 6lectron) and issues the +asterCard +aestro de#it card as well) The an! launched its credit card #usiness in late 9::&) % +arch 9:&:$ the #an! had a total card #ase (de#it and credit cards) of over &( million) The an! is also one of the leading pla%ers in the Hmerchant ac3uiringI #usiness with over ':$::: 7oint<of<sale (75.* (G".ecurities$ and 63uities) 2ith the li#eralisation of the financial mar!ets in "ndia$ corporates need more sophisticated ris! management information$ advice and product structures) These and fine pricing on various treasur% products are provided through the #an!’s Treasur% team) To compl% with statutor% reserve re3uirements$ the #an! is re3uired to hold 9.

+6 Financing ."L Ltd) C*R6 has assigned the rating of LC*R6 ***L for the su#ordinated Tier "" onds while Fitch Ratings "ndia 7vt) Ltd) has assigned the rating L*** (ind)L with the outloo! on the rating as Lsta#leL) C*R6 has also assigned LC*R6 *** JTriple *KL for the an!s 7erpetual #ond and Epper Tier "" #ond issues) CR".a#(s HDFC an! #egan operations in reali.ations and pu#lications$ #oth domestic and international (details are availa#le on http4>>www)hdfc#an!)com>a#outus>awards>default)htm)) So/e !/)o#&an& a.: Companies < .ervices of "ndia Limited (CR"."L has assigned the rating L*** > .th %ear in a row est 7rivate .ector an! in . with a simple mission4 to #e a -Wo#l(. *sia "T 61cellence *ward 9:&: Dun F radstreet an!ing *wards 9:&: est an! est an! (Large) est 7rivate an! in "ndia Fa# ."L)) The rating provides an independent assessment of an entit%As current performance and an e1pectation on its L#alanced value creation and corporate governance practicesL in future) The #an! was assigned a ACR".on0 5utloo! +one% 9:&: *wards usinessworld est an! *wards 9:&: The an!er and 72+ 9:&: ?lo#al 7rivate an!ing *wards For#es *sia CDTG usiness Leadership < *wards 9:&: The Banker Magazine +".+lass In(!an Ban -) 2e focus on product 3ualit% and service e1cellence would help us get there) sa% that we are well on our wa% towards that goal) 5ver the %ears$ the an! has received recognition and awards from several leading organi."L ?GC Level &A rating in -anuar% 9::0 which indicates that the #an!As capa#ilit% with respect to wealth creation for all its sta!eholders while adopting sound corporate governance practices is the highest) A.a#(s &ha& &he Ban .T 5TT5+<L"C6 ")T) Categor% < 5verall est an! < est 7rivate .ector an! < est 7rivate .RATINGS ' AWARDS C#e(!& Ra&!n" The an! has its deposit programs rated #% two rating agencies < Credit *nal%sis F Research Limited (C*R6) and Fitch Ratings "ndia 7rivate Limited) The an!As Fi1ed Deposit programme has #een rated AC*R6 *** (FD)A JTriple *K #% C*R6$ which represents instruments considered to #e Lof the #est 3ualit%$ carr%ing negligi#le investment ris!)L C*R6 has also rated the #an!As Certificate of Deposit (CD) programme L7R &ML which represents Lsuperior capacit% for repa%ment of short term promissor% o#ligationsL) Fitch Ratings "ndia 7vt) Ltd) (&::@ su#sidiar% of Fitch "nc)) has assigned the L*** (ind)L rating to the an!As deposit programme$ with the outloo! on the rating as Lsta#leL) This rating indicates Lhighest credit 3ualit%L where Lprotection factors are ver% highL) The an! also has its long term unsecured$ su#ordinated (Tier "") onds rated #% C*R6 and Fitch Ratings "ndia 7rivate Limited and its Tier " perpetual onds and Epper Tier "" onds rated #% C*R6 and CR".ector an! 2orldAs Top &::: an!s 6.ta#leL for the an!As 7erpetual De#t programme and Epper Tier "" ond issue) "n each of the cases referred to a#ove$ the ratings awarded were the highest assigned #% the rating agenc% for those instruments) Co#)o#a&e Go*e#nan+e Ra&!n"4 The #an! was one of the first four companies$ which su#/ected itself to a Corporate ?overnance and Galue Creation (?GC) rating #% the rating agenc%$ The Credit Rating "nformation .ed that onl% a single<minded Toda%$ we are proud to an( A++ola(es 4 &''.

ine 7oll usiness usiness Leader of the Dear *dit%a 7uri among *sian Captains of Finance 9:&: For more information log on www)hdfc#an!)com .a#(s 1o# o$# MD2 M#3 A(!&%a P$#!0 TeacherAs *chievement *wards 9:&: 6conomic Times *wards for Corporate 61cellence 9:&: "nstitutional "nvestor +aga.A.

A Private Banking Advisor is assigned to you as a one point contact" guiding you and attending to all your investment related needs such as (irect -. Investment Advisory Services • Wealth Advisory Services As a #ealth Advisory customer" your dedicated Imperia Client Relationship Manager ill provide you in$house research %acked personalised investment advice" in line ith your risk profile and investment o%&ectives.s &ust right for you. -n&oy the host of privileges" designed e!clusively for you.uiry" loan$related .ueries" %ill payment and lots more.uities" Portfolio management services and so on. They ill effectively take care of your financial needs hether it is e!pert investment advice" or having a demand draft issued. This service ill keep you a%reast of market movements" ne fund offerings" fund performance and much more. • !cl"sive privileges At '()C %ank e understand your preference for finer things in life. Private Banking Services * This programme takes you to the realm of customi+ed and comprehensive investments advice across diverse asset categories" helping you make the choice that. #ith '()C Bank #ealth Advisory *ervices" you ill find %anking a more pleasura%le and re arding e!perience. #hich is hy e ould like to engage you in more than &ust %anking ith us. / Terms 0 Conditions Apply. • !cl"sive Imperia PhoneBanking Service The Imperia Phone Banking service gives you the freedom to do almost anything over the phone $ %alance en.Personalized Attention • Imperia Client Relationship Manager / Private Banking Advisor Your prosperity and peace of mind are important to your Imperia Client Relationship Manager or Private Banking Advisor.uity advisory" (erivatives of e. • #$%C Bank Premi"m Credit Card As an Imperia customer" e are proud to offer you a lifetime free Premium Credit Card .

I12-*TM-1T 0 I1*3RA1C- .

*eamless -!ecution and 8.. 2ie s Informative articles on various investment products Proactive monthly updates on ne offers and investment concepts. you in*est wisely through our )inancial and in*estment ser*ices% +ro)it )rom our e6.!hen you 'an with us. The 8 step structured process of #ealth Advisory *ervices involves 9.ertise% This e!clusive service/ comes to you ith an array of unmatched %enefits" hich include4 *tructured Advisory Process considering your risk profile" investment o%&ectives and financial goals Recommendations from '()C Bank. Recommending Research Backed *olutions <. Regular Revie s To kno more a%out this service" please contact your Relationship Manager = Branch Manager" or visit our nearest %ranch . we ensure your money is not Aust in sa)e handsB it also wor s to your ad*antage% !e hel. Performance )und Managers. Identifying 7%&ectives :.s in$house research team Choice of convenient Mutual )und e!ecution platforms Comprehensive Portfolio Tracker/ that provides a consolidated vie of your Mutual )und Investments" '()C *tandard 5ife Policies" *avings" Current 0 )( Account Balances Complimentary su%scription/ to our e!clusive monthly maga+ine $ Investment Insight" that updates you on4 6 6 6 6 6 Market Movements 1e )und 7fferings Recommended )unds. -sta%lishing your Risk Profile .

The >old Bars are presented in tamper$proof certicard packs. 8g 9Ag 8Ag 'eart *haped .8g" 8g" @g" 9Ag" :Ag and 8Ag denominations.'()C Bank presents Mudra" an offering orth its eight in gold. Convenience Mudra >old Bars are currently availa%le in :.++p"re gold . >old continues to %e one asset that appreciates that you can purchase for investment or gifting. Mudra is a () Carat* ++. These :< ? >old Bars are made in * it+erland and come ith an Assay certification" signifying the highest level of purity as per international standards. '()C Bank no offers Pure >old %ars imported from * it+erland ith an Assay certification" signifying the highest level of purity as per international standards. Pure and Relia%le Mudra is great value for money.

Click here for the list of Branches.Price Mudra >old Bars are competitively priced %ased on the daily prices in the international %ullion market. Buy 1o Mudra gold %ars are availa%le at over 9BAA '()C Bank %ranches across CAA cities. The price is inclusive of customs duty and other charges involved in the retailing of gold %ars.p"re* the M"dra Silver Bar is per/ect /or investing and gifting alike. The *ilver Bars are presented in tamper$proof certicard packs. . () Carat and ++. Convenience Mudra *ilver Bars are currently availa%le in 8Ag denominations. Pure and Relia%le Mudra is great value for money. Price Mudra *ilver Bars are competitively priced" %ased on the daily prices in the international %ullion market.++. The price is inclusive of customs duty and other charges involved in the retailing of silver %ars. After the highly successful Mudra >old Bars" '()C Bank no presents Mudra *ilver Bars. These :< ? *ilver Bars are made in * it+erland and come ith an Assay certification" signifying the highest level of purity as per international standards.

@A '()C Bank %ranches across 89 cities. Click here to do nload the order form. 1o you can invest in IP7s ithout moving funds from your *avings Account. '()C Bank is no a *C*B D*elf Certified *yndicate BankE" empo ered %y *-BI" to accept A*BA forms for its e!isting customers to invest in all Book Built Pu%lic and Rights Issues. This has %een made possi%le through a ne system called A*BA DApplication *upported %y Blocked AmountE introduced %y *-BI here the funds in your *avings Account ill remain locked D hile earning interestE until the IP7 allotments are completed.Buy 1o Mudra silver %ars are availa%le at over .Click here for the list of %ranches.ues or preparing demand drafts *implified )orm )illing process 1o more aiting for your refund che. )eatures and Benefits -arn interest on the earmarked funds hile investing in IP7Fs 1o more riting che.ues= -cs credits .

Although e need to see ho many of the customerJs feel ease in ithdra ing such a huge amount from ATM. But this has also given the customerJs a chance in saving time and avoiding from standing in .K The same comes in effect . But itJs dou%tful ho many other %anks ith line up here.anks can set cash 'ithdra'al limit /or its c"stomers. If the preferred customers are allo ed such transactions I dou%t ho cash ill %e availa%le in the ATMJs for others. As per RBI . .f 9st of Lune :A9A.:8 lakh" up from Rs8A" AAA per dayI -asy *hop Regular International=Maestro=1R7 cards Rs:8" AAA and Rs<A" AAA" up from Rs98" AAA and :8"AAAI ?idJs Advantage card Rs:" 8AA" up from Rs9" 8AA and Rs9" AAAI #omenJs card Rs:8" AAA" up from Rs:A" AAA.e.ueue.ARE THE HDFC’S IMPERIA GOLD CARD CUSTOMERS IN ADVANTAGEOUS POSITION? #hile going through ne spapers and online ne s last day I got stuck ith the ne s stating G '()C Bank raises limit for ATM ithdra al G further stating $ HThe ATM ithdra al and shopping limits" respectively" for the Imperia >old card is no Rs9 lakh and Rs9.

#ith the raise in shopping limit also is an indication of danger. #hat if some%odyJs pocket gets picked upM The time the customer ill realise the same and gets his = her de%it card hot listed or %lock" the account of the customer ill definitely get de%it %y Rs 95akh.uestion in my mind.But there is also another . $o yo" s"pport the decision o/ #$%C raising the limit /or A0M 'ithdra'al1 .

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