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Meeting start: 9:02 am Chair: lean Take one productions (TOP) First matter: vision and mission : does an!"od!

have a suggestion on the vision and mission# $asi so %ar &e have a name %or our compan! &c is take one productions' in short' top' and &e need to have a vision and mission %or it( )h! are &e the ones &ho*s gonna "e sought out "! other people# )h! are &e the ones &ho &ill "e their %or the people# : oka!' so &e all kno& ever!"od! no&( +o %ar' &e have a name %or ourselves( ,ean arrives- 9:0. am : the %irst in our matter &ill "e the vision and mission( /oes an!"od! have an! suggestions on &h! are &e the ones that the compan! &ill get( 0: 1 have a suggestion %or our vision' to "ecome the most sought a%ter advertising and "randing agenc!2compan! in the Philippines( : so is this our vison or mission# 0: vision( : to that point' are &e %ocusing more on the advertising or are &e doing more on short %ilms# M: 3ust like &e have discussed in last &eeks premeeting' &e*re not onl! concerned a"out short %ilms and videos and photos and advertising' &e &ant to create %or the compan! is not 3ust a logo' not 3ust a %ilm' "ut more on their %eel and their pro%ile' so the! give us &hat the! &ant' &e take it' and &e improvise it to our %lavor and add to it 4 &e create their personalit! %or them( 0: so &e*re like production then# : so %or the mission' &e &on*t reall! sa! that &e*re and advertising compan!' &e*re more on the production( : oka!' so ever!"od! agrees on the vision so %ar# )e have our vision no&' "ut &e have to &ork on our mission( Marcus' could !ou repeat &hat !ou said a &hile ago( M: like &hat &e said in the meeting &hen &e prediscussed' &e*re not onl! concerned a"out making short %ilms' or videos' or advertisements' or logos' "ut &e*re more on creating a personalit! %or the compan! 4 the compan! asks us to develop something %or them and &e create a personalit! and a %eel %or them( : i% &e shorten that' our mission is to create a personalit! %or our clients( Or &ould !ou gu!s &anna put that in some other conte5t# ike' an!thing less complicated that it sounds# : 3ean# 1t*s oka!6 This is "asicall! 3ust us making a compan!' &e*re 3ust starting our o&n compan!' so &e &ill get the hang o% it( : cause honestl!' i% &e sa! &e are the compan! that makes a personalit! %or other companies' it doesn*t honestl! click to other companies' it doesn*t reall! &ork( )e should think o% another &a! that &e can put and descri"e our mission "etter(

: the < ad agenc! areas' the < ad agenc! areas' like' merong < departments as agenc!( First is' account department( : 1 think it*s "est i%' %irst' i% &e list do&n all the departments' so &e have an idea &hat departments there are( : as noted here' %or the account department( =ccount managers are the client*s da! to da! liaison( The! &ork &ith the agenc!*s clients to &rote "rie%s that detailed advertising (#) that needed &ork &ith the creative department to develop campaigns' and &ork &ith the other department to get the campaign producer shipped and paid %or( =ccount managers are people>oriented and en3o! splitting their time "et&een the client and the agenc!( The! . &e can do a &ordpla! that &e can come up( .# 1*m sorr!' "ut i% &e sa! &e*re an advertising compan!' &e can*t reall! sa! to other people that &e*re the production team that creates %ilms as &ell' "ut' 1*m sorr!' that*s gonna "e reall! hard to sa! to other people( : so at least &e have advertising( M: 1 have a suggestion: !ou &ant us to 3ust think o% the mission as &e progress on the meeting so that &e can move to other topics at hand' so time &on*t "e &asted# : sure( M: &e can move on to the distri"ution o% roles and di%%erent departments that &ill handle di%%erent aspects( : so &e*ll skip the mission %or a &hile' &e*ll get there( +econd matter: departments : so the people in charge o% the departments arenot here6 .7: as %or the discussion last meeting' marcus said &e are creating a personalit! %or a compan!' it*s more like an advertising and "randing compan!' "ecause &e are creating their names and their logos and &e*re getting more on the research on &hat &e think is the "est &a! to name or "rand the compan!( 1 think &e should %ocus more on the advertising agenc!( : so &e*re reall! %ocusing more on the advertising# 8: it*s more on the creation on the signature and "randing( 1t*s "randing' instead o% personalit!( : that*s good' &e can &ork on the &ord 9"rand(: : creating a personalit! %or other companies' "randing'.ean heads the meeting (discussion o% the departments) .ust thro& out &ords that &ill help us create a vision( +o so %ar &e have advertising as &ell( 8: are &e making short %ilms# 7: it*s like' video advertising( : 1*m sorr!' like' commercials' televisions# : 1*m sorr!' 1*m not tr!ing to "ar !ou or an!thing' i% 1 &as right earlier' i% &e sa! that &e*re an advertising compan!' ho& are &e sa!ing to other people that &e also create short %ilms# Or is that like.ean' &henever !ou*re read!' present( : remem"er last &eek &e talked a"out the departments' a%ter &e got e5cused( /id an!"od! take notes %or the departments# .

en3o! solving "usiness challenged and "uilding relationships( The "est account manager has a thorough kno&ledge o% "usiness and advertising( : so %or no&' &e have to divide ourselves to &hich department is &hich( 7: 1 think Mr( 0orda can handle the account department "ecause he*s like the per%ect person to talk to clients to discuss the pro3ect and get the advertising agenc! (#) needed %or them( : (to "ords) can !ou site an e5ample !ou' !ousel% handled a client# 0: 1*ve alread! started handling events( : has an!"od! else handled an! accounting %or an!one# : oka!' so' so %ar &e have "ords on the account department( For the strategy department' &ho has &orked on events' "ack in college' "ack in mint# ?as an!"od! &orked on an event or a short %ilm# 7: "ecause strateg! department is more on researching the creating advertising campaign %or their clients' it*s more on &orking on the "est messages on ho& the clients get their target audience( 8: "asicall!' strateg! department is like the research> 7: account planners. M: 1 reall! think gerald should take it( 8: the media department is someone &ho has more idea and kno&ledge on ho& the media goes and perso"all! sa!ing &hich media should "e used( : in short' media are the people &ith a lot o% connections( 0: the!*re also like the advertisers( : so gerald# ?aha6 : %or the creative( The creative includes cop!rights' art directors' and production artists( The! are the people responsi"le %or &riting and deciding advertising campaigns( The "est creatives can continuall! think %resh approaches to a product or service and are eCuall! adept at selling their ideas to clients( Creatives spend less time &ith clients "ut the time the! so spend &ith them is crucial to the agenc!*s sales process( =ll: marcus6 M: thank !ou( alright6 Interactive( 1nteractive department designs and creates all o% the digital components o% an advertising campaign including &e"sites' "anner ads' and interactive applications( People &ho are &orking in interactive are kno&ledgea"le a"out the latest developments in digital technolog! and ho& the! are "eing used ini advertising( Training is speci%ic to each medium and as a result o% ne& digital developments' an interactive . 8: rnd# 7 1 think Ms( 8o!ce can &ork on that( : so &e have 8o!ce( @e5t is new media( The ne& media plans coordinates and purchasesmedia space to our advertising that theagenc! has created( Media planners and "u!ers have a deep kno&ledge o% magaAines' ne&spapers' TB sho&s' ca"le channels' and internet sites and understands the audiences %or each o% these mediums( Media planners spend less time &ith clients and more time &ith the agenc! personnel( : so is an!"od! ne& media# 8: &e*re all %ilm.

designer*s education is al&a!s on going( 1nteractive designers tend to spend most o% the time &oking in an interactive studio environment( 7: so 1 think' Mr( Chairperson (lean) can handles that'di"a# : oka!' that &ould "e me then( : production( @: 1 could handle it' cause 1 alread! have e5perience on it' like audio visual production' %eature %ilms' and so on( : alright administrative( Administrative handles all the internal "usiness o% an advertising agenc! 4 like %inances and human resource( =ll: 3ean6 : alright so &e have %igured out the departments' good 3o" "oard meeting6 M: ho& "out the logo# : &e &ill handle that at the last part o% the metting' does ever!"od! agree on that# Or &ould !ou like to decide on the log no&# : oka!' so marcus &ill "e descri"ing the look' presenting the logo( Third matter: logo M: oka! so' &hen it comes to take one productions' o&e o%ten think that' o% course &e*re creative' o% course &e need a s!m"ol to associate us &ith that creativit! %or us to connect &ith clients' &ith one look the! can sa!' 9it*s them6: and &e &ant that again and again and again6 +o &hat 1 thought' this proposal' is that' here6 1t*s a camera' the lens &ith the num"er one' and on the vie& %inder is a %ilm reel( +o' %or me' 1 thought o% it "ecause it*s simplea and it means that' &e don*t onl! see' "ecause &e*re all %ilm makers' so 1 associated the %ilm &ith the vie& %inder thing' &e see things di%%erentl!' as %ilmmakers' &e see things the same' "ut at the same time &e see things &ith a di%%erent perspective' &e use our lens' %or one reason to "e the "est and and &e "ring out that "est on &hat our lens is %ocused on( +o !ea' !ou like it# Other people# 8: 1 think &e can conclude that this should "e our logo( : does ever!"od! approve o% the logo# 7: 1 agree on that log( M: thank !ou( : settled6 7: it think &e can no& proceed to the marketing plan o% our compan!( : &ould !ou gu!s &anna go to that no&# Fourth matter: marketing plan 7: so think since our compan! is take on productions' our marketing plan should &ork on the &ord 9top:like' &e should increase the top a&areness o% the people on our e5istence( ike' getting more clients' telling the &orld that &e are e5isting' like' so %irst &e should %ocus more on the social media sites > %ace"ook' t&itter' intsagram( +o these three can reach man! su"scri"ers and then it*s costs less' so 1 think launching our "usiness' &e should "e more' like' creating our o&n %ace"ook' t&itter' and integral accounts( /oes ever!"od! agree# 8: could &e add a !outu"e account# .

7: sure6 Dea' oo( 8: so that &e could "e a"le to advertise our short %ilms( : &e are an advertising video compan!. 7: !ea' haha6 Thank !ou Mr( Chairperson( 7: saguaro' the onoe thing &e should also on is creating our o&n &"site that sho&case &hat top compan! can do %or our clients( ike posting sample videos' images' logos that &e can give to and do %or our clients( : the creative department can &ork on the &e"site( 7: suggestions on ho& &e can increase the top o% mind a&areness# M: 1 think that &e should consider as "oard mem"ers to create a kick starter account( : &hat e5actl! is a kick starter account# M: it*s a &e"site' i% !ou have a kick starter account' it*s &here several independent companies come up &ith independent or corporate pro3ects' and since the! don*t have enough pu"licit!' the! don*t have enough %unding' the! create those pro3ects' not %or pro"ono' "ut %or pledge( ike' 9 1 can create this %or !our compan "ut at this pledge(: so at the the same time' it promotes !our compan! and gets the &ord out that !ou*re there( 7: so does ever!"od! agree on marcus* suggestion# : 1 reall! like the idea( 7: second the motion( : violent reaction# 7: so 1 think this is the %irst marketing media our compan! can &ork on( : &e have settled that( : since &e "asicall! have' us' &hat a"out other people# ?o& are the! gonna &ork %or us# ?&o are &e gonna "e' it*s not the %act that it*s them &orking %or us' it*s that %act that ho& &e*re also gonna help them( Cause like 1 said' &e are a starting compan!' and honestl!' in the philippines toda! it*s ver! hard to get into the %ilm "usiness' so in a &a!' &e have to make them come to us( ?o&# 0!' 1 guess' internship' "ut "e%ore the! get one &e have to see their level' their 1E level' FE level' their creativit!( +o &hat are the reCuirements %or the internship' at %irst# : alright an! suggestion %or the internship# 0: 1 think the! must have at least created a %ilm or a promotional video %or at least a school pro3ect' 8: in short an impressive port%olio( 0: or the! don*t have an!' at least present an!thing that the! created( : so like !ou said earlier' an impressive port%olio( : an!thing else# Can &e "ase their iC on the port%olio# 8: 1 guess not cause &e a creative compan!' the! aren*t reall! in proportion to each other' iC isn*t reall! in propportion to creativit!' 1 guess &e could settle on the age( : alright so does an!"od! have a suggestion on the starting age# 20>2G# 8: GH is good' cause G< !ou &ould need parental consent( : an!thing else# .

M: 1 think that the! should "e &illing to &ork even during holida!s' cause as a production' &e don*t reall! have "reaks and &e &ork around the clock' and i% the! &ork %or us in the long run' the! should "e &illing to &ork( 2I2<' haha6 .9:I0 am : %or the casting' 1 think &e can &ork &ith the interactive' cause it*s "asicall!' in some &a!' also his image( 8: even su"contracts &ould "e interactive# 1n the case' !ou need a studio to &ork on( : &ould !ou "e a"le to handle those things# M: 1*m sorr!' &hat# 8: o% course &e can*t al&a!s have it all like' &orking it on ourselves' so &e*re gonn have' at some point' get a su"contract &ith another studio( M: !ea' 1 think it*s a reall! good idea that &e*re not onl! "ased in one spot' &e can get another studio' like > .olo arrives. @: net &orking' parang meron ta!ong relationship &ithin' like a"s c"n( 8: &orking on !our connections( 0: that*s the 3o" o% the media department( +am arrives.9:I2 am M: i% &e can like get a part o% our clients and a part o% their clients and &e can &ork on their studio' at least it*s not the matter o% client sharing' or time sharing' "ut &e*re helping them an in return their helping us getting the &ord out that &e*re there( M: &e good# =ll: sure( 0: can !ou repeat# M: repeat# )e*re not onl! "ased in one studio' she asked it it*s oka! to have another studio partnered &ith us' 1 said that it*s reall! a good idea "ecause it*s not onl! availa"le to us client sharing "ut it*s also good that &e canspend time &ith them so &e can get to kno& them more and kno& their potential net&orks as &ell( : so have practicall! convered ever!thing no&' &ould !ou gu!s liket o add an!thing' or discuss and other matter# For the late one' do !ou gu!s have an! suggestions# Cause i% there are none' so Cuestions at all' 1 think the meeting is done( Closing matters# 8eactions# 0: &e don*t have a %inancing department !et( .oke( : alright' &e have an impressive port%olio' age' and &illingness to &ork( 1s ever!"od! good on that# : can an!"od! descri"e &hat e5actl! net &orking is# : it sa!s here' look %or opportunities to meet &ith people in !our area.

di"a kailangan ano si!a eh' measura"le' &h! are &e the most sought a%ter production compan!# +o to "ecome the most sought a%ter production compan! in the philippines' "ecause' &e have "een a great instrument to other ne& companies %ast' gro&ing success( Parang ganon' ka!a ta!o naging the most sought a%ter compan! in the Philippines( 7: so in summar!# +: dapat ma! reason na "akit ta!o naging !an( $asi kung goal !an eh. : so i% !ou &anna put a reason' ho& are &e gonna.# +: !ea' to "ecome the most sought a%ter production compan! in the Philippines' %or "eing' %or helping G00 companies in the %irst J !ear' gro& to a million dollars' parang ganon' di"a dapat speci%ic si!a' kasi !an nag goal mo eh' at hindi si!a !ung' "ahala na( $a!a ka naging the most sought a%ter compan!' a%ter J !ears' &hich is !our goal nga> 8: 1 think that*s &hat !ou call the marketing target' vision is Cuite di%%erent( .8: di"a account and %inance# Dun na !on( Mission @: ho& "out our mission# Can &e clear it no&# 7: &hat is the mission o% our compan!# =re &e %ocusing more on the %ilm production or advertising agenc!# 1 think &e should have "oth.: +: 9the most sought out.: &hat does sought out mean# ?indi "a aought a%ter# 7: !ea' it*s sought a%ter( ?ahaha6 +: 9the most sought a%ter compan! in the philippines.: "ecause o% &hat# ike# 0ecause our clients make millions. 8: 1 think %or the mission' !ou could al&a!s state &hat !our plans' ho& do !ou practicall! &ork as a compan!' so !ou could state as much as !ou can' %or the vision !ou 3ust have to put in &hat !ou think !ou &ould "e in the %uture' J to G2 !ears %rom no&( : &ell' &e have the vision' so %ar( 8: %or the mission' !ou could point out as much as !ou can as long as !ou give it point that !our compan! is doing that( : so in short' our mission is# 7: &hat is the mission o% our compan!# 8: &ell one is to create a "randing %or our clients' second is to create %ilms' short %ilms( 7: delivering result oriented' creative communicative advertising' "randing strategies' and solutions to add distinctive value to the "rand( Cause companies' the! reall! need that distinctive value to separate them %rom other "rands( )e*re the compan! that delivers result oriented' creative communicative advertising' and "randing strategies and solutions to add distinctive value to the "rand( astl!' and &e seek to partner &ith our clients( 0ecause' ad agenc!' their real partners are their clients' so &e give &hat our clients &ant( 1% the! &ill not agree on &hat &e did %or their compan!' &e cannot ear pro%it( +o &e give &hat the! reall! &ant( 0: &hat the! reall! reall! &ant( ?ahaha : &e got the vision' mission' name' logo' departments' internship' an!thing else that !ou &ould like to cover in this meeting# +am: ?indi "e dapat productions# /i"a usuall! ma! 9s: si!a sa mga movies# 9&hatever productions presents.

: !ea' e5actl!( 7: it*s more on like' "ecome the most sought a%ter advertising and "randing agenc! across the nation &ith high creativit!' per%ormance' and customer responsiveness( : &e got the mission and the vision( 7: does ever!"od! agree on the vision and mission# =ll: !ea( : %inal note: our name &ill "e take one productions' logo' as !ou*ve seen earlier' departments' vision mission' internship' ever!thing else# ast note# Oka!' meeting done( .