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MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS ORDER New Delhi, the 28th December, 1998 GSR 772 (E).-In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (Central Act 10 of 1955), the Central Government hereby makes the following order, namely ;-



1. Short title and commencement


1) This Order may be called the Motor Spirit and High Speed Diesel (Regulation of Supply and Distribution and Prevention of Malpractices) Order, 1998.

2) It shall come mto force on the date of its publication in the official ~tte 2. Deflnitlons.In this Order, unless the context otherwise requifes,-


"adulteration" means the introduction of any foreign. substance into motor spirit/high speed diesel illegally or unauthorisedly with the result that the product does not conform to the requirements and specification of the product indicated. in Schedule L

b) "consumer" means a person who purchases products directly from an Oil Company and stores and utilises the products for his own consumption and shall include his representatives, employees or agents;
c) "dealer" means a person appointed by an Oil Company to purchase, receive, store and sell motor spirit and high speed diesel oil whether or not in conjunction with any other business, and shall include his representatives, employees or agents;

d) "high speed diesel" means any hydrocarbon oil (excluding mineral colza oil and turpentine substitute) which meets the requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards specification No. IS-1460 and is suitable for use as fuel in Compression Ignition Engines; e) "malpractices" shall include the following acts of omission and COIIlmiSsion in respect of motor spirit and high speed diesel: l adulteration, II. pilferage m stock variation, IV. unauthorised exchange, v. unauthorised purchase, VI. unauthorised sale VII.Unauthorised possession


j) "product" means motor spirit and high speed diesel. 0) "unauthorised sale" means sale of products by a dealer or consumer to another dealer or consumer or to any other person in contravention of the directive issued for the purpose by the State Government or Oil Companies or in contravention of any provision of this order.16 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY [PARTII-Soc. a dealer. 3(i)] vm. - shall have the same meaning as assigned to it in the Petroleum i) "pilferage" means stealing or attempt to steal of product from a container used for transportation of the product or from a receptacle used for storage of the product and shall include any unauthorised attempt or act of tampering with such container receptacle. g) "Oil company" means any person. sale of Motor Spirit or High Speed Diesel by a dealer at a price higher than that authorised by an "Oil company" from which the Dealer has purchased the product~ . which can be used for adulteration. to transport motor spirit or high speed diesel oil and shall include his . representatives. k) "stock variation" means variation beyond the norms for permissible variation in stocks as given in Schedule II: 1) "transporter" means a person authorised by an Oil Company. m) "unauthorised exchange" means transfer or receipt of the product from dealer or consumer to another dealer or consumer or to any other persons in contravention of the directives issued by 1:he. firm or company authorised by the Central Government who is engaged in the sale of Motor Spirit or High Speed Diesel to consumers or dealers~ - h) "Petroleum" Act. q) "Over charging" means.Over-charging IX. "motor spirit" means any hydrocarbon oil (excluding crude mineral oil) which meets the requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards specification No. n) "unauthorised purchase" means purchase of the products from sources other than those authorised by the Oil Companies. IS-2796 and is suitable for use as fuel in Spark Ignition Engines. Sale of off-specification t) . employees or agents. or a consumer.J product. p) "Unauthorised possession" means keeping of Motor Spirit or High Speed Diesel. 1934.State Government or Oil Companies. under the control of the dealer or any other person without valid sales documents issued by the concerned Oil Company. in contravention of the provisions of this order. or keeping any petroleum product or its mixture.

. including the seals are not in any manner tampered with. (vi) No dealer. brand or nomenclature. he receives the product to ensure. No. IS 2796 and IS 1460 for Motor Spirit & High Speed Diesel or also not in conformity with Schedule I. that the quantity and quality of the products are as per delivery documents issued by the Oil Companies and the quality of the product confonns to the requirements indicated in Schedule 1. transporter consumer or any other person shall indulge in any manner in any of the malpractices listed in Clause 2 (e) above. (v) No person shall sell or agree to sell any petroleum product or its mixture other than Motor spirit or High Speed Diesel. Product Supply and Transportation :(i) The Product from the supply point shall be transported by the transporter in a container or tank truck certified fit by the concerned authorities (Explosives and Transport authorities and oil company) to carry the product with accurate calibration as certified by the Weights and Measures authority and supported by delivery documents and deliver the same to the storage or dispensing point in the same condition as delivered to him by the originating supply point both in respect of quality and quantity. under any name. which can be and is meant to be used as fuel in Spark Ignition Engines or Compression Ignition Engines. the dealer/consumer shall maintain a record of densities as indicated in Schedule I and keep samples of product or take such other measures. in any form. as specified in schedule 1. (iv) No person other than the Dealer or Oil Company or their agent shall be engaged in the business of selling Product tTom underground storage tank. sale of Motor Spirit or High Speed Diesel by dealer of quality not conforming to Bureau of Indian Standards specifications. (vii) The delivery or sale of motor spirit and high speed diesel oil shall be made by dealers of Oil Companies only tTom authorised retail pump outlets. (ii) (iii) The dealer/consumer shall inspect such containers or tank trucks in which - a) b) that the container or tank truck. 3. The transporter shall ensure that the product is transported only in containers or tank trucks which are properly sealed.For this purpose. as prescribed by Oil Company.17 f\11TlIl-~ 3(i)] r) "Sale of otfspecification product" means.

5. vehicle or receptacle as the case may be to check whether density and / or other parameters of the product conform to requirements indicated in Schedule l. consumer or any other person suspected to be an employee or agent of the dealer. 1973 (2 of 1974). transporter. (iv) take samples of the product and / or seize any of the stocks of the product which the officer has reason to believe has been or is being or is about to be used in contravention of this order and hereafter take or authorise tha taking of all measures necessary for securing the production of stocks! items so seized before the Collector having jurisdiction under the provision of the Essential Commodities Act. or for the purpose of satisfying himself that this order or any order made thereunder has been complied with(i) enter and search any place or premises being made use of or suspected to be made use by a dealer. with respect to which there is reason to believe that the provisions of this order have been / are being or are about to be contravened. by general or special order by the Central Government or State Government as the case may be or any Otlker of the concerned Oil Company not below the rank of Sales Officer may. 3(i) J 4. consumer or any other person who is an employee or agent of such dealer / transporter / consumer or any other person. transporter. (C) The provisions of section 100 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. (B) While exercising the power of seizure provided under clause A(iv) the authorised officer shall record in writing the reasons for doing so. apply to searches and seizures under this Order. Power of Search and Seizure -(A) Any Gazetted Officer of the Central or State Government or any Police Officer not below the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) duly authorised. transporter or consumer. . transporter. Sampling of Product (1) The Officer authorised in clause 4 shall draw of the sample from the tank. consumer or any other concerned person. (ii) (iii) inspect any book of accounts or other documents or any stock of the product used or suspected to be used in the business of the dealer.18 THE GAZETrE OF INOlA: EXTRAORDINARY [PAKr II-SEe. nozzle. 1955 (10 of 1955) and for their safe custody pending such production. stop and search any person or vehicle or receptacle used or intended to be used for the movement of the product. with a view to securing compliance with the provisions of this Order. a copy of which shall be given to the dealer. relating to search and seizure shall. as far as may be.

Repeal and Saving: (1) The motor spirit and high speed diesel (Prevention of malpractices in Supply and Distribution) Order. quantity of sample. . by a general or speci21order issue to any dealer. Plastic (4) The sample label should be jointly signed by the officer who has drawn the sample. such dealer. each of the High be Speed Diesel.------ r~ II-~ 3(i)) (2) The Officer authorised in clause 4 shall take. P_II013/1/97-Dist.. . Containers shall not be used for drawing samples. sign and seal six samples of 1 litre each of the Motor Spirit or 3 of 1 lit. in so far as it is not inconsistent with the provisions of this Order. 1990 is hereby repealed.--------.onples ) would given to the 2 Dealer or of Motor Spirit ( or one of High Speed Diesel transporter or concerned person under acknowledgement with instruction to preserve the sample in his safe custody till the testing or investigations are completed. transpOrteror consumer shall be bound to comply therewith. name of retail outlet. name and signature of the officer. would be kept by the concerned Oil Company or department and the remaining two samples of MS (and/or one ofHSD) would be used for laboratory analysis. Power of Central Governments to issue directions -- The Centra1Government may. transportation and disposal of motor spirit or high speed diesel and upon the issue of such directions. tranSporter or consumer or any other person. indicatcd in Schedule I. (5) The authorised officer shall send the sample of the product taken mder subclause (2)' within 10 days to any of the laboratories mentioned in Schedule m appended to this Order or such other laboratory as notified by the Government in the Official Gazette for this purpose. name and ~ignature of the dealer or transporter or concerned person or his representative. 2 samples of MS (and I or one of HSD). sale. (2) NotWithstanding such repeal. be deemed to have been done or taken under the . such directions as it considers necessary regarding storage. Add\. [F.19 . No. date. for analysis with a view to checking whether the density and I or other parameters of the product conform to requirement:. or omitted to be done thereunder before such commencement. provision of the order to prevail over previous orders of State Governments. eteThe provisions of this Order shall have effect notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any Order made by a State Government or by an Officer of such State Government before the commencement of this Order except as respects anything done. anything done or any action taken under the Motor Spirit and High Sped Diesel (prevention of Malpractices in Supply and Distribution) Order 1990 shall. (3) Samples shall be taken in clean glass or aluminium containers. corresponding provisions ofthisOrder.] DEVIDAYAL. sa. 6. and the dealer or tranSporter or ccncemed person or his representative and the label shall contain information as regards the product. 7. 8. from time to time. Secy.

4. 3(i) ] IS 2796 : 1995 SCHEDULE I - (See Clause 2(a» Table 1 : Requirements for Motor Gasoline (Clauses 4. Characteristic 87 Octane Unleaded (1) I) Requirements Method of Test. Ref.1..1) SI. 10..Min vi) vii) Potential guml. (RON+MON)l2. 82 82 ~SO 88 SO 40 [p:26Jand [p:27] Max 40 40 [p:29](Air jet solvent washed) . .3 and 4.S 40-70 90 215°(: 2 215°C 2 87 87 93 [p:27] Or . Kglm3 (3) Colour1ess ii) ill) +--Not more than No.1 --+ . Max Existent gum. Min . percent by volume. perceat by volume c) Recoveryup to 10(tC (E 1(0). percentby volume d) Recoveryup to 18O"C (E ISO)..1. Vuual COIII* Stripcorrosionfor 3 b at SO"C Dcasity It 15"<:.20 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY (PAKI" n-sec. yjm3.1/m3. 4. v) Octane RcquiremcDts: a) ~h Octane number. to 87 Octane Leaded (4) Orange 93 Octane Leaded (5) Red P : orIS 1448 (6) Annex of This Standard (7) (2) Colour.b) ADIi-kno<:kindex.---Not limitedbIrtto be [p:15) [p:16} reported--+ [P:18] ~--Not 1imitA:d but to be reported M Di&tiUatioo a) Initial boiling point -~ I0-4S 40-70 90 21S°C 2 10-45 40-70 c)3 'b) Recovery up to WC (E 70).. No. Max. Min c) FiDaiboiling point. pcrc:ent by volume. Max f) Residue..

However the use of multifunctional additives does not exempt the manufacturer from meeting this requiremeDt prior to addition of additiveS.(viii). if used. and northern plains of India. Max [P:38t or (p:82] (p:39]s Reid vapour pressure.Max. percentby mass.20 0. &'l.80 35-70 (p:34) . Sl No. a) sU1l11DC:l b) Winter7 AnnexB 10 0 10 0 10 0 xii) Vapour lock index (VLI) (VLI=IORVP + 7 E 7O).20 0.013 35-70 ) ( '1 ) 0.1" for '0. kPa Water totcnmcc of gasoliDc-ak:obol blends.fRUI 2\ ('f\ (~) Sulphur. detergentldispcrgent additives. Table 1.20' .(RVP)at 38°C.) 4 To be carried out at the refinery end only.S6 35-70 - ( ~\ 7. and the limit for the test is meant for products prior to addition of multifunctioual additives.['II1I1-~ ( I ) 3(i)] ~'!fI1 ~:amt". Max. col3}-Substitute '0.1 MARCH 1997 TO IS 2711:18PECFlCATION Second ReYl8lon MOTOR GASOLINES -: . as these may interfere with the test. Lead content (as Pb) the dry vapour teSt mctbod giva1 in Armcx A sbaI1be followed . Max viii) ix) x) xi) l '> 0. .. I For UDlcaded gaso1iDe test method ASTMD S058IIP352 sbal1be followed. This test shall be carried out on the gaso1iDc before addition of multifunctioua1 . For the gaso1iDe-a1cobo blends. Lead content will be phased out as per the govemmeat direcCivesas and when they are notified and the n:quircmcDtS of lead content sbaI1 apply accordiDg1y. ~for pbase separation. 0. °C.20 0. From May to July in ceDIr81 may be lower than OOC in the northern billy region In winter it is expected that ~ 8Dd beDce pbasc separation sbal1 not take p1acc till -100c AMENDMENT NO. (page3. a) b) Other maotbs ~7SO 950 7SO 9SO 7SO 9SO :a Under pI~ Till such time ASTMD 873-88(4 hour duraIion)sbal1be followed.

--. In cI. liolin'tml!!tic -.ercerJ! by volume Max Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)"). not ex... of c..01 0. ML'1___ I ___ _ _. 32 ~~Abel.the ..t engine i... cercent bv mass.Max 1) - Thl' limit II Ippllcable prior to Iddltlon of cetlne number Improve.30 0.. cSt.tabllih the p nc. cannot be Ipplled. Howover.22 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRr\ORDlNARV ---_. Max Copper strip corrosion for 3 h at 100°C Nil 0. No.tlca (2) Requlrementa HSD (3) Method of Teat.~sh pOinf): -.mpt the manuflctu..._bY ma88.hed fuela In tho mI~et..-.8 to 5..kglm 1..351) 450 6°C for winter and P:2 P:2 P:4 P:8 P:9 P:10 -- J. Max Total sediments ma cer 100 m17)...uch ca. 90 percent ~__'~'C!J Max T volum~ recc\Vtfry at : f. ~rC8nt by '1lass. OC.. from m.ment prior to the Iddltlon of addltlvea. Min Pour point~.05 .!~J. 81. viscositv. (1) Characterl. The error in prediction of the 'Calculated Cetana Index' by this method will be less than :2 Cetane Numberfor fuels having Cetane Number withinthe range of 32 to 56.---+.. Ref to (4) Acditv.05 gOCfor winter and 21°C for summer.0 0.6 Total sulphu?'l.tlne number Improve. obtained on flnl... 3(i» IS 1~~ : 1005 Table 1 Requlrementa for DI_' (Clause 4..) 1.d to ..... A8TMD 4048 'hili be u.L~t~~sky~Marte'18.-.8°C~ for sum me"") Notworse than P:15 P:18 P:20 P:21 P:25 P:30 P:32 P:33 P:40 P:110 f-I I NO. Max Water cont~t.1 366 . the p nt limit for carbon mid.. In . Min °C.Distillation. inoraanic AcditY.P. ----- [PARTII-S£(:. not IVlillble or whon the quantity of the sample is too small for an engine rating 'Calculated Cetane Index by Folir Variable Equation' by ASTM D 4737 may be used for estimation of cetana number....tlng th18 requl.. It may be nct5d that this method is not applicable to 2) ._'perc.J. of nitrite containing Cttane number Improve..§edil'('~f!~s~~rceDt b~ mao~~ax --Qen~iti_~~15° mg of KOH/a~Max Ash.-.e I value exceeding the limit I.Max CetanEtnumber ). at 40°C . .2) Fuel. Max Carbon residue (Ramsbottom) on 10 oercent residue .0 0. 820-880 1. doe.. If uaed.-.-... Whon G t.

~ tested by the method presaibed In IS 1448 [P:21]: 1970. the use of multi-functional additives does not exempt the manufacturer from meeting this requirementprior to the additionof additives.Max 7) 2000 0.[qITlI-1Jq 3(i)] 23 -pure hydrOCarbonS or fuels containing cotana nnprovers or fuels derived from coal.Substitute '4fI)' for'45' and insert following foot-note after foot-note' ': 'S) For diesel fuel processed ftom Assam crude. although efforts willbe made by the oil comparlles to reduce sulphurcontentbelow1. (v). Table 1. '-' 3) Subject to agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. the direct determination c:I cetane number by means of the standardized engine test shall be used unless the bUyer and the seller agree otherwise. Total sulphur content for HSD shall stand automatically revised as per the following schedu1e.0 percent by mass even before 1998: 6) 1998 Total sulphur content.25 0. For 8'bitration purposes. clause 2) -Insert petroleum and liquid petroleum products by hydrometer method (third revisiOn)' after '( P: 15 ] : 1976'. - ( Page 3. the value of 42 minimum shall apply till 31 December 1999: . col 3~. SI No. 1 MARCH 1997 TO IS 1460: 1995 DIESEL FUELS SPECIFICATION (Third Revision) U[r:16) : 1990 Density of crude (Page' 1.50 This test shall be carried out only at the refinery or manufacturer's end and the limit for this test is meant for products prior to addition of multifunctional additives if used. AMENDMENT NO. a lower or higher maximum pour point and CfPP may be required for apeeial appllcatlona and geograpj1ical 8'8as. 4) 5) Diesel fuel for naval applications Including Merchant navy and tl8hlngve888lsof 12 metresand above in length shall have a flash point of eeoc Min. Percent by mass. Winter shall be the period from November to February (both monthslnclulive) and rest of the months of the year shall be called aa summer. However.

Table 1. Table I.<:. As an alternative.24 THE GAZETrE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY [PART II-SF.' [ Page 3. and insert the following foot-note after new foot-note '9) '8)' : The test method given in IP 336 may also be permitted for testing of total sulphur as an alternative method.25 percent Max in Taj trapezium by 1 Odober 1996.75% on annual average sales of 0 .5 percent Max for the HSD supplied to 4 metropolitan cities of Delhi. Bombay.Substitutethe followingforthe existingfoot-note:'6) revised as per the followingschedule: i) ii) iii) Total sulphur content for HSD shall stand automatically . ASTM D 2274 shall be the refree test method.25 percent Max throughout the country with effect from 1 April 1999' . col 6 ] . may be used and in such case the value of total insolubles shall be 2. 0. In case of dispute with regard to the test to be followed. coI6 ] . 3(i)) [ Page3. .Substitute the following for the existing: '7) The test shall be carried out only at the refinery or manufacturer's end. P:32 shall be the referee test method.' SCHEDULE II ( See Clause 2 (k) ) " Details of norms for permissibte stock variation Variation In stocks In underground tanks Is considered to be beyond normal operation level when the Inspection establishes that the variatlor:lInstocks Inthe underground tanks Is beyond 4% of tank stock over and above: (i) Evaporationlhandling losses in motor spirit as follows0. 0. (xiii).60% on annual average sales of above 600 Kilolitres.5 mg/100 ml Max. 0. SI No. Table I. Sl No. Madras and Calcutta and the Taj trapezium with effect from 1 April 1996. Table 1. method given in P:33 of IS 1448 shall be the refree method. ' [ Page 3. 0. foot-note '7)'] . the test method ASTM D 2274.Substitute 'P:339' for 'P:33' . foot-note'6)'] .600 Kilolitres.Substitute 'P:1610) or P:32 v 'P:328 and insert the following foot-note after newfoot-note '10) In case of dispute with regard to the test to be followed. (xii). [ Page 3. in case of dispute. However.

Budge Budge Laboratory. (9) No.. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. No. Mumbai 400 074. Corridor Road. (Marketing Division). Road. SCHEDULE 11\ ( See Clause 5 (5) ) Laboratories for testing of Petroleum Product Samples Limited Laboratories Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (1 ) "- Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.O. Loni Kalbhor. 43. Corridor Road. - - - - - - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 1170. Ltd. Mahul.. Vasco Terminal Laboratory.50. - (Shrinkage 10 on motor spirit high speed diesel and temperature variation allowance quantltle.. Pipeline Terminal. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Ambala Cantonment. Laboratory. Jalandhar City -144 009.25% on annual average sales of 0 600 Kilolitres.. Laboratory Rohtak Road.. Jalandhar Laboratory. Ltd. TIC Indl. (2) Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Chennai.. Ltd. P. (12) No.O. Goa. (3) Box No. G. (11 ) Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Budge (5) Budge. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Mahul.Area. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Lubes Refinery Laboratory. Visakh Refinery Laboratory. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Pune 412 201.B. Ltd. Mumbai 400 074. Ltd.211 001. PIN-133001 (HarYar:'la). dealer's explanation will be called for before any action is taken under the provisionsof this order. Ltd.. 48. Fuels Refinery Division Laboratory. Mazgaon Laboratory. . . Emakulam Terminal Laboratory. Ltd. (10) Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. No.20% on annual average sales of above 600 Kilolitres. Vasco-D-Gama. Box No. D-99.530 001.B.400 033. (13) (14) (15) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Ltd. 24 paraganas. Note _ In case of variation beyond permissible limits in the stocks of motor spirit or high speed diesel.400 703. Loni Terminal Laboratory. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.. 98/99. Allahabad Laboratory. Havbundor Road. Post Box No. 0..2. Elaya Mudali (6) Street. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Vishakhapatnam . (7) Shakurbasti.. on HSD to bf'taken Into account wherever the same are applicable). West Bengal 743 319. P. P.B.T. (8) Gandhidham (Kachch) 370 201. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Cochin-682 031. Mumbai . P. su~ipind. (4) Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Delhi 110 056. Ambala Laboratory.44. Ltd..O. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. P.B.. New Mumbai.[\WTII-~ 3(i» 2S (ii) Handling losses in high speed diesel as follows - 0. WashermanpatP.. Ltd. Allahabad ... . Emakulam. 2611. Ltd. Ltd. Vashi . Laboratory P..

(24) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Gauhati 701 020 (Assam).. Gauhati Oil Refinery Laboratory. Banasawadi Road. Budge Budge -743 319. Indian Oil CorporationLtd. Laboratory. Radhadashi...851 112 (Bihar). Laboratory. Dist.600021... P.. (23) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.. (31) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.682 003.. Laboratory. Laboratory. (18) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Laboratory. (Dum Dum Lab).734 401. 530 011. Panambur. Antop Hill. Haldia Laboratory. 24 Paraganas. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Laboratory. Kathiavakkam - High Road. Kandla (Kutch). Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. No. Poon Poon. (30) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Calcutta -700052.208 009. Begusarai . 3(i)) (16) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Vasco-D- Gama. Calcutta Airport Terminal Laboratory. (19) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (17) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. P. Shakurbasti Laboratory. (32) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. No. Nagar.. Howrah. Sannath Nagar. Kandla Port.. Opp.300 019. Laboratory. Post Office Armapore. (22) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Laboratory. Mathura Refinery. Haldia Refinery. Delhi Terminal Laboratory. Bangalore Laboratory. Tuticorin Harbour Project Premises.Sipara. Wellington Islands. Midnapur (west Bengal). Delhi -110056. Shivaji Park. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. .. Port Blair Laboratory. Tuticorin 628 004. Laboratory... Distt. Hyderabad 500 018...B.. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Laboratory.. Village Panchpara.) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.403001. (33) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Post Office. Dist. Mumbai 400 031.. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Antop Hill Laboratory. (20) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (21) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. New Delhi.B.. Mangalore. Malkapuram Post Office. Kanpur . Wadala. Naphtha Terminal Project Laboratory. Gurgaon Road. M. Calcutta Airport. Laboratory.26 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY [PART II-SI:('.P. Durgapur-713212.360 033. Post Persav.. Industrial Estate...O. Bijwasan. United Salt Works.Goa. 35..S. Cochin .. Chennai (25) \26) (27) (28) (29) Indian Oil CorporationLtd. Bangalore . - - - - - . 154. Andaman & Nicobar Island. Opp. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. P.. Port Blair. Ahmedabad . Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Pin575 010. Korkapet Laboratory.O. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Rajabandh Terminal Laboratcry. Near New Jalpaiguri Station.. P. Noonmati. Barauni Oil Refinery Laboratory. Mughalsarai232 101. Post Siliguri . (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) Vishakhapatnam . Shakurbasti. Patna. Railway Colony Post. Mughalsarai Laboratory. Mathura Refinery Laboratory. P. Laboratory. Mathura 231 005 (U. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.O. Post Office Fateh Bagh.

Vadodra .. Gujarat 370 201. Gujarat Oil Refinery Laboratory. Mumbai - (45) (46) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. L.. Assam -786171. (16-C) IBP Co. P.O.G. No. Bhopal. (48) Bharat Petroleum Corpn.. UmitGCt.O.. P-68. Mumbai 400 013. Oelhl.. (R&D Centre). P:B. (Assam Oil Division).e. P. Mumbll. Nagapattinam 611 002. Jaipur Laboratory. Cochln 882 031. Poat Gandhldham..O.P. 'A' Inatallation.O. Paharpur..aboratory. (47-A) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.110 056. RefIneries. Dist. Sanganer Airport. Muttam Village. Ltd. Laboratory. Hald" Laboratory. Gooda Shed Road...B.[\UITII-~ 3(i)] 27 (42) (43) (44) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (52) Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Diwangiri. P.SIWrII Terminal L.) (47-B) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (47) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. lIP Co. (53) Bharat Petroleum Corpn.lmlted L. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. No. Hald. Dlgboi Refinery Laboratory. - - - BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD. No.O. - . Tondlarpet Inltallation Lab.400 018. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Thiruvottyur Post. Faridabad 121 001 Haryana. Ud. LABORATORIES. Ltd. Ltd. Sewre.c) Indian 011 Corporation Ltd. - - - IBP Co.. Melavanjore P. Jaipur 302 011.. RiD Centre. Grahm Road. 1(011S~ Noar Rayapumn Bridge. 281S.. 8hakurbutl.s (8). Tamil Nadu.S. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Chennai -800 001. New Delhl.. Miaaamari. (47-D)lndian 011Corporation Ltd. Bhilai (M. Bhopal Laboratory. paraga. W. P.. L. P.. Nagore Taluk. . Ennore High Road..110 034. Laboratory. Oarrang.Pir Pau.R. Sector 13. Budge Budge. Ernakulam Inatallatlon Lab" p.O. Emakulam. Tondiarpet. Nishatpur. 400 074. Mldnapur. Bhilai Laboratory. Budge Budge. Assam.lboratory.. (55-A)mp Co. 1152. 24.462 001. West Bengal..391 320. Ltd. (47.. Tondlarpet. Dist. 33. Cauvary Basin Marketing Terminal. Calcutta-700 043. (88) (55-B) IBP Co. Chennai.aboratory (&4) lIP Co. Laboratory. Weat Bengal-743 319.. M. Missamarl Laboratory. Near Railway Goods Shed. Budge Budge Inatallatlon Lab" Budge Budge. Diversion Road. (51) Bharat Petroleum Corpn. lIP Depot L.. 3. Massey's Godown. Trombav. Klndla Inatallatlon Lab. P. (SO) Bharat Petroleum Corpn. (49) Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd" Shakurbaatl Inatallatlon Lab" Shakurbaatl. 93. Chennai 600 081.. (47-E) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. . Rohtak Road.. Nagai Qued-e-Millet Dist.. (Eaat).t 88ngal. Ltd. L. Dist. Laboratory. Jawaharnagar. C.

Ambalamugal. Mayapuri. Hauz Khas.. Mumbai . [F. Dist. (65) (66} Inspectorate General of Stores Vikhroli. Judges Court Road. Dehra Dun 248 006. Indian Institute of Technology. R. New Delhi -110 066.O. I I 0064 Printed I>y the Manager. New Bongaigaon. Pusa.. . 11/1.G. Cochin Refinery Ltd.No. Hastings.682 302. Cochin . Kokrajhar.iI:g Road.28 THE GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY [PART II-Sf(:. Puram. Inspectorate General of Stores . 001 DGI Complex.600 019. Government of Tamil Nadu. - 600 And all Forensic laboratories In States/UTs. P.L. Indian Institute of Technology. Other Laboratories (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) Indian Institute of Petroleum. P. Inspectorate General \)f Stores Laboratory Complex. Chennai.) DEVI DAYAL. Kanpur. & HPC) Other Refinery Laboratories (57) (58) (59) Bongaigaon Oil Refinery Ltd. Civil Aviation Deptt. Indian Institute of Technology.K. Chennai .400 083. Mumbai. No. Delhi. (I. Chennai 600 114. Calcutta 700 022. Laboratory. - . Industries and 700027. I QQ8 and pul>lished b~ the Controller ofPllblications. Madras Refineries Ltd. Powai. Calcutta - (62) National Physical Laboratory. Alipore.4 -- . Manali. I I 00. New Deihl. IBP Co. Refinery Laboratory.. Regional Research Laboratory. Control rate General of Stores Laboratory. Laboratory. Block 11/111 East. New Delhi. Refinery Laboratory.110 012. Commerce Department. Assam Madras Refinery Laboratory. P. (62-A) Chemical Testing and Analytical Laboratory. DGI Complex. BPC. IGS Kanpur. P. Defence Laboratories (63) (64) Chief Control rate of Materials. National Test House.UOI3/1/97-Dist.. Hyderabad 007. Post. Laborato!'Y. Gulndy. Secy. Add\. Kharagpur. oflndia Pre.Guindy. (jo\l. New Delhi .S.B. 3(i» Mobile Laboratories of Oil Companies (56) Mobile Laboratories of Oil Companies (IOC. 229. Laboratories Government (60) (61) Director of Airworthiness. Indian Institute of Technology. Uppal Road.".).