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What's GTL Natural Gas Air Separation Unit Reforming Fischer Tropsch Hydrotreating !rac"ing Hydrogen #roduction Unit

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/0$1 .What is GTL& ' (R)* GTL +ision .t is dra-n from <atar=s North Gas field and routed to LNG facilities located in Ras'Laffan .ndustrial !ity in the north of <atar4 After remo8ing un-anted components from the natural gas it is sent to (R)* GTL as its main feed stream9 of -hich around .nitial cooling9 drying9 and !(/ remo8al Further compression9 cooling9 and high'pressure and lo-'pressure separation The Ali5uid airB is then routed through cryogenic distillation to produce pure o3ygen and pure nitrogen #ure (3ygen is sent to the Reforming unit to produce synthesis gas Nitrogen is used in the facility as a utility4 Reforming The main steps in this unit are2 Natural gas is desulphurised and then pre'reformed to produce a feed stream for the Auto'Thermal Reformer4 The reforming of methane and steam to Synthesis gas 9-ith a specific ratio of hydrogen to car:on mono3ide9 is then completed in the Auto Thermal Reformer4 #roduced Synthesis gas is then cooled do-n :y generating H# Saturated steam in a Waste Heat Coiler4 The synthesis gas produced is the feed stream to the Fisher Tropsch unit Fisc er Tropsc The main steps of each of the t-o Fischer Tropsch trains are2 http2 ory3gtl4com45a -hat'is'gtl4html % . +alues ' -e ma"e GTL the choice #age / of % Send to Friend Share #rint this #age GTL Introduction Gas to Li5uids 6GTL7 ta"es natural gas and con8erts it to lo-'sulphur en8ironmentally friendly diesel9 naphtha9 and L#G4 6GTL7 technology has :een around for decades9 ho-e8er9 only -ith ad8ances in catalyst research has it :ecome economically attracti8e4 GTL Process Overview Natural Gas Natural Gas is a main Feedstoc" procured :y (R)* GTL to produce GTL4 .>? is used to produce synthesis gas -hile the rest is used for fuel4 Air Separation Unit The air separation unit consists of t-o trains4 @ach train is one of the :iggest of its "ind in the -orld4 The main steps of each of the ASU trains are2 !ompression of atmospheric air .

What is GTL& ' (R)* GTL +ision . +alues ' -e ma"e GTL the choice #age % of % #reheating the synthesis gas from the Reformer Reaction of the gas :y the Fischer Tropsch process o8er proprietary catalyst in the Sasol Lo... /0$1 .4.Temperature Slurry Ced Reactors The high'yield of long'chain paraffin hydrocar:ons from the Sasol catalyst is cooled and separated into tail gas9 -a39 hydrocar:on condensate9 and reaction -ater The tail gas is sent for further hydrocar:on reco8ery The hydrocar:on condensate and -a3 are sent to the hydrocrac"er The -ater is treated and e3ported as irrigation -ater !"drotreating # $rac%ing The proprietary catalyst used to hydro'treat and crac" the Fischer Tropsch products is supplied :y !he8ron4 A minimal amount of olefins is hydro'treated in the reactor -hile longer chain paraffins are :ro"en do-n into shorter chains The resulting t-o phase reactor product is then routed to a series of flash 8essels to separate the li5uid from the 8apor4 The +apor is recycled and the li5uid is then fractionated and treated into the plant=s final products4 !"drogen Production Unit The main steps in this unit are2 Natural Gas de'sulfurisation4 Steam reforming ' reaction of steam -ith a hydrocar:on o8er a catalyst at around DE0'F00o! to form hydrogen and car:on o3ides Shift con8ersion ' car:on mono3ide reacts -ith steam to produce car:on dio3ide and additional hydrogen4 #roduct purification ' #ressure S-ing A:sorption unit 6#SA7 is used to produce .? product hydrogen and an'off gas used in the fuel system4 H/ is sent to the Reforming and Hydro Treating !rac"ing unit Share Share G (R)* GTL /0$1 ne3t pre8 http2 ory3gtl4com45a -hat'is'gtl4html % .