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UY, Petitioner,

G.R. No. 167245 Present:

- vers s -

Panganiban, C.J. (Chairperson), !nares-"antiago, # stria-$artine%, Ca&&e'o, "r., an( Chi)o-Na%ario, JJ.

FIRST METRO INTEGRATED STEEL CORP. and HON. ANTONIO I. DE CASTRO, in his capacity as P !sidin" #$d"!, R!"i%na& T ia& C%$ t, Nati%na& Capita& #$dicia& R!"i%n, Pro* &gate(: ' anch (, Mani&a, Respon(ents. "epte*ber 27, 2++6 , ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ,

-his petition .or revie/ n(er R &e 45 o. the R &es o. Co rt assai&s the 0e)ision112 o. the Co rt o. #ppea&s in C#-G.R. "P No. 31+46 (ate( # g st 27, 2++4 (is*issing petitioner 4&pi(io ". 567s petition .or )ertiorari an( its Reso& tion122 (ate( 8ebr ar6 22, 2++5 (en6ing the *otion .or re)onsi(eration. -he .a)ts sho/ that on 9 &6 5, 1:::, private respon(ent 8irst $etro ;ntegrate( "tee& Corporation (8$;"C) .i&e( a )o*p&aint .or s * o. *one6 /ith pra6er .or /rit o. pre&i*inar6 atta)h*ent against Robert 9 an 56 (Robert), $i(&an( ;ntegrate( Constr )tion Co*pan6 ($;CC) an( herein petitioner 4&pi(io 56, /ith the Regiona& -ria& Co rt o. $ani&a, /hi)h /as (o)<ete( as Civi& Case No. ::-:44+3 an( ra..&e( to =ran)h >.1>2

"C an( petitionerA that Robert *ere&6 re."C $etroban< Che)< No. he stoppe( the pa6*ent thereo. se( to pa6.CC.++. Carpio. 56. -he initia& re)eption o. $o&ina7s )o&&aborating )o nse&. 8$."C in the a*o nt o..or*e( stee& bars /ere (e&ivere( to an( re)eive( b6 petitioner7s representatives as )erti. hen)e the )o*p&aint.t his )he)< in Robert7s o. 2++1172 b t /as again )an)e&&e( an( *ove( to ?)tober 25.++ iss e( b6 petitioner as pa6*ent. +423:2 in the a*o nt o. Robert an( petitioner re.t is a&&ege( that on 9 ne >. 5 an( 6. petitioner /as represente( b6 #tt6. 0 ring the ?)tober 25."CA that he iss e( the )he)< in . 9r. @o/ever. petitioner7s son.& en%a.CC a&&ege( that the6 are strangers to the )ontra)t bet/een 8$. 2++1 an( 0e)e*ber 1>."C. P6:5. 1::3.or the re)eption o. /ho appeare( as #tt6. $.n their #ns/er /ith Co nter)&ai* an( Cross)&ai*. C )as C.i)e /hi)h /as pi)<e( p b6 8$. evi(en)e o.CC. P6:5. the )he)< /as (ishonore( pon present*ent an( (espite (e*an(s."C. Robert an( petitioner (e.CC. Robert an( $.or*e( stee& bars va& e( at P6:5. -he hearing /as reset to #pri& 26.311.ter )on( )te( . ?n 9 ne :. .. 132 -he .311.142 Petitioner . 8$. Robert an( $.erre( petitioner to 8$.i&e( his #ns/er /ith Co nter)&ai* 152 )&ai*ing that he ha( no b siness transa)tion /ith 8$.. Robert a&&ege(&6 (e&ivere( to 8$."CA that petitioner &e. 2++1162 b t it /as )an)e&&e( be)a se petitioner ha( in. petitioner7s evi(en)e /as set on 8ebr ar6 23. 2++1. 2++1 an( $a6 1+.++ b t sin)e it /as not inten(e( as pa6*ent to 8$. @earings /ere therea.avor o."C7s )o&&e)torA an( that the ( to b6 Pa & 4&(ri)h B.311. 8$. 2++1 hearing."C (e&ivere( to $. 1::3.

1152 the (ispositive portion o. #tt6. #tt6.ees /hi)h is 16G o. #tt6. 2++>. the prin)ipa& a*o ntA an( the )osts o. 2++2. 2++> /ith petitioner7s )on. 2++2.11>2 #tt6. $o&ina /ith(re/ his appearan)e as petitioner7s )o nse& /ith the &atter7s )onsent. the hearing. 5pon *otion o.avor o. the tria& )o rt ren(ere( ' (g*ent. 2++1. 2++1.1112 0 ring the s)he( &e( hearing on 8ebr ar6 23. ' (g*ent is hereb6 ren(ere( in .++ as attorne67s .+++. 2++2. s it.hearing /as )an)e&&e( an( res)he( &e( to 0e)e*ber 1>.or a postpone*ent an( resetting o. the tria& )o rt or(ere( that petitioner7s right to present evi(en)e is (ee*e( /aive( an( the parties /ere (ire)te( to . P11+.. =aDares appeare( b t instea( o. presenting evi(en)e . &&6 pai(A the s ** 9 &6 1::3 nti& . /hi)h rea(s as .o&&o/s: F@4R48?R4. or(ering (e.or a resetting on 8ebr ar6 14 an( 23. 8$. ?n 8ebr ar6 14. @o/ever.or the petitioner.or*er: a) b) )) the s * o. P6:+."C. on 0e)e*ber 1+.1:2 ?n0e)e*ber 1>. p&ainti. he reE este( . 2++211+2 /hi)h /as grante( b6 the tria& )o rt.en(ant 4&pi(io 56 to pa6 the .or (e)ision on Nove*ber 13. =aDares /ith(re/ his appearan)e on 9an ar6 3.+++ /ith interest thereon at 12G per ann * .or*it6. #tt6. 2++1.1142 ?n $ar)h 7.i&e their respe)tive *e*oran( *. . 0ani&o =aDares entere( his appearan)e an( reE este( . =aDares arrive( &ate.1122 -he )ase /as (ee*e( s b*itte( .

ie(. -he "eventeenth (17th) 0ivision o. .or Certiorari on te)hni)a& gro n(s.i&e( /ith the Co rt o. Petitioner7s *otion . *erit. Carpio. 2++>.i&e( a $otion . . -he tria& )o rt (enie( the *otion . a *otion . that is.or ne/ tria& be)a se it /as .ro* the 9 (g*ent or 8ina& or(er an( not thro gh a "pe)ia& Civi& #)tion .ai&ing to atten( the hearing .en(ant Robert 567s )ross-)&ai* is (enie( as it is no/ a)a(e*i). petitioner thro gh #tt6. . ti*e an( that a petition . the Co rt o. -he )o nter)&ai*s o.or )ertiorari is not the proper re*e(6 . #ppea&s grave&6 erre( in (en6ing ( e )o rse to the Petition .0e. an( against ea)h other are (enie( .or the (enia& o. 2++>. "? ?R04R40.en(ants herein against p&ainti. 9r. 0issatis. 2++>.or the p rporte( .or ne/ tria& in an ?r(er 1132 (ate( ?)tober 1.or the (enia& o. #ppea&s a petition . this re)o rse on the gro n(s that H 1. ?n #pri& 21.t he&( that the tria& )o rt )orre)t&6 (enie( the *otion .. 2++4.or ne/ tria&.ai& re o.or Ne/ -ria&1172 on the gro n( o. hen)e. petitioner re)eive( a )op6 o. petitioner7s )o nse& in .or Ne/ -ria& /ithin the reg&e*entar6 perio( to appea& an( that the on&6 re*e(6 .1162 ?n #pri& 4. C )as C. the &atter *otion is b6 appea&ing .i&e( o t o. th s i*pairing his rights to ( e pro)ess.or &a)< o. petitioner . both (e. the Petitioner to . gross neg&igen)e o. the 0e)ision.i&e /ith the Co rt a Quo his $otion .or re)onsi(eration /as (enie(.or the re)eption o.or )ertiorari /hi)h (is*isse( the petition in its assai&e( 0e)ision (ate( # g st 27. evi(en)e.

No appeal may be taken from (a) An order denying a motion for new trial or reconsideration . Co rt states in no n)ertain ter*s that i. Co rt /hi)h provi(es that the re*e(6 to an or(er (en6ing a *otion . the &ast (a6 o. the R &es o.or . the (ate on the Registr6 Re)eipt atta)he( to the #. -h s. the *otion.ina& or(er.or Ne/ -ria&. ' ris(i)tion /hen he iss e( the assai&e( ?r(er (ate( ?)tober 1. Civi& -he . or a &ega& ho&i(a6 in the p&a)e /here the )o rt that the P b&i) Respon(ent 9 (ge )o**itte( grave ab se o. the &ast (a6 . the Co rt o. the )ase. R &e >7 o. R &e 41 /hi)h provi(es that: "4C..or Certiorari Pro)e( re.11:2 2.a&&s on a "at r(* a ' (g*ent or . or o. be)a se #pri& 1:. "e)tion 1. 2++>.12+2 # s)r tin6 o.i(avit o. * st be rea( in )on' n)tion /ith "e)tion 1.i&e( an( serve( b6 registere( *ai& on #pri& 21.or*er "eventeenth (17th) 0ivision o. R &e 22 o. the R &es o. 2++> (en6ing Petitioner7s $otion .or Ne/ -ria& /as re)eive( b6 the tria& )o rt on #pri& 23.t /or<ing (a6. 2++>. Subject of appeal. "ervi)e1212 as /e&& as that sta*pe( on the enve&ope1222 /hi)h )ontaine( the )op6 o. – #n appea& *a6 be ta<en .i&e( on time it having been . the *otion /as a)t a&&6 . the Revise( R &es o. the next working day. (is)retion tanta*o nt to &a)< or e. a $on(a6. 2++>. revea&s that it /as . "e)tion :. a parti) &ar *atter therein /hen (e)&are( b6 these r &es to be appea&ab&e. the re)or(s (is)&oses that /hi&e the $otion . a " n(a6.i&ing the sa*e /as a "at r(a6.ina& or(er that )o*p&ete&6 (isposes o. following the last day for filing which fell on a Saturday.i&e( on #pri& 21..)ess o. the perio( th s )o*p te( . 2++>. n(er R &e 65 o. 1. #ppea&s grave&6 erre( in not .or ne/ tria& is to appea& the ' (g*ent or . the ti*e sha&& not r n nti& the ne.

i&e( /ithin the perio( . the *otion . /hi)h s )h aggrieve( part6 has probab&6 been i*paire( in his rightsA or .or )ertiorari /ith the Co rt o. 2++1 /as )an)e&&e( be)a se petitioner a&&ege(&6 ha( in. Not/thstan(ing the .or ta<ing an appea& base( on the .12>2 ..or the re)eption the neg&igen)e o.or ne/ tria&.. *ista<e or !*c$sa+&! neg&igen)e /hi)h or(inar6 pr (en)e )o &( not have g ar(e( against an( b6 reason o. /e . -he initia& hearing set on 8ebr ar6 23. a))i(ent.i&ing b6 the petitioner o. as )o&&aborating )o nse& ( ring the hearing .. 2++1 an( 0e)e*ber 1>. #ppea&s ... evi(en)e in!*c$sa+&!. to atten( the hearings . 2++1 an( $a6 1+. Petitioner /as represente( b6 #tt6. Neg&igen)e to be e. the .. In all t!e abo"e instances w!ere t!e #$dgment or final order is not appeasable% t!e aggrie"ed party may file an appropriate special ci"il action $nder &$le '() (4*phasis s pp&ie() -h s. 2++1 /ere )an)e&&e( an( *ove( to ?)tober 25.& en%a. petitioner7s )o nse& in . petitioner7s evi(en)e seven ti*es. a petition .or the re)eption o..o&&o/ing gro n(s: (a) 8ra (.or ne/ tria& b6 the tria& )o rt is proper.n the instant )ase. /e .in( that the tria& )o rt )orre)t&6 (enie( petitioner7s *otion . R &e >7 provi(es that a *otion . 9r. -he hearings s)he( &e( on #pri&* the (enia& o.) sab&e * st be one /hi)h or(inar6 (i&igen)e an( pr (en)e )o &( not have g ar(e( against. -he tria& )o rt s)he( &e( the hearing .or ne/ tria& *a6 be . "e)tion 1. 2++1.

a. the R &e reE ires that *otions .i)ation. @o/ever. $erit an( . 2++1.e)tive..i(avits sho/ing the ..enseJ 1262 an( a . the *oving part6 * st sho/ that he has a *eritorio s (e. #tt6.ense is ni& or ine.. =aDares.) sab&e neg&igen)e * st be a))o*panie( b6 a. -he a&&egations that he has a I*eritorio s (e.ra (.ai& re to atten( the seven s)he( &e( hearings /itho t ' sti. 2++1 b t no evi(en)e /as presente(. #tt6. 2++2.a)ts (not *ere )on)& sions or opinions) )onstit ting the va&i( )a se o. =aDares *ove( to postpone the hearing to 8ebr ar6 23.1252 Fe e. a))i(ent.or ne/ tria& .on ?)tober 25. #s s )h.a)ts )onstit ting the *ovant7s goo( an( s bstantia& (e.a)ts )onstit ting a goo( an( va&i( (e. the )o*p&aint is a.ense /hi)h he *ight prove i.or a ne/ tria&.or a resetting.ense. ..ter a&& gro n(&ess or the (e. .or ne/ tria&.e. /hi)h he *a6 prove i. be)a se a ne/ tria& /o &( serve no p rpose an( /o &( ' st /aste the ti*e o.nstea(..a*ine( petitioner7s #.i(avit o. 2++2. /e . ?n 8ebr ar6 23. ")r tin6 o. *erits. =aDares arrive( &ate. appeare( b t he reE este( . given the )han)e to intro( )e evi(en) petitioner7s )o nse&7s . the tria& )o rt a))o**o(ate( the reE ests . ?n 0e)e*ber 1>. #tt6. ?n 8ebr ar6 14. petitioner7s ne/ )o nse&. a)tion or (e. the )o rt as /e&& as the parties i.iab&e reason tanta*o nt to in!*c$sa+&! neg&e)t..i(avits o. the petition /ere grante(. 2++2 as previo s&6 s)he( &e(.o n(e( on .ense /hi)h the *ovant *a6 prove in )ase a ne/ tria& is grante(.1242 5n(er the R &es. *ista<e or e. 5n(er the )ir) *stan)es.n a(( that it (i( not )ontain )&ear state*ents o.ense. the hearing /as )an)e&&e(. the . * st be sho/n in the a. the re)or(s (is)&ose that the hearings /ere postpone( or )an)e&&e( /itho t an6 ' sti. -he . it )annot be a gro n( .i(avit /hi)h sho &( a))o*pan6 the *otion .or postpone*ent or resetting in or(er to a))or( petitioner ( e pro)ess. i.

ai& re to present )o ntervai&ing evi(en)e.i&e petitioner7s pretria&* intro( )ing. nor (i( it a&&ege that s )h evi(en)e /o &( )hange the o t)o*e o.nstea(. Carpio. no evi(en)e /as presente( b t a resetting /as again reE este(..12:2 . 8or petitioner. petitioner /as absent b t his &a/6er. even a. #n a. ?n 0e)e*ber 1>. his .i&ing.i(avit o.Igoo( )a seJ1272 are *ere )on)& sions /hi)h (i( not provi(e the )o rt /ith an6 basis . to .n !ir "hilippines Corporation #.or the re)eption o.ten( the . 2++1. *otions . 1232 Petitioner7s *otion .. . severa& $otions to e. "ti&&.e)ts o. /e . the gro n(s . ( e pro)ess ..i&ing o. 0 ring the initia& hearing . Petitioner7s arg *ent that his )o nse&7s neg&igen)e /as so gross that he /as (eprive( that petitioner7s an( his )o nse&7s neg&igen)e are )on) rrent. at &east three *otions to e.i(avit o. the )ase.1>+2 /e (i( not )onsi(er as gross neg&igen)e the )o nse&7s resort to (i&ator6 s)he*es. 2++2.or . appeare( as )o&&aborating )o nse&. $nternational %usiness !#iation Ser#ices. Fe )annot (e)&are his )o nse&7s neg&igen)e as gross as to &iberate hi* . th s.or postpone*ent or resetting /ere *a(e. $o&ina /as absent b t #tt6. #tt6.or a *otion .. .or a ne/ tria&. $o&* the e.ter the . an( the hearings /ere set on 8ebr ar6 14 an( 23. *erit (i( not *ention the evi(en)e /hi)h he /as prevente( .a)ts. his evi(en)e. petitioner7s #ns/erA (2) his nonappearan)e ( ring the s)he( &e( pretria&sA an( (>) the . &a/.or ne/ tria& an( a.i&ing o. =esi(es. petitioner hire( #tt6.ten( the (ate . 0 ring the s ))ee(ing s)he( &e( re to . *erit sho &( state . s )h as (1) the . the )ase. 9r. Gross neg&igen)e is not one o. $nc. petitioner /as absent a&&ege(&6 ( e to in. "hils..& en%a.or (eter*ining the nat re an( *erit to i*press.i&ing o. #tt6.. =aDares as his ne/ )o nse&. /as present b t (i( not present an6 evi(en)e.n one o))asion. an( not *ere opinion or )on)& sions o.

n)i(enta&&6.or reopening )ases. 8ina&&6. a/areness o. C )as C.n(ee(.1>22 =& n(ers an( *ista<es in the )on( )t o. )o nse& (o not E a&i. .6 as a gro n( . the *otion ..ort ne born. the )ase is to n*as< a pen)hant .eg ar(s the opport nit6 to be hear( an( to s b*it an6 evi(en)e one *a6 have in s pport o.perien)e or in)o*peten)e o. s )h /ere to be a(*itte( as va&i( reasons . the pro)ee(ings. petitioner7s )o nse&7s ine. )onvi)tion.or the petitioner. 9r. .or*er )o nse& /as gross&6 neg&igent in (e. the stage o.* &etharg6 is *is.perien)e( or &earne(.or*er )o nse& as to the stat s o. . =aDares. his )&ai* or (e. he sho &( have *a(e the proper inE iries . it is high&6 i*probab&e that he /as na/are o.or the & (i)ro s. 2++1 hearing b t &i<e/ise presente( no evi(en)e . #tt6. ( e pro)ess o.1>>2 or an a(verse (e)ision. /ith a vie/ to se) ring ne/ tria&s in the event it interesting that #tt6. Carpio. the progress o.n the instant )ase.or ne/ tria&.) sab&e neg&e)t (i( not a*o nt to petitioner7s (eprivation o. errors b6 )o nse&. . -his /i&& p t a pre*i * on the /i&&. &a/. there /o &( never be an en( to &itigation so &ong as a ne/ )o nse& )o &( be e*p&o6e( to a&&ege an( sho/ that the prior )o nse& ha( not been s .. petitioner /as given severa& opport nities to be hear( an( to s b*it evi(en)e b t he sE an(ere( the*.or ne/ tria&. events. . /as petitioner7s )o&&aborating )o nse& an( /ho appeare( in his beha&.ense. the )ase. as in the instant )ase. -he right to ( e pro)ess sa. /e . the pro)ee(ings in the tria& )o rt as a res &t o..en(ing his )ase. & an( intentiona& )o**ission o.i)ient&6 (i&* his . e. . /herein he )&ai*e( that his .1>12 Fhen he hire( the servi)es o.eign an( insist pon a &a)< o. . ( ring the ?)tober 25. /ho assiste( petitioner in the preparation o. the ignoran)e.n <eeping /ith the nor*a& )a se o.

the instant petition is DENIED . . *erit..or &a)< o.HEREFORE.