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for Peace Action

January 2005
25 Years of Peacemaking y
40 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08542
(609) 924-5022 y fax: (609) 924-3052

Working for the global abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy, and a halt to weapons trafficking

Rally at State House Calling for January - February

Voter-verified Paper Trail Peace and Justice Events

Monday, January 10, 2005 y Wednesday January 5

12:00 Noon, State House, Trenton Tentative Date for the Senate
Judiciary Committee Hearing on
A rally is being organized for Monday, January 10 at noon on the State House steps in Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General
Trenton on the theme, Make Every Vote Count! This is the day before the January 11 Nominee – see Action Alert, p. 2.
scheduled second hearing in New Jersey Superior Court of the lawsuit filed by CFPA
y Monday January 10
and others demanding a voter-verified paper trail for all electronic voting machines. Rally at State House for
Carpooling to the rally will be at 11:15 AM from the Eckerd end of the Princeton Making Every Vote Count!
Shopping Center. Please plan to attend, and help spread the word! 12:00 Noon, State House steps,
Judge Linda Feinberg originally heard the case a week before Election Day, and while 11:15 AM, carpool meets at Eckerd end
not ordering emergency remediation, kept the case open. She asked for more examples of Princeton Shopping Center.
of failures or questionable outcomes on electronic voting machines. Please contact the
y Monday January 17
Coalition office right away if you had any negative voting experience with
Martin Luther King, Jr. Candlelight
electronic machine(s) as we will need to investigate and/or get your affidavit March and Interfaith Service
immediately. 6:30 PM, Candlelight March, Princeton
Baptist Church (Corner of John St. and
The Coalition’s most recent effort to ensure that every voter’s vote is counted was a
Paul Robeson Dr.) to Trinity Church.
December 13 press conference that included speakers Rep. Rush Holt, Assemblyman 7:00 PM Interfaith Service.
Reed Gusciora, the Rev. Reginald Jackson of the NJ Black Ministers Council, and
others. Coverage resulted in the Asbury Park Press, Trenton Times, Town Topics and y Thursday, January 20
WZBN Television. Counter-inaugural Tabling for
4:00 PM, Palmer Square, Princeton.
CFPA’s Students for Peace to sponsor
information table. Volunteers needed.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Call office for details.
Candlelight March y Thursday, January 20
Counter-inaugural Open House
& Interfaith Service 4:00 – 8:00 PM, attendance only by
Monday, January 17, 2005 RSVP to 609-430-0577. First 100
6:30 PM in front of First Baptist Church accepted.
7:00 PM, Trinity Church y Friday, January 28
Martin Luther King, Jr. accepting the Princeton Give Peace a Dance
Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 Unitarian Church of Princeton.
See details, p. 3.

The annual interfaith service to commemorate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., y Friday, February 19
sponsored by the Princeton Clergy Association, will be at 7:00 PM on Monday, Peace Fest
Organized by Students for Peace.
January 17 at Trinity Church, 33 Mercer Street in Princeton. The Rev. Carlton
Unitarian Church of Princeton.
Branscomb, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Princeton, will be the preacher, and Contact CFPA office for details.
faith leaders and groups from many traditions will participate in the liturgy and
For many years, this Service has been a major interfaith event that expresses our unity in response to God’s call for justice and peace.
A free will offering will be received which in recent years has been split between the United Negro College Fund and the Coalition.
The Service will be preceded at 6:30 PM by a Candlelight March, sponsored by the Coalition for Peace Action, from the Martin Luther
King monument in front of First Baptist Church, at the corner of Paul Robeson Place and John Street, to Trinity Church. All are
encouraged to participate in the Candlelight March and/or Interfaith Service.
URGENT: Reject The "Secretary Of Torture "
President Bush has nominated Alberto Gonzales to replace John Aschroft as Attorney General to the head of the
Department of Justice. We have just learned that this nomination will likely have initial hearings in the Senate
Judiciary Committee on January 5, so it is urgent that you take the action(s) listed below as rapidly as possible!

Gonzales has served as the White House Counsel, where he wrote a series of infamous memos that were used to justify
the administration's policies of detention and torture in the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft war on terror. The most telling
of the memos referred to the Geneva Convention's prohibitions against torture to be "quaint" and "obsolete."

Gonzales helped set policies that led to torture and gross human rights abuse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, at Guantanamo, and
in Afghanistan. The International Red Cross and eyewitnesses from the FBI have now confirmed such practices. These
policies make America and Americans less safe. For his extensive work in the area of the rationalization of torture by the
executive branch, we have come to calling him the Secretary of Torture.

Gonzales' blatant disregard for the rule of law and contempt for the Constitution demand that he be rejected for the
position of Attorney General.

ACTIONS: Write your newspaper, call your senator and demonstrate against Alberto Gonzales. If your Senator is a
Democrat, ask her or him to filibuster the Gonzales nomination.

Contact your Senator as indicated below. If your Senator is not listed, you can reach his/her Washington office through
the Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121 or via fax. All Senators vote on Cabinet nominations. Senator Specter is
expected to be the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, and is especially influential.

Senator Frank Lautenberg Senator Jon Corzine Senator Arlen Specter

Tel: (973) 639-8700 Tel: 973-645-3030 Tel: 215-597-7200
1-888-398-1642 Fax: 973- 645-0502 Fax: 215-597-0406

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper opposing the Gonzales nomination. Contact the Coalition office if you need
the address of your newspaper(s).


* The January 2002 memorandum that Gonzales wrote not only undermined the Geneva Conventions, but went as far as
redefining permissible torture as anything short of organ failure, death, or permanent psychological damage. It is this
memorandum that led the way to the prison scandals at Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan.

* Mr. Gonzales fought to keep secret the details of Vice President Dick Cheney's 2001 meetings with oil, gas and nuclear
concerns as part of his revamping of U.S. energy policy.

* During Bush's term as Texas governor, Gonzales repeatedly suppressed crucial death penalty case facts that Bush
should have considered in determining whether to grant clemency, such as "ineffective counsel, conflict of interest,
mitigating evidence, even actual evidence of innocence." He denied Pope John Paul II's clemency request for Karla Faye
Tucker in 1998, and failed to enlist a mental-health expert on the behalf of mentally retarded Terry Washington, as he was
entitled to by the Supreme Court. Clearly. Gonzales is not qualified to run our federal Justice Department.

Coalition for Peace Action y 25 Years of Peacemaking 1980-2005

40 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08542 y (609) 924-5022 y fax:
(609) 924-3052
li i il f @ li i
Anne Blenman has joined the Coalition’s staff as Associate Director. Anne has worked
with and consulted for numerous non-profit organizations and Foundations, and was
founding editor of The Female Spectator, the newsletter of the Early English Women’s
Writing project, currently housed in Chawton, England. She worked several years with an
international policy group on Asia at Stanford University after spending two years in Japan.
She also spent three years as a Resident Fellow at Stanford at the East Asia Theme House,
where she worked with students and staff to bring cultural and educational events to the

She and her family moved in 2001 from Palo Alto, CA, where she worked with internet
companies to build websites for newspapers, including The New York Times, and enjoyed
rather better weather. Anne is a long-time advocate for individuals with disabilities,
particularly those with autism. We are very pleased to welcome Anne to our staff, and look forward to additions to our
website, including a gallery of photos and stories on current activities and the past 25 years of peace making.


With the generous support of a grant from the Ploughshares Fund, the Coalition has hired
the Rev. Al Krass to be its part time Bucks County Coordinator. In this capacity, Al’s
primary responsibility will be to follow up on the many contacts made in the Peace Voter
2004 effort in Pennsylvania, and to recruit new members and start new chapters there.
We’re pleased to report that Al, who is a real mover and shaker, has already begun one
chapter in central Bucks County and has three more chapters in formation!

Prior to coming to the Coalition’s staff, Al had served since 2001 as Peacemaking Staff to
the Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia. He also served as pastor of United
Christian Church in Levittown, PA for 11 years, and has lived and worked in Bucks
County for some 20 years. In the late 1970’s, when Al was co-editor of The Other Side, a
Philadelphia headquartered Christian peace and justice magazine, he and CFPA executive
director Rev. Bob Moore were part of the same house church, Jubilee Fellowship.

We are delighted to welcome Al to our staff. To reach Al for more information, and/or to
get involved in one of the Pennsylvania chapters he is helping form, call him at 215-547-
2656 or email

last, DVDs of the Coalition’s November 14 Conference on The Impact of the Media on War and Peace are available. There
is one DVD of about 105 minutes of the talk by Noam Chomsky, along with his question/answer period. There is a second
120-minute DVD of the talks by Amy Goodman, Peter Hart, Laura Secor, and Gregori Pasko, along with their
questions/answers. Each DVD costs $10.00, so it’s $20.00 for the set. Order yours from the Coalition’s office right away,
while supplies last! All proceeds benefit the Coalition’s ongoing work.

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