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delivered in English. . Preparation is Ever thin! Most GMA test takers start preparing about 2 to 3 months before the actual test profile and opting in to being contacted by schools. What schools use GMAT® scores? -ver . By taking the GMA e!am. $chools use the test as one predictor of academic performance in an MBA program or in other graduate management programs./)) graduate business schools around the +orld use GMA scores as a part of their admissions process. and personal preference4 • • • • $elf study -ne5on5one tutoring $tudy groups *rep courses What does the GMAT® exam measure? . given your discipline. that helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management.ind GMA using schools. How can I prepare to take the GMAT® exam? he Graduate Management Admission 0ouncil1 provides free test preparation soft+are and preparation materials to purchase as +ell as suggestions about ho+ to prepare for the e!am. $ee *ay for the est for more information about payment methods and potential ta!es. #ou can help them find you by creating an mba. you have a better chance of being targeted by business schools that are a good match for you"and learning more about their programs and admissions processes. How much does it cost to take the GMAT® exam? he cost to take the GMA e!am is %$&'() globally. hink about ho+ you can best prepare. . Where can I take the GMAT® exam? he GMA e!am is delivered in testing centers around the +orld.ind a test center. motivation.The GMAT exam is a standardized assessment.

your 8ob skills. and analytical +riting skills that you have developed in your education and +ork. #ou are allo+ed 2) minutes to complete each one. 'uantitative (ection . . mathematical. the >uantitative section. and the ?erbal section. Anal tical Writin! Assessment he GMA e!am begins +ith the Analytical =riting Assessment @A=AA. the Analytical =riting Assessment. How lon! are GMAT® scores valid? #our GMA score is valid for five years. creativity. that all of your GMA scores from the past ( years +ill appear on your -fficial $core .eport. 6t does 7. specific content in your undergraduate or first university course +ork. you begin the ?erbal $ection of the GMA e!am. your abilities in any other specific sub8ect area.he GMA e!am measures basic verbal. but plan for a total time of appro!imately four hours. or sub8ective qualities"such as motivation. he A=A consists of t+o separate +riting tasks"Analysis of an 6ssue and Analysis of an Argument. #ou are allo+ed a ma!imum of B( minutes to complete the entire section. The Graduate Mana!ement Admission Test® "GMAT®# consists o$ $our separatel timed sections% &ormat and Timin! he GMA e!am consists of three main parts. so you have the fle!ibility of 9banking it:"choosing to start your graduate studies right after university or later an optional break. . his section contains 2B multiple5choice questions of t+o question types"Cata $ufficiency and *roblem $olving. and interpersonal skills.emember. #ou have three and a half hours in +hich to take the GMA e!am. )er*al (ection After completion of the >uantitative $ection @follo+ing an optional breakA. his section contains D. you then begin +ith the >uantitative $ection of the GMA e!am. though.emember. you can take the GMA e!am again. multiple choice questions of three question .measure4 • • • • • your kno+ledge of business. if at first you don<t succeed.

6f you ans+er the first question correctly. you may not skip. your ans+ers to subsequent questions +ill lead you back to questions that are at the appropriate level of difficulty for you. if you do not kno+ the ans+er to a question. 6f a question is too time5consuming or if you don<t kno+ the ans+er. ?erbal questions. only one question at a time is presented.andom guessing can significantly lo+er your scores.or each multiple5choice section of the GMA e!am. here are 2B >uantitative questions and D. How is m score determined? #our score is determined by4 . or change your responses to previous questions. #ou are allo+ed a ma!imum of B( minutes to complete the entire section. you should try to eliminate as many ans+er choices as possible and then select the ans+er you think is best. 0ritical .or more testing strategies.Adaptive &ormat Each of the first t+o sections consists of an analytical +riting taskE the remaining t+o sections @>uantitative and ?erbalA consist of multiple5choice questions delivered in a computer5adaptive format. $o. at +hich point the computer +ill have an accurate assessment of your ability level in that sub8ect area. 6n a computer5adaptive test. his process +ill continue until you complete the section.easoning. see est5 aking $trategies. Because the computer scores each question before selecting the ne!t one. as there is a severe penalty for not completing. the computer +ill usually give you a harder question. return to. >uestions in these sections are dynamically selected as you take the testE the multiple5 choice questions +ill ad8ust to your ability level. 6f you ans+er the first question incorrectly. and $entence 0orrection. and your test +ill be unique. Each section of the test starts +ith a question of moderate difficulty. . What i$ I do not $inish? *acing is critical. there is a large pool of potential questions ranging from a lo+ to high level of difficulty. +omputer.types". What I$ I make a mistake or !uess? 6f you ans+er a question incorrectly by mistake or correctly by randomly guessing. How does it work? . Both the time and number of questions that remain in the section are displayed on the screen during the e!am. your ne!t question +ill be easier.eading 0omprehension. . make an educated guess by first eliminating the ans+ers you kno+ to be +rong.

eed? #ou need only minimal computer skills to complete the GMA e!am. hese questions are not identified and appear in different locations +ithin the test.amiliarize yourself +ith the mechanics of taking a computer5adaptive test by using the GMA utorials that is included +ith the free GMA *rep1 $oft+are. the time spent doing so +ill count against the time allotted for completing a test section. he questions in an adaptive test are +eighted according to their difficulty and other statistical properties. therefore. What +omputer (kills do ou . Ans+ers to trial questions are not counted in the scoring of your test. #ou should. he tutorials cover such topics as4 • • • • • using a mouse entering responses moving on to the ne!t question using the +ord processor accessing the Felp function Before the day of your test. and the level of difficulty and other statistical characteristics of each question. . do your best on all questions. revie+ the testing tools covered in the tutorials. . not according to their position in the test. +hether you ans+er the questions correctly or incorrectly. Although you +ill be able to use a Felp function during the test. Are all -uestions counted? Every test contains trial multiple5choice questions being pretested for use in a real e!am.• • • the number of questions you ans+er.