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Function Key (Main Groups and Subgroups)

Examples for Main Groups and Subgroups:

Power transmission and auxiliary power supply


Power transmission


Generator leads


Foundation cabinets


Generator circuit breaker, also commutating pole circuit breaker, including cooling system


Generator transformers, including cooling system



Medium voltage distribution boards and transformers, normal system


MV distribution boards


MV auxiliary power transformers


Conventional fuel supply and residiues disposal


Unloading and storage of solid fuels

EAA Ship unloading system

EAB Rail wagon and truck unloading bay

EAC Transport system

EAD Stacking system



Ash and slag removal system

ETA Wet ash conveying system

ETB Storage or settling pond for wet ash

ETC Wet ash dregger

ETD Conveying system for granulate

ETE Storage system for granulate

ETG Conveying system for dry ash

ETH Storage system for dry ash


Conventional heat generation


Pressure system

HAA LP part-flow feed heating system (flue gas heated)

HAB HP part-flow feed heating system (flue gas heated)

HAC Economizer system

HAD Evaporator system



Bunker, feeder and pulverizing system

HFA Bunker for pulverizing system

HFB Feeder system

HFC pulverizing system (incl. classifier)

HFD Flue gas return system

HFE Mill air system, carrier air system



Main firing system (electric-powered as well)

HHA Main burners

HHB Retarded combustion grate

HHC Grate combustion system

HHD Other burner equipment (e.g. vapour burner, flue dust burner)

HHE Pulverized coal bin, forwarding and distribution system

HHF Oil temporary storage, pump and distribution system

HHG Gas pressure reduction, distribution system



Combustion air system (primary air, secondary air)

HLA Ducting system

HLB Fan system, forced draught fan system

HLC External air heating system (not flue gas heaed)

HLD Air heating system (flue gas heated)



Flue gas exhaust (without flue gas treatment)

HNA Ducting system

HNC induced draught fan system

HNE Smoke stack system (chimney)

HNF Flue gas recirculation system


Steam, water, gas cycles


Feedwater system

LAA Storage, deaeration (incl. feedwater tank)

LAB Feedwater piping system (excl. feedwater pump and feedwater heating system)

LAC Feedwater pump system

LAD HP feedwater heating system

LAE HP desuperheating spray system



Steam system

LBA Main steam piping system

LBB Hot reheat piping system

LBC Cold reheat piping system

LBD Extraction piping system



Condensate system

LCA Main condensate piping system

LCB Main condensate pump system

LCC LP feedwater heating system


Main machine sets


Steam turbine plant

MAA HP turbine

MAB IP turbine

MAC LP turbine

MAD Bearings

MAG Condensing system



Gas turbine plant



Structures for conventional heat generation

UHA Steam generator enclosure, steam generator building (boiler house)

UHF Bunker bay



Structures for main machine sets

UMA Steam turbine building

UMB Gas tubine building

UMC Gas and steam tubine building



Unit Key (Main Groups)


Equipment Main Groups Unit Key

Mechanical equipment

AA - valves

Mechanical equipment

BQ - hangers

Direct measuring circuits

CP - pressure measuring

Closed loop control

DF - flow, rate

Analog and binary signal conditioning

ER - reactor protection

Indirect measuring circuits

FD - density measuring

Electrical equipment

GQ - power sockets

Subassemblies of main and heavy machinery HD - bearing assembly

Nuclear assemblies

JN - neutron sources


Unit Key (Main Groups and Subgroups)

Examples for Main Groups and Subgroups of equipment unit keys:

Mechanical Equipment

AA Valves, Dampers, etc., incl. actuators, also manual

AB Isolating elements, air lock

AC Heat exchangers, heat transfer surfaces

AE Turning, driving, lifting and slewing gear (also manipulators)

AF Continuous conveyors, feeders

AG Generator units

AH Heating, cooling, air conditioning units

AJ Size reduction equipment, only as part of process

AK Compacting and packaging equipment, only as part of process

AM Mixer, agitators

AN Compressor units, fans

AP Pump units

AS Adjusting and tensioning equipment for non-electrical variables

AT Cleaning, drying, filtering and separation equipment ,excl. *BT*


Mechanical Equipment

BB Storage eqipment (vessels, tanks)

BE Shafts (for erection and maintenance only)

BF Foundations

BN Jet pumps, ejectors, injectors

BP Flow restrictors, limiters, orifices (not metering orifices)

BQ Hangers, Supports, racks, piping penetrations

BR Piping, ductwork, chutes

BS Silencers


Direct measuring circuits


Radiation variables, e. g. thermal radiation, flame monitoring (other than *CR* oder *CQ*)

CD Density

CE Electrical variables (e. g. el. current, voltage, el. power, el. frequency)

CF Flow, rate

CG Distance, length, position, direction of rotation

CH Manual input (as manually operated sensor) (e. g. fire detector)

CJ Power (mechanical, thermal)

CK Time

CL Level (also for dividing line)

CM Moisture, humidity

CP Pressure

CQ Quality variables (analysis, material properties other than *DD*, *DM*, *DV*)

CR Radiation variables

CS Velocity, speed, frequency (mechanical), acceleration

CT Temperature


Closed loop control cirquits


Key (Main Groups)


Component Main Groups Key

Mechanical components

KC - heat exchangers

Mechanical components

MT - turbines

Intrumental and control components QR - instrument piping

Signal origin

Signal application

Gated signals

Skrbk Havn (Fredericia)

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Bis vor rauchgas-rchsaugung HTF absorptionskreislauf Von eintritt Bis austritt HTG oxydationssystem einschlielich versorgung Bis vor verbraucher bzw. Wscher PAC hauptkhlwasser-pumpenanlage Von saugstutzen pumpenanlage Bis druckstutzen pumpenanlage EAA schiffsentladeanlage Von entadeeinrichtung Bis vor transport-bzw. Speicheranlage QHA drucksystem MKC generatorerregung, auch mit electrischer generatorbremsung MKA generatorgehuse einschlielich stander, lufer Und aller eingebauten khleinrichtungen Bis generatordurchfhrung AFB 60-72 kv-anlage (frei zur anwendung) NDC prozeheiwasserpumpenanlage BAT maschinentransformator einschlielich khlanlage BCT anfahr-, Reserve-, allgemein-, netztransformertor BFH niederspannungs-hauptverteilung normalnetz BHT niederspannungs-eigenbedarfstransformator _(frei zur anwendung nach spannungsebenen) BHA niederspannungs-hauptverteilungs allgemein BLC niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BUL gleichstrom-verteilung normalnetz BTG batterie ( frei zur anwendung nach spannungsebenen ) BTS ladagert (frei zur anwendung nach spannungsebenen)

BHG niederspannungs-hauptverteilungs allgemein BTL ladagert (frei zur anwendung nach spannungsebenen) BLH niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BLF niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BLE niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BLD niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BLG niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BLJ niederspannungs-unterverteilungs allgemein BJD niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BJE niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BJH niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BHJ niederspannungs-hauptverteilungs allgemein BHE niederspannungs-hauptverteilungs allgemein BHB niederspannungs-hauptverteilungs allgemein BHF niederspannungs-hauptverteilungs allgemein BRA niederspannungs-verteilung,unterverteilungslose (unformal-) stromversorgung(frei zur anwendung ) BRD niederspannungs-verteilung,unterverteilungslose (unformal-) stromversorgung(frei zur anwendung ) BRC niederspannungs-verteilung,unterverteilungslose (unformal-) stromversorgung(frei zur anwendung ) BRU umformer (statlich), wechelrichter BMK niederspannungs-netstromverteilung (frei und anwendung) BMF niederspannungs-netstromverteilung (frei und anwendung) BME niederspannungs-netstromverteilung (frei und anwendung) BJF niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BJJ niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BFH niederspannungs-hauptverteilung normalnetz(frei und anwendung) BFK niederspannungs-hauptverteilung normalnetz(frei und anwendung)

BJK niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BJM niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BJL niederspannungs-unterverteilungs normalnetz BUC gleichstrom- stromverteilung normalnetz(frei und anwendung) BUD gleichstrom- stromverteilung normalnetz(frei und anwendung) BUK gleichstrom- stromverteilung normalnetz(frei und anwendung) BRK niederspannungs-verteilung,unterverteilungslose (unformal-) stromversorgung(frei zur anwendung ) BRM niederspannungs-verteilung,unterverteilungslose (unformal-) stromversorgung(frei zur anwendung )

AGB 420 kv anlage CE meldung MG speicherpumppenenlage HPA gesperrt EHF chemische aufbereitung flssiger brennstoffe winschl. Rckstandsabfhrung