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Abstract: MindTree Consulting is an international IT consulting company with revenues of a bout $103 million in 2006, an increase of over 85% from the previous year s revenu e of $55 million. Besides, MindTree had several laurels to its credit. It was th e world s youngest company to be assessed at Level 5 in both CMMI and P-CMM. The c ompany was ranked among the top five Great Places to Work in 2004 in a study con ducted by Grow Talent Company and Businessworld and rated as one of the Best Emp loyers in India in 2004 by Hewitt Associates. When MindTree was established in 1999, the founders had set a clear Mission and Visions keeping in mind a timeframe of 2005. The company had almost reached the Vision parameters. It went on to set bigger Vision targets for the future. Howev er, there were questions raised whether a mid-sized IT firm like MindTree can ba ttle the big players like Wipro, Infosys, Satyam and TCS. At the same time, it w as also important how the company would keep its core values and culture which f ormed the foundation of the company from getting diluted as the company grew big ger in size. With hurdles to cross, would MindTree achieve its Vision for the fu ture? Pedagogical Objectives: To understand the analysis behind setting up of a company s Mission and Vision sta tements To analyse how a mid-sized IT firm achieved its Vision within a short span of ti me To study the various challenges MindTree would face in its pace of growth in the future To analyse how MindTree would achieve its set goals in the midst of competition from other mid-sized IT firms and the IT giants in India.

collaborative spirits...unlenting thinking....

In my post yesterday about Indian IT services provider Mindtree, and what I show ed was a contrived H-1B message aimed at downplaying the company s increasing reli ance on H-1B workers, I mentioned that the contrived messaging notwithstanding, Mindtree has taken the important step of opening its first U.S. delivery center. Financial integrity and high conformance to corporate governance is what our sha reholders and clients expect from Mindtree. This award validates our commitment to transparency and to consistently enhance value for all our stakeholders, The judging criteria covers various aspects, including most convincing and coher ent strategy; best system of corporate governance; most accessible senior manage ment; most transparent financial accounts; best for shareholder value; most usef ul and informative website and most improved performance. Mindtree s edge stems from a unique balance of human perspective with deep strateg ic thinking. We look beyond the immediate project and program horizon to see the impact we can create with our customer on their end consumers and societies. Al l our people, processes, technologies and delivery are centered around this phil osophy. It is this balanced approach that enables us to create possibilities to help our customers operate efficiently and effectively and partner in their succ ess. Consulting led approach - Our consulting led approach makes us a significant par tner to our customers by bringing robust skills and a forward-looking approach t o their challenges. We assess the situation, use our proven knowledge and provid e expert guidance that is right for the customer. Meaningful technology solutions - Mindtree is about the right people with the ri ght expertise delivering solutions that have meaning. Our solutions have an appr opriate mix of cutting edge technology expertise and sound domain knowledge. Thi s enables us to deliver solutions that add strategic business value to our custo mers. Power of partnerships - Mindtree believes in the power of partnerships. We work collaboratively with our customers to deliver solutions that fit their unique ne eds. Our focus on end consumers tightens this collaboration as we are together w orking towards the same goal. Predictable delivery - Mindtree s ability to devise solutions is equally matched b y our ability to execute them. Our next generation delivery platform, ONEmind, e nsures effective collaboration within the culturally diverse and globally distri buted project team members, through the efficient usage of collaborative social media tools. The agility, proactive risk management and robust project governanc e practices, ensure predictable project performance and delivery well within the financial parameters. Superior corporate governance - Ethical business conduct, integrity and commitme nt to values are the cornerstones of Mindtree s corporate governance philosophy. W e are recognized for our superior corporate governance by leading institutions, such as World Finance Magazine and Asiamoney. Mindtree and its employees are com mitted and adhere to the highest standards of integrity. Our values - collaborative spirit, unrelenting dedication and expert thinking ar e core to us and are integral to every aspect of our work. They inspire action a nd set us apart. Our values help us see possibilities where others see a full st op.