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TREASON National Security Triable if crime is committed outside Philippine Jurisdiction

REBELLION Public Order Only if committed within Philippine Jurisdiction

SEDITION Public Order Only if committed within Philippine Jurisdiction




Levies WAR Or Adheres and gives and or comfort

Public Uprising + Taking Arms

Public Uprising + Tumultuously

War between Nations wherein Philippines is involved

Civilian War against Government

Commotions or Disturbances in the State; Violation of Public Peace

INTENT: Betray Deliver country to enemy

INTENT: To overthrow government Always political

INTENT: To inflict any means outside legal methods; any act of hate or revenge Either social or political purpose

1. Filipino Citizen or Alien Resident 2. War; Phil is involved 3. Levies war against the Government or Adheres to the enemies by giving aid or comfort. Levies war 1. Actual Assembling of men 2. Purpose of executing treasonable design by

1. Public uprising and Taking arms against the Government 2. Purpose is either: a. T o remove allegiance to said Govt or its Laws: - Territory - Body of land, naval or other armed forces b. Deprive the Chief Executive or Congress, wholly or partially, of any of their powers or

1. Rise publicly and tumultuously 2. Employ force, intimidation or other means outside of legal methods 3. Objectives: a. Prevent the promulgation or execution of any law or the holding of any popular election b. Prevent the National/Provincial/ Municipal Govt or any Public Officer from

municipality or province. Intent to deliver whole or part of the country to enemy 4. NO COMPLEX CRIME OF TREASON  Absorbed/ inherent in the execution of treasonable design by force or in giving aid or comfort  Can be tried as separate/distinct if the prosecutor should elect to prosecute the culprit specifically for such offenses CONTINUOUS OFFENSE TWO WITNESS RULE Necessary to prove: Giving aid or comfort Not: Adherence to enemy NO COMPLEX CRIME OF REBELLION   Acts committed in the furtherance of rebellion is absorbed NOT absorbed: Private purposes or profit without any political motivation . Inflict any act of hate or revenge upon the person or property of any PO/E d. harbors sympathies or convictions against country’s policy or interest prerogatives Public Uprising  Crime of masses/ multitude  Vast movement of men  Civil war Taking Arms  Fought/ clashes of arms + (concur) Giving Aid or Comfort  Render assistance to them as “ENEMIES” and not merely as individuals and such in the furtherance of the enemies hostile designs freely exercising its functions or prevent the execution of any Administrative order c.force 3. or National Govt of all its property or any part thereof. Despoil (political/social end) any person. Collaboration with the foreign sovereign or foreign enemy Adherence to Enemy  Intent to Betray  Intellectually or emotionally favors the enemy. Commit (political/social end) any act of hate or revenge against private persons or any social class e.

or personal belongings Qualified to Death  Rape. or 2. Compel to change course or destination 2.Piracy RA 6235 Anti-Hijacking Aircraft of Philippine Registry/ Foreign registry VESSELS includes fishing boat Not a member of its complement nor a passenger Not a member of its complement nor a passenger Any Person Any person High Seas or Philippine Waters High Seas or Philippine Waters Only in Philippine Waters In Flight---Philippine Registry In Flight not required if Foreign registy as long as within Phil Jurisdiction 1. physical injuries or rape 1. Accompanied by murder. or 3. homicide. corrosive or poisonous substance or material (aircraft operating as a public utility)  Private utility -should be in accordance to regulations otherwise punishable under said 1. Ship. Seize a vessel 3. Attack or Seize a Vessel. When they have seized a vessel by boarding or firing 2. murder or homicide is committed as a result r on occasion of piracy  Seizure is accomplished by boarding or firing upon  Abandoned the victims without means of saving themselves . equipment. load or carry any explosive. Seize the whole or part of the cargo. its equipme nt or personal belongin gs 1.ARTICLE 64 not strictly applied 122 Piracy 123 Qualified Piracy PD 532 Anti. homicide. To seize or usurp control thereof Heavier penalty:  Fired upon P/C/P  Exploded or attempted to explode  Accompanied by murder. serious pi or rape 3. flammable. Attack upon a vessel 2. Pirates have abandoned their victims without means of saving themselves. Taking away whole or part of its cargo.

governed by RPC + RA 6235 Aiding Pirates ---accomplice 1. In any manner aids or protects pirate:  Giving info movement of police or peace officer  Acquires or receives property taken or in any manner derives benefit  Directly or indirectly abets RA 9372 RA 9372 . Any person who knowingly 2. law Death/injury/damage resulted on occasion thereof--.