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Economic Themes Insufficient sources of income Most of the Filipinos not only Aetas experiences unemployment.

This is due to the fact that lack of job availability is occurring in our country. Aetas do not have the capability of having a job in private or public sector; this is because they lack education. Educational degrees are part of requirement in application for a job. The minimum requirement would be High School Graduate however most Aetas are only elementary undergraduate. They do want to study, but due to lack of financial resources they would stop going to school and just help out their family to generate more income. Lack of affordable access to the nearest health center and other health resources Most health centers are still not found in deep rural areas where Aetas currently live. The nearest Health Center would be in the Poblacion where in they need to ride a jeep just to go down from the mountain which is expensive for them, because it is expensive they would decide not to go down and just save the money if there would be an incidence of a family member to be sick. Even if there are health centers near their home, they still lack the facilities to help them. Inadequate Food and Nutrition for the Family Thousands of Filipino children and adults suffer from hidden hunger, but are not aware of it, because outwardly they think they are normal and healthy. Aetas are mostly thin and underweight in nature; this is due to lack of food available as verbalized by the family. Most of them rely on harvesting, and the crops they gather would be cooked and eaten as a meal. These families have low protein intake because there is scarcity of meat and poultry products. There are also times when they only eat one meal a day. We can conclude that these indigenous people are experiencing hunger and malnutrition. The status of an Economy of a country is being reflected by how healthy the people in the country are. Health programs are being developed in order to address the hunger and malnutrition problems experienced by the Filipinos, specifically Nutrition

Therefore. the fight against hunger and malnutrition becomes. It is now important to consider in the advocacies of running government officials if how they would answer the hunger the Filipinos experienced. Technology cannot achieve the fundamental structural changes needed to end hunger and malnutrition. Nutrition planning was thus a more comprehensive and multisectoral approach to solving malnutrition than any strategy also it was much closer to a political approach than were the technical interventions. . an eminently political struggle and not a technical one.planning as a technique are used. nutrition planning is a needed program for Third World countries such as Philippines. therefore. We ask the healthcare providers to do Community Development programs to help our fellow Filipinos. In the long run. MDG 1 which goal is to eradicate poverty is a task the Government. Therefore if Poverty is eradicated hunger will follow and a healthy country would be achieved.