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A Read and answer the questions that follow.

Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin Amy Adlin , : Hello,may I speak to Amy please? : Yes, speaking. : I want to tell you what the postman has delivered today. : What is it? Can I see it? : No, you an!t. "y mother said I an only open it on my #irthday whi h will #e tomorrow. : Are you having a party this $unday? : Yes, you and your %amily are also invited. : &o you know what!s in your par el? : No, #ut it must #e very e'pensive. : How do you know? : Aunty $ara always sends me wonder%ul presents %rom (ondon. : Your par el must have #eauti%ul stamps on it. : Yes, it has. Are you interested in olle ting stamps? : Yes, I am. : I!ll give you the stamps when you ome to my house tomorrow. : )hank you. $ee you tomorrow : *k, see you tomorrow. +ye.

Who is Adlin talking to? A Amy C Amy!s %amily + -ostman & "other


Adlin!s #irthday is on //////////////////// A $unday + 0riday C $aturday & )hursday


When did this onversation take pla e? A $unday + 0riday C $aturday & )hursday


Who sent the par el to Adlin? A Her un le + Her %ather C Her mother & Her aunt


)he postman //////////////////// the par el. A sends + re eives C delivers & #uys
4 3 marks 5

)he sun ////////////// in the east. A is walking + was walking C are walking & were walking :. -uan &alila ///////////////// in primary s hool... We /////////////// many #utter%lies at the park last year. (ily ////////////////////// lun h when we arrived there. A tea h + taught C tea hes & tea hing . )he hildren //////////////////////// Negara 7u.1. Choose the correct answer. A is tea hing + are tea hing C am tea hing & were tea hing 9.. A is singing + are singing C am singing & was singing 8. A eat + eats C ate & eating . 6. A was preraring + is preparing C were preparing & are preparing . We //////////////// the %ood hungrily yesterday.. A at h + aught C at hes & at hing .2.3. A is helping + am helping C are helping & were helping .B.. We ///////////////////// home when the a ident happened.. A like + liked C likes & liking . "y tea her ///////////////////// us $ ien e now. I //////////////////// my %ather now. Atika and A<ida ///////////////// to read maga<ines. A rise + rises C rised & rising .

)he man uses //////////// to eat %ried noodles. He #uys a pair o% ///////////// at the supermarket...3.. A lamp post + andle C tor hlight & lamp . )he hildren are playing with the ////////////. We use a //////// when walking in the dark.. A dresses + skirts C shirts & uni%orms .:.pants + shirt >>>>.1. )he pupils are wearing s hool /////////////////////to s hool. A #elt + #ag C shoes & wallet .8. A tops C mar#les + shuttle o ks & #alls .2. A trolley + tray C thread and needle & pot and pan C wheel#arrow & #asket ..9. )he //////////////////// is made o% leather.. )he man is wearing a//////////// and a pair o% ////////////////. A #louse>dress + )?shirt >shorts C dress>skirt & )?shirt>skirt . A #louse>>>>. )he #oy is pulling the /////////// . He drinks a ////////// o% milk #e%ore going to #ed..trousers C )?shirt>>>>>trousers & shirt >>>>>> shorts 4 . A skirt + shorts C trousers & shirt . A %ork and spoon + up and sau er . marks 5 ... A mug C up + glass & =ug .6. )he girl is wearing a //////////////// and a ////////////////..

only ten minutes drive - Melati $ingle?storey kampung house 0our rooms *ne living room $mall garden with o onut trees 0ar %rom the ity. near the sea ? ? - Melor )erra e house 0ive rooms *ne living room $mall garden Near the ity. "awar &ou#le?storey house "elor "elati )ype o% houses Num#er o% rooms Num#er o% living rooms @arden (o ation %ive one large Near the ity. marks 5 . twenty minutes drive 4 . Study the advertisement below carefully.C. twenty minutes drive (i) Complete the table.. Mawar &ou#le?storey #ungalow $even rooms )wo living rooms (arge garden with a small %ountain Near the ity.

D oo! at the picture carefully. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 4 .3 marks 5 . /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// . . (iii) "rite five sentences.