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TeamLuby Update – Week of March 10, 2014

Spring Street School
Mrs. Luby’s class

We were very excited to have Dr.
Sawyer as our Community Reader on
Thursday. He shared many stories of his
education and spoke with the children of
the importance of reading. Check out the
photos on TeamLuby Blog along with our
Electromagnet presentation photos.
Our Red Sox Nation Fun Fair Basket
is coming along! If you can add to the
basket, please do so early this week.
Opening Day is only 22 days and 6 hours
This week, many children will bring in
their favorite small stuffed toy or
object to share. Sign-ups are on the
Hoot is still across the
hall from us!
Thank you to those who
volunteered to chaperone our
Lowell Mills field study on 3/21
– our chaperones will be Mrs. Kish,
Mrs. McNamara, and Mrs. Samara.

Reminders – Sneakers for PE on Tuesday;
recorders for Music on Wednesday!

Math Club – TUESDAY; 8-8:30 AM –
percents of wholes with and without

MCAS-Long Composition Tues., 3/18
Lowell Mills Field Study - Fri., 3/21
(Check out the videos on TeamLuby
Resources – Social Studies)
MCAS-Reading Comp, Tues/Wed.
3/25 & 26
Mon., 3/31 – Tri 2 report cards
Tuesday, 4/15 – Early Release Day
Monday, 5/12 – Early Release Day
Friday, 6/6 – Professional Development
Day – no school

Date Assigned Due Date
Read 20 minutes each night! Choose a
differnet genre – expand your horizons!
MB 9.1 3-10 3-11
Writing TBA
Kid blog – What are you reading? due 3-14
Scootpad –Math and ELA ASSIGNMENTS
2 times each this week! due 3-14
Myth typed 3-12 3-17
Can be typed with help; we will
continue to revise it from the typed copy.
Math - TBA

Language Arts
Students will be reading about how
advertisers try to persuade consumers as
well as, comparing poetry, homophones, and
parts of speech. We will also review the
Mock ELA ORQ’s as well as look at other
types of responses.


We will continue with our penny
discussion, pillar, and finals as well as our
Greek myths. We will also look at a variety
of writing types/prompts in preparation for
the MCAS Long Composition on Tues., 3/18.

The Unit 7 Open Response will be on
Monday; we will also review the written
assessment from Friday. Then, it is on to
Unit 9 (skipping Unit 8 until later) that
includes more fractions and decimals,
percents, measuring, adding, subtracting
complementary angles, and
multiplication/division of decimals.
FAMILY LETTERS can be found on-line
this year! As in past years, they contain unit
vocabulary, activities, and selected homework
answers. You can find these newsletters at:
grade/famlly-leLLers/ If you cannot access them,
please let me know.

Social Studies
The children will complete their
South Region postcards. Next region – the
Midwest where manufacturing, farming,
Great Plains, and the Great Lakes take
center stage!

Science - from the desk of Mrs. Liporto
Thank you all for the support of
your fourth grader during the Invention
Convention on Monday. There were some
great projects and really excited
students. Everyone did a fabulous job
and should be proud of their work.
Next week we will be finishing up
with our simple machine/invention unit.
We’ll review simple machines and our
Science Court case on Tuesday. On
Thursday we’ll watch a movie about
some famous inventors.

Class Tidbits!

Happy Birthday!

Isaac 3-9
Rebecca 3-17
Julia 3-19
Catherine 3-21

Art: Monday, 9:15-9:55 AM
Physical Education: Tues., 10:45 – 11:25 AM
Music, Wed, 11:25 – 12:05 PM
Health: Thursday, 10:45 – 11:25 AM
Chorus: Friday 10:00-10:40 AM
Media: Every other Wed. 9:10-9:30 AM
As always, your comments are welcome.
Please drop me an e-mail at school or at
Barbara Luby

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