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More about LEDCS
High birth rate ...and women the poorest of all, with less education and less chance of paid work

...and surviving by farming

Many people living in great poverty

Which makes it harder to set up industries.........

High % of population living in rural areas

LEDCS Tend to have....
Not much industry which means they can’t make many goods high unemployment, many people...jobless

Poor infrastructure ; roads electricity, water supply and so on......

...just few exports, they depend on heavily(primary goods like crops and ores)

great inequality , with most people poor but small % very wealthy

timber and spices. a mild climate for farming. European had been exploring Africa. As ! ! . India and China were the world’s richest countries. It began around 1750 in Britain and spread to Europe. Historical reasons 2000 years ago.POVERTY AND HUNGER HOW DID THE DEVELOPMENT GAP GROW? Some reasons for the development gap 1. The industrial revolution came along. By 1500 AD. South America and Asia. Meanwhile. Countries in Europe and North America raced ahead. It began with friendly trading for things like gold. European had already settled in North America by then. They had found lands rich in natural resources. tobacco. It led to a leap in wealth and development for several countries. But over the centuries. And soon North America began to grow wealthy. The Europeans gave goods in exchange. thanks to good farmland. the pattern changed. Sp they started to develop industries too. Western Europe had begun to develop fast. Trading soon followed. Let see how that happened. and industries such as ship building and textiles.

South America and much of Asia as colonies.and that made many Europeans very rich.good soil but too much rain. They took their raw materials. Many of their ex colonies are still poor today and some are still unstable. Spain and Portugal carved up Africa. and sold them finished goods . and took over many of their trading partners by force. countries like Britain. as colonies. They left behind them countries with very little industry. Years of hard work get washed away.POVERTY AND HUNGER time went. and climate. But in a hot dry country far from the sea. In time. oil. Geographical reasons A country’s location. they grew greedier. Its coal. isolated by mountains. . the European were forced out. can play a huge part in helping it to develop. gas and good farmland have all helped the UK to develop. and natural resources. And the sea has been great for fishing and trading. Some countries have the opposite problem. with poor soil and few other resources development maybe difficult. and several floods. low level of education and skill. France. Between them. and often a great deal of unrest.

while their people live in poverty. And in many countries. Why is there a development gap? Social and political reasons Historical reasons Geographical reasons .corrupt leaders have made themselves rich. with a big waste of live and money.POVERTY AND HUNGER Social and political reasons A country has a better chance to developing if it is stable and secure with strong government. But many of the worlds poor countries have wars going on.

Some countries also borrow from other governments (make promises in return) ! Less Money for school !oan: 1000 mi"io# $n%rest rare: 2% per yea& 2% of 1000 mi"ion = 20 mi"io# 'o each year we pay in%rest o( 20 mi"ion do"ar) When you borrow money. Sometimes they borrowed from : ordinary banks like we all use or sometimes from the world bank(a special bank that countries set up to help each other). So they borrowed lots of money.POVERTY AND HUNGER Factors that help to keep a poor country poor . So the poor countries had to use more and more of the money they earned just for interest matter how hard it works Big Debts to pay off Hospital Poor countries want to develop fast but that needs money. Water supply . Then they shot up. Many bank loans were made in early 1970s when interest rates were low. you pay interest on the loan.

.. Partly because too much is being grown.POVERTY AND HUNGER ! ! ! ! ! Many poor countries depend on selling crops such as sugar. These put buyers off. At prices so low that the local farmers can’t compete.. because the World Bank has forced them to reduce or drop tariffs.gets grants of subsidies for doing so. . These are crops we all want.. and coffee.and partly because the big food companies.. why are those countries not getting a lot richer? Trading troubles The poorer countries can’t stop these imports. Falling world prices mean they earn less from what they do sell. and go out of business. the world price for many crops has been falling over the years. .... These crops are then exported to poorer countries. But their problems don’t end there...because meanwhile. farmers in rich countries grow many of the same or similar crops. At the same time. who buy up most of the crops ate so powerful that they can force the price down The tariffs mean the poor countries can’t sell so much..... So.. in exchange for loans. cocoa.. When poorer countries try to sell their crops to richer countries. to other countries. they often face big import taxes or tariffs..