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Aeon Flux Reaction Paper

Feedback by: Nikixandra T. Beltran BS Computer Engineering College of Computer Studies and Engineering TRACE College Los Baos Summary

Aeon Flux was a secret assassin in an advanced society. Her state was involved in a conflict with another country and she was referred on many altered missions again this rival and its leader, Trevor Goodchild. The year was 2415. 400 years after a virus spread out half of the world's people, the people that survived the virus now live in Bregna, a fortified city that was bounded by a wall isolating the people from the virus infected rest of the world. Living in Bregna City, Aeon Flux, a private female assassin who works for an underground group of rebels led by Handler. Aeon's latest assignment was to assassinate Trevor Goodchild, a member of the assembly that controls Bregna City. In the time when Aeon's younger sister Una was killed by government agents, Aeon disobeys orders and decides to protect Trevor, and suspects Trevor's brother Oren and the council members are plotting against Trevor. And when Handler learns Aeon failed the mission, Handler orders Aeon to be eliminated, and Aeon must risk everything as she not only protects Trevor, but also uncovers secrets and answers about her mysterious past and the government and all life in Bregna City itself. Lets keep in touch on off with a short summary of the movie: This murder mystery was exercise set four hundred years in the future. Charlize Theron stars as Aeon liquefy and she is the cap underground operative at confrontation with the unconstitutional management. The regime was trying to administrate what appears to be an unblemished society. Conversely, the pure dynamism was whacking a faultless lie. Aeon was on the front lines of a rebellion that discloses a universe of hold into view of secrets. The music director Karyn Kusama was able to lay down a beyond belief vision of a promising future. Aeon magnetic field was written by Phil Convert and Matt Manfredi, based on characters created by Peter Chung from the ground-breaking MTV crap series. Every time I watch a science-fiction movie I treasure it extremely in

spirit to see in what way they portray the breeding in the yet to come, where one discontinue was the get-ups. If ever that there would be another big screen viewing, I would like to suggest the film entitled Ultraviolet, an American dystopian science fiction action-horror-thriller film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer, starring Milla Jovovich as Ultraviolet.