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Subject: media inquiry From: Peter Heimlich <> Date: 2/16/2014 10: !" To: #ori !me$ <lori@thepr%reelancer.

com> CC: &ncon$ular@&ietnamem'a$$y.u$( ne)$@a%$ aly$$a*+e%%@' ,"ay( #ucy, <lucy.may@)>( ,-oyette( .hri$, <.hri$>( ,/anche+( 0ay, <0ay./>( 1om 2ranci$ <thoma$r%ranci$> #ori !me$ Pre$ident 1he P02reelancer( 3nc 141 4ohn /treet( /uite 200 -a'ylon( 56 11702 #ori: 38&e greatly appreciated your help to date re: my reporting a'out %ather8$ recently9pu'li$hed auto'iography( Heimlich's Maneuvers( )hich your company i$ repre$enting. 38d appreciate an an$)er to a quic: que$tion %or a %ollo)9up to thi$ item 3 'logged ye$terday( Prometheus Books publishes my father's long-debunked lie that the American Friends Service ommittee provided !tens of thousands! of Heimlich chest valves to the "orth #ietnamese during the $ar : http://';2<a or http://))).the9$ide'$9my9%ather9told9you9part9i.html Per my item: =ight year$ a%ter 'eing 'u$ted >in 5o&em'er 200 'y in&e$tigati&e reporter 1homa$ 2ranci$ in %adar Maga&ine? %or a prepo$terou$ lie that di$tort$ @ietname$e and A./. hi$tory( and )hich implie$ that the !2/. >!merican 2riend$ /er&ice .ommittee? and Heimlich &al&e manu%acturer -ecton( <ic:in$on and .ompany committed trea$on( it8$ unclear )hy my %ather continue$ to tell the $tory. <oe$ my %ather intend to retract the claim and/or apologi+e %or pro&iding reader$ )ith %al$e in%ormationB 1han: you %or your continued help and 3 loo: %or)ard to recei&ing your an$)er$( pre%era'ly 'y end o% the day 1ue$day( 2e'ruary 1C. 3% you need more time( plea$e ad&i$e and 38ll do my 'e$t to accommodate your $chedule. /incerely( Peter Peter ". Heimlich !tlanta ph: >20C?474972CD )e'$ite: 'log: http://the9$ide' 1)itter: http$://t)*pmh e9mail: cc: 1he Honora'le 5guyen Euoc .uong( !m'a$$ador( 1he /ociali$t 0epu'lic o% @ietnam >Fa$hington( <.? !leGi$ "oore( "edia <irector( !merican 2riend$ /er&ice .ommittee >Philadelphia( P!? !ly$$a He%%( <irector( -ecton( <ic:in$on and .ompany Forld)ide Pu'lic 0elation$ >2ran:lin #a:e$( 54? 1homa$ 2ranci$ !m'er 0yland( 5e)$ =ditor( %adar 'nline .hri$ -oyette( 0ay /anche+( .55 #ucy "ay( /ta%% 0eporter( F.PI9<igital